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Roy Dimoff, ViaWest - Success and Sustainability
Richard Bass, Boulder & Denver Software Clubs
Feld-Weiser, Q&A Reflections - Part 1 & 2
Feld-Weiser, Q&A Reflections - Part 3 & 4
Su Hawk, Colorado Technology Association
Su Hawk, Great Value in Mapping Tech Sector
Guy Kawasaki, Author, Enchantment
Steve Knopper, Social Media - Huge Opportunity
Nancy Phillips, Life of an Entrepreneur... NCWIT Hero
Don Poulter, Data Centers Consume 2% of World's Energy Supply...
Holli Riebel, CBSA - Investor & Partnering Conference
Holli Riebel, Presentations Big News... Universal Flu Vaccine
Matthew Taylor, Business Agility and the Cloud
Niniane Wang, CTO, Minted and NCWIT Hero
Phil Weiser, Reflections On Serving in the White House

Reflections On Serving in the White House

1075_ 9/12/11 - Silicon Flatirons had a super event in the Wolf Law Building. It was the turnabout Feld-Weiser event. Phil Weiser will begin with a brief presentation about his reflections on technology policy while serving as the Senior Advisor for Technology and Innovation at the White House. Phil Weiser is the Dean and Thompson Professor at the University of Colorado Law School. Prior to re-joining Colorado Law, he served as the Senior Advisor for Technology and Innovation to the National Economic Council Director at the White House. Prior to that post...(more on the link below). This is a 2 part video - Click here for part 2 of Phil Weiser's Address: Reflections on Serving in the White House.
     Next week, Brad Feld will moderate a question and answer session and welcomed questions from the audience. Brad has been an early stage investor and entrepreneur for over twenty years. Prior to co-founding Foundry Group, he co-founded Mobius Venture Capital and, prior to that, founded Intensity Ventures, a company that helped launch and operate software companies...(more on the link below). If you missed the CNN coverage click on the links below...
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Brad Feld corners Phil Weiser about technology - Video

After watching the video above - WATCH Part 2 : VIDEO Part 2 on YouTube

1078_ 9/19/11 -
PW: "The one challenge anyone serving government has is how do you make sure, the information and perspective you're getting are wide ranging."
BF: "From here it looks like the policy makers and legislators are making decisions on tech issues they don't understand. Do you find this to be true?" Phil replied,
PW: "No. I think generally there is a reasonable humility and caution about technology policy. It is very hard because it is moving quickly and complex."
BF: "There are concerns about the patent laws... is congress really doing something substantial here?
PW: "The first question and a core problem is, can we enable our patent system in the office to operate more effectively. The written description and enablement requirement - So you're not supposed to be able to file a patent that is a prospect for something that might be invented some day. That's not what a patent system..." There's much more in this Silicon Flatirons discussion...

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You can't let the failures define the whole program
Feld-Weiser One-on-One part 3 of 4
1084_ 9/26/11 -

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The challenge of government is when you leave...
Feld-Weiser One-on-One part 4 of 4
1085_ 9/26/11 -

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Keywords: Silicon Flatirons, Phil Weiser, President Obama, Entrepreneurs, Technology, Law, University of Colorado, Dean CU Law School, Brad Feld, White House, Incentive Auction, TV Broadcast Company, Patent Laws Watch Video: Q&A Feld-Weiser One-on-One Part 4 of 4

Present their technologies to VC's and strategic partners
Holli Reibel, President & CEO, Colorado Bio Science Associationenclosure-voice 10XX_ 9/19/11 - To whet your appetite, Holli Reibel, president and CEO of the Colorado Bio Sciences Association (CBSA), tells us about a few of the companies presenting at the first "Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor and Partnering Conference" coming up this week. And, it's very exciting. Here's a sampling of new and exciting technologies, devices and bio firsts ("native technologies coming out of our research institutions"), you can expect to see there. How about a universal flu vaccine that responds to all strains rather than each year's particular strain. A company that is interesting (having received a grant from the Defense Department) is Flashback Technologies. They developed a proprietary program/device that can actually quickly determine internal injuries, think internal bleeding with critical risk of death, but aren't readily apparent in the turbulence and confusion of the field triage environment. Another interesting company has developed a device that has actually improved memory in Alzheimer patients, using light therapy through the carotid artery. Last week we looked at the grave challenges facing the bio and life sciences industry and we talked about this new and interesting program CBSA has coming up September 21st and 22nd - the Life Science Investor and Partnering Conference. Opening Night Reception at the Governor's Mansion is all about networking. It's really a venue to bring some of our top technologies and companies from Colorado and some of our surrounding states, to present their technologies to VC's and strategic partners. Listen for more...
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Guy Kawasaki, Author, Enchantment Guy Kawasaki: The art of changing hearts, minds and actions
Enchantment, by Guy Kawasakienclosure-voice 1074_ 9/12/11 - Three years ago when I last interviewed our guest, Guy Kawasaki, managing partner of Garage Technology Ventures and founder of Alltop.com, we were going through some tougher times, I asked Guy, how do you think this will play out? Guy replied, "I'm not a visionary or an oracle, but I'll tell you what I'd tell an entrepreneur, which is... "Plug your ears and keep going!" Guy's latest and tenth book is, 'ENCHANTMENT, The art of changing hearts, minds and actions.' Guy's unique style, he replied, "The word is purely a marketing thing. You know, I wanted to own a word, like Tom Peters owns excellence... and I wanted my word to be enchantment. And I wanted the image [from the book cover], the butterfly to be recognizable as enchantment. So that's why the particular word, in a marketing sense. In a philosophical sense, I think people can aspire to a higher relationship than simply closing sales. So this would be enchanting people, getting people to believe in your dream as much as you do." Larry asked what motivated Guy to get on this topic. Well, he's been enchanting and evangelizing people for the about two-and-a-half decades now. It was time to collect all his lessons and put it out there so people could achieve more success with their new products, new services, new companies, new ideas. "I think if you enchant your customers you'll have a much better relationship with them, you'll have a longer relationship with them, probably a more profitable relationship and they too will be happier. I think it will help people have better relationships with their customers, and their prospective customers, which will in turn, lead to success. It's very difficult to foster this kind of relationship, particularly in a time when people are so skeptical about others and pessimistic. If you wait for the turnaround to occur and everybody is all happy and things are going honky-dory again, it may be too late." ...listen for much more...
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Nancy Phillips, ViaWest Life of the Entrepreneur: Controlling Your Destiny - an NCWIT Hero
enclosure-voice 421_ 9/06/11 [12/10/2007] Nancy Phillips, NCWIT Hero, offers a few keys for being a successful entrepreneur: Maintain a good sense of humor; Overcome the nay-sayers; and Practice real-world economics. Nancy is the Co-Founder, Director, COO of ViaWest and shared her story and poignant points about building and growing a business even in the toughest of times to Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy along with Larry Nelson. Nancy loves technology and people and has a long history with the Telecom industry. She enjoys the challenges of being an entrepreneur for many reasons including her passion to control her destiny. Nancy says her husband claims, "Because I'm a control freak." Phillips has also been a principal, executive and consultant for numerous successful telecommunications companies including France Telecom, MCI and Qwest. Over 15 years ago, she began her career with Teleconferencing Systems Canada as Vice President of Sales and it was in this role that she met Roy Dimoff - the two have been loyal business partners ever since. Nancy shares some excellent advice for managers, leaders and entrepreneurs. Related Links: ViaWest Home || ViaWest Joins NCWIT's Workforce Alliances || NCWIT Home || NCWIT Practice || NCWIT Blog || Heroes Channel || Keywords: Nancy Phillips, ViaWest, Lucy Sanders, Lee Kennedy, Entrepreneurs, National Center for Women & Information Technology, NCWIT Heroes > 12/10/07 Bytes: 48124972
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Don Poulter, VP Services Deliver, ViaWest Data Centers Consume 2% of the World’s Total Energy Supply
enclosure-voice 596_ 9/06/11 [12/8/08]- "If data centers don’t or have not yet adopted a ‘green strategy’ they’ll be left behind by customers are demanding it, left behind in the market place simply because of profit and loss expectations. Adopting an energy efficiency strategy helps drive bottom line performance. So ViaWest benefits both ways, socially our impact is that we are watching out for the well being of the environment through these strategies that we will adopt," emphasizes Don Poulter. In 2007, Don joined Viawest, Inc. as its first Vice-President, Service Delivery. In this role, Poulter has oversight for all data center operations, service provisioning, purchasing, project and product management. Don shared with Larry a number of 'how to's' for employing a green strategy. As an example, "Cold aisle management… air is where we think there are opportunities for improvement. Every piece of new equipment we buy must have a variable frequency drive. That allows us to operate the unit at less than 100% output. Depending on needs that unit can wind up or wind down based on requirements. Lastly we are launching our ‘server virtualization’ which allows us to reduce the number of servers in our data center by putting more applications on to a server and running them at a greater output." Don also talks about the Green Grid which is a consortium of companies dedicated to advancing energy efficiency – ViaWest is a member of that consortium. Listen, there's more...
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w3w3® Media Network Links that will make a difference
914_ 10/25/10- w3w3® Media Network is all about supporting business and technology in Colorado.  We specialize in creating valuable links and relationships to help you grow your company, build your team, get insights to various industries, keep you up-to-date, raise money, increase your income and profits, and so much more...Venture Capital; Tech Transfer; Communications Technology Professionals; Mergers and Acquisitions; It's the Law; Training Trends; Colorado Companies to Watch; Mastering Change; Looking for Money; In the News; and more...Just click on the topic of your interest and you'll find treasure trove of information...
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Success and sustainability through good and bad times
Roy Dimoff, President & CEO, ViaWest, Inc. Larry Nelson, Director, w3w3® Media Network enclosure-voice 1073_ 9/06/11 - The path to success isn't always flash, bang, big cash and lots of noise. In the long run it is knowing your customer, getting close, staying close, and understanding your customers needs. That's what Roy Dimoff attributes ViaWest’s ‘good luck' to. It was 1999, when we met Roy Dimoff and Nancy Philips as they started Via West here in Denver. "Back in the day", money was practically being thrown at companies. Here in Denver we had a number of very large startups going back to '99, a little pre '99. Local competitors had the advantage with 100's of millions in investments.... ViaWest took a different path, kind of low key. If you were watching from a distance. But up close it was action packed, prudent and practical. Back then ViaWest had one office which still exists. Today they have 22 data centers in five states and six major markets. Roy has a habit of checking in with his HR department and they keep adding employees, which is a good thing, especially in today's market, and they're well over 300 people now in those five states. "Knock on wood, Larry. For all the things that happened and we've seen in the 12 years that ViaWest has been around. And certainly living through two recessions is one of them. Things are going extremely well. We are part of a great industry. It's nice to be in this position today. To be able to reflect back at those difficult times, knowing that you survived and succeeded in some fashion." Roy said. In fact ViaWest is in a leadership position today. Looking back we remember favorite words guiding their strategic path, prudence and pragmatism. Larry asked about challenges facing business today. Roy said, "You know, I think similar to the stock market, there are a lot of ups and downs and you have to be prepared to alter your business plan if there's dramatic changes in the economy. We really reflect on our capital investment and our cash conservation and really want to reflect on all the touch points there. And, do we want to be a little less aggressive if we see a double dip recession. I think companies should definitely, definitely understand their debt position, their cash position, their growth... and really understand their expense level extremely well - knowing where they can alter if they have to." ViaWest supports the community, sponsors many non-profits and has won many awards...listen for more great advice...
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Niniane Wang, CTO, Minted User generated content is becoming more and more critical
enclosure-voice 1082_ 9/26/11 - Niniane has a great track record at Google and Microsoft. She started with Minted about a year ago and leads the technology team including engineering and technical operations. Lucy Sanders, CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT along with Larry Nelson, Director of w3w3® Media Network conduct another interview as part of the NCWIT Entrepreneurial Heroes series, with great women entrepreneurs. People who have started companies in all types of technology sectors and have told us fabulous stories. Today we have Niniane Wang, CTO of Minted. Minted is a startup out of San Francisco and it uses technology to crowd source graphic designs from a global community. Minted holds monthly design challenges for stationery, invitations, calendars, and other categories and all graphic designers are invited to enter. The Minted community selects the best designs in a highly competitive process; winning designers earn cash prizes, a place in the Minted collection, and commissions on all sales of their designs. It is a great site - you can go there and discover the work of great designers from all over the world. Lucy asked, "How did you get into technology? And as you look out, which ones do you see that are particularly interesting?" Niniane pointed out - I got into technology by programming in basic when she was five... Her parents had immigrated to the US so that her dad could get a PhD in math. They didn't have a lot of time or money. They bought a game counsel from Radio Shack because they couldn't afford Nintendo. It had a basic interpreter on it - it came with a book of basic programs and Niniane started copying in the programs. She said it was very visual and she would amuse herself in this way. It was fun, rewarding and instantly satisfying. Niniane loves disruptive technologies like the Kindle and says she carries hers everywhere and buys 10 times as many books now. User generated content is becoming more and more critical. First we saw user generated web sites, now there is a proliferation of people creating art. Niniane offers many insights...listen for more...
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Keep plugging away, stay focused, don't be afraid
Richard Bass, President of the Boulder Software Club 
           and the Denver Software Club enclosure-voice 1083_ 9/26/11 - We're here today with a high-tech guy who is really involved with many organizations - and one of the things we admire are people who can run a business and support the community. Richard Bass, is the president of a number of organizations including the Boulder and Denver Software Clubs, the Business Club for Front Range Software and SaaS and he is the principal of his own company, Executive Software Connections. Larry asked, "What are the biggest challenges facing companies today?" Richard replied, "I speak on the software side and I'm not going to comment outside of that industry. I would say there are three challenges that come to mind. The biggest one that I hear from most all the software CEOs and product development executives here, and product development executives, CTOs, VPs of Engineering is they're complaining about finding talented software engineers especially in a lot of the skill sets. It really is a huge problem here and it is constraining the growth of the locally funded software and SaaS companies. This is even a nationwide problem, but it is as big a problem in Colorado as anywhere." "What are the greatest opportunities today?" He said, "The other challenges for software companies, that I see, are things like marketing. Many of the smaller software and SaaS companies do a good job of getting the 'lowest hanging fruit' sales wise for their business, but they don't segment their markets and pricing enough to get more of the pie. I think the third thing is access to capital has changed for software companies. The VC market has shifted. We've got some very good out of town VCs trying to pick up here like GroTech, Highway 12 and some others. But the market has definitely shifted - TechStars is funding some different type companies -but for many companies this can be quite difficult. Just generally, there's a lot of hype about starting social media company products and services and business. I think it fundamentally comes down to solving a current pressing problem a company or industry has. I've seen a lot of local companies grow and branch out from there. Having said that, a lot of investor money, a great management team and a solid sales team with an emerging product, obviously can work well. Richard and Larry also discussed other sound ideas for leaders today...listen for more great advice...
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Access to venture capital is important in most every company
Su Hawk, President, Colorado Technology Association enclosure-voice 1079_ 9/19/11 - We're here with Su Hawk, president of the Colorado Technology Association, to discuss some very interesting things coming up, near term and going out to 2012. Happy to tell us about it, Su said, "Here's the scoop. We have to make sure the technology industry in Colorado is as vibrant as possible. And we're very serious here at CTA about doing everything that we can do." The project, an industry road map, that Su is referring to has already begun in 2011. It will help guide the work that needs to be done for the industry. Gathering information and statistics, reasons for locating here, and for staying here, the talent pool, the regulatory environment - answering the questions, what drew them here, what keeps them here, what will help keep them in the future. For instance access to venture capital is important in most every company, but certainly technology, but what kind of access to capital? As early stage companies grow what else do they need as a second stage, more mature company? Is it a form of access? is it PE; is it investment; are they planning to go public? What is it that they're really looking for? So that's what this industry roadmap will do. Su said, "We've grown organically so well, in Colorado. Imagine if we also added a few elements to stimulate that growth. Imagine what we could do." She points out that other local industries have done this type of industry road map successfully. While this will be launched in 2012 the work has already begun this year in the fund raising and the framing and then the report will be due out in 2012. The roundtables with company leaders CEO's, CTO's and CIO's, will occur in different geographies in our state. For example the composition of technology issues might be a little different in Colorado Springs vs. Fort Collins or Boulder. We also know the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Boulder is enormously strong. So, some of the roundtables will be around geography, some by sector. We want to know why great entrepreneurs like...there's more... DEMOgala is coming up October 14th with dozens of great speakers focusing on Colorado this year.
Related Links: Colorado Technology Association || DEMOgala || Software Channel || Podcast Directory || Keywords: Su Hawk, Colorado Technology Association, DEMOgala, Talent Pool, Healthcare, Patent Laws, International, Access to Capital, Regulation, Policy, Safe Harbor, bytes=5394079 LISTEN TO: Su Hawk, President CTA

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Steve Knopper, Writer, Rolling Stone - Author, "Appetite for Self Destruction" Social media is a huge opportunity for marketing
enclosure-voice 1081_ 9/19/11 - Would you like to be able to predict the success and challenges of your industry? We interviewed Steve Knopper an year and half ago, and he was spot on. Steve Knopper has a good deal of experience in the world of music writing for Rolling Stone and author of Appetite for Self Destruction. He is here at the ACG Denver, September Luncheon as the keynote speaker and we pulled him aside for a closer look. Quick to point out that what he does for Rolling Stone is cover the music business. He is uniquely qualified to speak to what the music business did wrong; what Steve has learned and how people in other industries can learn to deal with their challenges. One of the things the music business did wrong was not see the strategic inflection points coming - and those are basically a fork in the road. When new technology - transforming technology comes along like the Internet, like Napster in the music industry's case; MP3s you know, things that basically allow people to steal music for free - the music industry didn't react well to that. Part of that was understandable, but they should have seen an opportunity to sell music online much earlier than they did. They could have really dealt with that market in a more effective way rather than ceding their business to Apple and the iTunes Music Store. "So" said Steve, "that's one of the challenges I see, with the Internet basically disrupting almost every company, maybe with the exception of food companies. I think companies have to look at the music industry as an example, and say we need to jump on this more quickly and not get stuck in the hole that the music industry dug for itself." With all of that, the Internet and Social Media, Larry asked, "Are there opportunities for the music industry?" Absolutely, Steve believes that social media is a huge opportunity for marketing. Music companies are using Facebook and Twitter to a great degree. But there also are some new developments. One is YouTube which has actually become a much more effective way that record labels, artists and song writers, and publishers can make money off of the ads they sell on YouTube....listen for more...
Related Links: Steve Knopper Home || ACG Denver || M&A Channel || Mastering Change || Keywords: Steve Knopper, Appetite for Self-Destruction: The spectacular crash of the record industry in the digital age, Change, bytes=3675013
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An industry that is setting new speed records for change
Su Hawk, President, Colorado Technology Assoc.enclosure-voice 1077_ 9/12/11 - Change is one of Larry's favorite topics. He talks with Su Hawk, president, Colorado Technology Association, as she charges on to stay with and ahead of an industry that is setting new speed records for change. Su gives us an update on Colorado Technology Association, formerly CSIA and a map of the industry's top challenges. Su said they changed their name earlier this year to reflect the work that they're doing for a vibrant technology eco-system. When asked about the greatest challenges facing the industry, Su gave us six items they work on continuously. For context-they have roundtables with industry experts and executives on an going basis to understand what's really most important to them. The number one issue that they bring up is 'talent pool'. and the increasing number of jobs in our industry with the scarce workforce that's available. It's always been an issue with the technology industry, even during our hardest economic times. The unemployment in IT has only been at maybe 3%. The second issue is healthcare. It's become harder to provide for employees, it's harder to find great healthcare plans for their employees. Third thing is patent laws. A growing concern and so are patent trolls. As our companies in Colorado grow they need to be aware of copyright infringement, 'fishing expeditions' - we've really got to pay attention. Fourth issue is international. More and more companies are looking at other countries - so we have to take a look at everything from 'safe harbor' laws to what we can do around talent. The fifth issue is always access to capital. The Colorado Technology Association is always focused on that and figuring out how to provide not only early stage, but second stage companies, that important access to capital. The sixth issue is regulation and policy. A last point/reminder... DEMOgala is coming up October 14th with dozens of great speakers focusing on Colorado this year.
Related Links: Colorado Technology Association || DEMOgala || Software Channel || In the News || Keywords: Su Hawk, Colorado Technology Association, DEMOgala, Talent Pool, Healthcare, Patent Laws, International, Access to Capital, Regulation, Policy, Safe Harbor - 9/12/11, bytes=4968179
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Holli Riebel, CBSA, President/CEO Challenges and solutions for the Bio and Life Sciences industry
enclosure-voice 1076_ 9/12/11 - The Bio and Life Sciences industry faces huge challenges raising venture capital in a difficult economy. Investing in an industry that takes ten to twelve years and over $1.3 Billion to bring a drug to market just might shift the action to some widget or a software program that can be flipped to realize a return in just six months. That's the challenge facing the Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) and president/CEO, Holli Riebel. "Also", she said, "venture capitalists reside more on the coasts, and so we're always having a more difficult time attracting venture capital out here in the middle of the country." Coming up this month September 21st and 22nd we will witness the first "Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor and Partnering Conference" with the Opening Night Reception at the Governor's Mansion. It's really a venue to bring some of our top technologies and companies from Colorado and some of our surrounding states, to present their technologies to VC's and strategic partners. This is very different this year. Strategic partners are the pharmaceutical companies that are divesting themselves from their R&D departments. Now instead, looking at investing in many small biotech and device companies at earlier stages, in addition to research institutions. So we're seeing closer partnerships with companies at an earlier stage. Relevant right now, "The flu season is coming up" Holli said, "and there is a company that has actually developed a universal flu vaccine, making the annual, sometimes failed flu shot unnecessary. Another company has developed the first FDA Approved lymphoma drug for dogs. There's also a really interesting device company and they've developed a new heart valve for younger people." Listen for more...
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Matthew Taylor, ViaWest Business Agility with the Cloud: Do you need an IT department/CIO?
enclosure-voice 741 9/06/11 [11/16/09]- Defrag 2009 - what an education - it was the place to be. We corralled Matthew Taylor, Vice President of Managed Services and IT & IS Operations, ViaWest, covering seven states and 16 data centers. Matt was a keynote speaker at the Defrag 2009 Conference. Matt said, "I have a long title because we wear a lot of hats at ViaWest, there's a real value to that for organizations." Topic Matt delivered: Business Agility with the Cloud. We wanted to know, what is the cloud? Matthew replied, "Well, there isn't a definition for 'the cloud' and depending on who you're talking to they have a different definition of the cloud. What we have to take this back to is, the user, customer or CIO, whoever you are, what is it you're trying to get out of a solution overall? So to a business person how do you get agility out of a cloud? You get agility out of a cloud ... and for some this is a painful answer... through your CIO. There are people out there, the press, organizations that have said, 'now the cloud is out there and you don't need your IT department/CIO' -- That's absolutely not the case. The customer needs to make sure they have flexibility to be able to scale up or scale down; pay for what they have to pay for but not overpay. At the same time they need to make sure they have a high level of security. So when you combine all these things, you start to say, I really need to understand each portion of my company from an application standpoint. What do I need to do with it and make sure I'm managing the data and the way those applications work together. What is your best approach and to me that is a CIO and why today, the CIO is more important than ever." Listen for some additional suggestions. Larry asked about SAAS (software as a Service) "...in the last couple of years, I'd heard that was the cloud." Matt agrees it was one of the first offerings from the cloud, there are load testing applications etc., watch the smoke and mirrors - do your homework. He also provides...
Related Links: ViaWest || Defrag || Economy Builders || Blog || Keywords: Matthew Taylor, ViaWest, Defrag, Business Agility, Cloud, CIO, Hosting, IT Department, SaaS, Change bytes=12195439 - 11/16/09 LISTEN To: Matthew Taylor, ViaWest

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