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April 2010

Colleen Abdoulah, WOW
Robert T. Batey, Ph.D. CU @ Boulder - IoY
Dr. Charles (Chip) Benight CU-ColoSprings - IoY
Howard Behar, StarBucks
Dave Brych, Aerospace Corp - space debris
Maria Cirino, CoFounder, .406 Ventures, NCWIT Toolbox Series
Scott English, Wyle, Commericalizing Outer Space
Candace Fleming, CoFounder, Crimson Hexagon, NCWIT Heroes
Malik Kahook, TTO Inventor Preventing Blindness
Chet Marino, ACG Member ofthe Year
Leonard Nimoy, Larry Nelson a Discussion
Leonard Nimoy Shares
Rick Patch, LifePics
Mark Seglem, CEO, ADDS
Jerre Stead, CEO, IHS
Bart Taylor, Planet Profit Report
David Wilson & Josefa Sicard-Mirabal, HRO ||

840_ 5/10/10 - Leonard Nimoy Shares Views on Creativity
Leonard Nimoy, Views on 
        Creativity An enthusiastic Space Technology Hall of Fame® Dinner Audience Gave Space Icon a Warm Reception as Actor Leonard Nimoy Shares His Views on Creativity. Leonard states his views right up front. "I believe in living a creative life. I believe in bringing more to the party than is required or asked for. I believe in using both sides of the brain." These are the messages that actor, director, photographer, poet, and space icon Leonard Nimoy shared with an enthusiastic audience at the Space Technology Hall of Fame® Dinner on April 15, the final evening of the 26th National Space Symposium. Nimoy's spirited discussion of the creative process and its impact on his life fit the occasion - the induction of two innovative technologies into the Space Technology Hall of Fame®, which honors products originally developed for space that now dramatically improve life on Earth. His remarks followed the formal recognition of Eagle Eyes Optics and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for radiation-filtering technology now used in sunglasses and of NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, Draper Laboratory, The Boeing Company, and Airbus for fly-by-wire technology that uses electronic pulses to control aircraft. One of the examples of creativity that Nimoy shared was the development of the now-ubiquitous split-finger Vulcan salute he derived from a Jewish prayer ceremony he witnessed as a child. Nimoy played Mr. Spock, the half-human, half-Vulcan first officer aboard the Starship Enterprise in the Star Trek television series, which - judging from the crowd's reaction - is much beloved by the space community. .
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831_ 4/26/10 - TTO New Inventor - Preventing Blindness
Dr. Malik Kahook, New Inventor of the Year UC Denverenclosure-voice Malik Kahook, New Inventor of the Year UC Denver named by by the Technology Transfer Office was interviewed by Larry. Dr. Kahook explained, "The invention award was given to us for a non-invasive device that treats Glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease that involves high eye pressure in the eye, along with other different things that can lead to disease of the optic nerve. With glaucoma, that optic nerve slowly dies. There are three ways of treating this involving medication, laser or surgery, but each has limitations. About ten years ago at the end of my medical school training, I started thinking of different ways we could approach glaucoma therapy without the need for one of those three different approaches, and started doing this work as a resident here at the University of Colorado. The approach was a very systematic study that started looking at preclinical work; eventually moving to preclinical studies; looking at this device and eventually taking it into humans here in the next few weeks. Larry asked, "How do you actually work with the CU Tech Transfer Office?" "TTO was instrumental in moving this project forward. I have to admit that initially I did not know much about tech transfer. As a physician and a researcher, my focus really is on how do I get this device to work, how do I actually get this to show the benefit that would actually make me want to move it forward in further studies. And the last thing on the mind is really, how do I deal with tech transfer, how do I worry about intellectual property?" He shares many other ideas...
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829_ 4/26/10 - Space debris in your own backyard
Larry Nelson & Dave Brych, The Aerospace Corp., Space Debris Solutionsenclosure-voice At the 26th National Space Symposium, Larry and Pat were talking with Dave Brych at The AeroSpace Corporation booth. With 8000 attendees, there's a lot of background activity so listen carefully. The AeroSpace Corporation appears to focus on cleaning up the existing Space Debris. This is a very big problem that we've been aware of for quite some time and we are interested in learning more. Dave explained, "It is a very big problem and there have been a number of presentations on the subject here at the Space Symposium. Everything from Space Situational Awareness; Collision Avoidance; it goes by many titles, but the fact of the matter is that in the early 60's there were a few pieces of junk in space and by 2010, now, we have thousands. Well over 4,000 are cataloged. Cataloged means we really care about them, we track them, the Air Force and others actively track pieces of junk so we know where it is, so that the health and safety of orbiting space craft can be protected. And these are pieces that are big enough to be monitored using radar or optical capabilities. So, we're talking about things from 10 centimeters in size and up. Things less than 10cm can be deadly also, to space craft doing a solar array or what have you. Displayed at the booth is a piece of junk (a round titanium sphere), a fuel cell that survived reentry, weighs about 67 pounds and was found in a farmer's field. "Often times this type of material burns up on reentry, often times falls into the ocean, this piece just happened to be found in a farmer's field." There's more...
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827_ 4/19/10 - Building a business from Boulder to Australia
Rick Patch, President and CEO, LifePics enclosure-voice The recent economic times have been challenging to many for various reasons. We decided to interview a company that is dependent on the Web and retail outlets. Larry interviewed Rick Patch, President and CEO of LifePics. Rick explained, "We are a business to business solution so we sell to very well known retailers. We have about 500 different retailers in America, Australia, Puerto Rico, Canada, mostly English speaking countries, primarily focused in the U.S. though, that hire us to represent their brand on the Web for photo printing services. For instance many of our listeners here know Mike's Camera who is one of the top retailers in the photo industry even across America. I don't think most people realize just how successful and how customer oriented that particular organization is. And, as you also know, the founder of LifePics came out of Mike's Camera and that's Vahe Christianian. LifePics is a retail business and photos can be viewed as, possibly a little more discretionary than other things such as food. As it turned out the market did slow down, but it wasn't possibly as much as we thought it would. The problem was that some of the retailers just were caught in a bad space. Retailers have to buy inventory, so they can get themselves into credit crunches that given the dynamics of the market last year, found themselves in deep trouble." With all this LifePics still had double-digit growth. Rick's advice to entrepreneurs today, "In this environment, what a great time to start a business with all the chaos going on, with the dramatic changes that the Internet has brought as well as the business models that are around. The biggest advice is really, surrounding yourself with good people." Listen for more great ideas...
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825_ 4/19/10 - Global economy and your business
Jerre Stead, President and CEO, IHS, Inc. enclosure-voice The ACG Denver, keynote speaker for April was Jerre Stead, the President and CEO for IHS, Inc. IHS is a 50 year old company that went public four and a-half years ago. They are the largest provider of critical information and insight, in the world, for four domains, with the largest of those four domains being energy. They do business in 192 countries and have people in 30 countries around the world. Larry interviewed him at the luncheon and was very impressed with his focus on people. We talked about the recent economic environment and Jerre said, "We saw this coming, which was helpful for us. I think clearly this change confirms, once and for all, that we truly are a global society and a global economy. So, we always need to keep that thought in mind. Reach out to the future, set goals for the future. Be patient and work backwards from those. Don't get caught in this very short term world we tend to live in. At the end of the day, people are the only sustainable competitive advantage that an organization has. People, by the way, are your customers and your colleagues, so focus on them." When asked what advice he had for entrepreneurs he replied, "Stay very focused. Don't do more than two or three things at once; Make sure you've laid out a very clean plan of where you're going to go and how you're going to get there. But focus, focus, focus. Jerre's focus is clearly trained on people and the future! There's more...
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824_ 4/12/10 - Profile of a Leader and what it takes
Colleen Abdoulah, President/CEO, Wide Open 
           West enclosure-voice She has been in business for over 25 years and now w3w3.com honors Colleen Abdoulah, President/CEO, WOW (Wide Open West, Internet Cable & Phone) and brings another of the Profile of a Leader interviews of our top business leaders here in the Business and Technology community. Larry asked many questions including, "What advice would you give to a company, maybe going through a period where they feel they need to improve?" Colleen replied, "Here are three specific elements of what we need and don't need. I think we need less ego in business. People are very much into the hierarchy, the titles, even their language. The corresponding characteristic would be more humility. Being humble enough to say, 'I'm here to serve you!'. We're all here to make each other the best that we can be. I think we need less pride, especially false pride. I think we take ourselves far too seriously, and we need to replace that pride with laughter, we need to be able to laugh at ourselves - enjoy ourselves. We perform better when we enjoy it, we learn more when we're enjoying the learning, right? And lastly, less fear and intimidation. I think many cultures say, ' you better tow the line or else.. trying to motivate from fear and intimidation is ridiculous in my mind. If people know you care about them and want them to succeed - you are motivating them to do their best everyday! I think it's those loving attitudes that people feel, understand and get energized by, far more than we do by fear. Not that fear doesn't motivate, but I think it isn't in a productive and healthy manner. So if a culture can create more of a culture of humility, of laughter, of loving attitudes, I think you will just see people shine." Listen for more...
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823_ 4/12/10 - Scientific work leads to commercialization
Dr. Charles Benhigt, CU Colo Springs, New Inventor 
           of the Year enclosure-voice The Tech Transfer Office at CU (TTO) celebrates the 8th Annual Tech Transfer Awards and Dr. Charles (Chip) Benight was named 'New Inventor of the Year' for CU-Colorado Springs. The road leading to this honor began in 1992 when Dr. Benight moved to Miami for a post doctoral fellowship and ran head-on into hurricane Andrew. As part of his work there in behavioral medicine, they did a major research project, sampling from the disaster survivors, including his own neighborhood. He switched his career focus which had been in cardio vascular behavioral medicine to looking at disaster and trauma adaptations. From that work he got very interested in how people adapt and cope with some of the worst things that can happen to us, everything from natural disasters to terrorist bombings, to of course, interpersonal trauma. "Over the past 16 years now, I've actually been able to look at the primary coping mechanisms that people use to recover from these kind of events. What I saw over and over again was, a person's ability to generate a sense of confidence in managing the coping demands that they are facing relative to the trauma is a very important predictor in eventual successful coping." After all this time and multiple studies, he decided what he really wanted to do was find a way to reach out to the mass populations who are experiencing and being exposed to these different traumas in a way that can help us empower them to recover. "So, it is from those basic findings that I actually went in to thinking about designing this web based intervention program." In 2009, Dr. Benight’s trauma recovery programs were licensed by BlueSun, Inc. There are many interesting points brought out in this interview...Listen...
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820_ 4/5/10 - Venture Capital and Board of Directors
Maria Cirino, Co Founder 
          and Managing Director, .406 Ventures enclosure-voice Lucy Sanders, the CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT along with Larry Nelson, Director of w3w3® Media Network and Lee Kennedy, Founder, BolderSearch.com, spoke with Maria Cirino, CoFounder & Managing Director, .406 Ventures for the NCWIT Toolbox Series. The topic today is forming as well as learning from all kinds of boards, advisor boards, boards of directors, etc. Maria explained their unusual name, "We are a Boston based venture capital firm, focusing on early stage technology investments. We dug into .406 and it was a strong Red Sox player, Ted Williams, who batted a .406 average in 1941 and that has not been beaten since. The reason Ted was able to achieve this was, he had extraordinary vision, and he'd taken the time over the years to analyze where, within the strike zone he could hit best. We thought that measured selectivity was a great metaphor for this business. Because while we see upwards of 800 very talented entrepreneurs every year, we invest in half-a-dozen of those. Her advice for avoiding a bad situation "Do your homework upfront. Find names that might not be on that VC's reference list, and find out why. If they had a bad experience, try to understand that, sometimes it's a personality conflict, but the more homework you can do upfront the better off you'll be. Remind everybody the board's role is not to run the company. The board's role is to advise the company, the board's role is to assist the company, provide oversight to that management team and ultimately to hire and fire the CEO." Listen for more details about boards...
Related Links: .406 Ventures || NCWIT Home || NCWIT Channel || NCWIT Blog || Keywords: Maria Cirino, .406 Ventures, Lucy Sanders, National Center for Women and Information Technology, NCWIT, Entrepreneurship, Board of Directors - 4/5/10 bytes: 15823206 Chnl: NCWIT LISTEN to Maria Cirino, CoFounder & Managing Director, .406 Ventures for the NCWIT Toolbox Series

818_ 4/5/10 - Federal grants lead to a multi-million company
Mark Seglem, CEO, Advanced 
                  Distributed Sensor Systems and Russ Farmer, Founder, PBC, Inc. - National SBIR Expert enclosure-voice In this addition to the SBIR program series, Russ Farmer has brought to us, another success story as he introduces Mark Seglem, CEO of Advanced Distributed Sensor Systems (ADSS). Mark said, "ADSS was started in 1999 as an SBIR project with a $100K grant from the government. From that we developed a technology for remote distributed, expendable, portable environmental sensor system. We basically set up pods that measure all of the elements of weather, temperature, wind, barometric pressure, at an aviation grade, which is important to military operations, as well as measure cloud height, current visibility and current weather. We integrate that information together and beam it up through the 'radiant star satellite constellation' and back down to a command center. It provides special specific information to our operating forces throughout the world. We work primarily with the DOD, but in addition to that we've worked with the National Forest Service, NOAA, so we serve primarily government, right now. But from a $100,000 SBIR project in 1999, the company actually put product on the street in about 2005, and then spun out from what we refer to as the mother ship, ADA Technologies, in late 2007. We've grown from an SBIR project to a company with revenues between $5 and 10 Million a year." Listen and you will learn the “down-stream” value of the SBIR program and that companies can still be launched without venture capital or private equity investments. Also learn there are tremendous opportunities for new high-tech products in the military marketplace. There's much more...
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Leonard Nimoy and Star Trek come to Colorado
Leonard Nimoy, Recipient of the 2010 douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award and Larry Nelson, w3w3.comenclosure-voice832_ 4/26/10 - At the 26th National Space Symposium, Larry and Pat had an opportunity to have a discussion with Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame. But Nimoy is so much more than that. They decided to talk about other topics that help us learn more about him and what has shaped his character over the past 79 years as well as understanding his hot buttons. We started out by reflecting on some poetry Leonard read as 'whale song' was heard in the background...that was decades ago but it opened up insights to his current interests and concerns. When asked, Is there something businesses can do to motivate children?" His reply was an ouch. "I'm not a sociologist, I'm not a businessman, I can't speak Mr. Spock 2010intelligently about that. I'll tell you what I am concerned about; I'm concerned about how much television kids watch that is not uplifting, or educational or inspiring in any way. It's all about celebrity, and if you're celebrity, come and tell us about your celebrity. What have you accomplished? I'm a celebrity - I'm famous for having a lot of children, so I want a TV show - It's crazy. What we have descended to in our education, it's crazy! It's really sad, I could go on about that, I'm not going to." He had a great deal to say about advice he would give to someone following his career path. "The biggest fantasy, myth about my work, about being an actor is people who think a look will get you somewhere, be at the right place and time, that kind of thing - luck plays a big role, but I never believed that, not even as a teenager...Education, it's all about education. Learn, learn, learn and devote yourself to a profession. Be professional about it." Larry asked, "Do you feel the U.S. is losing its position in terms of space?" Leonard replied, "Yes, I don't know to what degree this is true. I don't want to be an alarmist about this, but I do think we've got some work to do." We did end with a Vulcan salute. Listen for much, much more...
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832_ 4/26/10 - Commercialization of Outer Space
Scott England, Wyle interviewed at the 26th 
           National Space Symposium, Colo Springs At the 26th National Space Symposium Pat and Larry interviewed Scott English, Regional Sales Director, Wyle. Wyle is a broad reaching organization with a team down in Houston, of about 500 people that are doing medical and bio-medical research on the astronauts with the shuttle program. Remarking about what's on the horizon as it relates to space, Scott replied, "There seems to be a lot of changes in the space arena these days. There's a lot of push for commercialization of space. We have companies like Space Acts and Virgin Galactic that are going to take people into space for prices as low as $200,000. as opposed to the traditional manned space flight that we've seen over the last few years. So, we're kind of Scott Parazynski, M.D., 5 x Astronautmonitoring that situation and seeing what Wyle's role might be in that in the future. Larry interviewed Anousheh Ansari who had earned a place in history in 2006 as the fourth private explorer, the first woman private explorer, and the first astronaut of Iranian descent to visit space. She paid millions of dollars for that flight. "Being on the leading edge for these types of things costs a little bit more, said Scott. Probably in the next several years you'll see people going up in larger numbers and less expensive per seat to do so. They also have Scott Parazynski on staff at the Wyle Houston office, he is a five time shuttle astronaut. "He's also summated Mt. Everest and was honorary captain for the US Luge Team for the 2010 Winter Olympics. In addition to that he's a medical doctor, so we have some pretty impressive staff at Wyle, and he's certainly one of them." Check it out...
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Candace Fleming, CEO and Co-Founder, 
           Crimson Hexagon - NCWIT Hero Series 828_ 4/19/10 - Cutting edge analytics for B2B and B2C industries
enclosure-voice Her experiences are a learning history. Lucy Sanders, the CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT along with Larry Nelson, Director of w3w3® Media Network and Lee Kennedy, Founder, BolderSearch.com interviewed Candace Fleming Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Crimson Hexagon. Candace worked with Gary King to take Crimson Hexagon from a nascent research technology to a successful commercial application. She and her merry band of believers in social media have created a technology that large and small companies use to derive meaning from the online conversation. Via a software-as-a-service offering, their clients can understand daily what thousands of people are saying about their brand, their competitors, and pretty much any topic being discussed (some of which sure are doozies). She does all the crazy things a small-company CEO does, ranging from negotiating big contracts and hiring an outstanding team, to reading Tweets on snack food fetishes (anything for their clients!). Candace pointed out that many entrepreneurs and executives strive for perfection but recommends to put things 'to bed' sooner than they think...the reason being good is okay, not perfection. She explains much more in the interview. When asked what are the winning characteristics of a successful entrepreneur she replied, "Be an optimist; don't be afraid of hard work; and be direct and honest." Listen for more...
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826_ 4/19/10 - Energy and economic sustainability
Bart Taylor, Publisher and Founder, 
           Planet Profit Report enclosure-voice Most everyone in Colorado is familiar with ColoradoBIZ magazine and the quarterly Planet-Profit Report (PPR) which was launched in 2007. Now that they have tested the waters and have seen the popular response an expansive plan was announced by Bart Taylor, Founder and Publisher. Larry has been a long-time fan and decided to interview Bart. He explained, "The Planet-Profit Report was launched in 2007 as a quarterly section to ColoradoBiz magazine, a statewide business publication continuously published for more than 38 years. PPR is being expanded as a regional media platform. The quarterly section will continue publication in ColoradoBiz. The editorial mission of PPR is to engage the voices of business, research, and economic development in a meaningful dialogue about energy and economic sustainability – with a focus on the western United States, a region with common challenges and opportunities. PPR explores sustainability through the lens of business and economic development. As such, all voices in business, research, and economic development are invited to participate in a region-wide dialogue about sustainable development." There is quite an interesting editorial focus of 'voices and topics'. That includes: Energy – Toward Energy Sustainability; Water – Land-Use: Toward Sustainable Development; Sustainable Building/Communities; Corporate Sustainability. If you are interested in contributing, the Planet-Profit Report Writer’s Guidelines are on their website. Check it out...
Related Links: Planet-Profit Report || ColoradoBIZ || Conscious Economy Channel || Find It || Keywords: Bart Taylor, Planet-Profit Report, PPR, ColoradoBIZ magazine, Sustainable Development, Green, Energy, Water – Land-Use 4/19/10 Chnl: News bytes: 7279911 LISTEN to Bart Taylor, Publisher & Founder, Planet Profit Report

822_ 4/12/10 - Business people and international arbitration
David Wilson, Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen, LLC Josefa Sicard-Mirabal, Director of Arbitration enclosure-voice In today's global market, rules and regulations governing the business activities vary from country to country, culture to culture and international arbitration becomes a very important part of 'the contract'. At w3w3.com we've heard some amazing stories about these conflicts. We went to David Wilson, partner at Holme Roberts & Owen LLP (HRO) for some advice. David's guest was Josefa Sicard-Mirabal who serves as Director of Arbitration and ADR in North America for the ICC International Court of Arbitration. In this capacity, she represents and promotes ICC dispute resolution services in the United States and Canada, and advises North American attorneys and companies on all phases of arbitration, including negotiation of arbitration clauses, requests for arbitration, procedural issues and enforcement of arbitration awards. David said, "We're talking about some best practices for business people in international arbitration. From a business person's stand point, how you can make the experience of international arbitration more effective and actually more cost efficient for your company." Josefa describes clauses that have been drafted that really make it more difficult and costly for the business people. "One example would be putting in requirements for an arbitrator to have certain characteristics - which would make it very difficult to go out and find an arbitrator within that time frame that fits the qualification. So it is possible to make the qualifications too specific to be realistic. 1.) So we don't want to over specify arbitrator qualifications. 2.) Time frames for completion of the arbitration exist within the arbitration process. Additional specifications might very well work against you." Josefa has a proverb she uses often, "Dress me slowly because I'm in a rush". What that means is sometimes when you want to get a thing done very fast; you need to pay attention to the details.
Related Links: Holme Roberts & Owen LLP || ICC Home || ICC Arbitration || Josefa Sicard-Mirabal Bio || It's the Law Channel || Going Global Arbitration Clause || Keywords: David Wilson, Josefa Sicard-Mirabal, Holme Roberts & Owen LLP, HRO, International Court of Arbitration, ICC, ADR, Arbitration, Litigation, Global 4/12/10 bytes: 7527239 Chnl: HRO LISTEN to David Wilson & Josefa Sicard-Mirabal

821_ 4/12/10 - Leadership: It's all about the people
Larry Nelson and Howard Behar, Author: It Isn't About 
           the Coffee;  Past President, Starbucks enclosure-voice At the ACG-Denver, Corporate Growth Conference, keynote speaker Howard Behar, Past President of Starbucks, North America and Starbucks International, and author of "It's Not About the Coffee", received a heartfelt standing ovation - his message hit home!. Howard started by saying, "It's Not About the Coffee" begs the question, If it's not about the coffee, what's it about? After 21 years at Starbucks, you begin to learn it's all about the people. The coffee was our art, our music, it's where our creativity came out, but at the end of the day Starbucks is not about the coffee, it's about the people.” Larry asked him to explain. Howard continued with, "We start to believe that the things we do are what we're about. But, everything we do is about serving another human being in one form or another. If you're making a widget and that widget goes into a printing press, and it prints magazines and somebody reads it and they get knowledge from it or joy from it, it's about serving people, and I think we forget that. We think that the business we're in or the things that we do is what it's about - and it's not!" When Howard says "It's not about the coffee" he means that, it's about the people and the coffee's got to be great! "And at Starbucks we love our coffee." Howard goes onto explain his three core principles. "The first principle is about wearing one hat. I'm talking about the hat that is reflective of who we are as a human being. What are our values? What is our mission in life? What do I want to leave behind? What are our goals? It's about who we are. The 2nd is, 'The person who sweeps the floor should choose the broom.' The 3rd is "Care like you really mean it. When you say those words, I Care, that comes with a price. The price is you gotta step-up when called upon." ...listen for more detail...
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819_ 4/5/10 - Getting your research commercialized
Dr. Robert T. Batey, Inventor of the 
           Year, CU Boulder enclosure-voice At the 8th Annual Tech Transfer Awards Dr. Robert Batey was named 'Inventor of the Year' for CU Boulder by the Technology Transfer Office (TTO). Larry asked what was his focus that lead him to this award? Dr. Batey repled, "In the last year our primary focus has been looking at the structure of nucleic acids called RAs that bind small molecules in bacteria. And basically what these RAs are, are elements that basically are allowing the R&A to determine its own fate, whether it's going to express a gene or not. The amazing thing, the amazing discovery in the last few years is that these RAs can basically sense all kind of small molecules around them in the cells and exploit that information to direct their own expression." Robert Batey, an associate professor of chemistry & biochemistry, works with riboswitches (recently discovered genetic regulatory elements). A large portfolio of riboswitch technologies from Batey’s lab have been licensed by BioRelix, Inc., a company developing novel and highly potent anti-infective compounds against pathogens resistant to currently available drugs. His advice to young researchers is, "The best advice I can give, despite the harsh financial times, there is still a lot of support in the government and private sector for academic research. You may have to beat the bushes a little bit more, convince people that what you're interested in has application in the real world. But I think it's worth spending some time, thinking along those lines and presenting your research in a way where it's clear to people in both the government and the private sector that this could result in some innovative discoveries that could be commercialized." Listen for more...
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Chet Marino, ACG Denver "Member of 
           the Year" and CEO, Verus Partners, LLC 817_ 4/5/10 - Celebrating leaders in and around this community
enclosure-voice At w3w3.com one of our favorite activities is celebrating the leaders in and around this community. ACG Denver has recently named Chet Marino as their 'Member of the Year'. That's quite an achievement in an organization that is loaded with great and talented people volunteering so much expertise. Chet lead the programs for ACG in Denver which involves primarily hiring the speakers for the monthly luncheons as well as the speakers for all the corporate executive events. Chet is the founder of Verus Partners a retained search business of 20 years as well as managing the ACG programs. We just came off a fabulous ACG-Denver Corporate Growth Conference, the networking was magnificent, the programs, the speakers were world class. Because of Chet's experiences and connections Larry asked, "Advice you would give today in these economic times?" "Even though we've been through a fairly difficult time in the last year, year-and-a-half, my advice to business leaders and business owners, would be to stick to your strategic plan and rely on your people. Fundamentally it is the management team and their skill and talent that enables you to produce results. We're now at the end of the first quarter, this is a tremendous time to evaluate the success of your team, and to ask yourself if they're aligned with your business strategy and able to supply results for your business goals. The team is instrumental in realizing goals as a company and your ability to survive a downturn, so I would recommend surrounding yourself with great people. From the CEOs I've talked with recently, their ability to thrive and survive in this downturn is directly related to the quality of the people around them."...listen now...
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