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Paul Berberian, CEO, Orbotix - Augmented Reality
Connie Duckworth, Founder/CEO, ARZU - Social Enterprise Event 12.4.2012
Cloud Elements, Mark Geene, CEO/Founder & Gary Gaessler
Ruthe Farmer, Computer Science Ed Week Dec. 9-14, 2012
Daniel Feld, Time in the tech scene...
Daniel Feld, An entrepreneurial blitz
JB Holston, Founder/Chairman, Newsgator @ Defrag/Blur 2012
Dave Jilk, Founder/CEO, Standing Cloud @ Defrag/Blur 2012
Dave Leonard, Sr. VP Data Center Ops, ViaWest
John Minnihan, Founder, FreePository @ Defraag/Blur 2012
NCWIT Heroes, Listen Up...
Eric Norlin, Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs
Eric Norlin, Next Gene-edge of human/computer interaction
John Sullivan, Mesa Labs at ACG Denver
Theresa Szczurek, CoFounder/CEO, Radish Systems
ViaWest, Receives First Ever Tier 4 Rating in North America

Exploring the enterprise social networking space
JB Holston, Founder/Chairman, NewsGator enclosure-voice 1317_ 11/26/12 - Based in downtown Denver, this company is eight years old, with about 150 folks at this point, highly profitable and growing quickly, Newsgator is in the enterprise social networking space, and we are talking with JB Holston, founder and Chairman of the Board, here at Defrag 2012. Think of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter - but think of it as a private, for a company's employees and external constituents, based primarily on the Microsoft stack, but not entirely. About half of their business is outside of the U.S. and JB says, "It's been a great ride!" Larry asked JB, with all of his experience, over these past few years, "What do you think are the biggest challenges for businesses today?" JB said, "I really think of two as the primary challenges. One is talent. both finding and retaining, training, motivating, managing talent. If you're a software company in particular, the demand for software engineers is so great and so competitive, that you've got to be a wonderful company to work for. Challenge number two is aggregate demand. When I think about all the macroeconomic and political issues going on. Anything that slows down aggregate demand, uncertainty about the fiscal cliff, that sort of thing, tends to effect the pace of demand. And as long as that pace is allowed to grow unfettered than the business is continued to be terrific." JB sees so many opportunities for business today, particularly in the front range. JB has been very involved in the Denver Startup scene here in the last few months. They had over 1000 startup companies in the Denver area alone, who were associated with that event. He said, "I think the message from that is, it is incredibly easy to start a great firm today...listen for more exciting ideas...
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LISTEN TO: JB Holston, Chairman of Board, NewsGator

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Sticking to it is going to be the entrepreneurs challenge
enclosure-voice John Minnihan, Founder, FreePository 1319_ 11/26/12 - Here at Defrag 2012, we are talking with John Minnihan, founder of Freepository. Freepository provides hosted source control to developers who are geographically dispersed. "We've been doing this since 1999 and were the first source code hosting site that was broadly used and we've been growing ever since" said John. He thinks the biggest challenge facing businesses today is pretty straightforward - sticking to it is going to be a challenge. Smart people have world changing ideas. Having the capacity to stick with their ideas through maybe some tougher challenging times. Normal stuff that you go through when you start a business, might seem more difficult. But you stick with it. In discussing the greatest opportunity John said, "By far it is the sheer cost of starting a business. It is incredibly low cost today as compared to ten years ago. A tremendous and broader way of either free or very low cost tools that provide immediate value to your business. Things like Freepository, hosted source control. You've got marketing solutions that are completely web based. You've got ways to broadcast your message - to get people excited about what you're doing through Twitter, through Facebook, Tumbler and other large, yet broadly seen media sites like that. So the low cost aspect of going from zero to something today is probably the single greatest opportunity for an entrepreneur." John's advice to an aspiring entrepreneur - "Go for it, just do it. You know, don't wait. Don't put off. Don't find yourself five years from today saying I wish I'd done this. Oh that great idea I had... Three other parties are doing it and they're just kicking butt." Your mantra should be, Do it! Do it! Do it! Listen now...
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LISTEN TO: John Minnihan, Founder, FreePository

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Cloud Elements, 
        founder and CEO Mark Geene with Larry Nelson, w3w3® and Gary Gaessler, VP Sales & Marketing, Cloud Elements. Interviewed at the 
        Defrag/Blur Conference 2012, in Broomfield, Colorado The ecosystem and how this company was put together
enclosure-voice 1312_ 11/19/12 - We're talking about the ecosystem and how this company, Cloud Elements, was put together. "Cloud Elements is based in the Innovation Pavilion down in the DTC, and it's been a great entire Internet ecosystem that we've been a part of." Mark Geene, Founder and CEO, is really pleased with the startup ecosystem that is building up around Boulder, Denver and the Tech Center - and here's an organization, The Founders Institute that is now a local chapter in Denver. It was initially based out of the Bay Area. Gary Gaessler, VP Sales & Marketing, is a key member of driving that. Jim Franklin, a friend of Mark's suggested, "Hey you're transitioning out of the company you were with, looking for something new, why don't you engage with the Founders Institute", which Mark did. It was a great opportunity to mentor companies that are starting up and developing. That led to connections to Gary, which lead us to the Innovation Pavilion, a tremendous incubator like Galvanize, bringing startups together. "So we go there now, meeting with other people that we've added to our organization, meeting through this community." Gary Gaessler and Mark Geene are co-founders and EIR’s (Executives/Entrepreneurs in Residence) at IP (Innovation Pavilion) and also mentors at Founders Institute. Mark said, "Channel Insight, really was a cloud company before there was a cloud. We built a large scale software as a service multi tenant platform. We built this from scratch because there weren't the infrastructure service providers and platform distributor providers built at the time we started to build that company. So when we left there we looked at the opportunity to help other companies build their applications faster. We swore we would never do it again in terms of building our own platform and our own technology because it was so difficult to do. So that's where we really became big believers of platform as a service." Listen for more......
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LISTEN TO: Mark Geene & Gary Gaessler, Cloud Elements

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The app is free - it's a really special piece of technology
Paul Berberian, CEO, Orbotix enclosure-voice 1315_ 11/19/12 - Spending a day at Blur is like taking a step into the future, with a reality feature that takes your breath away!
We spoke with Paul Berberian, CEO of Orbotix. As an overview, Paul told us Orbotix is the creator of Sphero, a little robotic ball that you control with your smart phone. What is special about Sphero is it is a robot gaming system. So think of a Wii or an Xbox except it rolls around on the ground, and there are over 20 different apps and games for it - and more coming out every month. Now, Paul was a keynote speaker at ‘Blur’, a very interesting conference here in Colorado, and today they just announced their new augmented reality application or game called Sharky the Beaver. It's a crazed little beaver that thinks he's a shark and he runs around your house eating cupcakes that you toss to him electronically. What's really special about this new application and game is it's the first time that you can take a 3-dimensional character and have it actually move around your house or office and interact with real world objects as well as virtual objects, without any setup, without any preparation it just works, it works in a bunch of different environments. The app is free - it's a really special piece of technology that just disappears into the end user - it's magical - they look at the ground and they see a robot ball, they look at their screen and they see a little crazy, whacked out beaver running around the house, and the technology disappears into the background. It just becomes really immersive and fun. Paul is a serial entrepreneur and goes onto offering some great advice for business owners and aspirating entrepreneurs. BTW, you might want to consider buying a Sphero for a year-end holiday present ...listen for more...

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LISTEN TO: Paul Berberian, CEO, Sphero coming to you from the Blur Conference

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Eric Norlin, Founder, Defrag, blur and 
        Glue conferences Advice for an aspiring entrepreneur
enclosure-voice 1309_ 11/12/12 - As anticipation grows, we're quickly closing in on the start of DefrageCon 2012. Getting a few minutes for this interview with Eric Norlin is an accomplishment in itself. And, it is our last chance because he immerses himself and his team in the detailed, constant activity of putting on a conference that continues to live up to and supersede its reputation. While talking with Eric, he did say, "When you work on anything for twelve years you kind of figure it out eventually - or you go broke. One of the two, right?" We are talking with a guy that has tremendous contacts with all kinds and sizes of organizations and we wondered what are the biggest challenges, today in our environment, for technical companies. Eric said he thinks we're leaving the phase where consumer facing companies are all the rage, and entering a phase where enterprise tech companies are becoming hot again. But you still have to do the normal blocking and tackling of landing customers - and then somehow find a way to rise above the noise. Because, throughout the recession we've seen in the last few years where there has been some slow down, it really has been a lot less severe than any other sector. Greatest opportunities? Eric points to some fairly big technical trends everyone is familiar with - Cloud computing, big data and even the mobile wave. What advice do you give an aspiring entrepreneur? "First of all if you've got an idea and you've got a team and you've got some prototype built, the first piece of advice is, if it's something you really want to do - Go do it. Don't let anyone tell you not to do it. Because being an entrepreneur is one of the most exciting decisions you can make in life. It's a terrifying decision to make - there's a lot of fear associated with it, but at the end of the day, it is so fulfilling that whether your company succeeds or not, it's entirely worth it...Eric has more to say... ***Join w3w3® at Defrag and Blur
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LISTEN TO: Eric Norlin, Defrag - blur Conference 2012

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Spending a lot of time here with the tech scene in Colorado
Daniel Feld, Serial Entrepreneur,
        TechStars Mentor enclosure-voice 1305_ 11/12/12 - Who is Daniel Feld? His background as an entrepreneur, in venture capital, as an investor, a business founder, a business exec - he's worked with all kinds of organizations... we wondered who really knows Daniel Feld? and what is he doing today? Daniel said, "So I have had a variety of roles and responsibilities in my career, varying from consumer products and services to technology products and services - enterprise as well as consumer." He started out in the advertising industry in Dallas and worked with some of the nation's largest consumer packaged goods brands on go-to-market strategies and full service advertising solutions for them. So, TV, radio, print, new product blowout, branding, packaging, anything to do with traditional consumer packaged goods. Sales and distribution, he's had a chance to experience that too. About 15 years ago, he moved to Boulder, Colorado and started a company working with technology startups on channel development services. Helping those companies with go-to-market strategies typically through third parties, as a way to expand their distribution beyond their immediate reach. That lead to working with a venture capital firm, Mobius Venture Capital as they were looking to expand their business incubator [Hot Bank] to Colorado. They had one up and running in California, wanted to expand that to Colorado and Daniel came on as a co-founder to run that operation and create that for the business here. That was in conjunction with Mobius. That lead to working in a deep operating role with one of our portfolio companies, Still Secure. It's a network security company, still operating and based in Superior, Colorado. These are just some of the things Daniel's done. Most recently he's spent some time as a partner in a web design firm, Slice of Lime - an award winning web design firm and a really talented group of people working on the graphic design side of things, a high end web design and web application shop. The other thing Daniel has fun with is mentoring with the TechStar's companies...
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LISTEN TO: Daniel Feld, Entrepreneur

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Help with the East Coast Hurricane SANDY tragedy

American Red Cross

Or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767)

Listen Up: Entrepreneurial Heroes
Entrp-HEROES1305_ 11/05/12 - Ever wish you didn't have to deal with the hassle of collecting money from friends or family, when making a group purchase of tickets or gifts? Ever wonder where kids too young to use Facebook can hang out safely, online? Ever think how much easier shopping for makeup online would be if you could get personalized recommendations based on your photo?
        It just so happens that entrepreneurs already have created startup companies that make these online experiences better, and it just so happens that all three of these company founders are women. We've interviewed these founders and picked their brains about business, technology, entrepreneurship, risk-taking, funding, networks, the work/life juggle, and more. Listen up now.

Brandy Alexander-Wimberly, Founder and CEO of Buyvite - NCWIT Hero Brandy Alexander-Wimberly, Founder and CEO of Buyvite, a group purchasing platform that allows many users to contribute money towards a group transaction


Hilary DeCesare, Co-founder and CEO of Everloop and NCWIT HeroHilary DeCesare, Co-founder and CEO of Everloop, a social media website designed to be a safe place for kids under 13 years old


Asamu Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Plum Perfect - NCWIT HeroAsmau Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Plum Perfect, a visual search engine that provides personalized recommendations to shoppers using their own photos


We started our Entrepreneurial Heroes interview series in 2007 because we didn't believe there are "no women technical founders" … but we did believe that women founders weren't getting the attention they deserve. To-date NCWIT has completed more than 70 interviews with successful women entrepreneurs in tech for the NCWIT Entrepreneurial Heroes series. We hope these women will inspire you, motivate you, and surprise you as they describe how they first got involved in technology, what characteristics they think are vital to being a successful founder, and what advice they would give to young people interested in technology or entrepreneurship

You can listen in at http://www.ncwit.org/heroes, or find our podcast in iTunes.

Nominate a successful female tech entrepreneurDo you know a successful female tech entrepreneur whose ideas and products are changing the way we think, work, play, and communicate? Nominate a Hero for our interview series.

NCWIT Entrepreneurial Heroes is sponsored by the NCWIT Entrepreneurial Alliance — helping startup companies build gender-inclusive cultures, right from the start — with support from EMC.

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Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos™   1307_ 11/12/12 -
Mastering Change in the 
        Midst of Chaos, Larry L. Nelson, Author
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Connie Duckworth, Founder/CEO, ARZU - Keynote at Social Enterprise Event Chris Pelley of Capital Investment Management is proud to announce the hallmark event  surrounding the visit of Connie Duckworth December 3rd-4th. 

Connie K. Duckworth, Founder and CEO

Social entrepreneur Connie K. Duckworth founded ARZU, which means “hope” in Dari, in 2004 to empower destitute women weavers in rural Afghanistan and serves pro bono as Chairman and CEO. Starting with 30 weavers, ARZU has transformed into a learning laboratory for holistic grassroots economic development – today employing some 700 women, providing access to education and basic healthcare, seeding multiple micro-business start-ups, building community centers, preschools, and parks, and creating award-winning fair-labor rugs – all in a country ranked as “the world’s worst place to be a woman.” Ms. Duckworth retired in 2001 as a Partner and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, the first woman to be named a sales and trading partner in the firm’s history. For the past decade, she has focused her business lens in many roles as a corporate director, published author, activist, angel-investor, humanitarian, and blogger. She is the recipient of numerous awards for leadership, advocacy, social impact, innovation and global presence.

RELATED LINKS: ARZU Studio Hope || CIMCO || Community Reach || Social Entrepreneurship || M&A Channel || ACG Denver || ACG Denver / CIMCO Annual Social Enterprise Event || KEYWORDS: Connie Duckworth, ARZU, Studio Hope, Social Entrepreneurship, Afghanistan, Women, Philanthropy, CIMCO, Community Reach, ACG Denver, bytes=5276215
LISTEN TO: Connie Duckworth, Founder/CEO, AZRU

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It is easy to deploy software on top of cloud servers
Dave Jilk, Founder/CEO, Standing Cloud enclosure-voice 1316_ 11/26/12 - Welcome to the Cloud where you can rent a server by the hour! Now you've got a machine with a command line interface - but it doesn't have anything installed or running on it that is useful to a business person or even a developer... We're here at Defrag 2012 talking with Dave Jilk, founder and CEO of Standing Cloud - "The simple story is we make it really easy to deploy software on top of cloud servers like the application software, so that you can use it for something functional like Drupal for a website or a customer relationship management application" he said. Dave also told us that Standing Cloud has released some white labels with cloud providers. So, they work with the folks who actually do the renting of the infrastructure and provide their layer on top of them. The two that Standing Cloud has done since we last spoke to Dave... are VPS.net a share hosting company that has moved into the cloud and offer applications for their shared hosting companies. So you don't see Standing Cloud's name but when you go to their home page, that's how you launch applications. The other is also interesting, a company in Iceland called GreenQloud[.com], and they are in the only data center in the world that is 100% renewable energy - actually being sourced for the power, not energy credits. It's actually geothermal powered, because that's where all the power in Iceland comes from. Larry asked, "What advice do you offer to an entrepreneur now?" Dave replied, "The advice I'd give right now is meta-advice. There are so many organizations and sources for mentorship to entrepreneurs today. They're not all exclusive, TechStars and some of the other organizations out there - you've got to be selected. But there are also other opportunities for mentorship that are less structured. Back when Dave started his career nobody talked about mentorship, there was nothing formal available. Now, you're really doing yourself a disservice - you are much more likely to fail if you don't go find yourself some mentors..." Listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: Standing Cloud || Defrag/blur Info || Foundry Group || TechStars || GreenQloud || Software Channel || KEYWORDS: Keywords: Dave Jilk, Defrag/Blur 2012, Standing Cloud, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, IssA, Amazon, Customer Relation Management, Cloud, Software Providers, Foundry Group, TechStars, GreenQloud, Independent Software Vendors > bytes=3982213
LISTEN TO: Dave Jilk, CEO/Founder, Standing Cloud

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Theresa Szczurek Communicate more effectively with smart mobile device users
enclosure-voice 1320_ 11/26/12 - How many times have you called a company and gotten a long frustrating phone tree? Press one for this, press two for that. Just imagine if you could get a visual menu that would instantly show you, which was then tap-able... so you could get visual responses. Radish Systems is a software company that helps enterprises communicate more effectively with smart mobile device users. They share visual content, in call, while texting or talking with mobile users. Businesses find great value in improving the mobile user experience. They save money and make money in the process. It's not constrained to an automated self service system - it also works with live people in call centers who can communicate with you, send you visuals and complete the transaction much more efficiently. Theresa Szczurek, co-founder and CEO of Radish Systems attended the Defrag and Blur conferences and we asked her, a serial entrepreneur, what she thought were the greatest challenges businesses face today. "It's a really important question because businesses are looking for solutions that solve their biggest pain. Otherwise they're not willing to separate from their cash or spend their time. So, the biggest challenge in this economic environment is to get the attention and time of the enterprises and to identify really what their pain points are and bring a solution that's going to solve their problems." Switching gears to the greatest opportunities for businesses today, Theresa said, "We are in a global environment." The biggest opportunity is to take advantage of the world going mobile. What is the future of mobility within a business? "It's a great opportunity because there are about one billion people around the world who now have smart mobile devices." ...listen for more, Theresa has some advice to aspiring entrepreneurs...
RELATED LINKS: Radish Systems || Defrag/blur Info || TMS World || Radish Sprouts || Software Channel || KEYWORDS: Theresa Szczurek, Radish Systems, Visual Content, Entrepreneurs, Mobile Communications, Apps, Smart Phone, Mobile Devices, Radish Communications Systems, > bytes=5520303
LISTEN TO: Theresa Szczurek, CoFounder/CEO, Radish Systems

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Dave Leonard, Sr. VP Data 
        Center Operations, ViaWest First Ever in North America!
enclosure-voice 1313_ 11/19/12 - Recently announced - ViaWest is the first ever in North America, of a co-location data center company to receive a Tier I4 Rating from the Uptime Institute. Understandably Dave Leonard and ViaWest are very proud of this distinction. The Uptime Institute with the Tier Ratings, 1 through 4, is all about the quality of the data center, Tier I4 being the highest quality. So in response to an increasing customer requirement for quality of data center, ViaWest has now designed the latest data center in Las Vegas to be fault tolerant. It's been certified by the Uptime Institute to be Tier IV Quality. That's the first co-location data center in North America. Dave said the ViaWest customers are really helping by increasing their expectations. It's all about the customers peace of mind - they don't have to worry about their most valued applications. The Northwest Vegas project is ViaWest's current largest build that's going on - augmenting their existing Las Vegas data centers. It's going to be a 74,000 square foot raised floor in a 108,000 sq. ft. building and it's going to be the greenest co-location data center ever built! And as mentioned the highest quality data center in North America. Dave went onto say, "We are building this data center to be Leed Certified, to be Green Globe certified, to be Energy Star certified, but most importantly it's going to be extraordinarily energy efficient, with a power usage effectiveness of 1.2." Lone Mountain Las Vegas data center earns first-ever Tier IV design certification for a collocation facility in North America...listen for more exciting details...
RELATED LINKS: ViaWest || Uptime Institute || Media Center || Software Channel || Data Center Communities || Blog || KEYWORDS: Dave Leonard, ViaWest, Uptime Institute, Tier IV, Las Vegas, Data Centers, Green, Lone Mountain, Marketplace, Data Center Operations, Local Partner, Service Territory, bytes=4014814
LISTEN TO: Dave Leonard, Sr Vice President, Data Center Operations, ViaWest

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An entrepreneurial blitz in the tech scene
Daniel Feld, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Investor enclosure-voice 1314_ 11/19/12 - Larry interviewed Daniel Feld a serial entrepreneur. Larry asked, "With the economic times we've gone through these past few years, what do you think are the biggest challenges that companies face today?" Daniel was quick to respond, "I think there are obvious answers to that, but I think some of the biggest challenges are just staying in business. Keeping cash flow coming in, whether that's from outside sources of capital, from investors of some sort - or from cash flow from your business. You have to have cash flow to keep the lights on, so that's just an obvious one. I think a less obvious big challenge today is getting the attention of consumers. There are so many different ways to reach out to consumers today. And, consumers are constantly being bombarded by messages across the different channels. First of all, knowing who your target audience is, is critical. Knowing how to get to those folks in a meaningful way, and connect with them to attract them to your brand or your solution, is also very critical." Larry turned the table and asked, "What are the greatest opportunities for businesses today?' His reply, "The biggest opportunity as well as the biggest challenge is, there are so many ways today, to connect with consumers directly. Having the expertise to figure out the strategy and the tactics to use those channels, whether it's using social media - and there's a lot of variety and different ways that you can track customers and speak to customers. But I think the fact that you have direct access to customers and that customers have a large megaphone out to the world themselves, means that companies really have to be on their toes about how they interact and respond to customers. Finding the right tools and the people to help them take advantage of those is a critical opportunity for people." There's more great advice, listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: Daniel Feld History || Foundry Group || TechStars || PivotDesk || In the News || KEYWORDS: Daniel Feld, Mobius Venture Capital, PivotDesk, Foundry Group, TechStars, Venture Capital, TV, Radio, Print, New Product Blowout, Branding, Packaging, bytes=4655128
LISTEN TO: Daniel Feld, Entrepreneur

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Building and expanding a business in the West
Dave Leonard, Sr. Vice 
        President, Data Center Operations, ViaWest enclosure-voice 1308_ 11/12/12 - As the senior vice president of data center operations, Dave Leonard directs all of ViaWest's day-to-day facility operations and procedures, as well as expansion projects and future data center builds. We're at ViaWest headquarters, to get the skinny on the expansion at this dynamic Colorado icon. Very unique and, another company that launched in 1999 (like w3w3.com and Defrag...) We are talking with Dave Leonard, ViaWest Senior Vice President of Data Center Operations - well known to Frontier, United and Southwest Airlines - as he visits all the ViaWest Data Centers so often. Dave has two separate teams, one that operates the data centers (there are 23 data centers). The second team builds data centers and they are building a new, very large data center in north Las Vegas to compliment their two existing data centers in Las Vegas. So, the expansion is very aggressive and keeps happening throughout our service territory - and coming soon, outside of our service territory. But, Las Vegas is a great example where we are very successful in Las Vegas filling up the existing data centers that we had and demand led us to build a large new data center which will be going online at the end of December. Larry wondered what challenges ViaWest faces in this expansion? "You read about organizations like Facebook and Google building data centers out in the middle of nowhere, where there is very cheap power and very good conditions for free cooling, for instance. We don't site data centers that way. We put data centers where we believe our customers are going to be. There are two things happening in the data center industry, if Dave were wearing his construction hat, that building new data centers have been a good opportunity for ViaWest in two aspects, the green aspect, and the other is the quality of the data centers... Listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: ViaWest || Uptime Institute || Software Channel || Data Center Communities || PodCasting Directory || KEYWORDS: Dave Leonard, ViaWest, Uptime Institute, Las Vegas, Data Centers, Green, Marketplace, Data Center Operations, Local Partner, Service Territory, bytes=5214775
LISTEN TO: Dave Leonard, Sr. VP of Data Center Operations, ViaWest

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Dr. John Sullivan, President and CEO, 
    Mesa Laboratories with Chris Pelley, Managing Director, CIMCO at ACG Denver November Luncheon Be very methodical in growing your company
enclosure-voice 1305_ 11/12/12 - At the ACG Denver November meeting, Chris Pelley introduced us to our speaker, John Sullivan, Ph.D., President and CEO of Mesa Laboratories. Todd Roebken ACG Denver president, joined the discussion, asking Dr. Sullivan what was the greatest challenge facing him in trying to grow his company. Interestingly John said it was twofold. They've experienced a lot of growth in recent years "... and just reorganizing the company to deal with all that growth has really been a challenge. With new positions and recruiting the right people, getting the right infrastructure in place - things like that, that's been quite a challenge. The other is just continuing to go through acquisitions. We've had a lot of success in that regard. In the last few years several acquisitions have been completed. And, just finding the right company that fits in well with our culture, our product lines and financials has been a challenge. But so far so good, and we just hope to continue on in the future." Todd wondered about the success of finding talented people here in Colorado. John's response, "Absolutely. Quite a bit. We've gotten several people here in the Denver area. They've come on board with Mesa and we've gotten some good people here locally, absolutely!" If you're not familiar with Mesa Labs, John said, they make products for quality control applications, both instrumentation and consumable. They have several different product lines that came to them through acquisition in the past few years and they're all doing quite well. Another favorite question we put to Dr. Sullivan was what advice would he give to businesses here in Colorado for the next year? With a chuckle John said, "Be patient! You know we are very methodical in growing the company. We're very conservative and that patience has really paid off. We don't want to make any mistakes in our growth plan."
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KEYWORDS: John Sullivan, Mesa Laboratories, Acquisitions, Quality Control Applications, Instrumentation, Consumable, ACG, Denver, Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference, > bytes=2706184
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Eric Norlin 2012 Defrag Conference and Blur Conference - November 14-16, 2012  Use w3w3 Discount Code - Save BIG! 25% Off It's about the next generation-edge of human computer interaction
enclosure-voice 1304_ 11/05/12 - Always looking for the connection... Back in 1999 w3w3.com was launched; that same year Eric Norlin launched his business 'organizing great technology conferences'. We're familiar with Defrag but this year we're treated to an overlap and peak preview of the Blur Conference. While some of you are familiar with Blur, we were not and we asked for an overview and how the two differ. "Defrag is a little bit different beast. When people say technology conference, they think we're going to be focusing in on really hard core technology - but what Defrag tries to do is be a strategic conversation that's looking out at a time horizon of 18-24 months. And then, through the prism of technology, looking at different issues. You might get everything at Defrag from about how social business technology or big data technology will impact corporate IT in the next two years - to a talk about how technology is disrupting community management or financial services sector, or healthcare, all the way down to what it means to be a woman in an emerging IT field and the kinds of challenges associated with that. It really tends to be a pretty far reaching discussion tied together by this future looking focus. Someone described Defrag to Eric as the 'poor man's Ted'. One site, Two shows, Three days. Blur, another conference Eric runs, is about the next generation edge of human computer interaction. Think any interaction with a computer that doesn't involve a keyboard or mouse. That could be anything from robotics, 3D printing, to augmented reality - a wide range of truly futuristic technology that people are working on. For the first time ever, we're running Defrag and Blur in conjunction with each other. Practically, that means Defrag runs on the 14th & 15th and Blur runs on the 15th & 16th, where the last three or so hours of the day on the 15th, the two shows overlap. So if you're registered for Defrag only, for those three hours you'll see some Blur keynotes. Which you'll find incredibly interesting... Join w3w3® at Defrag and Blur - Save BIG - Use the 25% Discount Code!
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Our education system is ignoring a vital segment
Ruthe Farmer, Director Strategic Initiative, NCWIT & 2012 Chairperson, Computer Scinece Education Week enclosure-voice 1306_ 11/05/12 - After hearing this, you will be scratching your head and wondering what the heck is going on in education and who establishes the STEM standards. STEM is known as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math standard in education. Next, you will realize a greater appreciation for the work of our own NCWIT. This is really important! We often talk about preparing our workforce for the jobs of the future, but our education system is ignoring a vital segment and failing to prepare our young students for the jobs that are waiting for them. We are talking to Ruthe Farmer of the National Center for Women & IT. This year Ruthe is the chairperson for the Annual Computer Science Ed Week. CSEd Week designated as the second week of December to honor Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, a visionary in the field of computer science. "We're going to be doing an event in Washington DC, on the Hill, with the STEM Education Caucus on December 12th; We're getting some national attention. We've got a goal of about 7500 pledgers (We reached 3700 last year, so we're doubling every year) to demonstrate to everyone at the policy level, that parents, families, employers, want computer science education in the schools. NCWIT is a partner in the CSEd Week, along with a number of other organizations and companies, working to get computer science education into the core curricula in the K-12 space in the U.S." Go to the CSEdWeek.org website and there are a bunch of activities for everyone to get involved in, individuals, and businesses, universities everyone along the pipeline. The goal is to demonstrate a grassroots interest in computer science education to drive demand so that at the national level policy makers will understand that computer science education is important. "Most people are unaware of the fact that the bulk of high schools do not offer anything that would be considered rigorous computer science. Many schools instead are offering word-processing, using spread sheets or using PowerPoint. Not that those are bad skills but they're not computation. They're not teaching that you should be a designer of innovation. It's like taking drivers ed - it doesn't teach you to be a mechanic. We're really trying to get computer science into... Listen for much more... CSEdWeek 2012, December 9 to 15, 2012, is a highly distributed celebration of the impact of computing and the need for computer science education. CSEdWeek is a call to action to shed light on the vital importance of computer science education for all students.
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LISTEN TO: Ruthe Farmer, Chair, CSEdWeek; Dir. Strategic Initiative, NCWIT

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