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June 2008 enclosure-voice

512_ Geospatial Challenges and Choices for California and Colorado
Jeff Akers, CH2M HILL  and Larry Nelson, w3w3.comenclosure-voice CH2M HILL is now on the track of a $6 Billion, privately held engineering services company, construction management, and program management company. It is one of the largest privately held companies in the state of Colorado. They have 1800 – 2000 employees here, 26-28,000 employees worldwide. Jeff Akers, President, Enterprise Management Solutions, CH2M HILL points out, "In addition we’re doing things like being the program manager for the rebuild of the Panama Canal; program manager for the London 2012 Olympics; and are relocating the largest military base in the world out of Seoul, Korea. Larry brought up the successful efforts at Rocky Flats and Jeff said, "Yes we are still the number one nuclear environmental cleanup company. We’re doing a great job at the Idaho National Laboratories right now...and the worldwide list goes on."

CH2M Hill originally was in the business of building and managing telecom networks, wireless networks, fiber networks and cable networks all over the world. Jeff mentioned, "We have specific leadership in areas, first and foremost, this one, Geospatial Information Management; we’re the number one systems integrator for Google Works, for Microsoft Virtual Earth, the company called ERSI which makes 3-dimensional software; and there is another company called Auto Desk that we’re a large systems integrator for; and we have over 500 consultants. We also manage a lot of data for very large customers both here in the United States and all over the world. We help companies like Corporate Express, Level3." CH2M HILL has done a great deal for San Francisco and other cities with solar mapping. Now we are looking forward to the same in Denver.
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Jeff Akers, CH2M HILL 513_ What Do Corporate Express and Bill Gates Have in Common?
enclosure-voice Solar mapping is a new area that industry leader CH2M HILL is looking forward to working with Denver on in 2008. Early this year, Denver became one of the 25 Solar American Cities. Jeff Akers, President, Enterprise Management Solutions, CH2M HILL points out, "We have done a great deal for San Francisco and other cities, now we are looking forward to the same in Denver. They are working with the Department of Energy and are working in GIS (Geospatial Information Systems), Managed Services, other IT Systems and the list continues to grow. Another of the fascinating projects CH2M HILL has taken on is working with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. One of their biggest challenges relates to where specific activities are happening. The Foundation is dedicated to bringing innovations in health and learning to the global community.
      In addition to all the cities CH2M HILL is working with, are organizations around the world such as Corporate Express, Korea Yon Sun Relocation program C4I IT and communications, PMS, IDHO National Lab, MASDAR, and many others." Jeff also shared some insight where his market / industry is heading in the next 3 to 5 years. CH2M HILL is doing more more than just pushing the pencil. LISTEN

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511_ A Small Fund with a Team of Experienced Entrepreneurs
Marc Silverman, Colorado Capital Groupenclosure-voice The CO Cap Group is a small fund, and they're a team of experienced entrepreneurs and executives. Their mission is to improve the efficiency of early stage investing and to produce a strategy to reduce risk. Marc Silverman, CEO and founder of the Colorado Capital Group went onto say, "Early stage investing can be very risky. It's difficult to manage the risk; it's difficult to find the right companies and do the proper diligence. But I think there is a better away and that's applying a better methodology, finding the right companies, looking for a higher batting average, a little bit lower risk and instead of looking for grand slams, look for base hits and I think you can manage the risk of finding good companies." Marc said, "It's also very important to keep in mind that we are active investors, we're not passive investors. So when we find a company that really fits, and we invest the money, we also come with the money. We get very involved and we don't take a management role in the company. From that perspective I'll work with and for the CEO. I have two great partners, Rob Geller and Larry Harms. Rob has been in the software business for years and years and also has been a leading clean tech advisor, so Rob is very interested in 'clean tech investing' and knows a lot about it. Larry Harms has been a software and manufacturing guy and has worked in DOD and really understands that process and that cycle. So between the three of us these are the areas we really cover; medical informatics, medical devices, software, clean tech and homeland security."
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508_ Seth Levine, Managing Director, Foundry Group - with Insights
Seth Levine, Foundry Groupenclosure-voice "People like to say we're in a bubble right now, and I don't even know what that means. I think 'bubbles' are overrated. We have a cyclic economy - maybe it's an up cycle and maybe it's a down cycle. But I think people like to speak too much in superlatives."

Let's get back to the bubbles later. Larry asked Seth, what's the difference between managing directors and managing partners? (On a personal note, I remember when Larry was 'the' managing director of our European firm, 191.. he was the only managing director.) You'll have to listen to Seth's explanation of why they have five managing directors.

More interesting (to me) Larry asked, "What's it like working out of the same office with those guys?" Well, they've worked together for at least seven years (Seth being the new guy and he's been around for 7 years). Chris and Brad have worked together for over ten years! While the Foundry Group itself is new, the five of them have relationships dating back up to a decade or slightly longer. Seth said, "This is a great group to work with. We started out as colleagues and became very good friends. In part, it's because of that friendship and the level of comfort we have with each other that we decided to form the investing end of it."

A lot of people read Brad's blog or Ryan's blog and Jason's blog, Ask the VC or Seth Levine's as well as the Foundry blog, but they don't necessarily see the personal side of my partners. I do get this question a lot, particularly around Brad because he has a 'little bit larger than life' personality. It's a little hard to describe.. Listen, there's more....

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509_ Is an Advisory Board or Advisors Really Necessary? Part 2 of 2
Seth Levine, Managing Director, Foundry Groupenclosure-voice A board of advisors for a startup can be critical for some, and situational for others. Seth Levine, Managing Director, Foundry Group discusses the needs, uses and the role of an advisory board. Seth is 'pro advisory board' if the selection process is done the right way. It is very important to try to get at least one advisor from each category necessary to start and run the business. Then add additional advisors to the mix as needed. An overlooked factor in an advisor and startup relationship is compatibility. Startups should work with advisors that share their communication styles, work ethics, interests, and curiosities. It is extremely important to work with people you like and respect. Yet include some who are challenging when it comes to innovation and strategic planning. Seth, in part 1 of his interview talked about what it is like to work with his partners at the Foundry Group...they would be Brad Feld, Jason Mendelson, Ryan McIntyre, and Chris Wand. Listen and you'll get some personal insights. He also poked a hole in the bubble and comments on Google and a bunch more. Seth gives some great advice that will help you reduce or eliminate the risks associated with building your company and selecting your advisory board. He defines the Role of Company Advisors; answers the question, "Is an Advisory Board or Advisors necessary?" and "What do good Advisors do?" Listen, there's more...
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505_ Do You Have a Great Business Idea or Winning Product...and? PART 2
Getting Funding in Hard Times Panel - TiE Rockies Part 2 of 2
At the TiE Rockies event/discussion/debate/lively panel, Pat & I enjoyed Brad Feld's response to "There's not enogh capital," with "That's a total copout. Capital finds deserving companies...entrepreneurs with something great will get funded." There was some uneasiness with the entrepreneurs in the audience...but, they needed to hear it. During the Q&A, a person in the audience raised the assertion that he believed too much emphasis on preparing an extensive and polished business plan. He wanted the reaction of the panel as to whether the idea was far more important, and that it should be presented in a concise executive summary and a follow-up face to face meeting. Dan Caruso's response was, "That even more important was establishing a relationship and positive impression well in advance of presenting an idea. The investors need to conclude they want to fund you. Get over this hurdle first, and then selling the idea will be far easier." This panel discussion is loaded with ideas and hard advice from this first-class panel at the TiE Rockies event. Catharine Merigold, General Partner of Vista Ventures, served as the Event Moderator. Panelists included Dan Caruso, CEO of Zayo Group, Mike Devery, Market Manager - Rocky Mountain Region, Silicon Valley Bank, Brad Feld, Managing Director of Foundry Group, and Vipanj Patel, Managing Director of iSherpa Capital.
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504_ Leveraging Technology to Increase Deal Flow, Kelly Burton, InvestorAvenue.com with Larry Nelson, w3w3.comEfficiency and Visibility
enclosure-voice The reality of finding quality investments is a quantity game. And the reality of investing is a quality game. So the investor has to combine quality and quantity, in turn the entrepreneur has to be visible enough to get those quantity views and then ultimately be able to deliver the quality to the investor. And that can be a very time consuming and arduous process without some technology and some tools, explains Kelly Burton, Founder, Investor Avenue.com. InvestorAvenue.com is the private equity and real estate investment community's web portal where accredited investors, entrepreneurs and service providers can present opportunities, capital sources and services to other members of the community. Investors need deal flow; entrepreneurs need visibility, and both need service providers to execute successful transactions. Post, find, and view opportunities and resources quickly and efficiently at your convenience 24/7 on InvestorAvenue.com.
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498_ Recognize That Successful Fundraising is a Series of Small Steps (Part 2 of 2)
Chris Wand, Managing Director, Foundry Groupenclosure-voice VCs are notorious for their hectic travel schedules, packed calendars and odd working hours. The cold email approach saves you time and makes it easy for the VC to quickly assess whether your opportunity is one that merits pursuing. Regardless of how you decide to approach VCs, make sure they provide all of your contact info (including email and phone number) so they can re-connect with you in whatever way is best form for them. That's a recommendation from Chris Wand, Managing Director of the Foundary Group. "I really respect it when someone cuts straight to the chase and tells me what they’re looking for and why they think I’m the right person for them to reach out to. It not only tells me the entrepreneur knows what he wants and is confident enough to just ask for it, but it also gives me a sense of where that entrepreneur is coming from, whether he’s done his homework and whether his interpretation of the situation matches my interpretation. I’ve been on the receiving end of emails and voicemails that say nothing more than 'I have a really exciting idea for a company and would like to arrange a meeting with you at your office next Tuesday. Rather than make me intrigued, this approach usually makes me suspicious." There's more...
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497_ Keynote Address at the RVC 19th Annual Colorado Capital Conference
Marc Silverman, Colorado Capital Groupenclosure-voice Marc Silverman, Managing Partner, Colorado Capital Group was the opening key-note speaker at the Rockies Venture Club 19th Annual Colorado Capital Conference. Colorado Capital Group invests in select companies in software, energy, medical device/healthcare and nanotechnology areas and they invest various amounts of money in their ventures, including a few in a smaller investment range. Marc Silverman is a successful serial entrepreneur. He is a founder and managing partner of Colorado Capital Group, a seed-stage fund providing capital and hands-on mentorship and discipline to early-stage Rocky Mountain region companies. Mr. Silverman is a seasoned corporate executive with over twenty-five years experience in technology product design, development, manufacturing, distribution, corporate management, governance, investor relations, and early-stage financing. He is a successful entrepreneur (two exits, incl. IPO), angel investor, and advisor. He is a savvy “bottom-line manager,” but is also highly regarded as a product design “visionary” and team builder. He has raised tens of millions in capital. ***Listen to this unedited keynote address*** it is loaded with excellent advice.
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Lisa Reeves, General Partner, Vista Ventures500_ Why Colorado is a Statement and Not Merely a Question
Catharine Merigold, General Partner, Vista Venturesenclosure-voice Moving from the US to Europe to Silicon Valley and then onto wonderful Colorado. Why Colorado is a new series being launced by w3w3.com. Catharine Merigold and Lisa Reeves, both General Partners with Vista Ventures are the first two people to be interviewed by Larry for this new series. In addition to a little background, both Catharine and Lisa were asked, "Why did you choose to live in Colorado and grow your business here?" They were then asked, "What needs to improve in Colorado to make it even better?" The overall physical environment was important to both, but for very different reasons. Catharine actually did a national search to find the area she wanted to live and work in, and then chose Colorado...Lisa did much the same. Catharine said, "Also technology and entrepreneurship matters, I'm an engineer and I love technology and I wanted a place where there was an abundance of that, so those were two of my important criteria." Lisa pointed out, "what I would like to see, especially within the venture community, for the VCs and the entrepreneurs as well, to really drive some of those relationships with the large corporate that are aggressive acquirers." Improving the University System were top priorities for both. They feel that Colorado's Universities are premiere institutions in many ways, are are delighted with the collaboration but feel there are some important strides to be taken. Listen, there's more...
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514_ Another Round of Tech Stars Winners Along with the Best
David Cohen, CoFounder, TechStarsenclosure-voice "What we learned from last year is, just focus on quality and get the best quality of passionate, excited, talented entrepreneurs in the program, and amazing stuff happens. We purposely didn’t change too much. We did add some new mentors into the program and got pretty good engagement from people outside of Colorado. That’s been really great to have - it gives us more diversity and ability to connect the companies with interesting business partners or investors and that’s really the goal." says David Cohen, cofounder of Tech Stars. David is also Founder of Colorado Startups, his Angel Fund. Colorado Startups has now invested in about 8 or 9 companies as well as TechStars. We’re speaking during week three of our 14 week program. The first weeks are pretty varied; we do a lot of what we call sessions. Those are all over the map in terms of what the topics are, but “Starting Your Startup” is a session we do. We had Google in for a day, and we had Microsoft in for a day, and Amazon in for a day, and Yahoo just completed a day. We spend a day with them and some of their top biz dev folks and some of their top technical folks come out. We’re really pretty lucky. They sent some amazing people out this year and have been very supportive of the program. Larry probed some more...listen...
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515_ The ‘Solar Mapping Solution’ from CA to WI to NY (Part 1 of 2)
David Herrmann, V.P. Sales, CH2M HILLenclosure-voice The ‘Solar Mapping Solution’, that CH2M HILL developed in conjunction with the city of San Francisco is an example of “Green IT services to promote sustainable solutions regarding renewable energy.” points out David Herrmann, VP Sales, CH2M. The big advantage of the solar map is that it allows a citizen of the city to go into a web site and determine what the solar potential of their building or in fact any building in the city is. Using aerial imagery we render the rooftop of the building and determine which part of the rooftop is most suitable for PV installation. We determine where most of the sunlight is shinning on the rooftop, and you can determine how much electricity would be generated, how much it will impact your electric bill, and how it effects your carbon footprint. This technology allows you to assess the potential on a residential structure, on a commercial structure, or for that matter, open land and where to put the solar on that land to generate the most electricity. We’ve had success with the city and county of San Francisco and that has lead to a number of other cities to look at solar mapping as well. One of our big contracts today is with the Department of Energy’s Solar American Cities Initiative program, so that’s one market. A second market is the solar companies, whether they are installers or manufacturers." What is interesting is the cities are a variety of sizes from Andover, Michigan or Madison, Wisconsin to cities as large as New York City. Listen for more...
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Telluride Tech Festival, August 1-2, 2008 - Early Bird Tickets End 7/1/08
Technology and Democracy Evolved to " Universal Access to Knowledge"
enclosure-voice "The year we had the program 'To the Stars' (which Scott Brown's wife Karen designed), and we decided to focus in on the technology that was going to take us to the stars, which is where we all believe human beings need to go...." Scott Brown and Sarah McClain discuss both the beginning of the Telluride Tech Festival as well as what we can expect at the premier event August 1 & 2. Scott reflecting back said, "Our honorees that year included Arthur Clark, Jill Tarter and Lewis Branscomb, Charlie Towns, Freeman Dyson. And at one point during the program, we had on stage all these people - Nobel Prize winners, the leading physicist in the world , Willis Branscomb was the science advisor to three presidents, Jill Tarter heads up SETI. We got everyone up on stage and then for our surprise guest, Neil Armstrong! What we had done with this was to close this whole circle of putting Neil on the moon, in that Arthur Clark was giving the commentary on TV while Neil was setting foot on the moon and Lewis Branscomb was sitting with and explaining to President Lyndon Johnson, what was happening... and it was just a thrill that still sends chills up my spine." Sarah highlighted some aspects of Tech Fest 2008, "This year's broad theme of technology and democracy, evolved to "Universal Access to Knowledge". We've got three confirmed honorees this year, Kirstie L. Bellman, Ph.D., is a Principal Scientist in the Computer Systems Division and head of the Aerospace Integration Sciences Center (AISC) and we also have Brewster Kahle who is director and cofounder of Archive-dot-org, which is one of the largest digital archives in the world. We also have Ted Selker who is associate professor, MIT, for the last 10 years. He's done a lot of research ranging from notebook computers to operating systems and a lot of people may know the red trackball mouse on a laptop computer is something he created."
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510_ They Were Ready to Market Until They Hit the TechStars Homebase
Ignighters: Kevin  Owocki, Adam Sachs and Dan Ositenclosure-voice "Suddenly we realized, wow, Ignighter really needs some work. OK so we realized we had to revisit what we originally thought was great. Some parts are still great and some parts need changing," were sentiments shared by Ignighter cofounders Adam Sachs, Kevin Owocki and Dan Osit. They are one of the TechStars top ten 2008 startup companies. They have a whole new twist on an age-old topic and surprised Larry a number of times. Their mantra is... "Ignighter! Don't date alone!" "Friend's don't let friends date alone!" "Dating is more fun, and more casual and less awkward in a group atmosphere with Ignighter!" "Going back to our theme of thinking we had it all figured out until we got here, this is another question that goes to that same theme. We're from the east coast, the company's from New York, and we thought we'll come out here and after the summer and this amazing experience, 100% we'll go back to New York and continue the business there. Now, we've been here for almost three weeks – only, and the network that we've built is vastly superior to our network in New York and we worked there for six or eight months. -It's a different environment too. It's a very collaborative environment here. Everyone pushes for one another and everyone wants to see the other company succeed, which is really a great thing. We're basically going to play it by ear." At TechStars they met people from Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and Microsoft and also have daily sessions with top-flight mentors. Listen for more...
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507_ What Are the Essential Ingredients for Building a Winning Team?
Catharine Merigold, Vista Ventures Lisa Reeves, Vista Ventures enclosure-voice Whether your organization is a startup or an enterprise size company, whether you are in the public or private sector, whether you are in products or services, building and maintaining a 'winning team' is the key to most everything. Founders, executives and leaders might each have their own definition of a winning team, Catharine Merigold and Lisa Reeves, both General Partners with Vista Ventures shared their views from a venture capitalist's perspective. Catharine suggested that the two essential ingredients for building a winning team were respect and fun. Lisa emphasized that a successful CEO will hire individuals that don't look exactly as he looks. Another common mistake is made when people will choose individuals they know, friends, people who agree with them because it feels faster, it's easier to get things done. In building a team, people who think like you aren't creating additional value. Respect is critical because there are going to be some differences of opinions and if you don't respect each other it can be difficult to get through these challenges. You don't necessarily even have to like the people; it is respect that becomes important. Respect builds trust. If I respect someone's expertise, their talent, their values we can get through a whole lot of things. Here is a timely comment, "You don't have time for politics." They went onto discuss diversity, passion and other essentials for building a winning team.
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506_ Is There a Downside to Being Focused on Innovation?
Matt Steinfort, Envysionenclosure-voice "Organizations have been putting video cameras up for a long period of time. They’re in retail places, public places. Historically they did that for security reasons, to catch bad people doing bad things. What they realized over time, is there is a lot of rich valuable information that is contained on that video. If I could actually see what's going on in the stores I can use that information to improve how I operate. I could use it to improve how the customers flow thru the facilities and I could improve the way that I run that business," says Matt Steinfort, President & CEO, Envysion. Larry and Matt talked about 'Managed Video as a Service' and innovation. Envysion recently won the 2008 CSIA Apex Award for Product Innovation. Matt went on...Envysion recently won the CSIA Apex Award for Product Innovation. He said, "Take it from the perspective of the person who manages 5 or 10 or 15 stores. What we do is we give them the ability to virtually be in 10-15, 20 stores a day unannounced, unnoticed so they can see in an unfiltered way what's going on in their operation. Then you take the corporate perspective. Take someone in marketing... say you just released a new product into a fast casual restaurant that had 1000 locations and you wanted to know who was buying that product. Financial institutions are interesting...
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503_ Affordable Enterprise Class Software for Small Business
John Krzykowski, Workplace2Goenclosure-voice "Being a small business requires wearing a lot of hats, one of those being the IT infrastructure of our organization. Although we are relatively smart people – that was an area we didn’t have enough expertise in to support the organization,” explains Mark Friess, President of Wired MD. He went on to tell John Krzykowski, General Manager, Denver, of 19 Marketplace. "That would mean managing the infrastructure of our IT needs, and maintaining that infrastructure; doing the research to identify the best applications or solutions we could bring to the team, these were often challenges. We were just wearing too many hats. Mark goes on to sharing some valuable points for entrepreneurial companies.
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502_ TiE Rockies Lively Panel: Getting Funding in Hard Times
TiE Rockies: Funding Your Business in Hard Times - With Mike Devery, Brad Feld, Catharine Merigold, Dan Caruso, Vipanj Patel
Businesses the world over are experiencing a slowdown as the worst economic crisis since World War II unfolds. Not everyone agrees with that doom and gloom outlook. But what if you have a great business idea or winning product or service...or if your business is expanding? You need financing and you need it now! Now a few more agree with that challenging outlook. TiE Rockies put together a lively panel (and it was lively) to discuss and debate 'fundraising in hard times'. Catharine Merigold, General Partner of Vista Ventures, served as the Event Moderator. Panelists included Dan Caruso, CEO of Zayo Group, Mike Devery, Market Manager - Rocky Mountain Region, Silicon Valley Bank, Brad Feld, Managing Director of Foundry Group, and Vipanj Patel, Managing Director of iSherpa Capital. They covered: - How can you stand out from the pack so that you get the financing you need? - How can you get funding for expansion as the capital markets contract? - How can you get your business launched in these tough economic times? ...and much more. Listen to this part of the on-the-spot recording of this panel discussion. You will learn things about Brad, Dan, Mike, and Vipanj that you won't hear anywhere else.
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499_ Four Steps to a High Trust, High Performance Organization
Dan Montgomery, Blue Opal Strategiesenclosure-voice Business owners, executives and management teams are constantly challenged to assess current performance, align actions around common strategies and goals, and deal with issues of trust, commitment, and performance. That's quite a tall order and that's exactly what Dan Montgomery, founder of Blue Opal Strategies detailed with Larry. Dan pointed out taht his wide range of client disciplines which includes technology, energy, financial services, construction and health care share the same challenges. Dan addressed the issue of 'trust' as it related to business performance. The three key components are intention; capability; and reliability. He bridged the comparison of the times gone by to today's virtual world and discussed the 'Four steps to a high trust, high performance business'. Dan detailed the four steps: 1) Buy in of a shared vision 2) Healthy agreements on who does what including the what and when 3) Performance and conversation skills 4) Straight forward feedback. There are many advantages of this four step process including increasing your organization's capacity to adapt, innovate and implement new strategies as well as increasing commitment and accountability. Listen for more ideas.
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May 2008

496_ The Do’s and Don’ts of Approaching a Venture Capitalist, Cold
Chris Wand, Foundry Groupenclosure-voice "Every entrepreneur who has raised venture capital has heard it a thousand times — the best way to approach a venture capitalist is via a warm introduction," points out Chris Wand, Managing Director of the Foundary Group, a well known venture capital firm in Boulder. Chris goes onto explain to Larry, "The logic is that venture capitalists invest in people as much as they do in technology or business ideas, and having some connection (even if it’s indirect) is immensely helpful to the VC in determining if that entrepreneur is one the venture capitalist wants to back. The logic also continues that VCs are generally bombarded by requests for meetings, so a warm introduction helps an entrepreneur’s request get a quicker response. Unfortunately, as many entrepreneurs have realized, rarely do you have the luxury of relying only on warm introductions." Chris goes onto suggest, "Research the VC, his/her firm and their investments. If you’re asking a venture capitalist to take the time to read your business plan or take a meeting with you, then you owe it to him to take the time to understand who he is and what kinds of investments his firm makes. Reach out to the VC in a way that makes it easy for a VC to respond to your approach. Out of the three primary options—postal mail, phone and email — I think email is by far the best way to make the initial approach." There's much more...listen now
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492_ Board of Directors: To Be or Not to Be Is Not the Question
Sue Kunz, CEO/Founder, Solidware and Larry Nelson, w3w3.comenclosure-voice “CEO’s without a board are missing so much value,” states Sue Kunz, CEO/Founder Solidware. Just like building a good team, first look at your own skill sets and identify the gaps that you have and what you need in building a business. Then strategically look for folks who can fill those gaps. You want people around the table who are smarter than you are.” Generally investors come with a board seat. Sue pointed out that a board is not just active at the board meeting. She looks to her board for dialog, sometimes weekly, when a lot is going on, daily. When asked if there was a ‘downside’ to having a board, Sue said, “It’s a lot of work. With these top notch people you don’t want to waste their time. I try to be very organized, very focused on the dialog at hand. Sue goes on to point out, "Think small initially. You don’t want to build a huge board too quickly. Because you’re going to find over time, there are gaps you’re going to want to fill. Sit down, understand what you’re good at, and understand where your holes are. I think you can certainly find that combination of filling in your needs with someone who’s willing and able and has a proven track record. Of course, that’s a win/win for everyone. There is a difference when building an Advisory Board. Sue is a guest panelist at the Colorado Capital Conference. Listen Now for more ideas...
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490_ Venture Capital Firm Targeting the Green Tech Industry
David Moll, Infield Capitalenclosure-voice Here's a person who went from 10 years in the manufacturing industry, to President and CEO of Webroot Software and David Moll is now founder and partner of Infield Capital, a Venture Capital firm targeting the Green Tech industry. "Our specific target market is focused on the transportation industry specifically, with a tight orientation around what I'm calling future power train. Those innovations between the key and the wheel that are going to reduce the amount of energy we consume in transportation and the amount of pollution we do generate when we consume. So there are just a number of areas that jump out. Between the key and the wheel, we've got the transmission. There's some really neat companies doing things with 'continuous variable transmission'. There's the internal combustion engine, and I am stunned, to see how many university engine labs are spitting out tech transfer programs. And there are some very very promising concepts that are early, and not all of them are going to work. But there are some new engine technologies that I think are extremely viable and is going to cut gas consumption even, if we continue to burn gas in the near term, by potentially 30-60%." David also works with and suports other startups in unrelated sectors including Boulder Non-Linear Systems, Newton Running, University Parents and remains on the Webroot BOD. See David at the Colorado Capital Conference on the Building a Winning Team panel.
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487_ Winning Teams, Relationships and the Connection Engine
Larry Nelson, Jim Franklin & Michael Webbenclosure-voice What keywords will produce relevant search results? Who are the innovators in a crowd and what are they saying? What new liabilities are emerging? Answering these difficult questions results in great rewards. However, with only search and unstructured text mining tools, people have limited success in capturing those rewards. Michael Webb, Aubice Co-Founder, Executive Vice President of Global Development was interviewed by Jim Franklin, President of the Rockies Venture Club and the former CEO of Decisioneering and now a VP with Oracle. Michael is also on the "Winning Team" panel at the 20th Annual Colorado Capital Conference, being moderated by Larry. Michael pointed out that all about relationships. They with the right people with the right values to basically grow Aubice. He points out that when it comes to search there is this deluge of information...too data, very little relevancy. Another challenge is Understanding how to connect unstructured data to drive totally unexpected high value insights leading to breakthrough discoveries. "Aubice is a connection engine and can operate on the long tail of information where n=1 for advanced sensing of change and trend foreshadowing. Michael has built successful teams over the years, and that's what it is all about.
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488_ Loving Her Career and Financial Security Made the Difference
Terry Morreale, Producer & Director, Women in IT; and Senior Engineer, Applied Trust EngineeringSarah Kiefhaber, AVAYAenclosure-voice A move from the food industry, (29 years ago) to IT was an easy leap for Sarah Kiefhaber, who is now with AVAYA. Terry Morreale, producer and director of the Women in IT Channel talked to Sarah about her amazing journey in IT. Terry, a senior engineer at Applied Trust Engineering has for a long time been passionate about the concept of 'economic independence' for women. Sarah is a perfect example. "I started working at Bell Laboratories in 1979, having completed undergraduate degrees in mathematics and German plus one year of graduate work in physical anthropology. I spent a number of years working in the computer center at Bell Labs, first as the 'help desk' for all of the Denver Bell Labs technical population, then as primary technical support for all output services, before moving into integration testing of an adjunct processor for a communications system. "In addition to spending a year in England, Sarah is involved in pretty much every phase of product development from inception through requirements, design, development, testing, manufacturing, ordering, field support, sales support and end of life. I have helped to debug field problems in labs, on the phone and at customer locations. Share this interview with your daughters.
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484_ The Music Industry Fights Piracy for Survival
Richard Gabriel, HRO In the nine years following the development of Napster, the music industry has changed dramatically. To match the new methods of downloading music illegally, there are new means of detecting such activity and new legal ramifications. Richard Gabriel, attorney with Holme Roberts & Owen goes on to point out other dicey issues. "The ethics of downloading music illegally and who should be responsible for such activity continue to be debated. This debate relates to the broader question of whether the music industry's business model, i.e. charging for the distribution of music-faces an existential threat not merely from piracy, but the proliferation of artists willing to share their music for free." Whether or not individuals can justify downloading copyrighted music from peer-to-peer networks or other outlets, the fact remains that this conduct is illegal. To underscore that message, the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) has brought thousands of lawsuits against individuals who have violated the copyright law. At the same time, organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have suggested that the advent of file sharing cannot be stopped by litigation. What if it was your music?
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482_ Money, Music and More: Bringing Balance - Your Soul Patch
Jason Mendelson, Foundry Group, Soul Patchenclosure-voice Ryan McIntyre, Foundry Group, Soul Patch Part one of the interview with Jason Mendelson and Ryan McIntyre, both Managing Directors with the Foundry Group was focused on intellectual property and the current 'copyright paradigm'. IP isuues are hot topics with their portfolio companies. Both men are dedicated to the success of the companies they work with. Larry had to ask, "How do you bring balance to your business and personal lives?" Jason's been playing the drums since he was 3, a percussionist, and actually supported himself playing music with big names like Aretha Franklin. Jason and Ryan met at Mobius in California. Ryan had built a recording studio in his home – 600 sq. ft of recording space, and had a band. Jason showed up one day, "..the idea was that I would be a consultant to the band." Things took off from there. Ryan said, "In general our lives are hectic with a thousand calls in the air, generally multi tasking, always thinking about the past, present and future, and the great thing about music... it’s then. When I’m playing music there’s no room in my head for anything other than the moment. That’s a liberating thing and it is great for bringing balance." BTW, the music at the beginning and end of this interview is a small part of the second album produced by Jason's and Ryan's band 'Soul Patch'. Enjoy!
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Chris Pelley, Capital Investment Management Company  & Larry Nelson, w3w3®483_ Social Entrepreneurship is Answering the Tough Questions
enclosure-voice "The problems of the world will not be solved by governments and traditional charities," said Chris Pelley, Managing Director of Capital Investment Management Company (CIMCO) and Board Member of the Association of Corporate Growth in Denver. In the business community, many people are puzzled by the term, social entrepreneurship. Chris feels, it is the business people in our society who will ultimately make a tremendous difference in this field of philanthropy and problem solving. Larry asked, "You’re a registered investment advisor, how did you get involved in this?" I am intrigued by this idea. I was introduced to it by a friend at Oxford University; he mentioned it to me because he knew my daughters were interested in the subject. Being a father who cares, we were invited to attend the “Skoll World Forum Conference for Social Entrepreneurship” at Oxford, four years ago. People are going to get involved in this for a number of reasons. First and foremost; 87% of the children leaving colleges and universities want meaning in their lives more than they want money in their lives. These concepts are exploding around us. Parents and business people might want to discover more to help their teenagers and young adults through the new Ashoka Support Network.
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495_ Going From Proof of Concept Funding to $65 Mil in Series B Funding
Woodruff Emlen, MDV. Michael Holers, MDenclosure-voice Taligen Therapeutics, Inc. was founded in March 2004 to develop and commercialize technology developed by UC Denver’s Dr. V. Michael Holers for the treatment of serious inflammatory disease. Larry talked with Dr. Holers and Dr. Woodruff Emlen, MD co-founder, President, CEO and Director of Taligen. Taligen received its initial impetus through receipt of the inaugural grant in CU TTO’s Proof of Concept Grant (POCg) Program in 2004 and subsequently, SBIR grants. In August 2005 Taligen received its Series A financing of $3.75M led by Sanderling Ventures, Tango and High Country Venture. On Feb. 1, 2008 the company announced the closing of a $65M Series B financing. Formerly, Dr. Emlen [was at the University of Colorado] and Dr. Holers are a wonderful example of how industry and the academic world can team up to build a business that will benfit humanity. They both appreciate the work and support they get from CU TTO. Taligen is developing technologies to manipulate complement proteins of the immune system to inhibit inflammation and to target inhibitors of inflammation to specific sites of tissue injury; the initial disease targets are macular degeneration and asthma.
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494_ Mergers & Acquisitions in Today's Middle Market
Brian Cox, KPMGGino Maurelli, HROenclosure-voice KPMG LLP and Holme Roberts & Owen LLP conducted a forum providing insight into competing for acquisitions in the middle and lower markets. There was a panel of dealmakers discussing sourcing and closing middle market transactions in a turbulent deal environment, including insights into financing options in the continuing tight credit market. They also offered perspectives on key diligence issues focused on limiting exposure to legal and financial risk in today's M&A environment. Prior to the panel, Gino Maurelli, HRO and Brian Cox, KPMG shared the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Deal Teams"...#1 Early Involvement of Advisors;  #2 Go Slow to Go Fast;  #3 Scheduled Status Updates  #4 Scalability;  #5 Scalability;  #6 Post-Mortem/After Action Review;  #7 Leverage Advisers. The room was packed and everyone was listening and taking notes. Listen to this discussion with Gino and Brian...and yes, take notes. *Check out Event Photos!
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493_ Ad Words: How Would You Like to 'Slap Google Back'?
Larry Nelson and Simon Lejung, Google Guruenclosure-voice Larry asked Simon Leung, "What are the common misconceptions about Google Ad Words?" 'Simon Says', "A lot of people don't understand the difference between "Ad Word" and "Ad Sense". People often think they're the same thing, but they're not. Ad Words is the advertising program from Google and Ad Sense is for publishers who want to display ads on their website. So first of all we want to make sure people understand 'Ad Words' and 'Ad Sense'. Another misconception when it comes to the advertising standpoint, is a lot of people don't want to drive traffic to their website from using 'Ad Words' from Google, because it is a pay for click program. That means you don't pay until someone clicks on your site, but at the same time there are also strategies that people are calling "free" and so they don't want to pay for traffic. But that is a major misconception because for a lot of the free strategies you're paying either to learn that information or you're paying a lot of money to hire somebody to do it." Larry and Simon went unto discussing the common mistakes made...listen for more. *Check out Event Photos!
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494_ Mergers & Acquisitions in Today's Middle Market
Brian Cox, KPMGGino Maurelli, HROenclosure-voice KPMG LLP and Holme Roberts & Owen LLP conducted a forum providing insight into competing for acquisitions in the middle and lower markets. There was a panel of dealmakers discussing sourcing and closing middle market transactions in a turbulent deal environment, including insights into financing options in the continuing tight credit market. They also offered perspectives on key diligence issues focused on limiting exposure to legal and financial risk in today's M&A environment. Prior to the panel, Gino Maurelli, HRO and Brian Cox, KPMG shared the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Deal Teams"...#1 Early Involvement of Advisors;  #2 Go Slow to Go Fast;  #3 Scheduled Status Updates  #4 Scalability;  #5 Scalability;  #6 Post-Mortem/After Action Review;  #7 Leverage Advisers. The room was packed and everyone was listening and taking notes. Listen to this discussion with Gino and Brian...and yes, take notes. *Check out Event Photos!
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491_ Profile of a Leader: Sue Wyman, Chairman, CTP and Founder of the Javaro Group Advice to Those Climbing the Ladder
Gregg Sutherland, Ernst & Youngenclosure-voice "It boils down to 3 things, and I get the opportunity to do this with my consulting teams a lot," says Gregg Sutherland, Principle, Business Advisory Services Ernst & Young, Denver office. Larry and Sue Wyman, President of the Communications Technology Professionals (CTP) and founder of the Jivaro Group asked Gregg to expand. Gregg said, "The first advice I'd give is to take the opportunity to really learn, to test, and to apply. I had this fellow working for me, genius smart but a little rough around the edges and he could be hard to get along with at times. He came to me and said, "I'm trying something new on this project. I've watched you do this, I've watched the client do that... I'm trying these different behaviors to see what fits me." He was intentional about learning. The second is to recognize that anywhere you work, there's going to be a flawed environment. There's also going to be someone that’s hard to get along with, there's always going to be someone not as capable as you’d like. The organization is going to make bad decisions from time to time. It's going to be frustrating and, it’s easy to get negative, and at that point the world really separates into two camps, the ones who sit around and complain and the people who say, "You know, it's not right, but here's what I can do about it.... and I can't fix the whole thing but I can fix that part." Gregg goes onto explain more...
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489_ Green IT Infrastructure Costs Less: Bigger is not Better
Trent Hein and Ned McClain, Co Founders, Applied Trust Engineeringenclosure-voice Green IT infrastructure costs less and improves the health of our planet. Trent Hein co-founder of Applied Trust and CEO and Ned McClain, co-founder and CTO talk about the proactive steps Applied Trust has taken to implement a EcoInfrastructureGreen IT infrastructure and take that even a step further and call it EcoInfrastructure. Everyone knows that with today’s high cost of data center real estate, the increasing cost of energy, and your company’s desire to be more eco-friendly, infrastructure is on everyone’s mind. Trent and Ned discussed specific tactics and strategies for taking steps to building a Green IT infrastructure. Here are five key points: 1) Bigger is not better 2) Consolidate 3) Server virtualization 4) Organizational philosophy 5) Reduce the waste stream. Applied Trust engineers will work closely with your staff to ensure that a thorough assessment is conducted. All assessment recommendations will be presented in an actionable manner, such that network and system administrators can use the document as a guide for mitigation. Here are some results you can expect: • Reduced capital costs • Stronger bottom line through significantly reduced operating costs (including reduced energy consumption and reduced system administration labor) • Support for the environment • Improved employee morale and workplace environment • Improved corporate image as a “green business,” which can provide a marketing or recruiting edge. Listen Now...
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486_ Global Expansion: Trust and a Two-Way Relationship are Crucial
Larry Nelson & Dale Eisler, Canadian Consul General in Denverenclosure-voice Bilateral trade between Colorado and Canada, is more than $1 billion per year. That number is growing and Canada is the biggest foreign market for Colorado business people. Annual bilateral trade between the two countries, US & Canada, is about $630 billion a year. That’s more than $1.7 billion per day, and it’s more than $1 million per minute. The border between our two countries is the most important economic border in the world. As a market, Canada is crucially important for the American economy. And in fact the United States exports, sells, more to Canada than it does to the UK, Germany, Japan and China combined. That’s how big the Canadian market is for the United States. Dale Eisler, Consul General for Canada here in Denver shared with Larry a number of other statistics that would surprise many Coloradoans as well as the steps that a Colorado company can go through to doing a two-way business in Canada. Canada is the biggest energy supplier to the United States. And, get this, the US imports more oil from Canada than it does from Iraq and Saudi Arabia combined. It's also well known the US has a great relationship with Canada in the areas of aerospce, bioscience, telecom (wireless is getting very hot), IT software, gaming... just to name a few. LIsten for many additional ideas.
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485_ The Investment Community Still Has Money for the Middle Market
David Strong, Tax Partner, HRO, 
                Pres. Elect - ACG DenverFormerly an attorney and investment banker in New York on Wall Street, David Strong moved to Denver and is now a partner at the Denver office of Holme Roberts & Owen. During our discussion Dave said, "We are still seeing a vibrant economy in the middle market in Colorado, defined as anywhere from $20 to $100 million. There is definitely huge pressure on larger cap deals – credit markets have been tightened significantly – those deals are becoming harder to do. But what we’ve seen is a lot of capital, at least in the middle market waiting to be deployed. Buyers who raised their money before the credit crunch, before the investment community got so skittish. They are looking for value in their market, and I think, still finding it. Those deals still have some leverage, though not as much as prior to the big credit crunch. Terms, everything is a little tighter. We’ve seen valuation go down, exit multiples go down, with the pressure. But we are still seeing good companies getting good valuations and those deals are still getting done." Then Dave got into the selling side...listen for more.
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April 2008

Ryan McIntyre, Foundry Group and Soul Patch Lead Guitarist481_ Intellectual Property Can Save You or It Can Get Ugly
Don't despair. The scary aspect, that a cheap patent lawsuit could cost $1 to $2 million to defend... Still, patents can make a difference when you are seeking an investor. Jason Mendelson, managing partner of the Foundry Group and Ryan McIntyre, also a managing partner of that Venture Capital firm go onto point out that a bigger patent case can cost $10 million and up. "Most are spurious with the intent to halt progress of a competitor, or put small startups out of business. The idea of a 7 or 8 figure legal bill, for a startup company toJason Mendelson, Foundry Group and Soul Patch Lead Drummerdefend your intellectual property will destroy most companies. Even venture backed startups do not have the resources to fight that. They typically end up settling and making some sort of agreement where they have to pay royalties to the plaintiff." They talked about 'patent trolls' and pointed out that prior to 2007, 92% of the cases that went to trial, the plaintiff won...ouch. They discussed other IP issues and Jason said “Trade Secrets" are the forgotten stepchild of IP. When you hear trade secrets you think of KFC recipes. You don’t find too much Trade Secret protection happening in the VC world – I think that’s a mistake.” We don’t like the ‘patent paradigm’ we’re in, but in order to have a defensive strategy you’ve got to have a shield. We do encourage our companies to get patents. If nothing else, as a bug spray to the patent world. BTW, the music at the beginning and end of this interview is a small part of a CD produced by Jason's and Ryan's 'Soul Patch' band. Enjoy!

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478_ Communication: Top 3 Tips for CEOs to Improve Performance
Sherry Law, Evergreen Communication Effective communication impacts every aspect of the organization. Sherry Law, entrepreneur and founder of Evergreen Communication and Board Member of ACG Denver is an internal and external communications expert. Larry asked, "Where does an organization start in making sure that it’s communicating effectively?" Sherry points out that it starts with the CEO and his/her vision. "Not just what it is, but articulating it so everyone understands, making it compelling and saying it often. Make sure vision supports strategy and goals. Make sure you have a dialogue between leaders and everyone else (both customers and clients). Just as important, make sure that communication is considered and addressed in every area of the company, especially if introducing change of any kind. Here are the 'top 3 tips' for CEOs. (1.) Show your true self. Personality doesn’t matter, people will accept who you are if you’re authentic. (2.) Tell the truth, don’t spin it, and don’t promise anything you can’t do. They want honesty. (3.) Communicate often. People put their own viewpoints on what you say, and you need to make sure that they truly understand the direction you want to take. All this and more from the ACG Denver Member of the Year.

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476_ Learn what Actually Goes Through a Venture Capitalist’s Head
Jason Mendelson, Managing Partner, The Foundry Group Have you ever wanted to learn firsthand what actually goes through a venture capitalist’s head while doing deals. Jason Mendelson, Managing Partner of the Foundry Group levels with Larry as he is asked some probing questions about how Venture capitalists think. Larry wanted to know answers (and opinions) about: Whether it be the initial funding, later rounds, time of acquisition or IPO, what are the incentives that drive a VC’s behavior? How are valuations arrived at? Why do some companies get “better deals” than others? What exactly makes up a “good” deal? Join Jason Mendelson, who has over 10 years experience in the venture world and has structured more than 500 deals in excess of $8 billion dollars. Check this out: Assume a VC decides to invest in a company. What do they REALLY care about when negotiating a deal? There are so many terms to keep track of? How on earth do VCs value private companies? Why do some companies get higher valuations and some lower? What are the terms that can really matter? To the point that I lose control of my company? (Hint: Control and Return). Jason also shares the three key issues when VCs consider investing in a startup.
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Keywords: Jason Mendelson, Foundry Group, Venture Capital, Ask the VC, Valuations, Funding, IPO, Acquisition - Bytes: 25253410 - 4/21/08

472_ Best Practices for Building a Successful Online Business
Lee Kennedy, TriCalyxenclosure, voice "When you look at the web analytics, how many people come to your site, how they got there, so many people go to the search engines. A lot of my customers find that 30 to 75% of their business comes from search engines," says Lee Kennedy. Lee has worked with Brad Feld, been the CIO at Webroot Software and today is CEO/Founder of TriCalyx, a consulting business focused on helping people build an online business. 85% of the world’s online population, purchase online! And that’s up 40% over the past two years. And then for people in the 75K and higher income bracket it’s more like 90+%. Even for people who don’t buy online, they come online to research their purchases. With search engine optimization, there’s quite a mystique around SEO because it’s not one of those things you can totally get your arms around. I'll try to demystify it. Basically it’s figuring out how to get your web site [and the words people are searching to find your web site] ranked on the first page of Google. If you are selling on your site, there are so many ways to bring traffic to your site that really cost you nothing...
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Terry Morreale, Sr. Engineer, Applied Trust477_ Challenges and Choices in Building a Virtual Company
enclosure - voiceTerry Morreale has interviewed a number of 'Women in IT' with all types of backgrounds, with a diverse group of job responsibilities and all with different goals and challenges. Terry is a Senior Engineer at Applied Trust Engineering and Director of the Women in IT Channel. She interviewed Beth Just, President and CEO of Just Associates at Beth Just, Just Associatesher home office. They have 44 employees and they all work virtually with most in Colorado, but others spread across the country. Beth is very proud about how her current team is working, but she points out some of the difficulties in building a virtual team. "Initially we found that it is recruitment because there are some people who can work out of the home and some that just can’t. Some people just can’t ever turn their work off, and some can’t seem to get to it.. So, the quality of the work they’re doing is constantly interrupted by their kids or dogs or that next load of laundry. We found that we had to structure our interview questions to solicit responses that would help us know whether they had a ‘responsibility character’, whether or not they could stay focused...
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Bytes: 20433505 - 4/21/08

473_ Lead in Computer Monitors and TV Monitors Going into Landfills
Steve Fuelberth, Luminous RecyclingCRT monitors are the magic pieces that make everything on our television sets and our computors come to life. When they die or are being replaced by an upgrade they are often shipped overseas and in too many cases end up in our landfills. The lead (seversal pounds) in those monitors is hazardous and potentially dangerous to the wellbeing of humankind. Steve Fuelberth, President & CEO of Luminous Electronic Recycling (LER) has often been quoted as saying, " It’s not just pollution and doing your part, that is socially responsible. It’s also being responsible for customer data, intellectual property or other confidential information. Today, every business, institution and home has numerous electronic devices which will need to be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner." Now, LER is taking that whole concept to a new level by installing the 'Angel'. We had a chance to see it first-hand, and it is truly remarkable. No more lead in the landfills.Many states have adopted regulations on end-of-life electronic goods. Most electronic goods contain materials that if put into landfills, could effect the surrounding area. All communities believe that recycling will save valuable landfill space and provide a safer environment. Listen now!
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469_ Brad Feld, The Foundry Group - Why am I Passing?
Larry Nelson & Brad Feld, Foundry Groupenclosure-voice "Over the years - I've come up with a set of filters to quickly turn down deals. This is an important process as I want to limit the time I spent investigating companies that I don't investment in. Rather - I want to maximize my time working with my existing portfolio companies and quickly / deeply evaluating new companies that have a high chance of us funding them. Every day I tell at least one entrepreneur that I am passing on investment in their company. Sometimes I tell 10. I don't know what the most in one day is, but it's probably more than 25. I try to respond to all emails so a lot of these are in the 'never were appropriate to pursue' category, but at least one each day is someone that I've actually engaged with beyond a cold email that was randomly sent to me. My first pass filter has three parts to it. The top level filter is 'Is this in a theme that I'm currently interested in?' If yes, then I try to determine whether or not I think the people involved can create a huge company. If yes, then I often at least spend some time going deeper." Larry asks Brad to expand on this and more. Brad also explains what it takes to stay on the positive road to funding. Listen in his own words.
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Mark Richtermeyer, The Spitfire Group467_ Confidence Based Learning System and Your Bottom-Line
Mark Richtermeyer founder of the Spitfire Pat Engstrom, Knowledge FactorGroup and producer of the new "Disruptive Technology" Channel on w3w3.com brought up another 'disruptive technology' topic. Mark interviews Pat Engstrom, Chairman and Founder of Knowledge Factor about a patented, breakthrough technology that is truly disruptive and it's all about learning. Pat points out that, "Corporate training in situations where the consequence of confidently-held misinformation can be catastrophic." Health care is an area that has training challenges and is an area that is constantly in the news. Corporations are embracing Knowledge Factor’s Confidence- Based Learning System (CBL system) because it helps their employees learn faster, retain the information far longer and CBL proves Mastery of the learning material. Another focus is on education. The same technology can be used to greatly improve learning outcomes both in K-12 and Higher Ed. By using Knowledge Factor’s patented Confidence-Based Learning System, students will be more engaged, learn faster, have better standardized test scores. The role of the teacher can also move toward being more of a facilitator and spend quality time helping students apply the knowledge they learn using CBL. We can all benefit from CBL.
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479_ Parents Have a Great Influence on Their Children's Success
Terry Morreale, Producer & Director, Women in IT; and Senior Engineer, Applied Trust EngineeringTerry Morreale, producer and director of the Women in IT Channel, is passionate in her drive to bring the stories of “Women in IT” out, for many reasons. Terry says she loves interviewing these amazing women and learning about their experiences, their motivations, what makes them get up in the morning. But, another reason the Women in IT channel is so special to her is, she sees it as an avenue to inspire women to think about technology as a choice for them. Terry, a senior engineer at Applied Trust Engineering has for a long time been passionate about the concept of 'economic independence' for women. "Economic independence provides the opportunity for any person, man or woman, to be able to make life decisions in the best way possible." Being economically independent is not having to worry about decision making based on ‘I’m not going to be able to pay my rent’. I think it is extremely powerful. I want women, everyone to have that opportunity, to do whatever they want to do with that economic independence in their back pocket. "I hope that the Women in IT Channel is a resource for women who are at this inflection point in their life. Whether they are a middle school girl trying to decide if they want to take that computer class that’s offered, or a high school girl thinking about what they want to go to college to learn about." There's more...
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480_ How are Women Changing the Landscape of Business?
Margaret Heffernan, Author, Keynote TiE Women's Forum 5/5/08enclosure-voice Margaret Heffernan is an entrepreneur, Chief Executive and author. She was born in Texas, raised in Holland and educated at Cambridge University. She worked in BBC Radio for five years where she wrote, directed, produced and commissioned dozens of documentaries and dramas. In Magaret's first book, The Naked Truth: A Working Woman’s Manifesto on Business and What Really Matters, she brings up almost every important issue for women trying to climb the traditional corporate ladder. In some cases she offers solutions, either from her own experience and research, or through the shared stories of women she interviewed for the book. Melodie Reagan (in Denver) talked to Margaret (in England) about the changing tide in entrepreneurship and her new book, How She Does It: Redefining power and the nature of success for the 21st Century. The information is timely, useful and very eye-opening. Between 1997 and 2007, privately held businesses owned by women grew at three times the rate of all American privately held firms. Listen to the interview and then attend a program hosted by TiE Women's Forum where you can have a chance to interact with Margaret directly. Larry and Pat will be there.
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472_ Collaboratory, C2B2, Center for Revolutionary Solar Photo Conversion
David Hiller and Carl Koval, Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory“Who would have thought, just a couple of years ago, that you could get three universities and a national lab working together? Not only cooperating but enjoying the process,” said David Hiller, Executive Director of the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory. Larry interviewed David Hiller and Carl Koval at the CU Tech Transfer Office in Boulder. On April 21st at the Capital building in Denver, three Colorado universities, Colorado State University, Colorado School of Mines and University of Colorado at Boulder and NREL together with a number of industrial partners will announce the formation of "The Center for Revolutionary Solar Photo Conversion". The main purpose will be to discover and develop 3rd generation solar photo conversion,” announced Carl Koval, Professor at CU Boulder in the Dept. of Chem. and Bio-chem. He also serves as the CU institutional coordinator for the Collaboratory and also the faculty director for CU Boulder’s Renewable and Sustainable Energy Initiative. They went into detail about the Collaboratory which is a major collaboration in the area of bio fuels and bio refining as well as C2B2 (the Colorado Center for Bio Fuels and Bio Refining) which has 28 industrial partners. There's much more...

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475_ Colorado: The Silicon Valley of Renewable Energy
Carl Koval, Collaboratory, CU Boulder (Part 2 of 2) ConocoPhillips purchased the old Storage Tek site in Louisville, and their current plan is to create a 5000 to 10,000 person research and training center related primarily to their interest in renewable and alternative energy. They’re doing that here in Colorado, but they’re not the only one setting up offices here! David Hiller, Executive Director of the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory and Carl David Hiller, CollaboratoryKoval, Professor at CU Boulder in the Dept. of Chemistry and Bio-chem (and he also serves as the CU institutional coordinator for the Collaboratory; and also the faculty director for CU Boulder’s Renewable and Sustainable Energy Initiative) discuss the growth of the this past year. A year ago when we were starting the Collaboratory we used this phrase, kind of tongue in cheek – “Colorado the Silicon Valley of Renewable Energy”. But it’s no longer tongue in cheek. These companies are not only investing in research, they’re moving here. They range from Fortune 50 companies to very large international energy companies such as ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Shell, DuPont and more... In addition, there is a great deal of interest from the private sector.
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468_ This is a Story Only James Crowe Could Tell - Level 3
Larry Nelson, Phil Weiser & James Croweenclosure-voice Phil Weiser, Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Research & Executive Director of Silicon Flatirons Center, introduces James Crowe, CEO and President of Level 3 Communications (since it’s founding). Phil went on to say, “He is a unique individual in the Internet world. Before that he was also the founder and CEO of MFS Communications, one of the leaders in building fiber networks. James Crowe is really a unique part of our communications world here.” Larry Nelson and Phil ask James a number of probing questions in this 'Profile of a Leader' series for the Communications Technology Professionals (CTP) Channel. Looking at the changes we have all been through, James said,"Yes, things have changed a bit. I think it’s gone from speculative, way out thinking to an everyday part of most people’s lives. We take it for granted that we can obtain almost any kind of information we choose over our broadband connections. It certainly has changed the way we work, the way we entertain ourselves. We’re watching real time as it changes how we govern ourselves – politics is changing. Because fundamentally for 100 years we had a communication system that extended our ears, that’s the telephone system. Now we’re right along, building a communications system that’s extending our eyes. Ninety-nine percent of the information we collect comes through our eyes." Then Phil and Larry brought up values and ethics. Listen to the answers in his own words.
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471_ Part 2 of 2
What do Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, James Crowe Have in Common?
James Crowe, Level 3 Communications"What do you recommend to entrepreneurs trying to build a business, to focus on, have in mind to be successful?" was one of many questions asked by Phil Weiser and Larry Nelson and directed to James Crowe, CEO and President of Level 3 Communications. James said, "Asked often, my answer is always the same. Passion! Quite a number of people want to be entrepreneurs because of the rewards. They think that Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Google are who they want to be. Or Bill Gates, or fill in the blank… of people who very prominently had the success from that “great entrepreneurial idea”. One ought to undertake that kind of effort, clearly understanding that you give up a great deal. Balance in your life is gone. You have to spend an enormous amount of time working on your idea, to the exclusion of what many others think are the normal things in life. And if you do it to simply because you think you’ll get rich, you run a high probability of disappointment. If you do it because you are passionate about your belief, or idea or your effort – then the reward is separate and distinct from any monetary returns. I'd say unless you enter it with that kind of belief, you’re going to have every opportunity to be very unhappy with the outcome." They also asked him what the turning point in his life was. Listen for more...

470_ RVC Capital Conference - Lessons from the Start !!!
Kevin Johansen, RVC Capital Conferenceenclosure-voiceAre you looking for investors? Sharpen the old proverbial pencil; Check in with RVC and the Colorado Capital Conference and, do it now! Times-a-wasting! The application process is amazing. Take a 'benchmark survey' and you'll get an executive report that is a 'gap analysis' for entrepreneurs, says Kevin Johansen, one of the folks putting this thing together. He reminded us, "last November at the RVC Angel Capital Summit, they had 40 'deal screeners' working in four US time zones and Europe." Kevin encourages every entrepreneur listening to apply simply because of the learning that comes with it. And the 'deal screeners' - it's a web based, collaborative environment. They're all over the map, their primary focus is financial and most are conduits to capital, or have capital. The progarm appears to be phenomenal. Larry Nelson will be moderating a panel on building an effective team for an entrepreneurial organization. With 3 VC's on that panel you'll definitely get a feel for what you need. And Kevin plans to 'rock the house' with a Marketing 2.0 conversation. It'll be fun, informative and you'll get to learn a little 'VC speak'.
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