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448_ Mentored by Bill Gates and Partner with John Malone
Greg Maffei,President & CEO,  Liberty Media Corporationenclosure-voice There are lessons that can be learned vicariously and others that can help us understand what it takes to be a winner. Sue Wyman, Chairman and Larry Polman, President of the Communications Technology Professionals (CTP) interview Gregory Maffei, the 2007 CTP Communications Executive of the Year. His business acumen was influenced by a major in religion. Greg is President & Chief Executive Officer, Liberty Media Corporation. Greg along with Chairman John Malone, lead the team transforming Liberty Media into an operating company to maximize shareholder value. He assumed the role of President and CEO of Liberty Media in March 2006, having joined the company in November 2005. Previously, Greg served as President and CFO of Oracle, Chairman and CEO of 360networks Corporation, a regional broadband carrier, SVP and CFO of Microsoft Corporation, and Chairman of Expedia. Liberty Media Corporation owns interests in a broad range of electronic retailing, media, communications and entertainment businesses. Those interests are attributed to two tracking stock groups: the Liberty Interactive group, which includes Liberty's interests in QVC, Provide Commerce, IAC/InterActiveCorp, and Expedia, and the Liberty Capital group, which includes Liberty's interests in Starz Entertainment, News Corporation, and Time Warner...and listen to what he says about Direct TV in this Profile of a Leader interview. 2/25/08  LISTEN

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442_ Startup Capital: Family, Friends and Fools...or...?
David Cohen, Founder, TechStars enclosure-voice Entrepreneurs specifically, always face the challenge of credibility early on. David Cohen, a serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Tech Stars and founder of Colorado Startups understands that challenge, firsthand. David points out a number of the comments (often not heard by the new entrepreneur)... who are these people?, what are they building?, you know, it’s two guys in a garage – are we really going to buy something from these guys?. Just getting great people around them is a big challenge. There are lots of startup companies that are coming out of the woodwork and I think the smart ones go and find great advisors and bounce ideas off of them. Those people are pretty easy to find, but there are so many companies looking for help, sometimes it’s a challenge to find the right people to help you. And if they’re looking for funding, of course you see one percent of people getting funding from angels and VCs, that’s a tough road. Most companies need money to get rolling and they do it with ‘Friends, Family & Fools’; and I think that’s right. You should start and get to the furthest out value point that you can with as little money as humanly possible, to show a prototype and some progress. Most people who need more money say $500k or so, tend to approach angel investors, that’s the range of money typically that angel investors can put together. Listen for more TechStar solutions... LISTEN 2/18/08

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443_ Venture Capital, Angel Investors and Getting Involved
Jim Franklin, President, RVCenclosure-voice The Rockies Venture Club annual meeting has been the place to connect with others creating Colorado success stories. For nearly twenty years, through many market cycles, the CCC has been a great place to connect with others starting and growing Colorado-based technology businesses. Jim Franklin started with RVC in 1992 with no contacts and is now the President of RVC and has a robust Colorado technology network. Hear Jim Franklin tell his story of how the contacts he made at RVC -- and the CCC in particular -- have resulted in 100x return to shareholders, 100+ jobs in Colorado and an economic impact of over $100M to the state of Colorado. Jim feels the key is to get involved. When I first showed up and didn’t know anyone, I just raised my hand and said, ‘how can I help?’. I started off on the government affairs committee where I met Eric Weisman, who is the founder of Decisioneering. About two years later, I became the CFO of Decisioneering and that was the company that I ultimately became CEO of and we sold to Oracle with a very successful exit. RVC has the Colorado Capital Conference coming up on May 22, 2008 – a true showcase event. Jim shares some great networking advice... 2/18/08  LISTEN

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440_ Going From Yoga to High-Tech: From Yokohama to Boulder

Gwen Bell, TechStarsenclosure-voice Her first business was a yoga studio in Yokohama, Japan. Gwen Bell, a serial entrepreneur went on to explain; After 3 years she realized she needed a web site and so she entered the world of “tech”. Since then she has created a small design firm and ended up doing blogging, branding, all sorts of work in the tech world. Today she is a member of the TechStar team.
      The TechStars success rate has been extraordinary. In 2007, seven of the ten team have done either venture or angel funding. It would be wonderful to get a team of women hooked up with TechStars. Now based in Boulder, that is exactly what Gwen is focused on accomplishing. David Cohen and the other founders of TechStars are delighted to have a person like Gwen working on this. This is a wonderful opportunity with a number of perks...$10 - 15,000, surrounded by incredible mentors from Boulder to the Silicon Valley and tons more support as well as connections. The application to apply takes only a few minutes to complete...do it now!
2/11/08  LISTEN

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437_ Colorado is as Quintessentially Entrepreneurial as We Could Ever Imagine
enclosure-voice Our mission here is we have a responsibility of educating future business leaders to tackle the complex problems of tomorrow. And at the heart of that is entrepreneurial thinking and critical skills, approaches and innovaPaul Jerde, Deming Centertion. Paul Jerde, Executive Director for the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder gives the credit to his team and his predesessors. Last year, MBA enrollments were up 60% and still climbing. Paul went onto explain," We launched the “Sustainable Venturing Initiative. We then launched the “Clean Tech Venture Challenge”, a business plan competition in the clean tech sustainable space, and began to do a number of other programs." The Clean Tech Challenge is really a program element of the Sustainable Opportunity Summit. The operative word in the name of this summit is 'opportunity'. Sustainability in the past may have been thought of as something having to do with environment and regulatory threats, but what’s happened today is businesses are looking at it as a necessary element of creating and pursuing opportunities and that is what the Summit (SOS) is all about. listen now.... LISTEN 2/11/08

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436_ Sr. Software Engineers, Still in College & Winning
CU Senior Software Engineering Project, 
                  Sponsored by Applied Trust Engineering. Left to Right: James Blouin, Brian Sax, Bruce Sanders, 
                  Aaron Bach, Trent Hein, Jason Held, Ned McClain and Andy Hoffner

enclosure-voice Here's a winning two semester sequence in which teams of students complete a substantial "real world" project provided by sponsors drawn from both industry and research organizations. These projects are developed under the direction of the course instructor (Bruce Sanders, Director of Software Engineering Projects) and members of the sponsoring organization (Applied Trust Engineering with founders, Trent Hein and Ned McClain). Here are the stages they go through: Initial Requirements, The student team interacts with the sponsor to gather requirements for the software that they are to develop. This first step involves a rather quick, but thorough, job of gathering Initial Requirements...and then System Architecture; Overview Presentation; Prototyping; Requirements Spec; Design Spec; Design Presentation; Development; Documentation; Final Presentation; Release...Listen to the 5-person student team. Applied Trust is excited about the deliverable. 2/04/08  LISTEN

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431_ Raising Capital for Startups, Mentoring, and Much More
David Cohen, TechStars enclosure-voice TechStars is essentially a mentorship driven investment model. We invest a small amount of money, $10 - 15,000. for a very early stage company explains TechStars Logo David Cohen, the founder and Exective Director of TechStars. David goes on,"We bring them to Boulder; surround them with incredible mentors from Boulder, the Silicon Valley and elsewhere. It’s almost like a boot camp environment where they learn everything there is to learn about running an early stage company. At the end of summer we have an “Investor Day” and they get to pitch their ideas. We take ten teams every year and now is the time to get involved. The success rate has been extraordinary. In 2007, seven of the ten have done either venture or angel funding or a combination of both and an eighth that is quite profitable and hasn’t taken investment yet. They learn how to deal with early adopters, early customers; how to bring their product to market, figuring out what the right product is and tactically how to do that, really everything to do with startups, raising money, pitches, elevator pitches. They can also expect to build a really great network and that’s one of the key benefits of TechStars. LISTEN 2/04/08

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434_ Will Sustainability and Cleantech Work Together in the Real World?
It’s all about the sea of change for the acceptance of the principals,
Paul Jerde, The Deming Center, 
                   Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado at Boulderpractices and opportunities that intersect under the overarching umbrella of sustainability according to Paul Jerde, Executive Director of the Deming Center of Entrepreneurship, Leeds School of Business. What’s changed in the past couple of years with regard to Sustainability – trends, business acceptance and understanding of it? Will and how does Sustainability and Cleantech come together and if they do, will it last? How does Sustainability and Entrepreneurship intersect? These are questions that will be addressed head-on at the third annual Sustainability Opportunities Summit. Listen to Paul and you will gain further understanding of and some context pertaining to the ideas of sustainability, sustainable venturing, and business opportunity. He goes on to suggest," Perhaps some understanding of the myriad drivers...and hopefully some understanding of why this vague term has been so firmly adopted within business lexicon." 2/04/08 > LISTEN

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Ken Morse, MIT Entrepreneurial Center432_ Global Ambition, Global Sales for Ambitious Mountain Entrepreneurs
Effective Sales and Sales Management is Mission Critical explains Ken Morse, Managing Director, MIT Entrepreneurship Center. Improving the effectiveness of the sales force in globally ambitious companies, large and small, is consistently cited by business experts as one of the highest priorities, year after year. In the current tough climate, every purchase by any MIT eCenterprospective customer must be triple-justified at all levels of management. Ken has delivered hands-on workshops around the globe to CEOs and their top sales executives. He has developed a tailored program for Ambitious Mountain Entrepreneurs. In this interview Ken addresses the question, "Can mountain startups survive global competition?" and explains the 'Key Imperatives'. There is a hard-hitting message for CEOs that you need to hear. BTW, Brad Feld, Larry and Pat will be there.
LISTEN 1/28/08

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431_ There's Quite a Buzz About Healthcare...Here's More
Just recently a patient was dying – making 'end of life' decisions and wanted to speak with her family. One daughter lived in Seattle. Terry Morreale - Women in IT with Margo Karsten, ExemplaOur IT department with our Nursing Staff connected her daughter in Seattle through TeleVideo. The mom and daughter had their time together, said their goodbyes and within 24 hours the mom passed away. We could not have done that even two years ago explains Margo Karsten, R.N., PhD, Chief Operating Officer, Administration and Chief Nursing Officer at Saint Joseph Hospital, Exempla. Terry Morreale, Senior Engineer, Applied Trust and producer of the Women in IT Channel, brings another fascinating account from the realm of women in information technology. Margo shared many IT advances including tapping into Children's Hospital expertise by sending heart echoes over and have them read in almost real time. At a high illness level, we can quickly get an expert in to tell us what is going on. Another point is Exempla spent $100 million dollars just to get the health records up. There are some great leaning lessons here, LISTEN 1/28/08

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Jim Franklin, Crystal Ball 430_ Keys to Growth: Balance of Being Honest, Hungry, Humble, Happy
enclosure-voice Learn the lessons that Jim Franklin has learned the hard way about growing technology businesses in Colorado. As the former CEO of Decisioneering and now a VP with Oracle, with Jim it is always about People First. Learn the ‘secret sauce’ of his 4H formula that makes his teams effective. Also, learn how Focus is the key to growth and learn about the Paradox of Focus. He stresses we should always be learning. Jim expands on his 4H Formula and also shares some interviewing tips around the 4Hs. For example how do you interview for Honesty? Watch the behavior. Ask Questions like: Tell me of a time where you’ve bent the rules… if the reply is, ‘I never bend the rules’, I think they’re not being very honest here. You know the key is to trust first and we like to see people who trust first, even in that interview process. When the interview is focused on Hunger, we look for what you do with your free time, we like to see them...listen now...

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424_ Big and Small Companies Look at Outsourcing Differently
Terry Morreale, Sr. Engineer, Applied Trust Wendy Bohling, Magpie "Standing out is a must today when 70% of small businesses fail," claims Wedy Bohling, Vice President Marketing for Magpie. For smaller companies it is extremely important to differentiate your company from the competition. Terry Morreale, Senior Engineer, Applied Trust and producer of the Women in IT Channel discussed how Magpie handled that in Magpie with fewer than 100 people. Magpie has its roots in Bell Laboratories and Wendy has spent 22 years in the telecommunications industry including AT&T to Bell Laboritoies/Lucent and AVAYA. Wendy pointed out that their software engineers, developers and gurus have mastered the techniques of Agile and Extreme Programming and with a 99% ontime delivery, that has been their differentiator. Terry and Wendy got into a very interesting discussion about outsourcing. What we hear about the most is offshoring. Wendy suggested and Terry very much agreed that there is a movement coming back that's called rural or farm sourcing as well as onshoring. This is a point where smaller companies can take advantage of their flexibility, be priced right and make that one of their differentiators.
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Keywords:Wendy Bohling, Terry Morreale, Magpie, Applied Trust, Outsourcing, Offshoring, Onshoring, IT >> Bytes: 21671500 > LISTEN >> 12/17/07

423_ 20 Types of Experts Needed for International Expansion
Rob Lamb, Garth Jensen, Bill Decker; Doing Biz in ChinaRob Lamb (Holme Roberts & Owen) and Bill Decker (Partners International) continue in part 2 of the discussion about market entry into China. They stress that 20 types of experts are needed for an international entry and China is no exception. This is the list of of other key areas:  Market Savvy CFO; Tax Expert;  HR Expert; Regulator; Liaison;  Evangelist;  Product Modifier;  MarCom;  Mode of Entry.  Each of these points are dicussed including the challenges, choices and necessities. Part 2 of 2

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Keywords:China, Rob Lamb, Bill Decker, Holme Roberts & Owen, Partners International, Guan Xi, Bytes: 23679376 > LISTEN >> 12/17/07

422_ Effective Use of Equity Incentives - Challenges and Choices
Irene Gallagher and Mark Weakley, Holme Roberts & OwenCompensation and Effective use of Equity Incentives were discussed in detail with Mark Weakley, Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen, Boulder with Irene Gallagher, Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen, Denver. There are three main compensation forms: 1.) Stock Options [most familiar to employees] 2.) Then we’ve got Restricted Stock which can either be bonuses or require payment from the employee; 3.) This category gives us more flexibility in how we structure the actual measure of the incentive – and that would be in the ‘Phantom Stock’ or stock appreciation rights. Issues will vary with Common Law Employees, Contract employees, and Independent Contractors. Mark and Irene are often asked, “How can the state or the IRS know if the person is an independent contractor or not? We have an agreement, the employee signed it, isn’t that good enough?” Clearly this is not good enough. The time comes when you no longer need the employee. Without thought the employee files for unemployment insurance and that’s how the state finds out about them. “Backdoor Discovery”. Now the state can come in and look at all of your employees, reclassify them and you could be looking at back wages, potentially overtime, penalties and interest – it can really stack up. That “Backdoor Discovery” is a sure fire way to get multiple agencies on your coattails. You not only have the state level revenue agency and the department of labor, you also have the federal level because the Social Security Administration is going to want their cut of what you should have been paying in the payroll taxes all along. Then there's 409A...listen now.
Related Links:  Holme Roberts & Owen || It's the Law || U.S. Commercial Service || Entrepreneurs || Keywords: Mark Weakley, Irene Gallagher, Equity Incentives, Stock, Holme Roberts & Owen, 409A, HRO, Entrepreneurs 12/10/07 Bytes: 15612345  >>LISTEN

Nancy Phillips, ViaWest421_ Life of the Entrepreneur: Controlling Your Destiny
A few keys for being a successful entrepreneur shared by Nancy Phillips were: maintain a good sense of humor; overcome the nay-sayers; and practice real-world economics. Nancy is the Co-Founder, Director, COO of ViaWest and shared her story and poignant points about building and growing a business even in the toughest of times to Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy along with Larry Nelson. Nancy loves technology and people and has a long history with the Telecom industry. She enjoys the challenges of being an entrepreneur for many reasons including her passion to control her destiny. Nancy says her husband claims, "Because I'm a control freak." Phillips has also been a principal, executive and consultant for numerous successful telecommunications companies including France Telecom, MCI and Qwest. Over 15 years ago, she began her career with Teleconferencing Systems Canada as Vice President of Sales and it was in this role that she met Roy Dimoff - the two have been loyal business partners ever since. Nancy shares some excellent advice for managers, leaders and entrepreneurs.
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Jack Wheeler, MicroPhage420_ Bio Startup with $7.2 Million in Angel Investments
SUPER Bug beware. MicroPhage is focused on improving health worldwide through leadership in rapid bacterial detection says Jack Wheeler, Founder and VP Business Development of MicroPhage (and Chairman of the Board, Colorado BioScience Association). They have raised over $7 M in angel capital to date. The Company develops and markets diagnostics for use in the clinical marketplace through the use of its bacteriophage enabling technology. The company has chosen to focus its initial efforts to help solve medical crises involving such problems as over use of antibiotics and antibiotic resistant bacteria. Its first products expected in late 2008 are anticipated to set a new standard for clinicians and hospital staff in methicillin-resitant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) identification and antibiotic testing. MicroPhage’s mission is to be a worldwide leader in rapid bacterial diagnostics, both identification and antibiotic susceptibility / resistance testing, through its bacteriophage-based amplification platform for immunoassay diagnostics. The company will develop, manufacture, and market these tests into the clinical market. Phage Enabled diagnostics allow for: More precise detection: More direct detection; More affordable detection; More rapid detection with results in a little as 45 minutes instead of 72 hours. Related Links: MicroPhage ||  BioWest 2007 || BioScience Channel || w3w3.com Blog || Keywords: Jack Wheeler, Life Sciences, MicroPhage, Super Bug, MRSA, MSSA ID, Susceptibility, BioWEST 2007 > 12/10/07 Bytes: 16323294 > LISTEN

419_ International Market Entry Into China
Rob Lamb, Bill Decker and Garth Jensen; It's the LawGarth Jensen introduces two of his colleagues, Rob Lamb and Bill Decker they discuss what is required for market entry into China. Robert Lamb, Special Counsel in the HRO Commercial Law and Securities Practice Group His practice is largely focused on international business, and he brings extensive experience with matters involving the Far East market including China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Mr. Lamb works with local and national businesses, as well as government entities, to access the Chinese markets, and he has experience with transactions involving private equity investments. Bill Decker is founder and managing director of Partners International. He consults in foreign and domestic market penetration, negotiation, cross-cultural understanding, and strategy for Start-ups and company growth. Bill speaks fluent Chinese as well as four other foreign languages. They both agree that 20 types of experts are needed for an international entry and China is no exception. Here are a few topics: A Strategist, someone who knows and understands the nuances of China; An International Negotiator, not just a regular one, because those negotiating rules change; A Connector, someone who has the right connections. “Guan Xi”; Translator, meaning what’s in the written word. What’s in the brochure, what’s in the emails; Interpreter. Means someone actually at these meetings and interpreting what’s being said and what’s being heard.; Market Researcher for the Chinese Market; There' more.
Related Links: Partners International || China-Bashing Blog ||China Biz Info ||  Holme Roberts & Owen || It's the Law || Keywords: China, Rob Lamb, Bill Decker, Holme Roberts & Owen, Partners International, Guan Xi, >> Bytes: 26440414  LISTEN  12/10/07

417_ LifeSciences - A Colorado Economic Powerhouse Jack Wheeler, Chairman of the Board, CBSA
The 5th Annual BioWest Conference and Expo attracts more than 900 of the Rocky Mountain region’s bioscience executives for networking, presentations, services, new technologies and business strategies. Jack Wheeler, Chairman of the Board, Colorado BioScience Assoc. and Founder, VP Bus. Dev. MicroPhage, discusses with Larry the high-lights of this two-day conference. It's loaded with Stimulating and Informative Keynote Presentations: Jim Collins noted management guru and author of "From Good to Great…Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t"; Stephen Ubl, President and CEO of AdvaMed (the Advanced Medical Technology Association); Chris Nolet, Ernst & Young, Partner and Leader Life Sciences Industry Group; Karen Bernstein, Editor-in-Chief of BioCentury; Governor Bill Ritter. There are also some top-notch Company Presentations: Companies presenting at the Mature Company forum include Array Biopharma, Baxa, Blue Sun Biodiesel, Cochlear Americas and Heska,. Start up companies chosen to present at the Venture Showcase include MBioSystems, Nanodisc, Sierra Puente, Solix Biofuels, ValveXchange and Ventrus Biosciences. In addition attendees will find Industry Support Resources and see some new research discoveries.
Related Links:  BioWest 2007 Details || Photos BioWest 2006 || BioScience Channel || Find It || Keywords:BioWEST 2007, Jack Wheeler, Life Sciences, Jim Collins, Governor Bill Ritter 12/3/07 Bytes: 8933128 LISTEN

416_ Think Like a Hacker and We Can Beat Them
Roxi Podlagar & Ron Wood, SysTestMost people don’t think like hackers. Today’s hacker isn’t the hobbyist or the kid taking a break from his Xbox. Now it’s a criminal and they just don’t give up – they work through the night until they break in. Roxanne (Roxy) Podlogar, VP Commercial Services, SysTest and Ron Wood, director of Business Development for our Security Practice, he’s certified CISSP cover issues from misperceptions to firewalls; from wireless to credit card fraud. Ron explains, "Here's an example of a a misperception. You put your firewall up and you feel safe. But once the wall is compromised, your applications are wide open. There are various ways to get through and that could be as easy as you open Port 80, the standard http access. When you open your website to customers on the Internet, it’s open doors. You’ve just opened a window to your application, so you want to know that your application is secure. It’s not enough just to have a firewall; you have to harden your application. It’s got to be hardened all the way through, your barriers of defense. First you build a wall, then you harden your apps, make a hardened OS all the way down to your desktop. I mean everything needs to be hardened." Larry cringed when he heard that one. There are many famous cases such as the TJ Maxx horror story. In that example over 45 million credit card user data was stolen. There was more money made and stolen in that one transaction than every bank robbery across the last 10 years. Ron and Roxy share some very important strategies.
Related Links:  SysTest Labs || Hi-Tech Heist - CBS News || Cyber Security Channel || Software Channel || Keywords:Systest Labs, Ron Wood, Roxanne Podlagar, Firewall, TJ Maxx, CISSP, 12/3/07 Bytes: 27128563  LISTEN

415_ Photography is Still Considered the No. 1 Hobby in the World Vahe Christianian, Founder, LifePics
John Strickland, Spitfire, PartnerDisruptive technology has impacted almost all of us...some quicker and harder than others such as photography. "The technology today is so amazing. It’s so empowering, so invigorating. It is leveraging the “pixie dust” factor that we have every time we take a picture. The whole notion of creating images and memories is exemplified". Exciting future; "In one or 2 years, you’ll be streaming all of your photos to every TV in your home, " predicts LifePics Founder, Vahe Christianian. Jon Strickler, Practice Director with Spitfire Group, discusses with Vahe how Disruptive Technology completely revolutionized the entire photography industry...which did impact the entire industry. Vahe Christianian starred as the 'marketing man', in the very successful family business – Mike’s Camera, and they began to realize the effect digitization was going to have on the photo industry. The big talk was, "How quickly would it go digital?” It really caught lots of people in the industry off guard. Companies like Polaroid going out of business and not being ready to deal with the challenges, Kodak has suffered through the years in trying to establish themselves as a true digital company. There were a lot of other players. But really the shift happened so quickly... and that is what Disruptive Technology is all about. This is what out-of-the-box thinking is all about.
Related Links:  LifePics || Spitfire Group || Mike's Camera || Disruptive Technology Channel || Keywords: Disruptive Technology, LifePics, Spitfire Group, Vahe Christianian, Jon Strickler, Digital Media, Kodak, Photography 12/3/07 Bytes: 26079297 LISTEN

414_ Competitive Advantage: Getting What You Want, When You Want It
John Krzykowski, GM WorkPlace to GO
Clients and customers today are expecting (demanding) relevant response time to questions and problems points out John Krzykowski, General Manager of Workplace2Go. There are a lot of hassles, installing the software – updates – the hardware goes bad, something breaks, you’ve got to bring in something new – reload all the software onto that new device. It’s a lot of expense that isn’t really necessary and there are alternatives. There is quite a history about different attempts to solve this challenge. John says there is quite a buzz about On-Demand Software, (aka: Software as a Service - SaaS) and higher software costs, upgrading necessities, down time and consumer demand are pushing this to the next level. With Workplace2go, subscribe to a name-brand business software and be free to use it from any internet-connected PC, plus: Pay only for what you need as long as you need it. One log-in, one support call, one credit card for billing. Leave upgrades and other software management headaches to us. No contracts, No minimum order, and first month free. John also they seeing in the venture capital community, that well over half the software companies that are receiving money are in the on-demand space. So the merchandise, if we use the retail analogy, is going to grow significantly. Information is the foundation for many businesses and the ability to access information from any location is critical in today’s highly competitive environment. Whether your employees are on the road or working from home, they need secure easy access to information.
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Keywords:WorkPlace to GO, On-Demand Software, 19 Market Place, John Krzykowski, Software as a Service, SaaS >> 11/26/07 Bytes: 26486390> LISTEN

413_ Solutions to Complexity and Changes in the Work Environment
Mark Wilding and Susan Skjei, Marpa Center for Business & Economics
Today's leaders are facing issues and challenges they’ve never faced before -- including rapid changes in technology, laws, and ways of working. This is how the discussion began between Mark Wilding, director of Naropa's Marpa Center for Business and Economics and Susan Skjei. Susan is the director and founder of the Authentic Leadership Certificate Program at the Marpa Center, and is president of SANE Systems, her own consulting firm. Formerly she was the chief learning officer at StorageTek. They explained, "The complexity of our environment is much greater than it was before. Even if you have a local business, you’re competing on a global level. Even if your workforce is global, you’re faced with challenges of how to work with diversity, how to work with different education levels, different language levels and cultural issues. Some people are working on site, some from home and some are working from India... So how do you as a leader create an environment where all of those people feel they are part of the team? And the generational issues are coming on very strongly, as well as the talk about the brain drain coming on with the retirement of the baby boomers." Susan and Mark suggest that the answer can be found in Authentic Leadership. It’s really a concept and a process whose time has come. Authentic Leadership can be found in the leader who is in touch with his or her authenticity, who comes from that place in addressing ethical issues and problems in defining their purpose, and also when engaging other people and implementing change in an effective manner. There's more, listen now.

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412_ Sponsored Research: How it works; How to Get in the Door
Stein Sture, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate SchoolLast year the University of Colorado received $266 Million dollars in research awards. A great deal of coordinated work from "the bench" to the CU Tech Transfer Office coordinated with a variety of CU research initiatives. Dr. Stein Sture identified three federal grant agencies that each was responsible to over $60 million each in research awards for CU. They are National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Science Foundation (NSF), and National Institutes for Health (NIH) The Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer David Allen works with Dr. Sture and is very proud of their results. Dr. Sture is the Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate School. Prior to his current role, he served as the faculty director of special projects and initiatives in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and also served as interim vice chancellor for research and dean of the Graduate School from October 2005 through July 2006. Professor Stein Sture is the Huber and Helen Croft Endowed Professor in the department of civil, environmental and architectural engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He received his bachelor's, masters and doctoral degrees in civil engineering from CU-Boulder.
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411_ Rob Lamb & Garth Jensen, HROPatience and Getting a Deal Closed in China
We all realize we are part of a global marketplace, but in many ways, the steps to take or avoid are not always as apparent. Garth Jensen, partner at Holme Roberts & Owen (HRO) had an in-depth discussion with his guest, Robert Lamb, also from HRO and expert on doing business in China. Rob spent the last several years in China on the ground, understands the culture, and speaks the language well. Garth asked him, "Many US companies come to you wanting to do business in China. How do you get them started?" The following is quite eye-opening to many. Rob answers, "Often, they come to me looking for direct China access. Sometimes it’s very basic, sometimes it’s more complex in the finance world. Ultimately they want to know how they go to China with whatever venture they have in their pocket, and be successful in China. There’s an array of things. You come to a lawyer and they might tell you the 9th or 10th thing you need to worry about are legal issues. That there’s a whole array of different cultural issues, administrative issues and different things that you need to be aware of before you even jump into the legal aspect. I learned early if I was going to have this sort of unique practice, I had to be able to counsel my clients on all aspects of China. The number one and most important thing that you are going to do is to identify key partnership/relationships." There's much more.
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Margaret Wallace, Rebel Monkey410_ They Would Hardly Ever Refer to Themselves as Gamers
Lucy Sanders, CEO and co-founder of the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT), which is based in CU-Boulder’s ATLAS Institute and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy, co-founder of Tricalyx discuss the topic of casual gaming with Margaret Wallace, Co-Founder and CEO of Rebel Monkey -- a New York-based game development studio focusing on casual games. Margaret went on to point out that there’s no question about it: casual games are hot. Once a cottage industry, casual games have become the fastest growing segment of the video game sector. The primary audience for casual games is typically comprised of mothers and grandmothers – and yet these people would hardly ever refer to themselves as gamers, despite untold hours spent playing. For many, casual games have become the primary way to relax and unwind – even taking the place of television. Here are some of the questions that are answered: Why don’t they think of themselves as gamers? What sets these players apart from more “traditional” gamers? How do they participate in game culture? What social relations are reinforced or weakened as a result of playing casual games? Finally, how do these play patterns and perceptions influence our work as content producers?
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409_ Disruptive Technology: Unified Communications Will Change It All
Mark Richtermeyer, SpitfireUnified Communications is a lot of things to a lot of people; it is kind of an umbrella term really. But when you get down to it, It is the idea of taking your email and your voice mail, your text chat, your conferencing, even video conferencing and pulling them together in a way that they really work well together. Terry Gold, Gold SystemsThat's how Terry Gold, Founder and CEO of Gold Systems answered when Mark Richtermeyer co-founder of the Spitfire Group and co-producer of the new "Disruptive Technology" Channel on w3w3.com brought up the 'disruptive technology' topic. Terry went on to explain, "For instance I no longer have to check my voice mail on two or three different phones, it all comes into my email inbox – it just has really simplified my life. You know we started out working with AT&T (16 years ago) and continue to work with AT&T – we work with transitional companies – AVAYA. But then CISCO came along and said “Hey, let’s put voice and video on the network” – we did work with them. Then about four years ago, Microsoft came along and said, 'We have a great messaging system and a superior form of exchange, and we’re going to be putting voice, video and conferencing – and bring all this together into a package you can have on your desktop' and we began working with them."
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408_ Establishing an Overseas Presence - An Executive Primer
Thomas Yih and Garth Jensen, It's the LawIn today’s competitive business environment, executives and members of management are often faced with determining how to enter their company’s products and services into international markets. Garth Jensen, partner at Holme Roberts & Owen discusses international expansion with Thomas Yih, Associate General Counsel-International for Sun Microsystems formerly, Storage Technology Corporation. His responsibilities include providing legal counsel to international divisions on transactional matters, corporate governance, M&A, employment and U.S. export compliance. A host of questions were answered by Garth and Thomas. What is the best entry vehicle into a country (distributor, representative office, subsidiary, joint venture)? What are the critical and necessary considerations to make in order to make an informed decision regarding international market entry? What measures can be taken to reduce due diligence and initial market entry costs? What steps can assist in managing an efficient market entry process? In addition key issues like Intellectual Property, Corporate Responsibility/Risk , Regulatory Matters, Currency, Banking, Finance, and Foreign Investment, Local Law Issues and Applicable U.S Laws.
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David Allen, CU Technology Transfer Office407_ The University of Colorado Research Community
CU Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer David Allen explains to Larry Nelson how the CU Research Community works with leaders at all three CU Universities. This is part of a three-part series and will include interviews with Dr. Stein Sture, Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, CU-Boulder, Dr. Richard Traystman, Vice Chancellor for Research, UCDHSC, and Dr. Jeremy Haefner, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation and Dean of the Graduate School (and Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences). David points out these research teams are one of the primary reasons why the University of Colorado has such high national rankings even though their budget doesn't touch the universities on the east and west coast. The synergy between the CU Research Community and the CU Technology Transfer Office has a tremendous 'economic development' for the state of Colorado. Listen to how it's done.
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406_ Successful Leaders Blend a Technical and Realtionship Focus
David MeadImagine, graduating with honors, starting your career with a leading service provider, learning the keys and methods to excel in your job, but are overlooked for promotion because you are lacking people skills...or worse yet, you get the promotion and are lacking the relationship skills necessary to be an effective leader. David Mead, CEO & Founder of The Mead Consulting Group, Inc. and Chairman of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Denver shares some information about an interesting new business program that puts together the collective talents of DU, CU, members of the organizational development and business communities to help equip the next generation of leaders. The ACG Leadership 20 program was designed to help equip a new generation of professional and community leaders from professional services firms. The program is designed to help these emerging leaders make a difficult transition from a technical transactional focus to relationship focus – with better leadership skills. There are lessons for all of us to learn here... listen now.
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405_ Clean Tech, Renewable Energy and InvestmentsSteve Richardson
Nea Brown
Steve Richardson and Linnea (Nea) Brown of Holme Roberts & Owen discuss the basics of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), the steps that stakeholders have gone through the last 10 years to establish renewable portfolio standards and how RECs may affect or enhance potential investments in renewable energy and clean tech. They went on to explain that generally a renewable energy project is either wind, solar, geothermal, small hydro, biomass and some other things. And these ‘renewable portfolio standards can be met by either the utility buying and generating the power, or if it can’t generate enough power – it can then buy the environmental attribute from someone else who is generating that power, but not necessarily selling it to the utility. Purchasing the REC is actually purchasing the environmental attribute. It’s not the energy but the perceived benefit of having generated that unit of electricity from a renewable source. It’s that benefit that’s called a Renewable Energy Credit. So in basic terms it represents one megawatt of power generated from a qualified renewable source. REC prices vary from state to state quite a bit. Listen for more.
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404_ The Trend is Changing for Start-up Entrepreneurs
Lucy Sanders, CLucinda (likes to be called Lucy) Sanders is CEO and co-founder of the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT), which is based in CU-Boulder’s ATLAS Institute. The center is a coalition of more than 100 prominent corporations, academic institutions, government agencies and nonprofits working to increase women's participation in information technology. Lucy points out that many women of varying ages and interests are taking the IT and entrepreneurial plunge. Lucy is a Bell Fellow and points out (proves) there are many female entrepreneur successes stories or as she and her team states it, they are “NCWIT Heroes”. If you have any interest in this burgeoning growth phase of Women and IT, check out the first in this series of amazing true-life stories. Recently Lucy was inducted into the Women in Technology International (WITI) Hall of Fame. WITI, the leading trade association for women in technology and their hall of fame award is considered one of the most prestigious recognitions for women working in technology and science. This is the interview kicked off the NCWIT Entrepreneurial series. Check here for the star-studded lineup. (http://www.w3w3.com/NCWIT.htm) Ready, Set...Launch & Listen!
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403_ Larry NelsonIt's the Law Resource Guide: Text; mp3 Files; Links
Before you go out and spend a bunch of time, energy and money, you might want to take a few minutes to check out the easy to use "It's the Law" Resource Guide which has text, mp3 files and links. Here are just a few of the topics that are addressed by 17 attorneys from Holme Roberts & Owen LLP (HRO) plus their guests - Angel Investors, Term Sheets, Valuation, Climate Change, Open Source, M & A, Peer to Patent Project, Written Policies, Protecting You IP, Performance Reviews, New IP, Supreme Court and Patent Challenges, Overtime, Comp Time, Wages, Identity Theft, The Global Marketplace, and more. The It's the Law Channel is not intended to be legal advice or an alternative to speaking with an attorney. Countless leaders, managers and entrepreneurs have regretted doing or not doing something because they were unaware of the potential legal implications. Here's is an example. Most decision makers realize they should have 'things' in writing. Breach of contract suits are often based on written personnel guidelines or policies. Bottom line, whenever an employer issues a written policy or guideline, they better be darn well sure that they are following them! You'll want to put this page in 'your favorites'.
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402_ Moving from Morning Business Anchor to Entrepreneur
Trust your gut, be paranoid and work with your competitors. That's some very interesting advice to entrepreneurs offered by Bambi Francisco the co-founder and CEO of Vator.tv. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy discussed entrepreneurial success ideas with her as well as some of the traps to avoid. Bambi is a veteran editor, columnist, and correspondent, covering the technology and Internet indusBambi Franciscotries for 15 years. Her newsletters reached 400,000 subscribers interested in her thoughts on Internet trends and investing across public and private companies. She's appeared on Fox News, CNBC, and CBS as a commentator on the Internet. She was also the morning business anchor for KPIX, the CBS San Francisco affiliate. Bambi was a founding producer at CNNfn, where she created business programming including programs on new ideas and innovation. Listen, this is more than newsworthy.
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401_ Social Entrepreneurship: A Giant Step for Mankind and Profits
Steve Bigari, America's FamilySocial Entrepreneurship is the 'final frontier' of philanthropy. Steve Bigari and America’s Family work with employers like McDonalds to help their low income employees break the cycle of poverty. This will benefit us all. Steve's journey really began at McDonalds, watching people struggle. He employed 600 people at any given time, and the rule, not the exception, the rule – these folks struggled on a day to day basis to make ends meet. "What I found, by getting involved and connecting with them, so basically creating relationships for them, if I could add education and relationships to their hard work, that’s central to everything we learned. If somebody doesn’t want in the worst way to break the binds of poverty, they’re not going to be able to." The most important ingredient is they must be willing and able to work hard. Steve is a keynote panelist at an ACG Denver Luncheon - Social Entrepreneurship - When Greed Is Good: Creating Value and Making a Difference Through Common Good Capitalism. His motto: Inspiration, Instigation and Innovation.
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400_ Don't Undervalue Luck: An Entrepreneurial Message
Dan CarusoDan Caruso was a founding executive member and officer of Level 3 Communications, Inc., where he was group vice president of Lines of Business and Marketing and group vice president of Network Services. Today, Dan is CEO and President of Zayo Bandwidth, Executive Chairman of Envysion and Chairman of VoicePipe. In this Profile of a Leader interview, Sue Wyman founder of the Jivaro Group and Chairman of the Communications Technology Professionals, CTP along with Gary Gaessler founder of DTP/CTP talked with Dan about the lessons learned on his path to becoming an Gary Gaessler, Sue Wyman & Larry Nelsonentrepreneur. Dan was a founding executive member and officer of Level 3 Communications, Inc., where he was group vice president of Lines of Business and Marketing and group vice president of Network Services. Dan has 21 years of experience in the Telecommunications and Internet industries and was most recently the President and CEO of ICG Communications. They discussed mentors, values, turning point, and Dan said, "Don't undervalue Luck."
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Keywords: Dan Caruso, Zayo Bandwidth, Envysion, Communications Technology Professionals, CTP, Sue Wyman, Gary Gaessler > 10/29/07 Bytes: 11613730  LISTEN

Hendrik Jordaan, HRO and Clifford Pearl399_ M&A News: ABA Private Target Deal Points Study
The 2007 Private Target Deal Points Study, a project of the Mergers & Acquisitions Market Trends Subcommittee of the Committee on Negotiated Acquisitions of the American Bar Association’s Section of Business Law, is widely recognized as the gold standard for market metrics of key negotiated issues in M&A agreements and has achieved notable popularity among investment bankers, private equity investors, CFO’s and other non-lawyer deal professionals as an “unfair advantage” in negotiating private company acquisition agreements. The Study analyzes publicly available acquisition agreements for transactions of between $25 and $500 million in size completed in 2006 that involved private targets being acquired by public companies. The final Study included 143 acquisition agreements. Hendrik Jordaan of Holme Roberts & Owen and Clifford Pearl of Solomon Pearl Blum Heymann & Stich talked about other issues covered by the study: Purchase price adjustments and earnouts; Catch-all representations and warranties; Closing conditions; Indemnification survival periods, baskets, and caps; Dispute resolution provisions.
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Keywords:Hendrik Jordaan of Holme Roberts & Owen and Clifford Pearl, Solomon Pearl Blum Heymann & Stich, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Target Deal Points Study Channels: HRO & ACG - 10/29/07 Bytes: 14207585 > LISTEN

enclosure-voiceTerry Morreale, Applied Trust Engineering397_ Making Business Sense with Diverse Diversity
What does diversity mean? Terry Morreale, Senior Engineer, Sue KunzApplied Trust and producer of the Women in IT Channel explored that question with Susan Kunz, CEO and Co-Founder of Solidware Technologies. In addition to how 'diversity' is traditionally defined such as differences in gender, ethnicity, nationality, Sue and Terry went outside of the box and looked other areas and discussed the business benefits of really being diverse. Sue points out that, "It comes in lots of flavors. Socio-economic background, age (I love having interns as well as folks who have been in their careers for a long time. This brings a great balance of new ideas, energy, and experience to a team), family placement. Char- Co-founder of Solidware is Afro-American but her real diversity has to do with family placement - as oldest of 12. Char can manage anything, experience base, gender, education, and style. And how about team dynamics? "Diverse teams tend to be much more creative and innovative than those who think alike. Sometimes they can be more challenging to manage, but I'll take this challenge before striving for uniformity." Then they talked about the growing IT shortage.   LISTEN
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enclosure-voice396_ Effective Sales: People, Processes and Tools
Jerry Comer
Jerry Comer, experienced sales and marketing trainer and consultant discuss with Larry the necessary elements of an 'effective sales system'. Jerry, Co-Founder of the popular Comer & Associates also gave a clean and clear definition of the differences between sales and marketing. He also shares the 'Big 5" pitfalls to avoid. 1) Not being prepared 2) Talking about features and not benefits 3) Asking questions but not listening 4) Not knowing how to handle objections 5) Not asking for the order. Jerry laid the groundwork by pointed out how 'sales' has changed and how the sales dynamic has changed in favor of the buyer. His advice cn really help sales managers put together the best 'system' for managing the effort of both small and large sales forces. New and experienced sales people will benefit from his 5 Steps of Selling - from Awareness to Commitment. Remember, selling is a highly professional activity that is frequently not done well and is often confused with marketing LISTEN
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enclosure-voice395_ Going from Chief Technology Officer to Entrepreneur
Jeanette SymonsLucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy talked to Jeanette Symons is the founder, CEO of Industrious Kid, and mother of two. ut she doesn't stop there. Prior to founding Industrious Kid, Jeanette co-founded Zhone Technologies, a telecommunications company that builds "last mile" access solutions, where she served as the company's Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Engineering. Prior to Zhone, Ms. Symons was Chief Technical Officer and Executive Vice President of Ascend Communications, Inc., which Ms. Symons co-founded, from January 1989 until June 1999 when the company was purchased by Lucent Technologies. In addition, Jeanette was a software engineer at Hayes Microcomputer, a modem manufacturer, where she developed and managed its ISDN program. How does she do it? She has a number of suggestions for success but for Jeanette Symons, motherhood has proved to be good for business. Her kids helped her come up with the idea for her award-winning social networking site, imbee.com. LISTEN
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Rina Delmonico, Ren Consulting with Larry Nelson, w3w3.comenclosure-voiceThere is an Ever-Growing IT Shortage in Colorado
393_Changing roles of CIOs has added new challenges and has opened doors to those who are 'people savvy' as well as technically competent. Larry talks with Rina Delmonico, a retired Corporate Fortune 500 CIO and since 1997 is CEO and Founder REN, Inc an IT consulting firm specializing in IT project and systems maintenance management. There is a growing shortage of IT professionals just when things are getting better. CIOs are now an important part of the management and leadership teams. New and changing skills are required which includes globalization requirements, organizational change expertise and an Agile approach to development. This new environment requires CIOs to become 'change agents' as well as 'turn around agents'. Multiple dimensions and security challenges are requiring many companies to employ a Chief Security Information Officer (CSIO) and it wasn't that many years ago that most business people didn't even know what a CIO was. Rina tells it the way it is explains what we will be facing down the road.
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Keywords:Rina Delmonico, REN Consulting, CIO, CSIO, Change Agent, Globalization Requirements
10/15/07 Bytes: 12654866

Terry Boult, CU Colorado Springsenclosure-voice392_ Identity, Security and Privacy are Going Head to Head
Your fingerprint doesn’t change significantly over your lifetime. So now you have a problem. If I’m using that fingerprint as a way of paying (and now you have 3.5 – 4 million registered shoppers) – Or if I’m using it for high security, once that data is compromised, what do I do? Terry Boult, co-founder and CEO of Securics and El Pomar Professor Innovation and Security at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs brought up a number dicey issues concerning security and the unseen challenges of biometrics. If I’m the one holding the data base, what’s my company’s liability? What happens once that data gets out, either to the person whose data it was or the company who is the storehouse of all that. Traditional biometrics is a big problem waiting to happen. When that data is compromised, there’s no cancelling them. Terry has tapped into SBIR and STTR grants since 2004, receiving $1.5M so far. He feels that the CU System has good foresight in that they’re looking forward. ”So our company competed and won $100,000 proof of concept investment in our company." CU TTO comes through again.
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Keywords: Terry Boult, Securics, University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, CU TTO, Security, Biometrics >10/15/07 Bytes: 11249270> 10/1/07 LISTEN

391_ Discover and Invent Your Own Disruptive Technology (DT) Part 2 of 2 enclosure-voice
Kimberly Lucas, Spitfire GroupMark Richtermeyer, SpitFire GroupToday part of the entrepreneurial process is ‘disruptive technology’. It disrupts businesses, processes and industries, or the way in which people or businesses interact with each other. Mark Richtermeyer & Kimberly Lucas, co-founders of the Spitfire Group and producers of the new "Disruptive Technology" Channel on w3w3.com point out various examples of Disruptive Technology such as Google and Yahoo. They have impacted ways that marketing is executed, have wide reaching impacts in several industries such as news print and television. How do companies accomplish this? Managers have to do a few key things right. First, they have to provide an innovative environment and culture. They need to create businesses where the idea is to come up with new ideas where people won’t be afraid to take risks, and to find new ways to do things. They also have to stay close to their customers – understand what they want and how they want to get it. Pay attention to your competitors and to market trends. We’ve also developed these ‘Agile Methodologies’ into our business that allows us to reprioritize the business requirements on a regular basis. The lengths of time in which we do that, are getting shorter and shorter all the time.

LISTEN  Part 2 of 2  Published 10/15/2007  ( LISTEN  Part 1 of 2  Published 10/8/2007)
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390_ SpitFire Group (DT): The Winners and the Losers
Mark Richtermeyer, SpitFire GroupKimberly Lucas, SpitFire GroupIn 1942 the noted economist Joseph Schumpeter described the process of Creative Destruction. In his vision of capitalism, entrepreneurs would be encouraged via the use of new technology and ideas to replace, even crush, products, services, and indeed whole industries and economies. Spitfire Group Mark Richtermeyer & Kimberly Lucas, co-founders of the Spitfire Group and producers of the new "Disruptive Technology" Channel on w3w3.com point out that the word disruptive often implies a negative connotation. To those people whose lives are severely changed or impacted by a disruptive technology, there can certainly be negative impacts, but as a whole, disruptive technologies are meant to create a better standard of living for society as a whole. The way we view Disruptive Tech is thru the theory that new ideas in technology will negatively impact and even crush other technologies, industries and even in some cases, entire economies. Larry asked, "Does this mean disruptive technologies are bad?"Bob answered, "Well they are for some people. You always have to be inventing, or reinventing or adjusting the way you do business to make sure you stay on the forefront of where your market is going."   LISTEN
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389_ Integrating Money with Ethics, Values and Morals
Robt. Kenny, Visiting Professor, Boston CollegeWhen we start talking about money, quite often our value structure, our ethical structure, our moral structure gets somewhat separated and somehow put on hold. It's time that ethics, morals and values are integrated into our business and personal decision making. Bob Kenney, Boston College, Associate Director, Center on Wealth and Philanthropy and Visiting Professor, Marpa Center for Business and Economics, Naropa University is helping people look at the impact that money is having on their life and the various places money impacts – How they make sense of money – how they think about money, and then think about what’s really important to them. Larry asked," Are you taking the position that money is evil?" Bob replied, "No not at all, money is actually very neutral. It’s how we make sense of money and where we put money in our own value structure that starts to make a really big difference. Try to stay really clear about what you think money is for and simultaneously what you think is really important. Keep checking, is your money helping you get what you really want or is your money getting in the way of what you want? Other people are asking these questions, find someone to talk to – we need to be a community with similar values and goals. Stay conscious of your values."  LISTEN
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388_ Identity Theft: The Fastest Growing Criminal Activity
Donald Bradley, FBI; Lisa Tennyson, Wells Fargo; Chris Ottele, HROSomebody collects your personal information, SS#, date of birth, other personal identification that you may use in connection with financial transactions, such as your mother’s maiden name or the city where you were born. The number one source for this information is mail theft and computer theft. Chris Ottele of HRO had as their guests, Daniel Bradley, who is the Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI and Lisa Tennyson, Certified Fraud Examiner at Wells Fargo. They shared some statistics along with some advice on how to avoid identity theft. Approximately 30-40% of the information is obtained in either the form of stolen pursesand wallets, taken from an individual's home during a burglary – or stolen by a friend or relative or someone who has access to your residence or your employment where you may maintain that information. Some steps are common sense, but most victims don't contact the following: Social Security Fraud Hotline; Federal Trade Commission; Local Police Department and of course your Credit Card Company and your Bank as well as Credit Card Reporting Agencies. Stay protected. probing. LISTEN
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Customized Reporting Solutions Give Your Business an Edge
Doug Hennig,  Stonefield Query - Canadian Trade Mission 10/10/2007387_ Effective use of your business systems means getting information from them into the hands of the people who need it. However, reporting is a weakness in most applications. Pre-defined reports often do not give the answers people are looking for and reporting tools are usually designed for programmers not real users. Stonefield Software specializes in creating customized reporting solutions for any application. Stonefield’s flagship product, the award-winning Stonefield Query, makes report writing a snap for even the most novice user. Elegant and persuasive reports can be created in minutes with little or no technical knowledge. A range of businesses from large companies like Sealy, Hitachi, NASA, Northrop Grumman, and 3M down to mom-and-pop and single person companies use Stonefield Query to get the information they need to run their businesses. Listen to Larry interview Stonefield CTO Doug Hennig about how customized reporting solutions can give your business an edge. Doug and 3 other executives will be in Denver October 9 - 11th. To start these discussions, contact Larry at w3w3.com as he can set up a face-to-face meeting with Doug..  LISTEN
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386_ Liberty Global - Leading-Edge Coupled with Ultimate Integrity
Mike Fries, CEO and President, Liberty Globalenclosure-voiceMichael Fries, CEO and President of Liberty Global grew up with a large family, 7 brothers and sisters. Mike said, "In many ways I think my skills perhaps in listening to people, managing people and having a pretty good EQ or a sense of where people are coming from is partially related to the fact that I grew up in a big family."
      Mike reflected on his early work career, "I’ve only had two jobs. I’ve been lucky to work for, at least in my cable career, two really fantastic entrepreneurs and business people. The first was Gene Schneider, really one of the pioneers in the cable industry – just a fantastic individual. A great leader of men but more than anything has great integrity. And of course, John Malone, our current chairman, and I don’t think you could have a better partner or individual to be working with, who is far-and-away one of the smartest business people I’ve ever come across. But on top of that is a great human being, a really nice individual, loyal and generous. He really loves and is excited by this business. It’s kind of TCI-2. So I’ve been lucky to work for some really great individuals. Sue Wyman and Larry did some more probing. LISTEN
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385_ Delivering High Performance - The Challenges and the Choices
American Society for Quality - Software Division - International Conference in Denver 10/15-20/2007enclosure-voiceDavid Walker, Software Division President for the American Society for Quality (ASQ) along with Linda Westfall and Granville Jones, co-chairs of the International Conference on Software Quality (ICSQ) share some insights why users, developers and organizations of all sizes are feeling the software-pinch in our ever-changing environment with a focus on the sometimes elusive topic, software quality. On October 16 & 17 the 2007 conference is being held in Denver. It provides a forum for individuals and organizations seeking technologies, concepts, and techniques to improve the quality of their software products, processes, and services, and looking to enjoy networking and learning opportunities. Ken Schwaber, co-developer of Scrum and Dr. Richard Turner, Fellow, Systems and Software Consortium are keynote speakers. Introducing Agile Methods into Traditional Environments with a top-notch Agile panel is also part of the conference. There are other extras available during that week. LISTEN
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384_ Climate Change - Legal Implications of the Risks and Challenges
Colin Harris, HRO, Climate Change Lawenclosure-voiceInstitutional investors and environmental groups are pressuring corporate America to address the potential risks associated with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and related climate change, which is defined here as variations in the Earth’s climate that may be attributed to human activity. Many companies are actively managing their carbon footprint through disclosure, trading and reductions. Colin Harris attorney Holme Roberts & Owen explains that most, however, are a step behind, or more. The reality is that the U.S. economy will almost certainly continue to be driven by carbon-intensive fuels and industries for the foreseeable future, even with our continued emphasis on “green” initiatives and despite the enactment of GHG regulations, which now seems inevitable. Nevertheless, the pressure on corporations to act responsibly and promptly on climate change is increasing, with a particular emphasis on the disclosure of the risks posed by climate change. It is a difficult balancing act faced by corporations regarding the challenges of climate change, particularly regarding increased pressure to be more transparent about risk. Listen for more timely information. LISTEN
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12012045> 10/1/07 LISTEN

383_ Colorado BioBusiness Ecosystem is Breaking New Ground
Rick Silva, Fitzsimmonsenclosure-voiceRick Silva, acting Director of the Fitzsimons BioBusiness Partners (FBBp) says, "It takes broad and incredibly specialized skills to build a biomedical product. Ours is the most regulated industry on Earth, our products are among the most complex to develop, and the least likely to have a customer. Getting it right takes a village." Larry asked Rick, "How can entrepreneurs hedge their bets? "Build an experienced and capable team that has a record of getting things done. Ask for help! Find advisors (many willing to help a little for free) with relevant experience in your industry and product area. They will have the contacts and experience to help you with your commercial roadmap. If you have a credible plan, have talked to your customers and partners, you will be prepared to answer questions VCs will have. FBBp is central in this ecosystem and can bring domain advisors." 5. Is FBBp an incubator? "Not really, we are a venture development organization. Let me explain." LISTEN
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enclosure-voice382_ Business and Economics: Integrating the Human Dimension
Mark Wilding, Director, Marpa Center for Business and Economics, Naropa UniversityMark Wilding is the Director at the Marpa Center for Business and Economics at Naropa University.  The Marpa Center was founded about 6 years ago at Naropa. Mark believes what is valuable and important in business is how our behavior in society impacts the community around us – things like ethics. Larry asked Mark if he had an example of a sustainable company that walks its talk. One of Mark’s favorites is White Wave and Steve Demos. One of the things Steve talks about is that they had a “founding purpose” when they started the company. Their founding purpose was to create food that was sustainable for the planet. That’s how they got into Tofu. They worked for many years as a very small company in Boulder – and then along came this notion of Silk, this incredible product that really launched their company into the stratosphere. But even after that they didn’t change their principles. They kept the basic foundations and purpose of creating a food that’s very sustainable for the planet. Mark offers some great advice.
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Keywords: Mark Wilding, Marpa Center, Business and Economics, Naropa University, Human Dimension Channel: In the News > Bytes: 13284313 > 9/24/07 LISTEN

381_ Successful Global Presence - Canadian firm - Looks for Colorado Connection Doug Schneider, President, ADXStudio - Trade Mission Visit October 9 thru 11, 2007enclosure-voice
ADX Studio is an established Web Application Development firm. Our primary field of expertise is ‘web content management’, points out President Doug Schneider. So we develop services around web site consulting, design, development, hosting.  In doing this we have our own ‘content management system, which is our software product that we sell and support as well.
ADXStudio    ADX Studio CMS is a powerful and affordable web content management system built on Microsoft® ASP.NET and .NET Framework 3.0. Its easy-to-use web-based tools empower content authors to manage complex websites, intranets, and extranets while alleviating the strain on costly IT resources. Their CMS program has advanced capabilities which allow organizations to deploy high performance, scalable, and secure websites with confidence. The President & CEO, Doug Schneider will be in Denver October 9 - 11 to start these discussions.
LISTEN to his interview and if you have an interest, contact Larry at w3w3.com as he can set up a face-to-face meeting with Doug.
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Doug Schneider, President, ADXStudio - Trade Mission Visit October 9 thru 11, 2007enclosure-voice380_ Super Success: Bubble Burst; Stronger than Ever
Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy discuss entrepreneurial success patterns with Marketta Silvera.  Ms. Silvera is an accomplished visionary, entrepreneur and chief executive in voice technology, Internet and telecommunications industries. Since joining Apptera in 2005 as chief executive and board member, she has led the company to be the first provider of v-Business solutions (e-Business over the phone) that help enterprises increase revenues through ad-serving technologies, 1-to-1 marketing and personalized e-commerce over the phone channel. Previously as an entrepreneur and chairman/CEO Ms. Silvera founded the first network-based Internet security company, Pilot Network Services that developed patented technology to protect corporate networks against criminal hackers. She took the company public, and built it to a $1 billion market cap. LISTEN to this amazing story with important learning strategies.
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  Keywords:  Marketta Silvera, Apptera, Lucy Sanders, Lee Kennedy, Entrepreneurs, National Center for Women & Information Technology, NCWIT Heroes > Bytes: 23103532 > 9/24/07 LISTEN

Sven Collins and Tracy Ashmore, Attorneys, HRO - Non-competes and Protecting Your IPProtecting Your "Hard IP" and Your "Soft IP"
enclosure-voice379_ IP can be defined many ways. Larry asked Tracy Ashmore and Sven Collins, attorneys Holme Roberts & Owen, to define IP. They are experts at protecting 'confidential information' and 'proprietary information' and other related areas. Companies can have ‘hard IP’, that’s patents, trademarks, copyrights – those are interests that you can protect by registering them with the government and the government gives you property rights. And then there is ‘soft IP’ which are your secret stuff you can’t patent, you can’t copyright – like your customer lists, it’s maybe a development that you have in the works but it hasn’t reached the stage to qualify for a patent or a copyright yet. Generally an employer has employees sign a “Proprietary Rights Agreement” which spells out for the employee, '.. these are our trade secrets and we are asking you to protect them while you’re here, and also if you go to another employer you will not be able to share this information with your new employer'. So those are the two buckets of “intellectual property” and there are agreements to protect all of that. L
ISTEN for more valuable information.

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A Written Policy Can Actually Be Dangerous
Christopher Ottele, Partner, Holme Roberts & Owenenclosure-voice378It's common sense for employers to issue written guidelines and policies. Chris Ottele and Jennifer Miner attorneys at Holme Roberts & Owen LLP point out there are a number of issues Jennifer Miner, Holme Roberts & Owento be considered. A written policy is actually one of the most dangerous things an employer can do! Despite the utility it is one area where employers should tread very lightly. Breach of contract suits are often based on written personnel guidelines or policies. Bottom line, whenever an employer issues a written policy or guideline, they better be darn well sure that they are following them! The problem that you always have is that employer writes the policy/guideline, the employers get it, and it is put it in a drawer and never pay attention to it again. That means the employer could be violating the very policy they’ve asked employees to follow...and there is more. This is another valuable resource in the "It's the Law" series. LISTEN Related Links:  Holme Roberts & Owen || It's the Law Channel || Podcast Directory || Colorado Workforce || Keywords:  Written Policy, Holme Roberts & Owen LLP, HRO, Chris Ottele, Jennifer Miner >> Bytes: 10562981 LISTEN 9/17/07

enclosure-voice 377_ Hydrogen Production: The Dream Becoming a Reality
Tom Beck, CEO, SHEC - Trade Mission Visit October 9 thru 11, 2007Hydrogen production technologies have been available for generations. Initially hydrogen was manufactured primarily for use in the production of ammonia for fertilizers and other industrial uses. But over the years, the technological base for hydrogen utilization has expanded tremendously to incorporate applications in chemical and petroleum refining, metallurgy, hydrogenation of edible fats and oils, space and weather programs, fuel cells and the manufacture of some electronic components. NASA is the primary user of hydrogen as an energy carrier to power SHEC Labsequipment. Perhaps the most exciting potential use for hydrogen would be fuel cell vehicles. Fuel cells would allow us the freedom of operating a conventional vehicle, but producing zero emissions. SHEC Labs is looking for some partners in Colorado and Thomas Beck, President & CEO will be in Denver October 9 thru 11th, to start these discussions. Listen to his interview and if you have an interest, contact Larry at w3w3.com as he can set up a face-to-face meeting with Tom. LISTEN
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Keywords: SHEC Labs, Canada, Hydrogen Production, Thomas Beck, Trade Mission> Bytes: 5549560> 9/17/07 LISTEN

enclosure-voice376_ Entrepreneurial Necessities: Flexibility, Persistence, Passion
Judy Estrin, Packet Design
Don't do it just for the money, be passionate about solving a problem stresses Judy Estrin, President & CEO of Packet Design, a network technology company she co-founded in May 2000. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy discuss other entrepreneurial challenges with Judy and she said the one people don't like to hear is, "Be ready to fail". Prior to co-founding Packet Design Estrin was CTO for Cisco Systems. She served in various executive positions including being CEO of Precept Software from the company's 1995 founding as a maker of streaming video software until Cisco Systems acquired Precept in 1998, and she became Cisco's Chief Technology Officer until April 2000. Judy's parents were very influential in her career path and others like Vinton Cerf, who is commonly referred to as one of the "founding fathers of the Internet". Judy points out to young people that it's best to get experience before becoming the CEO.  LISTEN
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Ryan Boykin, US Capital Investment Managementenclosure-voice 375_ Successful IPO in 2007 Just 14 Months After Investing
With $8 million under management, US Capital is a newly formed private equity investment company, founded and based in Cherry Creek, Colorado. The two founders, Craig Harrison and Ryan Boykin are Colorado natives and have structured their business around strategic relationships with the most successful venture capital firms in the country. Over the past one and a half years, US Capital has focused on identifying late stage venture capital Craig Harrison, US Capital Investment Managementinvestment opportunities, typically between 1 and 3 years out from potential exit (IPO or Acquisition). US Capital realized its first portfolio investment exit in June of 2007, 14 months after US Capital made the investment. Returns far exceeded expectations. In addition to late stage private equity opportunities, US Capital has begun to identify promising investment opportunities with water in Colorado. Craig and Ryan discuss with Larry the various types of investors and their differences. They shared some insights that we could all learn from.  LISTEN
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Conscious Economy Channel || Podcast Directory ||
> Keywords: Craig Harrison, Ryan Boykin, US Capital, Private Equity, Late Stage, Venture Capital, Investment >> Channel: VC
Bytes: 14093482 LISTEN 9/17/07

enclosure-voice 374_ Overtime, Comp Time and Wages Can Be Conflicting
OK, you are willing to work some extra Don Samuels, HROtime now so you can take some 'comp time' during the holidays.

     "Nope, no can do," suggest Don Samuels and Eve Burton, attorneys at Holme Roberts & Owen Eve BurtonLLP. There are federal and state laws governing 'Overtime Pay'. At a federal level it's the Fair Labor Standards Act that goes back to the 1930s.Individual states each have their own statutes and in Colorado it's Wage Order 23 which has gone through various iterations. It is important for both employers and employees to understand. This can help avoid disappointments as well as class-wide law suits filed by an individual on behalf of self and other similarly situated folks for violations of the wage and hour laws, which then result in pretty significant financial exposure. There are exemptions so listen for some good ideas. This is another valuable resource in the "It's the Law" series. LISTEN
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Keywords:  Overtime Pay, Holme Roberts & Owen LLP, HRO, Don Samuelson, Eve Burton>> Bytes: 6855056 LISTEN 9/10/07

enclosure-voice 373_ CIO to CEO to IPO to Climbing Other Ladders
Mark Endry, Arrow InvestmentsIs it moving, transitioning or leaping when an IT professional becomes a "C-Level" executive in a manufacturing company? Ask Mark Endry, Partner in Arrow Industrial. Mark is a big believer in mentoring. There are many people in large companies that become entrepreneurs or join small companies. There is much to learn in that type of transition...or should we say leap? As an example, Mark points out that he has been on the roof of their building telling contractors what needed to be done to fix the air conditioning. Ask your typical CIO or CEO when was the last time they did something like that? Mark spent 16 years with Digital Equipment, 8 years with JD Edwards (he was the CIO when Larry and Pat met him) and then onto being the CEO at Hyperrspace through its IPO in 2 years. BTW, Arrow Industrial is a super-high end precision manufacturing firm with class 'A' clients. Mark is concerned that there are not many young people in the high-paying funnel of manufacturing careers.
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enclosure-voice 372_  Shelley Archambeau Building a Team, Listening and Liking to Win
MetricStream provides comprehensive solutions for Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and Quality Management. The CEO of MetricStream, Shellye Archambeau graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business and went right onto IBM. She was a dreamer and wanted to become the first African-American female president. Her 15 years at IBM taught her a great deal which included, let's get back to reality and see how she could apply what she had learned at IBM within a small company. She became president of Blockbuster at a time when companies were trying to figure out the solution for an online presence. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy discuss the lessons learned in Shellye's experience in various other executive roles. She is an author, expert on Sarbanes-Oxley and a sought-after speaker. Today, Shellye is the CEO of MetricStream, and is responsible for running all facets of the business. LISTEN
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enclosure-voice 371_ Business Objectives Must Include Values and Culture
ICOM's Greg Surbey, CEO with Kevin Jones and Devin HarringtonWith years of experience partnering with some of Canada’s largest and most dynamic organizations, ICOM has cultivated a unique perspective on the development of online education. Using fundamental learning methodologies to create high impact online solutions, they are defined as a learning company first and a technology company second. Their technology however is very cool. Greg Surbey, Kevin Jones and Devin Harrington of ICOM Productions also believe strongly in win/win strategic alliances. ICOM also prides itself on building lasting relationships and strong partnerships with their clients. They are active members of the Canadian business community, with membership in Calgary Chamber of Commerce, CSTD- Canadian Society of Trained Development and BMIB - Bright Minds in Business.
ICOM is looking for some partners in Colorado. Listen to their interview and if you have an interest, contact Larry at w3w3.com as he can set up a face-to-face meeting with the ICOM executives.
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|| Channel: Canada || Keywords: Calgary, Canada, ICOM Productions, Learning, Training, Greg Surbey, Kevin Jones, Devin Harrington || Channel: Canada >> Bytes: 8337766 LISTEN 9/10/07

enclosure-voice 370_ Employers and Employees in Performance Reviews
Ashley Jordaan & Gary Armstead, Attorneys, HROThere are some absolutes as well as some grey areas in both the written and oral process of performance reviews. Ashley Jordaan and Gary Armstead attorneys at Holme Roberts & Owen LLP discuss crucial issues that both employers and employees should be aware of in the performance review process. Ashley and Gary both confirmed that 'performance reviews' should be in writing. However they both pointed out that if not done properly, it could cause short-term and long-term problems. There are also specific areas that should be covered and others avoided or carefully stated. In addition to the written aspect, the discussion is extremely important. They discuss the do's and the don'ts and will help you prepare for the performance reviews and will help you be better equipped when you seek specific legal advice. They are a must, and if done right, performance reviews yield positive results. This is a valuable resource in the "It's the Law" series. LISTEN
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enclosure-voice 369_ From Prison and Torture to an Entrepreneurial Success
Ping FuPing Fu did not attend school at all between the ages of 7 and 18. Instead of San Francisco, Berkeley, and the Ivy League, she was educated through torture, exile, and imprisonment in her native China during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. After living a 23-year nightmare in her homeland, Ping has been living the American Dream. Amongst many awards, Ping was named Entrepreneur of the Year for the Carolinas by Inc Magazine in 2005. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy explore what makes this extraordinary entrepreneur tick. Ping Fu is Chairman, President and CEO of Geomagic. She co-founded Geomagic and has led its growth from start-up to worldwide leader in the digital shape sampling and processing (DSSP) industry. Geomagic has attracted more than $8 million in capital from private and institutional investors, and won millions of dollars in research innovation grants from NSF and NIST.  LISTEN Related Links:  GeoMagic || Inc Magazine ||NCWIT Heroes || NCWIT Blog || CO Coalition for Gender and IT || NCWIT Practice|| NCWIT Channel || Keywords:  Ping Fu, Geomagic, Lucy Sanders, Lee Kennedy, Entrepreneurs, National Center for Women & Information

enclosure-voice368Co-Branding and Interaction is Only the Beginning with SATA
SATAThe Saskatchewan Advanced Technology Association (SATA) practices the art and science of 'Communication, Collaboration and Cooperation' with other associations. David Milme, Chairman of SATA is looking to extend that alliance with people, companies and associations in Colorado and will be part of the Trade Mission that is Building a two-way bridge between Canada and Colorado. SATA was formed in 2000 to represent Saskatchewan's advanced technology industry. SATA has grown to 300 members representing Information and Communication Technology, New Media, Instrumentation and Electronics, Aerospace, Engineering, Environment, Manufacturing, Biotechnology and Infrastructure support services. Listen to his interview and if you have an interest, contact Larry at w3w3.com and he can set up a face-to-face meeting with Dwayne. LISTEN
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367_ It Started Out With VHS Tapes and Today It's All Digital enclosure-voice
Police Charger equiped with Eagleye technologyEagleye logoIt wasn't that long ago industry used VHS video tapes to capture 'what was happening' in their area of interest. Today, the leading-edge technology uses Digital Video Recorder (DVR) technology explains Dwayne Hounsell, President of Eagleye Tech. Their Mobile Digital Video Recorder is designed specifically for mobile applications where archiving of the data off of the vehicle is critical and reliability in harsh enviroments is critical. The Eagleye Mobile MDVR has no moving parts resulting in a solid, reliable, and the most dependable digital recorder on the market today. Dwayne is looking for some two-way partnerships in Colorado. Eagleye offers products to our public safety professionals worldwide. Eagleye now provides these services to other sectors such as bus and transit companies, taxi companies, ambulance and fire protection services. Listen to his interview and if you have an interest, contact Larry at w3w3.com and he can set up a face-to-face meeting with Dwayne. LISTEN
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Canadian Trade Mission Bridge to the USenclosure-voice 366_ Building Partnerships with Vision, Innovation and Collaboration - Canadian Style
A win/win bridge has been created for Canadian and Colorado organizations. If you have done business in Canada you know how pleasurable and profitable it is. If you are exploring international trade for the first time, there's not a better place to start than with our Canadian friends. The Canadian Consulate in Denver is coordinating a Trade Mission and has arranged for their visit during the CSIA DEMOgala and will be here the week of October 9, 2007. Larry Nelson of w3w3.com will introduce you to an exciting Canadian company and arrange for a face-to-face meeting in Denver to qualified organizations. Every week we will be posting more information and interviews (so you can hear from them in their own words) about your potential Canadian partner. The Canadian companies are taking the first step...don't miss out of this rare opportunity.

On-Line Software Connects with Clients, Caregivers, Educators, and Colleagues Greg Sutton, TinyEYE
   Greg Sutton's sister Marnee, a speech language therapist would spend 3 to 4 hours per day driving from school to school, health care facilities to see patients and spent only 2 to 3 hours per day in therapy sessions and the rest of the time writing reports. That challenge created an entrepreneuria surge that answered the industry epidemic, "The plight of the speech therapist." TinyEYE's on-line software enables Speech-Language Pathologists to use a head-set and web camera to connect with clients, caregivers, educators, and colleagues for consultation and therapy services. Our remote therapy solution is leading the telehealth industry into its next era.TinyEYE Technology Corporation reduces costs and increases time spent with clients for Speech and Language Pathologists’ (SLP) practices. Children and their parents say, It's fun and it works." TinyEYE is traveling to Denver in October with the Canadian Trade Mission and is looking for Colorado partners. LISTEN
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TinyEYE, Saskatchewan, Greg Sutton, Canada, Online, Speech Therapy, Speech-Language Pathologists
Channel: In the News ***Soon Canada
>Bytes: 6143898> 8/27/07

enclosure-voice 365_ Leadership, Management, Production: Friends or Foes?
Pat & Larry Nelson - 3-Filters TechnologyMost people go through life not ever really understanding their strengths and what they can capitalize on. On the other hand, they don't always understand their personal challenges that often sabotage their potential success. It's all about people. People cause all problems and people solve all problems. Before we try to understand and harness the world, we need to start with ourselves. Here's a program that will help you "Unravel the People Puzzle - It's Powerful • Proven • People-Oriented." All people are part of this equation. 'Quality is the enemy of innovation, innovation is the enemy of quality, and people get in the way of both'. A great organization needs to focus on all three (quality, innovation, people), all the time and a great manager must make decisions based on all three. The 3-Filters Technology offers a way for dealing with these conflicting needs. At the RMIMA Fall Information Technology Leadership Series, Larry Nelson, using 3-Filters Technology specifics will address these key topics...What you need to know before your next promotion... What you wish you had known before your last promotion...What you need to know to grow your company to the next level. LISTEN

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Gary Held, President, CTEKenclosure-voice 364_ Sophisticated Angel Investors Take It Up a Notch
Securing angel investment today has changed a great deal in the last 2, 4 and 6 years. Gary Held, president of CTEK (C = Capital - T = Technology - E = Entrepreneurship - K = Knowledge) reflects back on his own angel investment he made in the 1980s. He and many others like him wish there was a CTEK back when he made some of his first investments. Back then, it was common for an angel investor to make an investment based on if this was someone they knew, were they liked and if it sounded like a good idea. Today, you need more than that just to get an appointment. In short, angel investors have become more sophisticated, knowledgeable, and there are angel support mechanisms that help the entire process. Gary points out the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when trying to get angel funding. He also feels this is a great time for entrepreneurs to get started. CTEK has a couple of very powerful programs coming up that both angel investors and entrepreneurs should check out. LISTEN
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enclosure-voice 363_ It Started Out on Atari Game Computers and Now on Cable TV
Dale Lemke, Design Systems InternationalWith all the distractions and businesses making their pitch, it has been getting more challenging to get your message out to the right people. Dale Lemke, President of Display Systems International (DSI) and past Chairman of SATA is coming to Denver the week of October 9, 2007 with a Trade Mission from Canada with some other very innovative and dynamic companies.
Design Systems International, logoDisplay Systems International manufactures and markets industry leading character generators and video bulletin board systems. Common names for these products include digital signage, information display system, events channel, community channel, or even dynamic signage. All these mean the same thing - getting your information out to your audience. Colorado is a hot-bed for Internet, cable, phone, in fact, every facet of the broadening telecom industry. Digital signage is growing with these and other industries. DSI does business with all the big cable companies as well as schools, hotels, hospitals, casinos, gated communities, convention centers and the list goes on. Listen to his interview and if you have an interest, contact Larry at w3w3.com and he can set up a face-to-face meeting with Dale. LISTEN
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enclosure-voice 362_ Heidi Roizen : Living in the Heidi RoizenEntrepreneurial Ecosystem
Heidi Roizen has spent her entire life in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Silicon Valley, first as an entrepreneur and ultimately as a venture capitalist helping other entrepreneurs build the great companies of tomorrow. She is currently a Managing Director of Mobius Venture Capital, a venture fund with over $2 billion under management. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy with Larry Nelson, co-founder of w3w3.com explore the 'legend behind the lady entrepreneur'. They got some great advice for all who want to build a substantial company. Heidi's father continues to be influential in her thoughts and actions. Heidi's definition of common sense networking is an understanding of what to give in return and to ask for help when it is appropriate. Her long-time friendship with Bill and Melinda Gates is very inspiring and explains why she considers passion, tenacity and learning new things key to building the future. A day before this interview, Heidi funded a new company...there will be news here. LISTEN
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Mark Weakley, Partner, HRO Boulder360Angel Investors, Term Sheets, Valuation and Control
enclosure-voiceA good target audience, vetting system, for your business plan or executive summary would be your corporate or business or finance lawyer. Because if they are not getting it after the first two sentences, it’s likely the angel investor isn’t going to do any better points out Mark Weakley , Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen, Boulder as he addressed questions about getting healthy financing from angel investors. Mark brought up some poignant thoughts about term sheets and evaluation. Valuation is often looked at by the entrepreneur only in terms of ‘how much of the company am I going to have to give up?’ They’re not thinking about the return that the angle wants to have. The entrepreneur is thinking if my valuation of the company is $4 mil and I have to raise $2 mil, then I have to give up ½ of the company. There you see the entrepreneur’s interest is control, management, other issues; and they’re not really thinking ‘What makes sense for the angel?’ LISTEN Part 2 of 2 If you haven't seen and heard part 1 CLICK HERE
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359_  eBags Expanding While Deleting Its 50% Brain Drain
Jon Nordmark, CoFounder, eBags
When we started eBags our goal was to create a billion dollar company. It takes a lot of capital; we ended up raising $30 million dollars (prior to 9/11) – that ended up being a great thing for eBags explains Jon Nordmark, co-founder and CEO of eBags. When I was trying to do eBags, I knew, from all the research I’d done, that 10% of all bag sales came from catalog sales. I was confident that at least that many would purchase online as they’d already bought without seeing and touching. Then we got into the shoe business – we sold that recently. It was very successful, quadrupled the size of the site in 3 years. It grew rapidly, but it only grew to be 11% of eBags total sales, but it was taking 50% of our heads! So what we’ve done is refocused back on bags. Larry and Pat also got some great entrepreneurial and networking advice from Jon
. LISTEN Part 2 of 2
Jon Went to Dinner with Friends and said, "I quit my job today"
"It was hard to attract someone because the Internet had gone into its dive; you know we’d entered into the ‘dot bomb’. Companies were failing every day, every business paper you picked up had on its front page 'this company went belly up, that one went belly up'..., We made it out of that;" reflects Jon Nordmark, co-founder and CEO of eBags. It was August 2001 and eBags came within $50K of making a profit that month and September we thought we were going to hit it – September 11 hit instead and it just blew the luggage market out of the water. The lessons we can learn by looking back can be invaluable. Starting in 1997, Jon was working at Samsonite, in charge of all the distribution channels there, from the marketing perspective, creating new products for them... And at the time Jon could see that the Internet could be what looked like, a major distribution channel. Most people didn't think it was possible to sell luggage to individual consumers on this thing called the Internet.
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enclosure-voice357_ What are Angel Investors Looking for in Return?
Mark Weakley, Partner, HRO BoulderMark Weakley , Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen, Boulder has helped a number of entrepreneurs raise angel funding...the right way, and that's the key. If the company is going to go on a rapid or an accelerated growth path, it will likely need some amount of institutional financing. Angel investing can get you on that trajectory, allow you to hire employees, develop your business model, finalize prototypes, and establish that what you are doing has validation in the marketplace. And then be in a better position to seek venture financing money. Another reason is a trend over the last 4 or 5 years where the venture funds are doing a lot less early stage investing. So you’re seeing the Angel Investors filling in that gap. Mark also talks with Larry about the 4 things angels are looking for and business plan strategies.

Related Links:  Holme Roberts & Owen || It's the Law Interviews || CTEK Angels || Rockies Venture Club || Venture Capital Channel || Keywords:  Selina Tobaccowala, Evite, Lucy Sanders, Lee Kennedy, Entrepreneurs, National Center for Women & Information Technology, NCWIT Heroes, Ticketmaster >Bytes: 5623957> LISTEN 8/13/07

enclosure-voice356 IT Strategies for Physicians, Hospitals and the Patients
Larry Nelson & Terry Morreale, Producer Women in IT, speak with Dena Somers, Childrens Hospital while our best audience, young woman for IT Patricia Morreale listens attentively.In the past physicians made notes into a paper file during your visit (some still do), and that was the ‘medical record’. When you left your doctor’s office, that paper went into a folder and sat on a shelf. There are many limitations to that, you can’t look at data across time. And you’re also limited if you go to a different doctor, because they have a different piece of paper that sits on a different shelf. We felt the ‘electronic record’ would bridge that gap and overall improve the delivery of care to patients. Terry Morreale, Senior Engineer, Applied Trust and Dena Somers, Director of Clinical Information Systems, Children’s Hospital discuss some life-saving IT strategies for physicians and hospitals as Children's actually has computers in every exam room. Dena describes her department as “The bridge between the IT department, the technologists and the clinicians.
Related Links:  Children's Hospital Denver || Women in IT Channel || Applied Trust Engineering || FIND It || Keywords:  Dena Somers, Clinical Information Systems, Children’s Hospital, Terry Morreale, Terry Morreale, Medical Record, IT Department
Channel: Women in IT >Bytes: 11246344> LISTEN 8/13/07

enclosure-voice355_ Gillian Caldwell, NCWIT Hero International Human Rights Has a High-Tech Friend
Gillian Caldwell is a film maker and an attorney with experience in the areas of international human rights, civil rights, intellectual property, contracts, and family law. She is the Executive Director of witness.org, which uses the power of video to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy explore the makeup of and how Witness operates and Gillian's background as well as her take on the personal characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. She earned her way into the circle of fame of the NCWIT Heroes. Gillian was formerly the Co-Director of the Global Survival Network, where she coordinated a two-year undercover investigation into the trafficking of women for forced prostitution from Russia and the Newly Independent States that helped spur new anti-trafficking legislation in the U.S. and abroad.

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enclosure-voice354_ This is More Than a High-Level Alert for Your Computer Trent Hein, Appied Trust
Ned McClain, Applied Trust EngineeringTrent Hein and Ned McClain, co-founders of Applied Trust discuss one of the scariest Internet subjects we have ever heard. They talk about the topic in a way that business people can understand and gives your IT staff some geart security ideas.

Their number one suggestion is to check the Open Web Application Security Project or OWASP. "These guys publish a lot of interesting information about what’s going on with application security on the web". They publish a Top 10 Vulnerability list. The 2007 list is out and anyone who has a web site, large or small, should be aware of what’s on this list. There's also a wonderful guide that talks through how to mitigate and address the top ten vulnerabilities in your environment.

In 2007, Cross site scripting aka XSS, has risen to the number one spot of the top ten web security vulnerabilites. Sites that allow users to post content to the site might mean that a bad guy could post malicious code to the site.

No. 2 Threat: Injection Flaws. A lot of web sites have a data base behind them and any of those servers speak a language that you can use to say, “Hey, I would like to get information from the data base, or I’d like to put information into the data base.” This has been used for a whole variety of exploits.

No. 3 Malicious File Execution, really means having good website hygiene. Demo files that came with your computer, or a sample application should be cleaned up so that a ‘bad guy’ can’t take advantage of that file and take control of your computer. Trent and Ned give a whole new meaning to TRUST.
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|| Keywords: Applied Trust, Trent Hein, Ned McClain, OWASP, Open Web Application Security Project, Cross Site Scripting, XSS, Malicious Content> Channels: Safe Surfing, Women in IT, Software, Cyber Security Bytes: 13761204 > LISTEN 8/6/07

enclosure-voice353_ _Selina Tobaccowala, NCWIT Hero Founding and Selling Evite.com is Just the Beginning
Prior to joining Entertainment, Selina Tobaccowala founded Evite.com, an online invitation service that currently sends over three million invitations a month. As vice president of engineering for Evite.com, she led the company's development and operations and played a key role in setting the strategic direction with the board of directors. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy explore the the challenges, choices and successes of this NCWIT Hero. In 2001, Evite.com was sold to Ticketmaster. Tobaccowala managed the transition then took on the role of senior director of product and technology for CRM (customer relationship management) for Ticketmaster.
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enclosure-voice352_ Bose and Einstein 1924 Prediction Comes TrueRainer Kunz, CEO and Prof. Dana Anderson, CTO, ColdQuanta
Bose-Einstein condensates are sometimes referred to as a “fifth state of matter,” a rare state or phase in which all the particles share the same quantum state. This phase was predicted by Satyendranath Bose and Albert Einstein in 1924. Further research and discovery at the University of Colorado in Boulder is about to launch a breakthrough technology that will revolutionize potential applications in improving the frequency standard and clocks, inertial navigation (i.e. gyroscopes and accelerometers), the mapping of the Earth's gravitational field, and in magnetic field sensing just to start with. Rainer Kunz, President and CEO of ColdQuanta along with Dana Anderson, Professor of Physics at CU and Jila Fellow, CU & NIST discuss the the short and long-term future. ColdQuanta recently received a $100,000 proof-of-concept investment from CU TTO.
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enclosure-voice351_ Brad Talks About the Future and Gives Some Great Funding Advice
Part 2 of 2: Dramatic innovation is here. More is coming our way and will transform many things in our personal and business lives. Brad Feld, managing partner of the Foundry Group is very open about predictions for the next few to twenty-years, and lays it on the line for a range of different topics: Why he supports NCWIT? Why he and Jason Mendelson started the 'Ask the VC' Blog? Why Colorado must invest more in education? ..as he weaves in other hot topics. Larry and Pat asked, "What are the 3 most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when asking for money?" You have to hear it in Brad's words but here is a hint: Wrong amount of money; A disconnect between what's needed and reality; and the team that is talking today and going forward with the plan. Brad points out he has never met a company whose revenue plan was accurate. He shares some ideas. Bytes: 6784630 LISTEN 8/6/07
enclosure-voice350_ Brad Feld: Venture Capitalist; New Name, New Office, New Outlook
Larry Nelson talks with Brad Feld, The Foundry GroupPart 1 of 2: Getting the latest scoop about venture backed companies in Colorado from Brad Feld, was more fun for Pat and Larry than going to an over-the-top Sci-Fi movie…in fact, some of what they heard sounded over-the-top and with a Sci-Fi flavor but steeped in exciting reality. Brad talked about the Web resurgence the past 24 months and cited a number of companies. Those Colorado companies included FeedBurner, Postini, PhotoBucket, Me.dium, NewsGator, Dogster, and more (none of which are liked in spell-check).

Brad also talked about the successes and challenges of TechStars. We reflected on the 2003 investor perspective where words like "cautiously optimistic" were commonly voiced, and Brad joked about that oxymoron. That's not him, he says he prefers, "encouragingly pessimistic". Brad is managing partner of the Foundry Group which has opened a new office in the middle of Boulder. Brad had Larry sit next to a 1980s Donkey Kong game. There is a bunch of valuable information packed in with the humor..
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w3w3.com Blog ||
Keywords: Brad Feld, Foundry Group, Mobius Venture Capital, TechStars, FeedBurner, Postini, PhotoBucket, Me.dium, NewsGator, Dogster
> Channels: VCs, Entrepreneurs > Bytes: 9763007> LISTEN 7/30/07

enclosure-voice349Job Creation and CU Tech Transfer Success and Challenges
David Allen, Associate Vice President, CU, Tech Transfer OfficeDavid Allen
Associate VP for Technology Transfer, University of Colorado, shared the stats that pleasantly surprised many. "We filed 140 patent applications – a healthy number. Last year we were able to close 75 options and licenses. That’s a high number for us, previously about 60 and 35 of those are exclusive options or licenses. A good year financially $24 million in total revenues, and we maintained a solid clip of 10 start up companies created from CU Technology Transfer." There were other firsts that David referred to as he talked about the future. Last year started the research that was funded by SB-1360 passed in June 06, then last spring passed 1060 which adds bio fuels or liquid fuels into the eligible categories for the ‘proof of concept’ funding. CUTTO works closely with the Colorado Bioscience Association and others. David also lays out some real challenges and compares them to the past four years.
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CU Tech Transfer Office
|| CUTTO Channel || Keywords: Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado, David Allen, UCDHSC, CUTTO, Proof of Concept Funding,SB1360, SB1060> Channels:CUTTO> Bytes: 19911474 > LISTEN 7/30/07

enclosure-voice348_ Converting a Problem into a New Career Path
Women in IT, Sue Wyman and Terry Morreale
Terry Morreale, Senior Engineer, Applied Trust and producer of the Women in IT Channel reveals in this interview, the other side of Sue Wyman that few people are aware of. Sue is the founder of the Jivaro Group and Chairman of the Communications Technology Professionals, CTP. When ats Westinghouse Sue reached out to the “Data processing Guy” and they developed a system somewhat like googling today. What Sue learned was that IT made her job easier and made her look good. She went to work for Savin, Minolta and ultimately US West and has been involved in technology ever since, but on the business side of technology.
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Jivaro CXO
|| CTP Channel || Keywords: Sue Wyman, Jivaro Group, Communications Technology Professionals, CTP, DTP, Women in IT, Terry Morreale, Applied Trust> Bytes: 16699035> LISTEN 7/30/07

enclosure-voice347_ The Real Deal - From Theoretical Mathematics to CEO
Elizabeth Charnock founded Cataphora and has led it from concept to successful profitability funded entirely by revenues from clients and without any outside investment. To do this, she has drawn on her prior experience as a CEO and on her extensive knowledge of information retrieval technology and business. She was CEO and founder of Troba, an industry leading Customer Relationship Management software company which she sold in 2001. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy explore the the challenges, choices and successes of this NCWIT Hero.
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enclosure-voice346Start-Up Challenges: Colorado BioScience Entrepreneurs
Have a Source for Solutions

Colorado is fortunate to have a number of researchers and scientists in the Bioscience arena. Like many entrepreneurs they are the best in their field, but lack some of the other skills needed to commercialize their idea and build a successful company. Chris Shapard, Deputy Director of the Colorado BioScience Association and Vicki Jennings, from the Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority talk about the Biobootcamp where attendees learn valuable information from experienced practitioners about how to build a company designed to commercialize bioscience technologies while avoiding dangerous pitfalls that are typically encountered along the way.

At 578 acres, the Fitzsimons Life Science District is currently the nation's largest scientific and medical development project. By mid-2008, the District will offer more than 6 million square feet of clinical and lab space, and be home to more than 16,000 life science professionals. LEARN MORE
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enclosure-voice345_ Solar Mapping: San Francisco Takes the Lead, for Now
For the first time ever a resident of a city or a business owner, can get an estimate of the benefits of installing solar, in minutes. They are given info, case studies to read, and info about city rebates. Solar mapping can help reduce Co2 gas emissions, which is the largest in the family of greenhouse gasses. Nigel Nugent leads the charge for CHM2 HILL in its Enterprise Spatial Solutions group and points out how timely their proprietary SAFE Method (Solar Automated Feature Extraction) is and what it will mean to cities and states pushing for 'Clean Tech" for their communities. Nigel also feels we are seeing kind of city wide or state wide goals that are being put in place, but very quickly we’re going to see a kind of “Green Sarbanes Oxley” setting out specific requirements around use of green energy.
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enclosure-voice344Converting Corporate Experience into the Entrepreneurial Dream ...   Kim Karin Polese is the CEO of SpikeSource, Inc., a software company based in Silicon Valley. The company is backed by venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Prior to that, Kim was president and CEO of Marimba, Inc. and was one of the most prominent Silicon Valley executives during the dot-com era. Polese spent more than seven years with Sun Microsystems working as a Java product manager, before embarking on Marimba's Java-based business. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology along with NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy and our own Larry Nelson, probe Kim for the reasons for her move from big corporate to the entrepreneurial world.
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enclosure-voice 343_ Venture Capitalist, Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy Looks at the Future -
This is Part 2

In part 1 of 2 Stephanie addresses "The three deadly sins (most common mistakes) made by entrepreneurs seeking venture capital". It relates to introductions, timing, and the ability to change on a dime along with some hard-hitting advice for entrepreneurs seeking venture capital. I

Today, in part 2 Stephanie makes some predictions, as she looks at the coming year. Some later stage deals can get in the way, but she feels it is a healthy market and the solid firms will get funding.  Stephaie identifies some hot markets, some of the trends as well as some exit strategies.

Part 2 of 2: Bytes: 7919807 > LISTEN 7/23/07

enclosure-voiceThe Challenges of Running A Start-UP
342_ John Sifonis is a noted author and strategist on the topics of Business and IT strategy formulation. John has 35 years of business and technology management consulting experience with Global 500 corporations in Europe, South America, Japan, and Africa. He was also a regular guest on Larry & Pat's terrestrial radio show on KTLK. John discusses the biggest challenges faced when running a start-up. He also gives some excellent solutions with his lessons learned. These are the challenges: the founders, the investors, funding and how they structured the company. John also gives some great advice about going public. Related Links:  Nexiasoft Pressroom || Entrepreneur Channel || Find It || w3w3.com Blog || Keywords: John Sifonis, Entrepreneur, Cisco, Net Ready, Start-Up, IT, Founders, Investors > Channel: Entrepreneurs > Bytes: 9763007 LISTEN 7/16/07

enclosure-voiceStephanie McCoy, Venture Capitalist Addresses Entrepreneur’s Capital Challenges with Answers
341_The three deadly sins (most common mistakes) made by entrepreneurs seeking venture capital relate to introductions, timing, and the ability to change on a dime. Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy, managing director at Meritage Funds lays it on the line when giving advice to entrepreneurs seeking money. Some of her ideas sound like common sense, however others are hard-hitting and can seem hard to gulp…but she is right on track. The “rules” have changed post 2004 and today 2-way due diligence will often make the difference. Stephanie has an interesting take on ‘commitment to your idea’. Listen carefully; this can help make the difference how a VC looks at the possibility of investing in your company. Related Links:  Meritage Funds || Venture Capital Channel || CTP Channel || Podcast Directory || Keywords:Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy, Meritage Funds, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurs, VC > Channels: Venture Capital > Bytes: 11493358 > LISTEN 7/16/07

enclosure-voice340_ Fail Fast and Never Forget the Value of the Team
Eileen Gittins Founder, President, and CEO, Blurb, Inc. is an NCWIT Hero. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) discusses the fun (and lessons learned) Eileen is having building Blurb.com. Eileen Gittins wanted to create a beautifully designed and professionally produced photo essay book, something that looked like a book you'd buy at the bookstore, but she only needed 40 copies. This turned out to be remarkably painful, expensive, and time-consuming, and she thought that was just wrong. So she founded Blurb. She recommends to 'fail fast' and to never forget the value of the team.
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Bytes: 8995452 LISTEN 7/

enclosure-voice339_   Mother of Two Raises $20 Million from Investors
Sangita Verma co-founded TAG Networks in May 2003. In her role as CEO, she has secured $20M from private equity investors, established exclusive content agreements with leading game suppliers and global brands, and has filed eight patents covering key proprietary technologies for delivering interactive content under the TAG brand. Sangita is a mother of two as well as strategic planner, veteran marketer and business visionary, Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) discusses the challenges, choices and decisions she made during thr time leading to Ms. Verma extensive experience in the video game industry. She is an NCWIT Hero.

"Investing in research and education is critical. So is investing in a more diverse workforce. Support for the National Center for Women & Information Technology is key to encouraging young women to study computing and empowering women to play a central role in the technology workforce." -Bill Gates
Chairman and Chief Software Architect,
Microsoft Corporation

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enclosure-voice338_ iPhone - Hyperbole, Hoopla, Hooray or Horrific

Do you have your iPhone yet? Brad Feld, Managing Director of The Foundry Group writes in his Blog, “I’ve had an entertaining series of problems. I’m still amused, but getting closer to annoyed. I picked up my phone last night at the Flatiron Apple Store on the way home from the airport. It took me 45 seconds to purchase it (no line.) I tried to activate it when I got home. iTunes went through its upgrade cycle to 7.3 and then gave me errors that I didn’t have the right version to work with the iPhone so I had to deinstall / install iTunes 7.3. I did that and tried to activate. It got hung up trying to check my credit and told me I had to go to an AT&T store to get a pre-authorization code.”

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Keywords: Brad Feld, The Foundry Group, Mobius Venture Capital, iPhone, AT&T, Apple > Brad's Blog - Read More ||
enclosure-voice LISTEN to 2007 Predictions by Brad Feld and Jared Polis: Interview 1/8/07

enclosure-voice337_ Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals
Don't Let Another Year Go By - The Ultimate Win is Yours
Larry Nelson has taught this material in seminars in over a dozen countries, from China to Canada, from Norway to Australia, from Germany to Japan as well as throughout the US. He shares the results of his international research about the Characteristics of an Achiever and then goes on to help you lay out your "personalized blueprint" to personal and professional success. Larry is an internationally published author, has been a consultant to many Fortune 1000 companies and is best known for his train-the-trainer programs.

Related Links:  Training Trends || Ultimate Win || 3-Filters || Your Goal || Keywords:Event Photos, High-Tech, Business, Interviews, Photo Chronicles, Pat and Larry Nelson >Learn More 7/9/07

enclosure-voice335_ This is Not New to 1.5 million Logons per Day
Elaine Wherry majored in Symbolic Systems at Stanford. It wasn't until she went to collage that she thought technology was cool. After Stanford, she worked at Synaptics as the Manager of Usability. Elaine plays the violin and migrated west to California, after growing up on a goat farm. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) and Larry Nelson discussed her responsibilities and even got some advice about slide rules. Elaine co-founded meebo.com which is a website for instant messaging from absolutely anywhere you can hop over to meebo.com on any computer to access all of your buddies (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber). She's an NCWIT Hero.
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enclosure-voice334_  From Apple to US West to Freshwater Technologies
Always striving for the best while capitalizing on diversity, Donna Auguste captured the entrepreneurial spirit which took her to the ‘winners circle’ many times and then to financial freedom. Donna was the first African-American woman to enter the Ph.D. program in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, a field dominated by white men.

Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) talked to Donna about her amazing story about starting Freshwater Technologies in 1996 and selling it for $147 million in cash. Lucy explores with Donna where her passion is taking her today. Less than a year ago, she launched Leave a Little Room, a philanthropic organization dedicated to global outreach. You’ll understand why Donna is a NCWIT Hero.

Related Links:  NCWIT Heroes || Leave a Little Room Foundation || Leave a Little Room Blog|| NCWIT Blog || CO Coalition for Gender and IT || NCWIT Practice|| Keywords: Donna Auguste, Leave a Little Room Foundation, 247 Skills, Lucy Sanders, Women in IT, National Center for Women & Information Technology NCWIT Heroes > Channels: NCWIT Bytes: 8995452 LISTEN 7/2/07

enclosure-voice333_ From NASA, to the Mir Space Station, to Earth Experience
NASA Commercialization Center located here on the CU-Boulder campus, it’s called Bio Serves Space Technologies. Richard Stoner, CEO of AgriHouse, Inc. discusses another success story with CU TTO, Boulder Campus. They sponsored us to test our product on the Mir Space Station, to enhance growth and resist disease in enclosed environments on the space station. And since, it has been returned to earth and the experiments worked really well, and we have been promoting 'Beyond' for the last seven years. We have tested the product world wide, and have customers and distributors all over the world. There are many dramatic possibilities, including a radical reduction of pesticide use.

Related Links: AgriHouse || Aeroponics || Mir News || CU Tech Transfer Channel || Keywords: AgriHouse, Aeroponics, Richard Stoner, CUTTO, University of Colorado, Pesticides, Mir, NASA> Channels: CU Tech Transfer > Bytes: 5132855 LISTEN 6/25/07

enclosure-voice332_ The Five Deaths of Frontier Airlines... And How They Lived to Tell About It!
Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Denver had as their guest, Sam Addoms, Chairman of Frontier Airlines' Board of Directors. His inspiring story of Frontier Airlines combined intellect, humor and great stories as he shared the ups and downs of growing a business in an industry significantly affected by 9-11, while raising capital along the real story behind one of the most successful ad campaigns in America. Sam didn’t pull any punches…he called a spade a spade. With all the tough times, including the bout with the BIG gorilla, humor was always part of Sam’s delivery. It’s an extremely interesting story, filled with learning experiences for all of us. Related Links: ACG Denver || ACG Denver Calendar || Frontier Airline History || Event Photos || Find It || Channels: ACG, News :: Keywords: Sam Addoms, Frontier Airlines, Association for Corporate Growth, ACG Denver> Bytes: 18826870 LISTEN 6/25/07

enclosure-voice331_ Success Story Inspired by Star Wars and Dad
Helen Greiner is co-founder and Chairman of the Board of iRobot Corp., maker of the Roomba® Vacuuming Robot (over 2M units sold) and the iRobot PackBot® Tactical Mobile Robot, which deactivates mines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Inspired by the science fiction movie, Star Wars, and getting enthralled with R2D2, led to the innovative "iRobot" success story.. and yes, credit cards are part of the story. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) asked Helen some revealing questions about the 17-year history of iRobots. There wasn't an iRobot business plan, we didn’t have a clear crisp idea of how the technology would be used. And it was a long haul in the beginning. If I were to do it over again ...listen for more. Related Links: NCWIT Heroes || iRobot || US News & World Report || NCWIT Heroes || Nat. Academies Report || NCWIT Blog || CO Coalition for Gender and IT || NCWIT Practice|| Keywords: Helen Greiner, iRobot, NCWIT, Lucy Sanders, Women in IT, National Center for Women & Information Technology NCWIT Heroes > Channels: NCWIT Bytes: 7441243 LISTEN 6/25/07

enclosure-voice330_ Integration of Technology Impacting TV User Experience
What would you like to ask a top-level executive in a large and growing company? Sue Wyman, Chairman of the Communication Technologies Professionals (CTP) and Larry Nelson went to John Suranyi's office to ask some very pointed questions about his development and where he is heading. John is the President of Sales and Services for Direct TV. Sue asked John to rewind a little and talk about the past and what he went through in his development, the challenges he faced, the turning point in his career as well as a number of other topic areas.   Related Links: CTP Channel || Communication Technology Professionals Home || Jivaro Group || Find It || Channels: CTP> Keywords: John Suranyi, Direct TV, Sue Wyman, Communication Technologies Professionals, CTP  > Bytes: 5910259 LISTEN 6/181/07

enclosure-voice329_ Revolutionizing IT as We Know It 
It sounds tecnical, but what isn’t today? Here’s a technical best-seller, written by 3 key experts: Evi Nemeth; Garth Snyder; Trent Hein along with 10 key contributors…all experts. This 1000-page book, "LINUX Administration Handbook" (Second Edition), has a cartoon on the cover (and drawings throughout), easy to understand with readable information and a special section for non IT managers so they understand what is going on and how to be an effective manager in this arena. IT loves this second edition because of the critical contents that are easy to reference and are now getting support from management rather than pushback. It started in 1988. Setting the standard of excellence, translated into 20 languages, and is revolutionizing IT as we know it. .   Related Links: Applied Trust || Book Press Release || Amazon || Blog || Channels: Software > Keywords: Evi Nemeth; Garth Snyder; Trent Hein, LINUX, IT managers, LINUX Administration Handbook  > Bytes: 6199696 LISTEN 6/18/07

enclosure-voice327_ From Mir Space Station to Curiosity to Talking Plants
Colorado farm owners will soon have the capability of watering plants only where and how much is needed. Richard Stoner, CEO of AgriHouse, Inc. discusses the novel leaf sensory technology optioned from the CU TTO in February. The company recently won a $150,000 STTR grant to develop the project, which will enable feedback and intelligent watering of crops. AgriHouse and water officials think this technology could provide million of dollars in water cost savings to Colorado farmers. The project also received a $10,000 proof-of-concept grant from the CU TTO in 2006.
Related Links: AgriHouse || Aeroponics || Mir News || CU Tech Tranfer Channel || Channels: CUTTO > Keywords: AgriHouse, Aeroponics, Richard Stoner, CUTTO, University of Colorado, Plant Intelligent Interface, Mir, NASA
Bytes: 7150971
LISTEN 6/11/07

enclosure-voice326_ ‘Clean Tech Community’ on the Good Side and the Bad
It’s interesting to see what’s going on in the ‘clean tech community’ on the good side and the bad. There has been a bit of a bubble in the area. A lot of us in the community and the popular press have gotten a little over excited about the pace of technological innovation. The venture community in the US hasn’t jumped heavily into ‘wind power’ and that ironically has one of the best economics in terms of its efficiency and cost per watts produced. There has been huge public market investment and private equity investment in that area. Bill Reichert, Managing Partner at Garage Technology Ventures shares his insights.
Related Links: Garage Technology Ventures || Colorado Capital Conference || Event Photos || Venture Capital Channel || Channels: Venture Capital; CORE
Keywords: Venture Capital, Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Ventures, Rockies Venture Club, Clean Tech
Bytes: 5239225 LISTEN 6/11/07

enclosure-voice325_ Open Source, a Pathway to Innovation and Much, Much More
Imagine you buy a software company. The transaction is completed. There’s a knock on your door. A stranger is here to confirm that you are not in breach of his ‘open source software license’. You call your attorney for help. That’s where Jason Haislmaier, HRO, enters the scene. He is recognized by many as the “Open Source Legal Guru” in Colorado. When we asked how he got into this field? his reply was direct and to the point. "Simply put, I was driven by client need."

Having earned an engineering degree prior to law school, Jason has a natural affinity and appreciation for the technical issues he handles today. "As a software vendor, it's not uncommon to have your software product comprised of software that you've developed in-house, that you would consider proprietary, perhaps third party software that you've licensed in, and from open source software, and it's all working together. It is that commingling or interaction of the softwares that, from a legal standpoint, creates some of the stickier areas under the open source license. Even if you're not a vendor, if you're a data center, it's the same thing.

"Open source software, at its core, is licensed. Licenses can be breached and that can create liability; and in come the lawyers. And that’s where a lot of the legal aspects of open source come about. It’s very difficult to talk about open source software without talking about the legal aspects of open source software.
Related Links:  Holme Roberts & Owen || GPLv3 || It's the Law Interviews || Find It
Keywords: Open Source Software, HRO, Holme Roberts & Owen, Jason Haislmaier, GPLv3 > Channels: Software
Bytes: 7984172 LISTEN 6/11/07

enclosure-voice324_ The Joys and the Perils of Entrepreneurship
John Pope, President and CEO of The Blue Sky Group (an active investor in a broad range of startups as well as those organizations need an extra boost) shares their 'dashboard' that includes the other side of the story. Three key metrics chosen were 1) active projects 2) employees 3) revenues. On the personal dashboard John chose and tracked 1) Salary (that he was paid) 2) Credit Card Debt and 3) Body Weight (looking for something that summarized the sacrifice in terms of your day-to-day activities, health, friends, etc. life). Get the scoop here...   Related Links: The Blue Sky Group || Colorado Capital Conference || Event Photos || Venture Capital Channel ||   >Channels: Venture Capital  > Keywords: The Blue Sky Group, John Pope, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship, RVC, > Bytes: 4924711   > LISTEN 6/4/07

enclosure-voice323_ Big Money for Photovoltaics, Solar Cells, Clean Tech
Garage.com decided it was important to invest in emerging technologies that could have a lot of potential for investment. Bill Reichert, Managing Partner at Garage Technology Ventures said, "We saw lots of activity, in universities and government labs, around a wide variety of ‘materials science’ that had applicability across business and the economy.." That struck Bill as having significant global implications. Many had an orientation toward energy technology, subsequently called ‘clean technologies’. Here's more...
Related Links: Garage Technology Ventures || Colorado Capital Conference || Event Photos || Venture Capital Channel ||
>Channels: Venture Capital; Conscious Economy > Keywords: Venture Capital, Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Ventures, Rockies Venture Club, Clean Tech  > Bytes: 5398154 LISTEN 6/4/07

enclosure-voice322_ Millions of Dollars for the Colorado Collaboratory
When we started people thought it was impossible pointed out Carl Koval, Director of the Energy Initiative, CU Boulder Campus. It began with a desire to have a more formal tie to NREL and the other research institutions in the state: CU , CSU and CO School of Mines. Kate Tallman, Director, CUTTO, Boulder and Colorado Springs Campus, and Carl were happy to say that there are now 3 different projects, in 3 different areas, that are moving along. One is CRISP, the Center for Revolutionary Solar Photo Chemistry and that’s a proposal we submitted for a total of $22 million over 3 years. The second S-TAC was initiated by XCEL Energy. They’re very interested in creating a site, where as new solar photovoltaic technologies come on the marketplace, they can be displayed and tested. This might be located near NREL and students and faculty at the universities would be involved in testing and various things. The Third and furthest along, in terms of the agreements that they talked about, is C2B2, or the Colorado Center for Bio Refining and Bio Fuels. Carl says, Kate ( CUTTO) will be modest about this, our ability to take 3 different research institutions together with NREL is unique in the country. Related Links: CUTTO Channel || CU Energy Initiative || C2B2 || Collaboratory || >Keywords: Collaboratory, Carl Koval, Kate Tallman, CU, Sustainable, Energy Initiative, CUTTO > Bytes: 3619216 || >Keywords: John Crain, ICANN, Internet Identifiers, IT Summit-Denver > Channels: News >> Bytes: 5813501 LISTEN 6/4/07

enclosure-voice321_ Does Lost and Found Have Your Hard Drive?
Data is becoming very sensitive., That information is on hard drives and people need to be concerned about the information that’s on there. This is the ultimate, take your computer to an event like this and you can watch your hard drive being shredded. It’s all about destroying that data. Recycling is the right thing to do, but you have to make sure it’s being done correctly. Computer & Electronic Recycling Sponsor, Luminous Recycling, Steve Fuelberth discusses this dicey issue with Karl Dakin, Green Up Denver. Look for Luminous Recycling + all the other Colorado Exhibitors at the IT Summit Exhibitors Floor Plan - Tuesday, May 30th. Related Links: Event Photos || Green Up Denver || Luminous Electronics Recycling || Conscious Economy Channel || Data Destrucion || Channel: Recycling ||
>Keywords: Green Up Colorado, Luminous Recycling, Karl Dakin, Steve Fuelberth > Bytes: 3524757 LISTEN 5/28/07

enclosure-voice320_  Energy Initiative - Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Transformation
It's a Colorado priority and numerous CU departments are very involved. If we do transit from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the 21st century, that is an enormous change. So transformation is change. And that effects politics, it affects products people buy just a lot of things. So that involves people from the Law School, the Sociology Department and people around the campus who study “carbon credits”. Carl Koval, Faculty Director of the CU Renewable and Sustainable Energy Initiative discusses with Kate Tallman, Director at CUTTO. Related Links: CUTTO Channel || CU Energy Initiative || C2B2 || Collaboratory ||
>Keywords: Collaboratory, Carl Koval, Kate Tallman, CU, Sustainable, Energy Initiative, CUTTO > Bytes: 3619216 LISTEN 5/28/07

enclosure-voice319_ Your Business and the Internet’s Identifier System
It started out with DARPA and the National Science Foundation and went through iterations and challenges that included a 1992 episode in Amsterdam, a major issue dealing with IP numbers and names was resolved in 1998 and the march goes on with ICANN serving a very important role with URLs.
      John Crain, Chief Technical Officer for ICANN, talks about the importance of this unique identifier system with Larry Nelson and reveals the history and includes comments about Vinton Cerf, current Chief Internet Evangelist for Google also recognized as one of the ‘Fathers of the Internet.’
Meet John Crain, May 30th - at the   IT Summit-Denver >> Related Links: ICANN || IT Summit-enver Agenda || Podcast Directory || ICANN Blog || Vinton Cerf Interview || >Keywords: John Crain, ICANN, Internet Identifiers, IT Summit-Denver > Channels: News >> Bytes: 6280362 LISTEN 5/28/07

enclosure-voice317_ Making a Move from Secretary to IT Manager
Terry Morreale, Senior Engineer, Applied Trust and producer of the Women in IT Channel, brings another fascinating account from the realm of women in information technology. Her guest, Sherry Fischer is the retiring IT Officer and HIPAA Security Officer at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Wanting to move on from being a secretary, Sherry took some management courses because she was interested in a career change, but little did she know that LAN would change her life...she seized the opportunity. Related Links: Women in IT Channel || Anschutz Medical Campus || Find It Page || Software Channel || Channel: Women in IT >> Keywords: Women in IT, Sherry Fischer, Anschutz Medical Campus, LAN, Applied Trust, Terry Morreale Bytes: 6487670> LISTEN  5/21/07

enclosure-voice316_ If You Want Venture Capital, Listen Up and Be Careful
Everything has changed and there is no exception when it come to raising capital for a new venture. Entrepreneurs know the routine. Credit cards, second mortgages and then onto friends, family and fools. Here's some advice from a top VC, Bill Reichert, Managing Partner at Garage Technology Ventures that might have you wondering. Here are few musts from Bill: Small is beautiful; Lean & scrappy; Focus on customers; Don't follow the conventional business plan. Related Links: Garage Technology Ventures || Colorado Capital Conference || Colorado BIZ - VC Article || Venture Capital Channel || Channels: Venture Capital > Keywords: Venture Capital, Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Ventures, Rockies Venture Club, Colorado Capital Conference >>
Bytes: 8312897> LISTEN. 5/21/07

enclosure-voice315_ Better, Faster, Cheaper Mantra Still in Place
Worldwide, we are in the middle of a high-performance build out, points out Jeff Akers, President of EMS for CH2M HILL. When it comes to technical advances, it’s an endless list that includes Geospatial technology that is a major player the managed solutions space. Jeff reminisced with Larry about how the geeks once inhabited the basement in larger companies and now are in the ‘top’ floors dealing directly with the ‘top’ boss. Jeff came out of the telecommunications industry and now travels worldwide in his new leadership role. Jeff shares some lessons learned, possible opportunities, as well as some predictions. Meet Jeff Akers, May 30th - at the IT Summit-Denver
Keynote Address at 10:00am. Related Links: CH2M Hill || IT Summit-enver Agenda || Podcast Directory || Association Listing || >Keywords: CH2M HILL, Jeff Akers, Geospatial, Technology, IT Summit-Denver >> Channels: News >> Bytes: 6566455 LISTEN 5/21/07

enclosure-voice311_ Small Businesses are BIG when it comes to New Jobs
Keynote speaker at the SBIR regional conference in Denver, Terry Bibbens, Managing Director of Homeland Venture Partners, laid out the facts facing ‘small businesses’ this coming year. Small businesses created over 92% of the net new jobs in the US based on data collected starting in 1989. Businesses with fewer than 20 employees created 85% of all new net jobs during the 14 –year period. The developments of small businesses along with SBIR grant funding have a tremendous impact on ‘Economic Development’ in Colorado. Then enters the federal congressional leaders: Most don’t even have a clue about SBIR grants for small businesses and as a result could likely be dropping the SBIR program. We need to let them know so they do the right thing. Related Links: Small Business Technology Counsel || SBA Research || National Science Foundation || PBC, Inc. || SBIR Colorado ||Keywords: Terry Bibbens, SBA, SBIR, Economic Development, Homeland Venture Partners Channels: Looking for Money || Venture Capital >> Bytes: 8257518 LISTEN 5/14/07
Best way to Secure a Federal Grant!
Looking for Money Video Clip

enclosure-voice312_ It’s the Law: The New IP, Supreme Court and Patent Challenges
Is it obvious? On April 30, the Supreme Court set out additional guidelines regarding how to determine if technology is “obvious,” and hence non-patentable. How this ends up could take some time, but regardless, it will have a far-reaching impact on Intellectual Property and patents particularly those that are IT related. David Seeley and Blaine Benard, both partners at Holme Roberts and Owen discuss what is happening and the ramifications of the KRS v. Teleflex ruling by the Supreme Court that is not in sync with the position taken by the Appellate Court which was established in 1982 to handle such cases. The saga continuous and no matter how it ends up, it will impact both business and consumers. Related Links: HRO || KSR v. Teleflex || Intellectual Property || Web Community Calendar || Blog || Channel: News > Keywords:Intellectual Property, Supreme Court, KRS v. Teleflex, David Seeley, Blaine Benard, Holme Roberts and Owen, Patents >Bytes: 4107392 > LISTEN 5/14/07

enclosure-voice313_ Profile of a Leader: Here's the Rest of the Story Part 2 of 2
When you are lucky enough to have talented, creative, hard-working people on your team, it's critical that they are all on the same page and heading in the same direction. Scott Binder, Senior Vice President for the Colorado Market at Comcast, talks with Sue Wyman, Chairman of the revitalized Communication Technology Professionals, CTP formerly DTP and Larry Nelson about the steps (personally and professionally) that he has gone through in his changing professional career. If you would like a FREE copy of Scott's favorite book, "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen, simply click here. Related Links: CTP Channel || Denver Tele Pros || Jivaro Group || Podcast Directory || Channel: News > Keywords: Scott Binder, Comcast, Communication Technology Professionals, CTP, Sue Wyman, As a Man Thinketh, Leadership >Bytes: 6180470 > LISTEN. 5/14/07 If you missed Part 1 - LISTEN

enclosure-voice309_ Communication Technology Professionals - Heads Up about What is Coming Up
It is so easy to fall behind when you are not paying attention or you are too busy with today's activities or/and not taking the time to make yourself aware of impending events. Sue Wyman, Chairman of the Communications Technology Professionals (CTP) and Phil Weiser founder of the Silicon Flatirons Program and professor at CU discuss some very important issues and events...they include...
9/05/07 Taking Stock of the Antitrust Modernization Commission Report
10/10/07 The Future of User Generated Content
11/09/07 The Regulation of Software
11/28/07 Public Safety, New Technologies, and the Future of Emergency Response. Related Links: CTP Channel || SFP || Denver Tele Pros || Jivaro Group || Podcast Directory ||
Keywords: Phil Weiser, SFTP, CTP, Telecommunications, Leadership, Sue Wyman >> Channels: CTP > Bytes: 4008754 LISTEN 5/7/07

enclosure-voice308_ ATLAS - Is It Technology, Art or a Coffee Shop
Dr. Robert Schnabel, Vice Provost for Academic and Campus Technology – CIO & Director of the ATLAS Institute clears up a campus mystery. ATLAS stands for “Alliance for Technology Learning and Society” and what’s embedded in those words is bridging all the way from technology and sciences to the arts. The building is in part a teaching and learning center – a place where you have classes and disciplines ranging all the way from writing to business to engineering to social science, and rooms that have fairly good technology. Related Links: Atlas Building Home || National Center for Women & Information Technology || Web Community Calendar || Blog ||
Keywords: Atlas Building, University of Colorado, Boulder, Robert Schnabel, NCWIT >> Channels: In the News Bytes: 4107392>> LISTEN 5/7/07

enclosure-voice307_ Profile of a Leader: Jump from CPA to Sr. Vice President
What does it take to make a career shift from accounting to senior management? Words like focus, passion and wanting to do something bad enough were drivers for Scott Binder, Senior Vice President for the
Scott Binder, Sue Wyman & Larry Nelson, w3w3.comColorado Market at Comcast. Scott had to pack up and move to many states in his experience and learning process which included Wisconsin, Kentucky, New Mexico and California before returning to Colorado. He shares insights, with Sue Wyman, Chairman of the revitalized Communication Technology Professionals, CTP formerly DTP. Scott got some great team training in high school and his favorite inspirational book is over 100 years old. You’ll get some great how-to pointers.Related Links: CTP Channel || Denver Tele Pros || Jivaro Group || Podcast Directory || Channels: CTP Key Words: Scott Binder, Comcast, Communication Technology Professionals, CTP, Sue Wyman, Leadership > Bytes 3422566 > LISTEN 5.7.07

enclosure-voice305_ Perspective of an Underdog and Intellectual Honesty Keys to Leadership
Sue Wyman, Chairman of the Communications Technology Professionals (CTP) and Larry Nelson interviewed Phil Weiser founder of the Silicon Flatirons Program and professor at CU, for the 'Profile of a Leader' series. Phil was interested in ‘public policy’ in law school and didn’t even get engaged in technology issues. Working with Joel Kline was transformative. It launched Phil into the technology sector. David Bell, Federal Appeals Court Judge, Colorado, stressed 'Intellectual Honesty' with Phil. Here's more. Related Links: CTP Channel || SFP || Denver Tele Pros (CTP) || Jivaro Group || Podcast Directory ||
Keywords: Phil Weiser, SFTP, CTP, Telecommunications, Leadership, Sue Wyman, Channels: CTP, Profiles>> Bytes: 5909841 LISTEN 4/30/07

enclosure-voice304_ Google, FBI, CH2M HILL, Tech Stars Talk
The IT Summit is a conference series for executives from the government, education, economic development and corporate communities. Wes Sherman of the Paramount World Group, producers of the Denver IT Summit says, the events are produced by and for senior leaders for the purposes of economic development, education, and the proliferation of information technology. This full-day Summit includes seminars, panel discussions and CIO Roundtables. If you want to personally meet and listen to industry experts in government, education, economic development and corporate communities, here's your chance. Related Links: The IT Summit || Denver Agenda || Web Community Calendar || Blog ||
Keywords: IT Summit, Denver, CIO, CTO, Google, ICANN, FBI, Tech Stars, CH2M HILL, Wes Sherman Channels: In the News Bytes: 3269175  LISTEN 4/30/07

enclosure-voice303_ Tracking the Life (and Contents) of a 3-Year Old Computer
Look around your office. In the next one to three years, estimate how many electronic items, big and small, will be replaced; computers, printers, copiers, keyboards, mice, cell phones, monitors, PDAs, laptops, servers… Next, how will they be disposed of? It’s not just the physical components, it’s also the vital and confidential information stored on those devices. It’s not just pollution and doing your part, that is socially responsible. It’s also being responsible for customer data, intellectual property or other confidential information. Steve Fuelberth, President & CEO of Luminous has the solution that is leading edge, socially responsible and cost effective. . Related Links: || Luminous Recycling || Mobile Technology Destruction || Green Up Denver || Podcast Directory || Channels: Recycling, In the News Keywords: Luminous Recycling, Steve Fuelberth, computers, printers, cpiers, keyboards, mice, cell phones, monitors, PDAs, laptops, servers > Bytes: 5400976 LISTEN 4/30/07

enclosure-voice301_ Peer-to-Patent Project - A New Business Imperative
Peer to Patent Project” or “Community Patent Review” It’s really a breakthrough project in the patent prosecution area. Because for the first time it allows people in the community to participate in the patent granting process. Which up until now has been a semi-secret process that very few of us understand. Now we get a glimpse into what really goes on and we can affect it. Garth Jensen, partner at the Denver HRO office discusses with associate, Lucky Vidmar also at Holme Roberts & Owen this exciting change of events. Related Links: Holme Roberts & Owen || Community Patent Overview || Peer-to-Patent Project || Peer-to-Patent FAQs || Find It ||
Keywords: Peer to Patent Project, HRO, Holme Roberts & Owen, Garth Jensen, Lucky Vidmar, Community Patent Review > Channels: Software Bytes: 6493939 LISTEN 4/23/07

enclosure-voice300_ The Roadmap to $2.2 Billion in Federal Grants
What is your proposal strategy? If you are after some of the $2.2 Billion available this coming year from the SBIR federal grant program there are some challenges. and Jim Greenwood, an expert on proposal writing, discusses with Cody Farmer the 'how to's'. Here's a start: Make sure you’re going to the right agency; know how much money you need; have a good value proposition that you’re going to put forward to the potential funder; and have all of that thought out in advance. Related Links: PBC, Inc. ||SBIR Colorado || Innovation Dev. Institute (ini) || Looking for Money ||About SBIR Grants ||
Keywords: Jim Greenwood, Cody Farmer, SBIR, STTR, Proposal Writing, Channels: Looking for Money || Venture Capital >> Bytes: 4901514 LISTEN 4/23/07

enclosure-voice 299_ Yikes it’s Skype…a Disruptive Technology for Doing Business
At the beginning of the 1990s John Naisbitt author of “MegaTrends” predicted at the Denver Colorado Convention Center that in the future we would not have long-distance telephone charges. The audience appreciated the message; however few if any believed it. Today we enjoy many choices; VoIP, Cell phone madness and a growing number of communication possibilities. Now there is Skype. Doyle Albee, Metzger Associates discusses with w3w3.com the ‘how-to’ and ‘step-by-step’ process individuals and companies can go through to tap into free long distance. That’s right, it’s free and this discussion is digitally recorded for your listening and learning pleasure on Skype.
Related Links: Metzger Associates || Skype || Metzger Associates Blog || Podcast Directory || FREE w3w3 Newsletter || Keywords: Skype, Doyle Albee, Metzger and Associates, Free Long distance, Podcast> Channels:In the News > Bytes: 6495402 LISTEN 4/23/07

enclosure-voice297_ The Global Marketplace: Taking the Right Steps
It's the little things, let alone the small type that can get you. Regardless of the country you want to be doing business in, things are different...socially, politically economically. Troy Braegger, Senior Counsel at Holme Roberts & Owen focuses on U.S. and cross-border joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions discusses doing business with a top attorney from Mexico, Javier Lizardi. Among the many points made, the position and definition of 'Notary Public' can make a winning vs. a losing situation. Related Links:  Holme Roberts & Owen || Von Wobeser y Sierra S.C. || International || Troy Braegger || Find It || Keywords: Javier Lizardi, Troy Braegger, Holme Roberts & Owen, Mexico, Notary Public, Global Marketplace > Channels:In the News > Bytes: 5824159 >> LISTEN 4/16/07

enclosure-voice296_ Economic Driver – Bigger than Wal-Mart - Get the Facts and a Piece of the Action
There are a number of “urban myths” about the $2.2 Billion federal SBIR grant and contract programs. The fact is these grants and contracts are for innovative research that goes primarily to small companies and is non-dilutive to owners and investors are a BIG economic driver to the states that are home to the recipients. There are over 4000 Phase 1 awards given out each year and primarily to first-time recipients (over 20%). There have been 60,000+ patents issued to SBIR funded companies. Nationwide, SBIR companies employ more people than Wal-Mart and the SBIR company employees are compensated significantly higher than W-M employees. Ann Eskesen a nationally known expert on all the numbers in SBIR programs and Cody Farmer of SBIR Colorado lay out the facts in black & white. The economic impact continues. Related Links: PBC, Inc. ||SBIR Colorado || Innovation Dev. Institute (ini) || Looking for Money || Keywords:Ann Eskesen, Cody Farmer, SBIR, STTR, Innovative Research, economic impact > Channels: Looking for Money || Venture Capital > Bytes: 6026243 >> LISTEN 4/16/07

enclosure-voice295_ Drive by Downloads: Security is Too Complicated
Take the 360° Look – Block, Detect and Remove threats. Viruses are Internet graffiti, trying to get your attention, Spyware is not ! First and foremost you’d like to prevent any malicious code from getting on to your system. If we identify a code that is trying to get onto your system, we can block it, that’s the first step. Secondly if some code has already found its way onto your system it becomes very important to detect everything that might be on your system. The third piece is extremely important, because you want to be able to remove it. Some of these malicious codes are very sophisticated. The removal is a very complicated and important process. The new CEO of Webroot, Peter Watkins and CFO, Josh Pace explain all three dicey pieces.
Related Links: Webroot || State of Internet Security || Cyber Security || Safe Surfing || Software || Keywords: > Channels:Save Surfing || Software > Bytes: 7716470 >> LISTEN 4/16/07

enclosure-voice294_ Virtually Real Time Social Networking
Today when people think of Social Networking it's probably sites like “My Space” or “You Tube” and millions of Blogs. These are an asynchronous way of communicating with the world around us. We might post profiles about ourselves, the things we like to do and conversations begin to form, but they’re not in real time and they’re not about what we are interested in at that moment. Terry Morreale, producer of the Women in IT channel discusses the future with Carol Stimmel, Director of Special Products, Medium. Related Links:  Women in IT || Me.dium || Applied Trust || Find It || Keywords: Social Networking, Me.dium, Carol Stimmel, Terry Morreale, Applied Trust || Channels: Women in IT >> Bytes: 6961217 >> LISTEN 4/9/07

enclosure-voice293_Entrepreneurial Advice from a Venture Capitalist
We asked Catharine Merigold, General Partner of Vista Ventures, "What are the three biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs?" Catharine offered some poignant advice which explains why she is a returning judge of the upcoming Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year program. The entrepreneur's first challenge is the need to be focused. Then as time moves along, the next challenge is that they are too focused and they lose sight of their stakeholders and that includes shareholders, employees and customers. Here's more. Related Links:  Vista Ventures || Ernst & Young Perspectives || How Do I Participate? || Entrepreneurs || Keywords: Entrepreneur, Catharine Merigold, Vista Ventures, Venture Capital, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year>> Channels: Entrepreneurs >> Bytes: 4906948 LISTEN 4/9/07

enclosure-voice 292_ Looking Grim: “A State of Internet Security”
Your computer, money, and other assets might be controlled by others (the percentages are high)…and they are not your friends. There is a whole financial ecosystem that is behind this growing problem. T J Maxx being among the more recent targets, 100s of thousands of personal credit cards being compromised over an 18 month period, as the information was leaked out in whatever form they used – "This was classic use of spyware, installed that then captured information, and gradually leaked out the data. Done surreptitiously – not a virus like attack. The new CEO of Webroot, Peter Watkins and CFO, Josh Pace define the traps and tell us how we can avoid the growing dilemma. Related Links: Webroot || State of Internet Security || Cyber Security || Safe Surfing || Keywords: Spyware, Anti Virus, Peter Watkins, Josh Pace, Webroot, Security, Internet Security, Software || Channels: Security, Software || Bytes: 5446324 LISTEN 4/9/07

enclosure-voice 290_ Golden Sauce that's Usable, Powerful & Motivating
Lucy Sanders sets high standards for her self first and later sets high standards for others. “And at the same time I have incredibly high forgiveness. So if the bar is high, then there should be a safety net. People should not be made to feel bad if they can’t quite climb over that high bar. It’s just that if you set it really high, there’s always going to be learning,” she points out. Lucy focuses on getting women and girls into Information Technology in its broadest sense at the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT). Here's more sage advice. Related Links: About Lucy Sanders || NCWIT Blog || Find It || NCWIT Practice || Channels: Software || Keywords: Lucy Sanders, National Center for Women & Information Technology, NCWIT, Information Technology, Bell Fellow > Bytes: 6525913 LISTEN 4/2/07

enclosure-voice 289_ Investing in Companies that Embrace Sustainability
"Put your money where your mouth is," took on a whole new meaning when Winston Hickox, Senior Portfolio Manager, Environmental Initiatives, CalPERS gave his keynote address at the 2nd Annual Sustainable Opportunities Summit in Denver. CalPERS is a major institutional investor and Winston describes its focus on companies with a proactive approach to energy, environmentalperformance and the impact that it has had. He was talking in the $ Billions. Related Links: CORE || SOS Summit || Event Photos Day 1 || Day 2 || Day 3 ||
Keywords: Conscious Economy, CORE, sustainability, Winston Hickox, CalPERS, investing || Channels: CEC, VC, || Bytes: 5446115 LISTEN 4/2/07

enclosure-voice 288_ Open Source Tech: Myth, Malidy or Miracle?
A panel discussion about Re-Examining Open Source and Community Development was held at the University of Colorado School of Law. Is this today's fad or rather a fundamental new model for the future of innovation and ideas? Panelist include Paul Ohm (moderator) Associate Professor, University of Colorado School of Law; Jason Haislmaier, Partner, Holme, Roberts, and Owen; Sue Kunz, CEO and Founder, Solidware Technologies; Stormy Peters, Director of Community and Partner Programs, OpenLogic.
Related Links: SFTP || Conference || CTP Channel || Event Photos|| Channel: CTP || Keywords: SFTP, Open Source, Sue Kunz, Paul Ohm, Jason Haislmaier, HRO, Stormy Peters > Bytes 13667790 LISTEN 4/2/07

283_ It’s not Just Human Capital: It’s Excitement Capital enclosure-voice
Dr. Richard Duke, is the chair of the CBSA’s Public Policy and Government Relations Committee, "We support life sciences legislation at the local level as well as the national level. In order for us to build the bio tech industry in Colorado, we really have to start at the grass roots." He is also past President and CEO of GlobeImmune as well as President and CEO of Apoplogic. He was recently named the “Business Advisor of the Year" by the University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office (CUTTO). Dr. Duke is passionate about House Bill 1060 passing. Related Links: CUTTO Winners || GlobeImmune || SBIR Colorado || CU Tech Transfer Office || Apoplogic || C
hannels: CU Tech Transfer || Lifescience
Keywords: Dr. Richard Duke, Globe Immune, Apoplogic, Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado >
Bytes: 9418608 LISTEN 3/26/07

284_ Successful Serial Entrepreneur Offers 3 Key Points enclosure-voice
Lessons learned and bottom-line results are what the "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year" Program is all about explains Jim Wilson of E&Y. Karl Friedman, CEO & President of NextAction, previous award winner was delighted that his company was nominated. He goes on to share three 'experienced based' thoughts for those pursuing the entrepreneul path. Karl says you need to have a long runway that includes lots of ideas as nothing happens as fast as you believe. Here's more. Related Links: Ernst & Young Call for Nominations || How To Participate || Next Action || Keywords: Entrepreneur, Ernst & Young, Jim Wilson, Karl Friedman, NextAction, Jim Wilson, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year || Channels: Entrepreneurs || Bytes: 6993400 > LISTEN

285_ Bunch of Oil & a Bunch of People, Creates a Vision
A population increase from 3000 in the 1980s to 30,000 permanent residents today has created quite a concern points out Jaycie Chitwood, Sr. Strategic Planner and project manager for the Advanced Technologies Group, Toyota Motor Sales USA. Then about 5 years ago a tanker sunk just off the islands, releasing 100’s of thousands of gallons of heavy fuel and diesel. That history of the Galapagos Islands was the genesis of a 10-year master plan. Related Links:
CORE || SOS Summit || Toyota: Galapagos Islands || Event Photos Day 1 || Day 2 || Day 3 || Channel: CEC || Keywords: CORE, Jaycie Chitwood, Toyota, Galapagos Islands, Sustainable Opportunities Summit > Bytes 3943134 LISTEN 3/26/07

282_ Lloyd Lewan - Leadership Beyond Management enclosure-voice
We live in a time of great division. Nations against nations – religions against religions, complicated competition with foreign countries. We have a growing underclass in the world and we really don’t know what to do with it. And there are so many other moral, scientific and economic dilemmas we face. As Lincoln said, “A house divided cannot stand.”
We must find men and women who can face these challenges with a much wiser set of denominators and understandings. Lloyd Lewan was the keynote speaker at the annual Colorado Ethics in Business Awards (CEBA) and had hundreds of attendees on the edge of their seats as he detailed prescriptions for leadership and ethics. Related Links: CEBA Home || Event Photos || 2005 Photos || Find It >> Channel: Ethics
KEYWORDS: Lloyd Lewan, Leadership Beyond Management, CEBA, Colorado Ethics in Business Awards, Bytes:15883183 LISTEN 3/19/07

281_ And the Winner Is...Only if You Participate Now enclosure-voice
Investing in entrepreneurs and celebrating their successes is what the "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year" Program is all about explains Jim Wilson of E&Y. These entrepreneurs fill such an important role in our society – such incredible contributions for our workforce and our society that we just relish the opportunity to celebrate them. Karl Friedman of NextAction, previous award winner was delighted that his company was nominated. Listen in, it's your turn now.
Related Links: Ernst & Young Perspectives || How Do I Participate? || Call for Nominations || Event Photos 2006 || Keywords: Entrepreneur, Ernst & Young, Jim Wilson, Karl Friedman, NextAction, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Program > Channels: Entrepreneurs || Bytes: 3816492 LISTEN 3/19/07

280_ Mid Sized Companies Winning with Startups enclosure-voice
Good ideas that could become great income producers are most often high risk. Researchers and scientists that have innovative projects on the bench that are funded by non-dilutive SBIR federal grants can have a challenging time commercializing their new invention. Companies in the $50 to $300 million range often don't have a budget for the high-risk research. This is a great win/win opportunity for all explains Russ Farmer, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado. Get the details here. Related Links: SBIR Conference || Looking for Money || PBC Home || Event Photos 2006 || Keywords: SBIR, STTR, Russ Farmer, PBC Inc, Innovation, Federal Grants, Large Companies, High-Risk Research > Bytes 3059777 LISTEN 3/19/07

279_ Collaboration and $2 Million Lead to a Nano Winner enclosure-voice
With patent rights out of the University of Colorado, with an exclusive license, and full access to the future developments that rely on those base patents ALD Nano Solutions is breaking new ground. They have a fantastic relationship with CU and a terrific relationship with the Tech Transfer Office. Over the last 5 years we’ve gotten over $2 million out of the SBIR-STTR Program and that accounted for 80% their corporate revenues points out Karen Buechler, Founder, President and CTO of ALD Nano Solutions. Related Links:
ALD Nano Solutions || CUTTO Winners || SBIR Colorado || CU Tech Transfer Office || Colorado Nano ||
Channels: CU Tech Transfer || Keywords: Karen Buechler, ALD Nano Solutions, Nanotechnology, Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado > Bytes: 5574638 LISTEN 3/19/07

278_ Sara Blakely's Better Idea Got Her a $100 Million Company
Blakely gave a great talk to an overflow crowd Wednesday at the Inverness Hotel as a keynote speaker at the 5th Annual Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference And judging by the response from the primarily female executive audience and the cheerleading from the women in our own office, sales of Spanx panty hose and underwear will soon double the $100 million in revenues the seven-year-old company is doing now. By Keith DuBay READ More Related Links: Complete Story || w3w3.com Blog || Event Photos || Colorado BIZ Today

277_ Communications Executive of the Year - Scott Binder enclosure-voice
Yes, Scott Binder, Senior Vice President of Comcast Colorado has accomplished a great deal. "Scott has brought vision and innovation to Comcast and to the people of Colorado. We're delighted to have him as our 2006 Communications Executive of the Year", said Sue Wyman, chairman of the Communications Technology Professionals (formerly Denver Telecom Professionals).
          But, the story doesn't end there. Scott and his family made five major moves that challenged the family. Those challenges made them all stronger and determined to do the best at all times. Scott's mother at 83 years young went skydiving and Scott's wife won a battle with cancer. His three children are winners too. Tom Clark, Executive Vice President of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, introduces Scott from a very personal side. This is truly an inspirational story.
Related Links: Communications Technology Professionals || Metro Denver EDC  || Find IT || Event Photos || Channel: CEC, || Keywords: Scott Binder, Comcast, Communications Executive of the Year 2006, Communications Technology Professionals, Denver Metro EDC, Tom Clark - 3/12/07 > LISTEN Bytes: 8896995

276 Myogen: The $2.5 Billion Colorado Success Story enclosure-voice
– but there is more to it.
Myogen which recently merged with Gilead was built by a team that understands a key strategy of ‘spreading the risk’ while capitalizing on its assets. Dr. Michael Bristow, cofounder of Myogen shares the details. This is also a University of Colorado Tech Transfer ( CUTTO) success story and now Dr. Bristow and CUTTO have teamed up for another venture, ARCA Discovery, Inc. Get the details here.
Related Links: Myogen and Gilead || CUTTO Winners || CU Tech Transfer Office || Award Photos|| Keywords: Michael Bristow, Myogen, Gilead, ARCA Discovery, Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado> Bytes: 6586099 LISTEN 3/12/07

275 Diversity - A Growing Corporate Asset enclosure-voice
Today there are more women and people of color entering the workplace than there are white men. "So now is the time to embrace diversity in order to attract new talent and to stay competitive in the market place," says Alma Vigo-Morales from MWH, is the director of Diversity and Organizational Effectiveness. Terry Morreale, producer of the Women in IT Channel and senior engineer at Applied Trust explored some interesting examples with Alma that we can all benefit from. Listen in. Related Links:
Women in IT || MWH Diversity Program || Applied Trust || MWH Global || Keywords: Alma Vigo-Morales, Terry Morreale, Diversity, MWH Global, Women in IT, Applied Trust > LISTEN 3/12/07

274 Big Companies Offer Little Companies an Exit Strategy enclosure-voice
Listen, take action and cash in on an opportunity that has been around for decades. Russ Farmer, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado has helped many new startup innovative companies get grant funding from the federal government. More and more large companies are looking for ways to reduce their internal high-risk research in favor of buying companies that have technology that is ready to go. It really makes sense and is a win/win for Big & Small companies.
Related Links: SBIR Conference || Looking for Money || PBC, Inc. || PodCast Directory || Keywords: SBIR, STTR, Russ Farmer, PBC Inc, Innovation, Federal Grants, Large Companies, High-Risk Research > Bytes 594770 LISTEN 3/12/07

272_ Zero Landfill: Is That Even Possible? enclosure-voice
Bill Reinert
, opening keynote speaker at the CORE Sustainability Opportunities Summit (SOS), surprised (even shocked) many attendees when he shared what Toyota is doing to be a leader in Clean Tech and Climate Change. Bill sites the three biggest challenges for the coming year.
     Bill Reinert is National Manager of Advanced Technology for Toyota Motor Sales, USA. His primary function is to coordinate Toyota’s various research, development and marketing activities related to alternative-fueled vehicles and emerging technologies. He is currently working on several advanced hybrid electric products, direct hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, reformed fuel approaches for hydrogen, full-featured electric vehicles, city electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid concepts, ethanol fuels and sustainable transportation systems.
Related Links: 2007 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || CORE Colorado  || Cleantech Innovation Challenge || Toyota Environment || Event Photos || Channel: CEC, || Keywords: CORE, Sustainability, Opportunities Summit, Bill Reinert, Toyota, Clean Tech, Climate Change - 3/5/07 > LISTEN Bytes: 4069149

271 Nanotechnology, Optics and Collaboration - Big Deal at CUTTO enclosure-voice
Kate Tallman, assistant director of both the Boulder and Colorado Springs Tech Transfer Office was proud to introduce two winners from the University of Colorado at the Colorado Springs Campus. "We have recognized two winners who collaborated on a technology that has to do with optics. Anatoliy Glushchenko was named New Inventor of the Year and Zbigniew Celinski, Inventor of the Year for CU at Colorado Springs." Related Links:
CUTTO Winners || CU Tech Transfer Office || BioScience Channel || Award Presentations Photo Album || Find It || Keywords: University of Colorado - Colorado Springs, Technology Transfer, Optics, Nanotechnology > Bytes 3420058 || LISTEN 3/5/07

270 The Investor's Proposition with the SBIR Program enclosure-voice
Investing in an idea that is not evolved or on the market is investment suicide based on normal investment protocol. In 2007, the federal government is offering $2.2 Billion in grants (a non-dilutive advantage) for new innovative research ideas from small high-tech businesses. Potential investors can observe and work with these companies to see the management team in action and check out the viability of the new invention, points out Russ Farmer, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado. Related Links:
SBIR Conference || Looking for Money || PBC, Inc. || Find It || Channel: Looking 4 Money || Keywords: SBIR, STTR, Russ Farmer, PBC Inc, Innovation, Federal Grants, Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor> Bytes 594770 || LISTEN 3/5/07

268 Women in IT: Is There a Way In enclosure-voice
Peggy Pangersis, an alumna of the Women's College at DU, is a Project Manger at First Data Corporation talks about the changing times in the marketplace for women in IT. Peggy discusses the extraordinary possibilities with Sarah Tonso, an ITS major at The Women’s College, University of Denver and Warren Kuehner, Director, Information Technology Studies Program the Women's College, . Most people don't realize the existence of a college for women. Listen in . Related Links:
Women in IT || The Women's College || Applied Trust || Open House Invitation || Keywords: Peggy Pangersis, Women's College, Sarah Tonso, Warren Kuehner, University of Denver, Applied Trust, Women in IT, First Data> Bytes 6107536 || LISTEN 3/5/07

267_ Consumers May Win in the Communications Battle enclosure-voice
What do telecom, cable, wireless and satellite have in common? Businesses & consumers could benefit from the duopoly transition to unlimited choices.
was a year that delivered mega-mergers and acquisitions of industry giants and neophytes. The promise of convergence was realized and triple play and quadruple play bundling options became the norm. Cable and telecommunications companies battled for the wallet of both corporations and consumers and satellite companies collaborated and searched for products to round out their offerings. User generated content exploded into the limelight with the $1.65B Google acquisition of YouTube.
   CTP Channel Button @ w3w3.com  DTP was celebrating its 10-year anniversary and took this opportunity to announce a name change to better reflect the radically changing playing field. The contest for the new logo design for the "Communications Technology Professionals" (CTP) was awarded to LightSpeed Commercial Arts. Related Links: Denver Tele Pros || Jivaro Group || Trillion || SFTP || Event Photos ||
Channel: CTP, DTP || Keywords: Gregg Sutherland, Ernst & Young, Communications, DTP, CTP, Telecom, Cable, Wireless, Satellite, Google, You Tube - 2/26/07
Bytes: 2668359 LISTEN Open Announcements and Bytes:_10236136
LISTEN Keynote, G Sutherland

266 The Billion Dollar Question: Are You Looking for Money? enclosure-voice
In 2007, the federal government is offering grants for new innovative research ideas from small (even new) high-tech businesses. There are 11 agencies involved in the SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) grant program offering funding in a variety of areas including bioscience, defense, education, energy and many other areas that fit in with Colorado innovative entrepreneurs. Some of these SRIR grant recipients bring their creations to market by working with big companies. Russ Farmer points out SBIR grants do not dilute your ownership. Related Links: SBIR Colorado || Looking for Money || PBC, Inc. || Find It || Channel: Looking 4 Money || Keywords: SBIR, STTR, Russ Farmer, PBC Inc, Innovation, Federal Grants, Small Business Innovative Research> Bytes 3190599 || LISTEN 2/26/07

265 Confidence and Persistence; Women in IT Career Path  enclosure-voice
Terry Morreale, Producer of the Women in IT Channel interviews Mel Reveles, Director of the Internet and Technologies Department at the Colorado Bar Assoc. Along the way Mel never really intended for this to be her career. Ten years later, she is still at the CBA. She manages a department of three full-time staff as well as various contractors when extra resources are needed. The women who work with Mel also came from non-technical backgrounds. Related Links: Women in IT || COBAR || Barking Seal Newsletter || Applied Trust Home || Keywords: Terry Morreale, IT Functions, Applied Trust, Women in IT, Channels: Women in IT || Bytes: 4841746 || LISTEN 2/26/07

264 CUTTO Winner Beat the Cancer Odds enclosure-voice
Dr. Jeffrey Holt is the Vice Chair of Research and a Todd Professor of Experimental Pathology at University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center. His work is in the “BRCA1, BRCA2 genes” which plays a role in Ovarian, Prostate and Breast Cancers. David Allen of the Tech Transfer Office at CU acknowledged Jeff as the “New Inventor of the Year”. He is also recent recipient of the “Proof of Concept Grant” in conjunction with the State. Related Links: CUTTO Winners || CU Tech Transfer Office || BioScience Channel || Award Presentations Photo Album || Keywords: Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado, Dr. Jim Holt, UCDHSC, Pulmonary Hypertention, NIH || Channels: Bioscience >Bytes: 3181403 || LISTEN 2/26/07

262 Business Upside Down: The Unthinkable Becomes Mainstream enclosure-voice
Mayor John Hickenlooper will be kicking off the Sustainability Opportunities Summit(3/1/07). Businesses have always understood the basic that the marketplace and the end users determine the direction of the company, and if not, customers would take their business someplace else. Businesses like Nike now realize that consumers will not buy products being made in undesirable sweatshops. Graham Russell and Bud McGrath discuss sustainablity, or 'doing the right thing'. This is also a demand of their stockholders. Related Links:
Cleantech Innovation Challenge || CEC Conscious Economy Channel || 2007 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || CORE Home Page || Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Graham Russell, Sustainability, Innovation> Bytes 5332221 || LISTEN 2/19/07

261 Consolidation, Competition, Convergence; Can Equal Chaos enclosure-voice
While consolidation within an industry creates opportunities, the concern for many employees is redundancy and some will lose their job. It also creates more choices for business consumers. We have gone from a duopoly to a triple play with more for all of us explains Sue Wyman and Gary Gaessler, co-presidents of the Denver Telecom Professionals (DTP). The 7th Annual DTP Future of Communications is coming up 2/22/07 where you'll meet experts in Voice-Video-Data to the home, “all you can eat.. bandwidth” , Wireless, Internet connectivity and more. Related Links:
Denver Tele Pros || Jivaro Group || Trillion || SFTP || Keywords: DTP, Silicon Flatirons, Gary Gaessler, Sue Wyman, Telecom, Communications, Convergence > Bytes: 2343186 || LISTEN 2/19/07

259 Inventors of the Year, CUTTO Award Winners enclosure-voice
Dr. Kathy Rowlen & Dr. Rob Kuchta from CU Boulder worked on project for several years generally known as 'Flu Chip'. The extension of this technology will really help world health officials and others be at the front line to figure out what those strains are. Getting a flu shot that targets the right strain is necessary for the shot to work. Their efforts are very timely and may provide an early window into the pandemic of potential flu. David Allen of the Tech Transfer Office at the University of Colorado knows they are winners. Related Links:
CUTTO Winners || CU Tech Transfer Office || BioScience Channel || PodCasting Directory || Keywords: Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado, Dr. Robin Shandas, UCDHSC, Pulmonary Hypertention, NIH >Bytes: 3049119 || LISTEN 2/19/07

258 Filling Huge Holes in the Traditional Hi-tech Startup Model enclosure-voice
There are common and critical things that are overlooked when starting a new business. The founders of TechStars suggest that stealth modes are out and stress tests are in. Brad Feld, investor in many innovative high-tech companies, is always interested in new investment ideas. Brad and Jared Polis have joined David Cohen and David Brown, co-founders of Zoll Data Systems in their newest venture,TechStars which will provide angel funding and mentoring to young entrepreneurs.
Related Links:
TechStars || TechStars Blog || Brad Feld Blog || w3w3.com Blog ||
: TechStars, Startup, David Cohen, David Brown, Zoll Data Systems, Brad Feld, Jared Polis
> Bytes 6779405 || LISTEN 2/12/07

257 Building the Spirit of Change, Creativity and Innovation enclosure-voice
Escalating worldwide competition for resources, such as energy and water, and related environmental issues are creating substantial demand and opportunities for innovation, new technologies, and new ventures to serve existing and emerging markets. Paul Jerde, Executive Director of the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, Leeds School of Business, CU Boulder, points out that's exactly why they are involved with and tackling this important economic sustainability issue. Related Links:
Cleantech Innovation Challenge || Partner Spotlight || 2007 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || CORE Home Page || Keywords: Deming Center, Entrepreneurship, Paul Jerde, CU Boulder, Sustainability, Innovation > Bytes 6769792 || LISTEN 2/12/07

256 First Family of Health: Launched 52 Years Ago
Vitamin Cottage rides health-conscious wave. When Margaret Isely began going door-to-door in a business that would become Vitamin Cottage, it was 1955 and the benefits of natural foods and supplements were largely unknown to consumers. So Isely, who had embraced vitamins and natural remedies to treat her own health woes, typically would loan out books on the subject and return to the houses later to discuss the reading materials and take orders for vitamins. Related Links:
Family of Health || w3w3.com Blog || Event Photos || Colorado BIZ Today || Keywords: Colorado Business Magazine, COBIZ, Colorado, Stephen Titus, Builders, Home Buyer || 2/12/07 Read the entire article

255 CUTTO Awards UCDHSC Inventor of the Year enclosure-voice
Dr. Robin Shandas was presented with the Inventor of the Year Award for the CU at Denver and Health Sciences Center. The University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office held its 5th Annual Awards event on January 24. Dr. Shandas also recently awarded a multi-million dollar grant from the National Institutes Health. He will lead the development of 200 patient-specific computer models that will be used to help refine diagnosis and improvement treatment of pulmonary hypertension in children. Listen in his own words.
Related Links:
CUTTO Winners || CU Tech Transfer Office || BioScience Channel || Podcasting Directory || Keywords: Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado, Dr. Robin Shandas, UCDHSC, Pulmonary Hypertension, NIH > Bytes 3654742 || LISTEN 2/12/07

254 Profits and Social Responsibility Become Partners enclosure-voice
Money motivates and now many are hopping on the bandwagon with an added push from customer demands. The 'buzz word' that has the attention of everyone in Colorado interested in economic development is 'sustainability'. Do you know what the CORE criterion is for being considered a sustainable organization? Sustainability includes being socially responsible, recycling, community support, thinking green and yes...PROFITS. Bud McGrath, executive director and Richard Eidlin board member of CORE explain what we should all know. Related Links: 2007 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || Riding on the Wind || CORE Home Page || Cleantech Innovation Challenge || Renewable Energy Channel ||
Keywords: Sustainability, CORE, Cleantech, Sustainable Opportunities Summit, Bud McGrath, Richard Eidlin, Economic Development > Bytes 5825622 LISTEN 2/5/2007

253 Globalizing IT Functions in Broomfield, Colorado enclosure-voice
Environmental engineering and consulting firms working and developing internationally face many interesting challenges. With globalized IT functions in the UK, New Zealand, India and in many cities around the US, time-zone differences and cultural differences are all part of the daily routine points out Linda Lannen, Director of iNet Global Strategy & Architecture for MWH Global. Terry Morreale, Producer of the Women in IT Channel reveals some interesting details. Related Links: Women in IT || MWH Global || Barking Seal Newsletter || Applied Trust Home ||
Keywords: Terry Morreale, Linda Lannen, IT Functions, Applied Trust, Women in IT, Globalization > Bytes 5379033 LISTEN 2/5/2007

252 Down-home Reality, Slower Sales and Opportunities
On the very day an economist told a Denver audience the national housing market "is correcting in a very orderly manner," D.R. Horton Inc., a national home builder that lists 48 communities it serves in Colorado, announced a 23 percent decline in orders nationally and in its western division, which includes Colorado. On the home builder’s Colorado website, the company offers home buyer incentives ranging from $40,000 to $80,000 per housing unit. . Related Links: Down-home Reality || w3w3.com Blog || Event Photos || Colorado BIZ Today ||
Keywords: Colorado Business Magazine, COBIZ, Colorado, Stephen Titus, Builders, Home Buyer > Read More 2/5/07

251 New Inventor of the Year Awarded by CUTTO enclosure-voice
Dr. James Goodrich was presented with the New Inventor of the Year Award for the CU Boulder campus. The University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office held its 5th Annual Awards event on January 24. It was attended by over 200 local business leaders and faculty inventors. After a presentation from Myogen founders Dr. Michael Bristow and Dr. J. William Freytag, awards were presented to inventors, companies, and others who demonstrate best practices in technology transfer. Dr. Goodrich's work is leading-edge and will save lives. Related Links: CUTTO Winners || CU Tech Transfer Office || BioScience Channel || PodCasting Directory ||
Keywords: Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado, Dr. James Goodrich, Gene Expression, RNA
> Bytes 2321034 ISTEN 2/5/2007

250 The Dirty Dozen – Disastrous, Dumb and Deceitful by w3w3.com enclosure-voice
Is everyone crazy out there, or is it just me? We all know some difficult people. Whether they are customers, co-workers of even those in your personal life. Listen to this discussion with Larry Nelson about his directory of the “Dirty Dozen” and their characteristics. They range from Saboteurs to Wonderful Ones, from Saints to Emotional Misfits, from Connivers to Bullies, and a few others that will surprise you or get you. What you’ll appreciate the most is understanding what makes you vulnerable and what you can do about it. . Related Links: Training Trends
|| 3-Filters || TRTR Channel || Beyond the Trends || KEYWORDS: Difficult People, Dirty Dozen, Larry Nelson, Institute for Change Research, Training Trends, 3-Filters > READ MORE 1/29/07 LISTEN Bytes 6843353

248 Access to Capital – Be Prepared the Right Way enclosure-voice
Things are picking up. For some, the exciting news is that access to venture capital and angel investors is very positive right now. The challenging news for some is they're not ready to talk or to make a presentation for money. Jim Arkebauer, co-founder of the Rockies Venture Club, prolific author of business books and founder of Venture Associates reveals what it takes. Jim gives some sage advice for the future, takes an experts view of 2005 and before. This interview was conducted 1.16.2006. Related Links:
Venture Capital Channel || Venture Associates || Books written by Arkebauer || Rockies Venture Club || Keywords: Venture Capital, Jim Arkebauer, Angel Investors, Business Plan, Rockies Venture Club || > LISTEN 1/29/07

247 enclosure-voiceRenewable Energy Research Marching into the Future
Being innovative and out on the edge conjures up the good, the bad and the ugly. "The future is infinitely more important than the past." said Admiral Truly on July 15, 2002. Related Links:
2007 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || CORE Home Page || Cleantech Innovation Challenge || Renewable Energy Channel || Keywords: NREL, Richard Truly, Sustainability, CORE, CU, Cleantech, Sustainable Opportunities Summit, Renewable Energy || LISTEN > Part 1 Bytes: 7440408 and LISTEN Part 2 of 2 1/29/07 Bytes: 7880519 READ NREL 25th Anniversary

242 Dick Notebaert's Take on Putting Network Neutrality in Perspective enclosure-voice LISTEN 1/15/07
The hottest debate in telecommunications policy circles is whether broadband network providers should be subject to a "network neutrality" mandate. This mandate, although often undefined, suggests that the traditional "best efforts" Internet provides an open platform for innovation that is threatened by the plans of broadband providers to begin offering quality of service arrangements for a fee. Richard Notebaert, Chairman and CEO, Qwest Communications International defines Network Neutrality says it's "nuts".
Related Links: Rocky Mountain News || Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program || Network Neutrality || Denver Telecom Pros || Center for the New West || Keywords: Dick Notebaert, Network Neutrality, Phil Weiser, Telecommunications, DTP, Telcos, Qwest || Bytes: 9584225 >
Network Neutrality: Nuts, Necessary or a Nuisance? enclosure-voice
In Part 2 of 2, Dick Notebaert lays it on the line as he loathes it and others love it. Admittedly he presents it from his perspective, but you will understand the debate much more. Listen Now:
Bytes: 9584225 Part 1of 2
LISTEN 1/15/07 and Part 2of 2 > LISTEN 1/22/07

245 The Challenge of Extinction is an Opportunity for Jared Polis enclosure-voice
An $800 Million success would be enough for most people. Additional success stories involving flowers, chocolates and other items sold online became part of the Jared Polis legend. In addition Jared is the immediate past chairman of the state board of education in Colorado. Here's a success story all entrepreneurs should follow. Now Jared is focused on another topic, aquaculture. There's been a great deal of research on the issue and Jared is always concerned about global concerns. There's a lesson to be learned here and Jared is not about to stop here. Related Links:
Jared @ Startup Junkie 1/22/07 || Jared Polis Foundation || Venture Capital Chnl || Entrepreneurs || Keywords: Jared Polis, Aquaculture, Investment, State Board of Education, Blue Mountain Arts, Pro Flowers || Bytes: 9584225 > LISTEN 1/22/07

243 Sustainability is a Very Profitable Business Differentiator enclosure-voice
Think of the things that have become mainstream that only a year or so ago were in the shadows. The long-term winner in that group is 'sustainability'. Bud McGrath, a successful entrepreneur joined the ranks of an important association that is making a difference, CORE. Paul Jerde, the Executive Director for the Deming Center, Leeds School of Business have teamed up for their second year for the Sustainable Opportunities Summit. Listen here for the latest and get the definitions first-hand.
Related Links: 2007 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || CORE Home Page || Colorado Leeds || Cleantech Innovation Challenge
|| Renewable Energy Channel || Keywords: Sustainability, CORE, CU, Cleantech, Sustainable Opportunities Summit, Renewable Energy || Bytes: 5997821 > LISTEN 1/22/07

240 Feld and Polis Make Economic Predictions for 2007 enclosure-voice LISTEN 1/15/07
In Part 2 of 2, Brad and Jared went from giving our state politicians some business advice, to describing the lay-of-the-land for venture capital, economic growth and much more. Listen Now: Part 1of 2 and Part 2of 2
Learn about Aquaculture, look for Jared at the Startup Junkie Underground 1/22/07- Check w3w3 Save-the-Dates Community Calendar for times and further details. Related
Links: Jared's Live Talk about Aquaculture || Mobius Venture Capital || Jared Polis Foundation || Brad Feld Blog || Venture Capital || Keywords: Brad Feld, Jared Polis, Aquaculture, Mobius Venture Capital, IPO, Investment Capital || Bytes: 9013710 >

239 Connecting with the Right People the Right Way enclosure-voice LISTEN 1/15/07
Pat & Larry Nelson of w3w3.com are seen everywhere. Many call them the Networker’s networkers. Larry says that the biggest and most common mistake in networking involves the omnipresent “Elevator Pitch”. That’s just what a busy executive wants to hear as they enjoy their liquid refreshments…”Get me out of here!” Pat and Larry offer some "Networking Solutions" (Identifying, Preparing & Personalizing) that are extremely effective in most every networking situation. In 4 minutes you'll know the answers. Related Links: Beyond the Trends || 3-Filters Compliant || Your Website
- Is it 3-Filters Compliant? || Entrepreneurs || Associations || Training Trends || Keywords: Networking, 3-Filters, Elevator Pitch, Beyond the Trends, Training Trends, Associations || Bytes: 267745

238 Jared Polis and Brad Feld Square Off on the Future enclosure-voice LISTEN 1/8/07
Before asking Brad Feld and Jared Polis to make some forecasts for 2007, Larry asked them, "What must the Colorado legislature and the new Governor focus on in order to best support the business and tech community?" Education at all levels was loudly expressed, but some other issues are going to be a challenge for us all. How do you attract and maintain a qualified workforce while maintaining our famous quality of life standard? They had some answers. In the middle of all this, aquaculture came up.
Related Links: Mobius Venture Capital || Jared Polis Foundation || Brad Feld Blog || Venture Capital || Keywords: Brad Feld, Jared Polis, Aquaculture, Mobius Venture Capital, IPO, Investment Capital || Bytes: 9661025>

236 Legal and Business Issues - Can the FCC Work in Internet Speed? enclosure-voice
Phil Weiser, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program
Part 2 of 2_ Phil Weiser founder of the Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program and professor at CU shares his personal opinion with Larry and Pat that could have a tremendous impact on communications in the US. Phil's personal opinion is bold, but not easy to get through the "web" of the FCC. He feels that the FCC must move to a new orientation - one that looks at development after the fact, as opposed to the traditional 'before the fact'. Today, without the blessing of the FCC ahead of time, nothing gets done.
Related Links: Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program || Network Neutrality || Denver Telecom Pros || The Next Wave of Innovation || Keywords: Phil Weiser, Telecommunications, Silicon Flatirons Program, CU, Network Neutrality, SFTP, FCC || Bytes: 7181795 > LISTEN

235 Call a Spade a Spade or You'll Lose More than the Game enclosure-voicePart 2 of 2
Trent Hein and Ned McClain, co-founders of Applied Trust Engineering who also co-authored the, "LINUX Administration Handbook" (Second Edition) include critical sections written especially for non IT managers who can gain an understanding what is going to happen when they turn over the keys to the systems administrator. It's frustrating for the management team when they don't have a handle on what the IT department is doing. It's also frustrating for the IT folks when they do not get management support.
Related Links: Applied Trust || Book Press Release || Community Support || Book Details || Keywords: Applied Trust, Trent Hein, Ned McClain, LINUX Administration Handbook, Systems Administrator, IT Infrastructure|| Bytes: 6526644 > LISTEN 1/8/07 -

233 Policy, Politics and Privilege; the IT Infrastructure Challengeenclosure-voice
The Linux Administration Handbook - Second Edition; Available at AmazonMost managers do not understand the difference between UNIX and LINUX, but they should. That knowledge could be the difference between a company horror story and success. Trent Hein and Ned McClain, co-founders of Applied Trust Engineering who also co-authored the, "LINUX Administration Handbook" (Second Edition) and include critical sections written especially for non IT managers who can gain an understanding what is going to happen when they turn over the keys to the systems administrator.
Related Links: Applied Trust || Book Press Release || Community Support || Book Details || Keywords: Applied Trust, Trent Hein, Ned McClain, LINUX Administration Handbook, Systems Administrator, IT Infrastructure|| Bytes: 6930393 > LISTEN 1/1/07

232 The Number 1 Most Powerful Organization in Colorado
Power lines — Colorado's 25 most powerful businesses and organizations. Two years ago, ColoradoBiz ranked the 25 Most Powerful organizations, businesses and other institutions in the state, naming Colorado voters as the most powerful group with influence on state affairs. This year, we rank the Regional Transportation District, RTD, as the No. 1 Most Powerful organization in the state. Read More
Related Links: CO BIZ Powerlines || PodCasting Directory || Find It || Colorado BIZ Today || Keywords: Colorado Business Magazine, COBIZ, Colorado, 25 Most Powerful Organizations, Powerlines|| 1/1/07

231 Is Someone Breaking Into and Breaching Your System?enclosure-voice
Default setting has a nice ring to it for those that are not techies. Terry Morreale, a senior engineer at Applied Trust points out that people assume that default settings on their machines are safe and secure. For their convenience, vendors leave on lots of things you don't need. There are many examples and a common and dangerous one is having the system set up to allow someone to log into an account and it's not needed. That can be simply inviting trouble. Terry offers invaluable tips and a free link to the "Incident Handling Guide".
Related Links: Women in IT || Barking Seal Newsletter || Incident Handling Guide || Applied Trust || Keywords: Terry Morreale, IT, Applied Trust, Default Settings, Incident Handling || Bytes: 6186530 > LISTEN 1/1/07

230 Telecommunications is Becoming as Outdated as the Dial Telephoneenclosure-voice
Internet, telephones, answering machines are some of the communication words that are being replaced with words like bundling, network neutrality, voice over IP, convergence, wireless and others we have not heard about as yet. All of these challenges and changes impact companies of all sizes points out Phil Weiser founder of the Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program and professor at CU. The the Deming Center, CU Tech Transfer office and the Entrepreneurial Law Center at CU are stepping up to the plate to help entrepreneurs.
Related Links: Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program || Network Neutrality || Denver Telecom Pros || The Next Wave of Innovation || Keywords: Phil Weiser, Telecommunications, Silicon Flatirons Program, CU, Network Neutrality, SFTP, Entrepreneurs || Bytes: 7079291> LISTEN 1/1/07

229 Mayor John Hickenlooper Talks About the Future and the Past in June 2004enclosure-voice
Mayor John Hickenlooper, is the quintessential example of converting a challenge into an opportunity and then onto success. During this “Profile of a Leader” interview you’ll hear how he achieves and how he was motivated to be a winner. It’s a one-of-a-kind story you won’t hear somewhere else. Larry and Pat Nelson conducted this interview in the Mayor's office one year after he was elected and during a time he was throwing baseballs with Governor Owens. You'll hear the Mayor in his own words explain why he is the way he is.
Related Links: John Hickenlooper Bio || City of Denver || Orange Friday || Profiles of Leaders || Find It || Keywords:John Hickenlooper, Mayor, Leader, Denver, Colorado, Motivated, Winners || Bytes: 8376218 > LISTEN 12/18/06

228 Look at Things Differently in 2007, Look at Them Smallerenclosure-voice
Networking, "N" will be even more important in the months ahead. Not just social and business networking, but computer networking and networking services points out Rita Dozal, Executive Vice President of Information Technologies Resources. Rita expands on her seven-letter anagram for forecasting the "to-do's" for 2007. The letter "E" addresses Employees, and she points out they haven't been in vogue for some time but are coming back in full force and loyalty will play a big role. The "W" is for Wireless...listen for more.
Related Links: ITR Home Page || CSIA || PodCasting Directory || Associations || Keywords: Rita Dozal, ITR, Employees, Technologies, CSIA, Wireless, Forecasting, Networking || Bytes: 5366494 > LISTEN 12/18/06

227 Getting the Inside Scoop on Job Openings in 2007enclosure-voice
Most people feel that IT jobs can only be found in the IT sector. However professional business services, consultants in various roles and companies of all sizes are depending more today on an internal staff. This also creates opportunities with IT staffing companies. Alexandra Hall, Colorado, Department of Labor & Employment. Director of LMI and CDLE Chief Economist expects a solid 2.4% growth rate in 2007 along with multiple times job openings for replacements. The baby boomers are at it again.
Related Links: Dept. of Labor & Employment || Labor Market Info. || LMI Statistics || RMIMA || Keywords: Alexandra Hall, Colorado, Department of Labor & Employment, IT, Jobs || Bytes: > LISTEN 12/18/06

226 Student Ambassador Program Reaches Out to the Community enclosure-voice
At the annual RMIMA Employment Panel, Pat and Larry sat at a table with a business owner / student and recent graduate of the USAP. Mike is now a member of the RMIMA board. Bob Curfman who heads up the University Student Ambassador Program, says this is a wonderful opportunity for the students and the non-profit association as they are always looking for volunteers. The students get to hear about job opportunities, network with other IT professionals and USAP serves as great community outreach. Bob says they're different than his counterparts of 20-years ago.
Related Links: University Student Ambassador Program || w3w3.com Blog || Beyond the Trends || Women in IT || Keywords: Bob Curfman, Rocky Mountain Information Management Association, RMIMA, University Student Ambassador Program|| Bytes: 1912897 > LISTEN 12/18/06

225 Brad Feld, Mobius Venture Capital - Predictions in December 2005
Here's some candid straight talk about access to VC capital in Colorado. Brad Feld, Managing Partner of Mobius Venture Capital didn't have much good news to talk about when w3w3.com interviewed him two and three years ago. Brad gives some specific examples and offers some interesting advice for the coming year. For some, it is going to be a very good year and for others will struggle. Reviewing Access to Capital- Past, Present and Future - 12/12/05 and a few years prior.
Related Links: Mobius VC || Brad Feld Blog ||
Venture Capital Channel || Find It ||
: Venture Capital, Brad Feld, Mobius Venture Capital, Access to Capital|| Bytes: 6096042 > LISTEN 12/11/06

224 Is it an Evolution or a Revolution Changing the Communication Sector?
Something Larry has said in his management classes over the years is, "A ball can only bounce as high as it is dropped." The Telecom industry must be ready for a ride with the astronauts. There are many changes in store for the changes in the Communications industry. There are also challenges that accompany the broadening of the market. These experts state their predictions and you'll hear words like convergence, bundling, and other words you have heard in the past, but with a whole new emphasis.
Related Links: Denver Telecom Professionals || Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications || DTP Celebration Photos ||
: Telecommunications, Wireless, Convergence, Communication, Bundling, Predictions, DTP || Bytes: 3682119 > LISTEN 12/11/06

223 Change is in the Air for Veterans in Colorado
This past year, there has been a complete and thorough update of business building materials and classes for veteran owned businesses. The coaching, counseling and seminars are available to the vets, their family members and other employees that work for them. For Veteran owned small businesses there are many options and various tools available at a very reasonable cost points out Kelly Manning, the State Director for the (SBDC Network) Colorado Small Business Development.
Related Links: SBDC Network || Veterans Channel || Veterans Blog || Vets Conference Photos || Keywords: Veterans, Small Business, Colorado, Kelly Manning, SBDC, Business Plan || Bytes: 2465648 > LISTEN 12/11/06

222 Predicting the Death of the Gatekeepers
Throughout history the gatekeepers kept us safe. They saved us from the bad people. But they also tried to save us from the boring and uninteresting, the radical and the off-balanced, the rumors and lies, and most importantly from the people who had a different opinion or heaven-forbid, a different agenda. Gatekeepers were the ones who said “No!” And they said “no” a lot points out Dr. Thomas Frey, futurist and founder of the DaVinci Institute in Colorado. Listen to Tom's on-the-edge predictions.
Related Links: Death to the Gatekeepers || DaVinci Institute || Find It || Keywords: DaVinci Institute, Tom Frey, Gatekeepers, Futurist, Long Tail || Bytes: 4676861 > LISTEN 12/11/06

221 When Change is in Order, You Need a Qualified Project Sponsor
When an IT project will create a value for the business and is truly worth investing in, a project sponsor is required, points out Rina Delmonico, CEO and Founder of REN Consulting. While the project sponsor is generally an internal executive from the appropriate business unit, at times an external consultant can be utilized. There are common mistakes made by project sponsors and Rina offers an invaluable list of tips that will save time, money, grief and aggravation. Here are clear steps leading to project success.
Related Links: REN Consulting || Employment Panel Info || CU Business School: CITI || Find It || Keywords: IT, Project Sponsor, Rina Delmonico, REN Consulting, CU Business School, CITI Bytes: 6448590 > LISTEN 12/4/06

220 It's Time to Get a PR Checkup Before Your Credibility is Jeopardized
There’s nothing like Public Relations to build a company’s image, credibility and visibility. Some people call it “free advertising”. Many of the tried and true methods employed by PR such as press releases and contacting the media directly via phone and email are still important. But, newer technologies are helping companies to reach customers more directly. Yvonne and Greg Lynott of Lynott & Associates, a public relations company serving innovative technology companies for the past 20 years, including Intel, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.
Related Links: Lynott & Associates || w3w3 Blog || Find It || PodCasting Directory || Keywords: IT Professionals, RMIMA, Bill Hubbell, Microsoft, IT Jobs, Rocky Mountain Information Management Association -Channel: none Bytes: 2779118 > LISTEN 12/3/06

219 Tough Math Teacher and Roaming Free Made the Difference
Making mistakes turned out to be a learning experience for Lucy Sanders, CEO and co-founder of the National Center for Women in Technology. She hated making mistakes, but ultimately learning from them is a good thing. A background that included strong family members and rich experiences including becoming a Bell Fellow laid a solid foundation for Lucy's biggest challenge. Totally stretching her horizon, Lucy left industry and started a non-profit while joining academia. Listen to this fascinating true story.
Related Links: Nat. Academies Report || NCWIT Blog || Profiles of Leaders || NCWIT Practice || Keywords: Lucy Sanders, Lucinda Sanders, Bell Fellow, NCWIT, Profile of a Leader, Turning Point || Bytes: 13067496> LISTEN 12/3/06

218 Volunteering - Give Back to the Community and Reap Rewards
The president of the Rocky Mountain Information Management Association (RMIMA), Sandra Songailaite is a big believer in getting involved and volunteering. Sandra is especially happy she joined RMIMA as that is how she got her current job. Like many people who join associations, they do it to network with other professionals and to learn the latest at one of the meetings. Sandra believes you should do more than just join, it's to your benefit to get involved and volunteer. RMIMA is hosting its 10th Annual Employment Panel on 12/12/06.
Related Links: Employment Panel Info || RMIMA Home || Find It || PodCasting Directory || Keywords: IT Professionals, Volunteerism, Networking, RMIMA, Sandra Songailaite, Employment Panel Bytes: 3457465> LISTEN 12/3/06

217 The IT Job Environment is Looking Better for Some
Trying to find an IT professional that meets your requirement? Looking for the right fit with an organization that suits your career needs best? Employers on the hunt for IT professionals and IT pros looking for a job both have challenges. Bill Hubbell says there are secrets on both sides that will be revealed at the 10th Annual RMIMA Employment Panel, 12/12/06. As the pendulum swings, all have to address the changing times. While the soft times are behind us, preparation. before sitting at the interview table is critical.
Related Links: Employment Panel Info || RMIMA Home || Find It || PodCasting Directory || Keywords: IT Professionals, RMIMA, Bill Hubbell, Microsoft, IT Jobs, Rocky Mountain Information Management Association -Channel: none Bytes: 2779118 > LISTEN 11/27/06

216 Colorado is a High-Tech Hub - Without Women, it's a Bust
National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) was founded on the idea that we must research, codify and implement practices focused on increasing the number of girls and women choosing IT educations and careers. Lucy Sanders, Co-Founder and CEO of NCWIT claims one person in a corporation can make a huge difference. An important key is outreach and Lucy explains the why's, the how's and benefits. She also brings up the perfect storm, along with some solutions. Related Links: Nat. Academies Report || NCWIT Blog || CO Coalition for Gender and IT || NCWIT Practice || || Keywords: NCWIT, Lucy Sanders, Women in IT, National Center for Women & Information Technology - Channel: News - Bytes 6539914 > LISTEN 11/27/06

215 Don't Let Another Year Go By - The Ultimate Win is Yours
Larry Nelson has taught this material in seminars in over a dozen countries, from China to Canada, from Norway to Australia, from Germany to Japan as well as throughout the US. He shares the results of his international research about the Characteristics of an Achiever and then goes on to help you lay out your "personalized blueprint" to personal and professional success. Larry is an internationally published author, has been a consultant to many Fortune 1000 companies and is best known for his train-the-trainer programs. Related Links: Training Trends || Ultimate Win || 3-Filters || Your Goal ||
Keywords: Ultimate Win, Goals, 3-Filters, Achievers, Characteristics of a Leader, Achieving Personal and Professional Satisfaction - Channel: Training - Bytes 4893782
> LISTEN 11/27/06

214 Big-Time Changes in All Respects at Webroot
In February 2003 there were 100 known spywares that were able to be detected and removed. Today that number has grown to over 200,000.The Webroot Phileas robot visits 10,000 websites per second to detect spyware challenges. That is a huge change and there are other changes coming to the Webroot family. A new partnership with Sophos adds anti-virus protection along with the powers of Spysweeper. David Moll, CEO and president, Josh Pace, CFO, discuss the role change for David. > Related Links: Top 10 Threats ||
About Phileas || Webroot || Software Channel || Webroot Press Release || Spyware Savvy ||
Keywords: Webroot, Spy Sweeper, Spyware, Anti-virus, Identity Theft, David Moll, Joshua Pace, Sophos - 11/20/06 LISTEN - Bytes 7706439

213 The Secret of Success is to Not Have Any Secrets
Trent Hein and Ned McClain, co-founders of Applied Trust Engineering (ATE) were surprised when Pat and Larry Nelson unexpectedly wanted to interview them about the Famous ATE Employee Canon. The ATE Canon was developed in an effort to support ATE employees, ATE clients, and the profession in general. It outlines their organizational culture, which fosters a creative, rewarding, and balanced work environment that empowers employees and clients. Here are 10 rules to build by. *** Thanks to Applied Trust for sponsoring our Safe Surfing Channel...we couldn't do it without them.> Related Links: Applied Trust || The Famous ATE Employee Canon || Event Photos || Safe Surfing || Keywords: Applied Trust, Engineering, Trent Hein, Ned McClain, IT, Entrepreneurs, UNIX, Linux, Community - 11/20/06 LISTEN - Bytes 5163993

212_ Is Web 2.0 a Myth, Malady or a Miracle?
It's all about the user experience, points out Ani Babaian, Developer Evangelist for Microsoft. In the recent past, the Web offered catalogue pages that were static, one-way experiences. Today there are millions of weblogs on literally every topic you can imagine. Yes there are challenges and corporate concerns, but more and more people and companies are embracing this inevitable wave that allows everyone to share points of view, rank products, ask questions and be part of the user experience.> Related Links: Microsoft Vista website || w3w3.com Blog || Ani's Blog || Software Channel || Keywords: Vista, Microsoft, Ani Babaian, Live, Office, Exchange, Web 2.0, Blogs, User Experience - 11/20/06 LISTEN - Bytes 4893782

211_ Campaign Aimed at Winning the War with Online Predators
The number of children approached by low-level scum buckets commonly called online predators is scary. The number of children that engage in online communication with them is even more than frightening. The number of children that have a face-to-face encounter with someone they met online is becoming an epidemic. The predators are physically nearby. Colorado's Attorney General, John Suthers shares some steps that parents, the front-line protectors can take with our Safe Surfing Initiative.> Related Links: Making Kids Web Smart || AG Safe Surfing Initiative || NCSP || US Cyberwatch || Applied Trust || Keywords: Cyber Security, John Suthers, Attorney General, Colorado, Safe Surfing, Internet Predators, Applied Trust - 11/20/06 LISTEN - Bytes 2049361

210_ Building a Win/Win Bridge for Canada & the US
Serial entrepreneurs have nothing over Monica Heron, Senior Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner for Canada in Denver for Consulate General of Canada. She is a serial foreign service career person and has held positions in numerous countries, from Hong Kong to Zimbabwe, from the Ivory Coast to Switzerland and beyond. Monica is pleased to be in Denver working with a great team of active and involved representatives. They are there ready to support efforts to do business with Canadian companies.> Related Links: Canada ||
Monica Heron || Toronto and Region || Greenbuild Expo ||
Keywords: Canada, Monica Heron, Senior Trade Commissioner, Energy, Technology, Life Sciences, Aerospace - 11/13/06 LISTEN - Bytes 4154412

209_ David Moll, Webroot - Changing Times, Changing Roles
The Webroot story at times seemed like a fairytale and at other times seemed like a horror story. The award winning Spy Sweeper took the big anti virus companies by surprise. David Moll, CEO and president, also a multi-award winner got surprised when he first joined Webroot in 2002 because the financial foundation was hit hard. David and Josh Pace, CFO, discuss what happened, why it happened and the little-known true story that could benefit all entrepreneurs. Yes, more changes for David Moll.> Related Links: Webroot || Software Channel || Webroot Press Release || Spyware Savvy || Keywords: Webroot, Spy Sweeper, Spyware, Anti-virus, Identity Theft, David Moll, Joshua Pace - 11/13/06 LISTEN - Bytes 8957181

208_ Three Focused Recommendations for Entrepreneurs
In the middle of high-tech chaos, Applied Trust opened its doors in 2001. Trent Hein and Ned McClain cofounders of Applied Trust shared with Pat and Larry Nelson three of their golden nuggets that every organization should apply. Applied Trust is extremely successful and growing. They have incorporated a Culture of Giving throughout the company. One size doesn't fit all, word of mouth and adapting are three keys. Three additional and unusual pieces of advice will make the difference.
*** Thanks to Applied Trust for sponsoring our Safe Surfing Channel...we couldn't do it without them.> Related Links: Applied Trust Home || ATE Philanthropy || Event Photos || Safe Surfing || Keywords: Applied Trust, Engineering, Trent Hein, Ned McClain, IT, Entrepreneurs, UNIX, Linux, Community - 11/13/06 LISTEN - Bytes 4880408

207_ Focusing on Near-term Profitability and Cash Flow
With a churn rate next to nothing, long-term customers that continue to grow, one might ask where did they get the silver spoon? Roy Dimoff ; Co-founder, CEO, Chairman and Nancy Phillips; Co-founder, COO, Director of ViaWest launched the company in 1999 and after a good start, saw the high-tech sector go through the infamous 'bubble' while numerous competitors went out of business. Some of ViaWest's customers needed some 'above the call of duty' support, and they got it. Here's a risk that paid off.> Related Links: ViaWest || Software Channel || Management Bios || Find It || Keywords: Viawest, Roy Dimoff, Nancy Phillips, Hosting, Collocation, Redundancy, Security - 11/13/06 LISTEN - Bytes 6097714

206_ Veterans Small Business Owners Get a Boost
Access to capital is the most common request at the Colorado Small Business Development Center Network (SBDC) , according to Kelly Manning, State Director. For Veteran owned small businesses there are many options and various preferred choices. Determining how much is really needed, justifying the need and preparing information for the potential funding source is critical. Then there is the business plan. A full day conference loaded with the information for every aspect of building a successful business is being held at the Brown Palace on 11/8 for only $15. See you there. > Related Links: Vets Small Business Conference || Veterans Channel || Vets Conf Photos 2005 || SBDC Network ||Keywords: Veterans, Small Business, Colorado, Kelly Manning, SBDC, Business Plan, Access to Capital - 11/06/06 LISTEN - Bytes 5998657

205_ User Experience that Buys Back More Time
We all remember Windows 95, then 98 and onto others including what was recently the latest, XP-2. Now there is Vista, an operating system that works with Mac 0S10 and Microsoft platforms and was specifically architected with the notion that people would break in. Up until now, all the operating systems were evolutionary developments whereas Vista is a revolutionary platform developed from scratch points out Ani Babaian, Developer Evangelist for Microsoft and has partnered with Fujitsu LOVE Gurus to provide expert Vista content at a free seminar using the new Windows Vista and Office 2007.
Related Links: VISTA Install Fest || Microsoft Vista website || WITI Summit || Ani's Blog ||
11/06/06 LISTEN - Bytes 6177962 - Keywords: Vista, Microsoft, Ani Babaian, Live, Office, Exchange, Web 2.0, Fujitsu, Neudesic

204_ The New Award Winning Mantra is Time to Money
The average car has 35 million lines of code in it, with 100+ million lines of code in a high-end car. Really good code has one error for every thousand lines of code. Do the math and you might feel very nervous about how you are getting to work, points out Susan Kunz, CEO and Founder of Solidware Technologies. Today’s software development teams face twin dilemmas of exponentially increasing complexity and scale.It is more important than ever that developers deliver the right code the first time and that's what Susan says is 'time to money'. Susan is a keynote panelist at the Rockies Venture Annual Fall Finance Forum.
Related Links
: Solidware Website || Software Channel || IQ Award Photos ||
11/06/06 LISTEN - Bytes 4398292 - Keywords: SolidWare, Susan Kunz, IQ Awards, Software, Code, Time to Market, Time to Money

203_ Littlest Piece of Information Can be Used Against You
Internet predators are a persistent mob and it's extremely difficult to pin them down. Everyone realizes that the children must be taught about these dangerous criminals who hide behind their computer until they set up their next meeting with an unsuspecting child. At the same time, Aaron Kornblum, senior attorney on Internet Safety Enforcement for Microsoft says that parents and family need to know what they can do to protect their children online.The Attorney General's office has a 'Safe Surfing Initiative' and w3w3.com hopes you are paying attention to this important topic. 11/06/06 LISTEN - Bytes 2058556
Related Links: Making Kids Web Smart || AG Safe Surfing Initiative || NCSP || Applied Trust ||
: Cyber Security, Aaron Kornblum, Microsoft, Colorado, Safe Surfing, Colorado, Internet Predators, Applied Trust

202_ Business Simulation Industry Needs Talent and Money
Colorado has a unique opportunity. The video gaming industry already exceeds the size of Hollywood. As a result of early military and government investments, video gaming technologies are can now be applied to countless business simulations and applications. Currently, there is little structure to the business simulations industry. Colorado can play a significant role in that effort. Richard Leibowitz, the President of Union Gaming in Los Angeles is the keynote speaker at this year's TiEcon and the track titled Video Gaming and Business Simulations. > 10/30/06 LISTEN - Bytes 6591323
Related Links: TiEcon Home || Union Entertainment || TiE Rockies || Find It ||
: TiEcon, TiE Rockies, Video Gaming, Richard Leibowitz, Business Simulation, Ray Hutchins, Gaming Industry

201_ Sustainability is Here to Stay, Maybe Forever
The Archetype Sustainable House Demonstration Project began with a National Competition to design a green home that could be adopted by Canadian production home builders. Construction is planned to begin in the spring of 2007 in Toronto, Canada. Andrew Bowerbank, Manager, Sustainable Development is a key speaker at the International GreenBuild Expo being held in Denver. Monica Heron, Senior Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner for Canada in Denver Consulate General of Canada asked Andrew some probing questions. > 10/30/06 LISTEN - Bytes 4813952
Related Links: Toronto & Region || Canada || CORE || Greenbuild Expo || - Keywords: Canada, Toronto, Andrew Bowerbank, Monica Heron, GreenBuild Expo, Denver, Colorado, Sustainable House

200_ Here's the best way and don't call the Dept. of Defense
The United States of America needs your help. The US needs new innovative ideas generated by entrepreneurial companies. This year, one of the focuses of TiEcon Demo Extravaganza is Homeland Security. The keynote speaker for that track is Lee VanArsdale is the CEO of Triple Canopy, Inc., and is responsible for setting the strategic direction of this integrated security solutions company. Vic Ahmed, Chairman of TiE Rockies and CEO of SecConOne gets some specific advice for entrepreneurs from Lee you can use immediately. > 10/30/06 LISTEN - Bytes 4415010
Related Links: TiEcon Home || SecConOne || Cyber Security || TiE Rockies || Keywords: TiEcon, TiE Rockies, Lee Van VanArsdale, Vic Ahmed, Homeland Security, Triple Canopy, SecConOne

199_ Out of Site, Out of Mind Until the Predator Strikes
It's the good news and the bad news. "The Internet is a wonderful tool to exchange knowledge and ideas in ways not possible before," says Jeanne Smith, Deputy Attorney General for the state of Colorado. Jeanne goes on to point out, "It's also a place where bad things are happening at the same fast pace." Predators are pervasive on the Internet and it's difficult to pin them down. Predators are in every chat room. The Attorney General's office has a 'Safe Surfing Initiative' and Larry & Pat of w3w3.com hope you are taking stock of this important and hot topic. > 10/30/06 LISTEN - Bytes 1774135
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198_ Customers are Not Loyal and are Switchers by Nature
Unleashing human potential expert and world renowned author, Curt Coffman stresses that, "Talent trumps intellect", every time. Curt wrote the best seller, "First, Break All the Rules." Melodie Reagan, chair of the upcoming TiEcon event recruited Curt to be the luncheon keynote speaker. By the way, it's an hour address filled with strategies that you can apply immediately. His current best-seller is, "Follow This Path" and it's loaded with goodies. Melodie and Larry probe Curt for the top three tactics that the best leaders are applying today. > 10/23/06 LISTEN
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197_ Internet Security Hazards are on the Increase
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure or maybe your ID, or your hard drive or other vital aspects of your business. Once again the state of Colorado has become a leader in the high-tech arena.Mark Weatherford, Colorado Chief Information Security Officer, said, “The State of Colorado acts as a resource for gathering information from the federal government and other states on cyber threats and provides two way sharing of information between and among the states and, ultimately, with local governments and the business community.” > 10/23/06 LISTEN
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|| Bytes 10206148 - Keywords: Mark Weatherford, Cyber Security, CISO, Colorado, Safe Surfing, Identity Theft, Colorado, Homeland Security

196_ Video Gaming, Homeland Security, Wireless
With entrepreneurs in mind and focused on three powerful tracks, the Second Annual TiEcon is working and planning closely with business and universities. In addition to a number of international experts sharing their wisdom, participants will have a chance for some head-on-head conversation with the pros. Melodie Reagan, chair of the event points out that the best-of-the-best in Video Gaming and Business Simulations, Homeland Security and Wireless Technology will be also shown during the Demo Extravaganza throughout the day. > 10/23/06 LISTEN
Related Links: TiEcon Home || Auromira Executive || TiE Rockies Home || Find It
|| Bytes 5047382 - Keywords: TiEcon, TiE Rockies, Video Gaming, Homeland Security, Wireless, Melodie Reagan, Innovators, Demo Extravaganza

195_ In Search of the Angel Investment Capital in Colorado
Making a pitch to an angel investor vs. a venture capitalist for funding has some similarities and some significant differences. Gary Held, president of CTEK, Nicole Glaros, VP Programs & Services and Christina James, Program Director of the CTEK Angels detail the nine absolutes that any entrepreneur must adhere to in order to get an angel's attention and eventually get an investment. In 2005 angel investments reached $24,000,000,000, the average investment round is $266,000, and about 0.5% - 1.0% of the hopefuls get the funding.> 10/23/06 LISTEN
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|| Bytes 11765658 - Keywords: CTEK, Angel Investors, Investment Capital, Venture Funding, Startups, Gary Held, Nicole Glaros, Christina James

194_ Debating the Fate of the Colorado Business Vision
Colorado BIZ Magazine along with CSU and 9News hosted a business focused debate between Bob Beauprez and Bill Ritter. The two major gubernatorial candidates duked it out on some issues and even agreed (somewhat) on others. Topics included, biz incentives, healthcare challenges, water issues, education, minimum wage, amending the constitution, affordable housing, minorities and women owned businesses, immigration and with a special focus on their business vision for Colorado.
     Bob Kendrick, 9NEWS anchor, served as moderator. The panelists asking the grilling questions were Robert Schwab, editor of ColoradoBiz magazine; Adam Schrager, 9NEWS political correspondent; and John Straayer, political science professor at Colorado State University.
     Before the debate started, w3w3.com interviewed three different business people as well as an entrepreneurial married couple, and asked them what the next governor must do to best support the business community.. diverse views were expressed. Then along with the photos, w3w3.com decided to publish the interviews and the two-minute wrap-ups by each candidate of their 'business vision'. See you at the polls.. 10/16/06 LISTEN
Related Links: CO BIZ Debate Link || 9News Video Debate Link (3 Parts) || CSU || Debate Photos || Colorado BIZ Magazine || w3w3 Technology Debate 9/8/06 Link || Keywords: Bob Beauprez, Bill Ritter, Bob Kendrick, 9NEWS, Colorado, Robert Schwab, Adam Schrager, John Straayer, CSU, Colorado Biz Magazine, Business Vision Bytes: 4315745

193_ Internet Predators and Safe Surfing, Both a Crises
The stories are scary, growing in number and the Internet Predators are learning faster than we are. Patrick Sullivan, Jr., (former Sheriff for Arapahoe County) and presently Director of Safety and Security for the Cherry Creek School System shares three key points ALL parents should pay attention to. 1) Keep the computer in a common area (never in the kid's bedroom. 2) Parents learn the 'instant messaging' lingo. 3) Learn how to check the history on a computer and check it. Consider using computer monitoring and forensic tools. 10/1606 LISTEN
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: Patrick Sullivan, Safe Surfing, Internet Predators, Computers, Cherry Creek, Schools, Colorado

192_ In Search of the True Fully Integrated Network
Old laws, pending legislation, innovative technology, redefining industries are both the good news and the challenges points out Phil Weiser, Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program. Increasingly, consumers will be able to communicate with one another and access information across networks (wired, wireless, broadband, satellite, etc.) in a seamless manner. Easy to use and policy changes are key drivers. When will this all happen? Probably in the next 3 to 5 years. > LISTEN 10/16/06

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191_ Safe Surfing and Online Predators Spawning New Fears 10/09/06 LISTEN
There is a growing and historic partnership with the public and private sectors dealing with the epidemic affecting the youth. Yes this is an epidemic and many are closing their eyes and ears to this growing problem. Others are ignorant and don't have a clue as to what is happening. Thank goodness we are in a state that is proactively doing something about it. Colorado's Attorney General, John Suthers, Deputy AG, Jeanne Smith and Microsoft Attorney, Aaron Kornblum kicked off a program with a couple hundred law enforcement officials to discussion the solutions. This is the first in a series of this critical topic. Please share with others.
Related Links: AG Safe Surfing Initiative || Cyber Security Channel || In the News Channel || OEDIT Channel
Keywords: Online Predators, Cyber Crime, Safe Surfing, Law Enforcement, John Suthers, Colorado Attorney General, Jeanne Smith, Deputy Attorney General, Aaron Kornblum, Microsoft

190_ Nine Experts in the RFID Arena Tell Us the Way It Is
We asked these nine experts to each identify the biggest challenge facing RFID companies. We had them look at today and prognosticate about the future. We talked to Lucy Vento, CSC and CORFIDA founder; Christopher Knight, US Air Force; Ani Babaian, Microsoft; Kevin Price, Accucode; John Shore, Sentegra; Kimberly Lucas, Spitfire Group; Phaedra Culjak, Culjak Consulting; Benny Martinez, Zonar Systems. Each had a distinct take on the challenges and the promises. RFID is already impacting all of us. 10/09/06 LISTEN - MORE RFID Mobility
Related Links: CORFIDA Home || Event Photos || 2006 RFID Mobility Solutions Expo || Find It Keywords: CORFIDA, RFID, Fritz Hess, Lucy Vento, Garth Jensen, Ani Babaian, Kevin Price, Inventory, Tracking, Transactions

189_ Global Reputation with Challenges from Unexpected Places
George Sparks and the Colorado Museum of Nature & Science hosted the Launch of Colorado Tech Week. Hank Brown, President of the University of Colorado was the keynote speaker who introduced Governor Bill Owens. Brian Vogt, Director of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade introduced Hank. Little did we know when we hooked up the w3w3.com recording devices that we would capture such interesting information. Hank has been a business man, congressman, and senator before becoming the CU president.> 10/09/06 LISTEN
Related Links: Hank Brown Bio|| Denver Museum || OEDIT Channel || Event Photos || Find It Keywords: Colorado Tech Week, Hank Brown, University of Colorado, CU, Governor Owens, Brian Vogt, George Sparks, Colorado Museum of Nature & Science

188_ Getting 54 Volunteers to Work on a Single Goal
In addition to Jim Fairchild, Director of Marketing and Events for CSIA there were 54 volunteers that pulled everything together for the second year DEMOgala. Over 700 people turned up for this Colorado Tech Week event. King Nelson was one of the volunteers and both Jim and King shared their experiences. This event had 37 different innovative companies demonstrating their latest and greatest. They represented new companies just getting started as well as those that were venturing into new and exciting areas. > 10/09/06 LISTEN
Related Links: CSIA Home || DEMOgala Photos || Tech Week Info || Software Channel Keywords: DEMOgala, CSIA, Colorado Tech Week, Jim Fairchild, King Nelson, Volunteers, Nanotechnology, Aerospace, Robotics

187_ Colorado Supports Nanotechnology in a BIG Way
Following the Governor's Tech Week Launch, Brian Vogt, Director of Colorado's Office of Economic Development and International Trade talked about the new era we are entering which includes growing international competition as well as the new kinds of networks, relationships and economic principles. Jobs of the future and wrapping it all together with a long term strategy is critical. After addressing other important issues, Brian introduced Debbie Woodward, Executive Director, Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance. She unveiled the Nano Roadmap. 10/02/06 LISTEN
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186_ You are Branded, but only 3 Out of 100 Understand It - LISTEN
Every organization has a brand, whether it's intentional or simply happenchance. If you asked others to define 'branding' you would get a myriad of answers. You will here such things as your sales or elevator pitch, your logo or icon, your saying or tag line. Those can all be parts or pieces, but the brand for your organization is the heart and soul, it's your promise to your customers or constituents. Some branding experts share; Stefanie Dalgar, Robin Bond, John Vachalek, Brian Vogt. > LISTEN 10/02/06
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185_ Internet Protocol Duels with the Cable Industry
For some, it's a big whirlwind of change creating chaos and a cry for regulations from others. Phil Weiser, Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program points out the regulation can be a double-edged sword. It allows competition and therefore encourages innovation. On the other hand, intellectual property issues can slow things down and eventually will cost the consumer time and money. Other dicey issues that impact consumers and industry will soon be regulated; for better or for worse. > LISTEN 10/02/06
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184_ Technology Scorecard Before & After Tech Tsunami 10/02/06
High Tech takes on different nuances from farms to travel, from oil to software, from life sciences to education. With all the challenges the high tech sector has faced this past eight years, it has shown its strength in incredible ways. That's the w3w3.com take on things...we are more than survivors, we are stronger as a result. When Governor Owens kicked off Colorado Tech Week, we expected a trip down memory lane. Instead he focused on the future and highlights why he is optimistic. Brian Vogt followed with three key points. > LISTEN
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183_ Are You Part of the Advancing Colorado Movement?
Larry & Pat Nelson and Governor Bill Owens
The "Rising Tide" philosophy is something Pat and Larry Nelson believe in. They have found a wonderful theme that is growing in popularity and prominence in Colorado. It's simple but powerful and more information can be found at AdvancingColorado.com. We are all Advancing Colorado and now we do it with intention. Governor Bill Owens surprised Pat and Larry by presenting them with the 2006 Advancing Colorado Excellence Award for Advancement of the Technology Community at the Colorado Tech Week Launch. Together we create the future. > LISTEN 9/25/06
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182_ Three Buckets of Money - Which One do You Want?
There are three distinct stages that startups go through suggests Chris Wand, Principle at Mobius Venture Capital. There are some tough decisions that must be made if there is to be a successful third stage, coined "Revenue Ramp". Of course in the development stage, everyone tends to wear many hats. It's not uncommon that a "hero worship" culture develops which can be very difficult to deal with when a "change out" of personnel is required. Chris spells out when consistency is the focus and out weighs accuracy. > LISTEN 9/25/06

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181_ Can Colorado Bring Leadership to the Technology Table?
Parents are a key, points out Michael Lightner, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at CU in Boulder and president of the global organization IEEE. There are worldwide challenges that can only be solved by technology. There are nations in different parts of the globe that are unstable and others are on a road that is very scary. The US is currently on a path of instability in a very unique way. Science and math are not in the minds of most youth today and the US could be on its way to becoming a third-world nation. Part 2 of 2 .> LISTEN 9/25/06

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180_ Does Technology Support or Hinder Good Customer Service?
Customer service interviews are a very important component in growing their business claims Mitchell Ashley, CTO and VP of Customer Experience and Alan Shimel, Chief Strategy Officer of of Still Secure. The Still Secure office and development center is housed at the Mobius Venture Capital complex, but they don't take that for granted any more than they do their customers. They have received a number of awards and have some very good advice for organizations that are planning on expanding. Part 2 of 2 .> LISTEN 9/25/06

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179_ Impossible Becomes Reality with a Little Manipulation
The strategic action plan for CNA, called the Colorado Nanotechnology Roadmap was released today. Debbie Woodward, Executive Director, Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance pointed out as an economic driver, nanotechnology is no 'small matter'. Global demand is expected to reach $28.7 billion by 2008 and a $1 trillion global market is forecasted by 2015 with an estimated 7 million new US jobs will be created with an average wage of $97,978. We need to pay attention to this emerging market and not let it get away.> LISTEN 9/18/06

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178_ Building Your Business While Beating Travel Prices
According to Kevin Ward, President of PC Conferencing there are three main challenges that entrepreneurs face. The first is money. Many start out with their own, and credit cards and then there's the challenge of raising money from Angel investors or if your company has big potential, VC investors. The second is people. As Kevin says, "you know you need good people, but can you get along with them?" The third is balancing your personal time, your work and your family.> LISTEN 9/18/06

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In the News Channel || Call Kevin

177_ Hungry for Tech Success vs. Complacent Success
Getting in our own way is the biggest challenge for the US points out Michael Lightner, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at CU in Boulder. We cannot afford to let regulatory issues, tax issues, workforce retraining get in the way along with other challenges such as innovation, new business, new areas of technology where the US is falling behind. Michael is also the Global 'president' of IEEE and as he visits other countries he experiences the challenge firsthand. > LISTEN 9/18/06

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176_ Companies that Think They are Secure are into Denial
Starting a new high-tech venture in 2000 seemed right on. Mitchell Ashley, CTO and VP of Customer Experience and Alan Shimel, Chief Strategy Officer of of Still Secure compare the challenges of today's startups compared to then and highlight some important keys. Some of their points are controversial, some common sense, but all need to be considered. They suggest that you need to show real traction and be realistic about your needs and forecast before raising money. > LISTEN 9/18/06

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175_ The High-Tech Sector is back..
Soon you will be electing our state's new leader. The Question is, "What do the technology leaders think the governor should focus on in support of the Technology community? Here are the thoughts of 18 people we talked to at the recent Gubernatorial Technology Forum/Debate held at the Brown Palace Hotel >

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w3w3 Photo Album available at LifePics and Check out the Video Podcast at ClickCaster - Video of the entire debate

173_ The Wireless Revolution has just Begun its Wild Ride
Phil Weiser, Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program points out that the wireless spectrum is a vital natural resource. Over the next several years, telecommunications policy will almost certainty move away from the existing command-and-control framework. In charting a new course, regulators must appreciate the changing technologies that can operate effectively using commons access spectrum and propertized spectrum. New regulations will impact all businesses. > LISTEN 8/28/06

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172_ The ATE Employee Canon has Redefined the Big Bang
Trent Hein and Ned McClain, co-founders of Applied Trust Engineering (ATE) were surprised when Pat and Larry Nelson unexpectedly wanted to interview them about the Famous ATE Employee Canon. The ATE Canon was developed in an effort to support ATE employees, ATE clients, and the profession in general. It outlines their organizational culture, which fosters a creative, rewarding, and balanced work environment that empowers employees and clients. Here are 10 rules to build by. > 8/28/06 .> LISTEN
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171_ Going from an Inc 500 company in 2000 to the Pits and Back
Now is a good time to start a company especially with all the disruptive technologies surfacing, from VoIP to Wireless Technologies to RFID states Scott Burt, President of Integro. Today Integro has $40 million in the pipeline. History shows Integro went from a shining star six years ago to an embarrassing what's happening to us now to being a leader in their field. BTW, Scott has a new startup, Auction Automation. He talks about two driving forces the red flags of caution. Still, exciting times for entrepreneurs. > LISTEN 8/28/06
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170_ The Future of Money Found in Fractal Transactions
Thomas Frey, senior futurist at the DaVinci Institute steps out on the edge again and fills us in with what he calls, Fractal Transactions, Launching a New Era in the Future of Money. Future technologies are going to be converged, perform in nano seconds and change our lives personally and professionally. Imagine yourself sitting in front of a television, and a pizza commercial comes on. You stare at the screen and your mind thinks of nothing other than pizza. Finally you give in and utter the word “yes”. > LISTEN 8/28/06
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169_ East & West Coasts Duke it Out - While Colorado Has Fun
"In Colorado a handshake is a deal," claims Trent Hein and Ned McClain co-founders of Applied Trust. Quality of life, passion and the great outdoors are Colorado descriptors but Applied Trust has taken that to a whole new level. These techies extraordinaire, have incorporated a 'Culture of Giving' throughout the company along with many other attributes seldom found in companies today, big or small. They have also written 'best sellers, ' Unix and Linux Administration Handbooks.> LISTEN 8/21/06

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168_ Heavy Lifting Help Needed for $2.2 Billion in Cash
It's amazing what kind of rumors a $2.2 Billion give-a-way can generate. Russ Farmer, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado outlines the three big reasons why small and newer companies pursuing some of the federal grant money are not successful. Yet 30% of that $2.2 Billion was given to new applicants with less than 10 employees. The three things that make a difference: truly doing your homework; since each department is different writing to their specific standards is a must - simply following the instructions. > LISTEN 8/21/06

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167_ Can You Imagine Pulling Electricity Out of Your Car for the Grid?
While Colorado has a world class federal laboratory in Golden, NREL, few state citizens realize that we also have an extremely active Governor's Office of Energy Management & Conservation. Drew Bolin , Director shared with Pat and Larry Nelson some of the very exciting projects the Office is working on and supporting. The projects include retrofitting automobiles with larger batteries enabling them actually put energy into the grid which is an NREL/XCEL project to popular wind energy to E-85 Ethanol. > LISTEN 8/21/06

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166_ The Business of Technology in Colorado is Up for Debate-
As a state, Colorado has the highest number of technology workers per capita. As a result, the health of the Colorado technology industry is an important issue to consider in the 2006 election for Governor, says CU Professor, Phil Weiser. Brad Feld, Mobius Venture Capital with the Blue hat and Jack Tankersley, Meritage Funds with the Red hat will moderate a frank and open discussion with Bill Ritter and Bob Beauprez about Technology's future and their promise. > LISTEN 8/21/06

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165_ Web 2.0 is Changing the Internet Universe
What does Web 2.0 mean? With more than 9.5 million citations in Google the term "Web 2.0" has clearly taken hold, but there's still a huge amount of disagreement about just what Web 2.0 means. That's why DTP brought Om Malik, Contributing Editor for Business 2.0 and Founder/Editor of GigaOM.com, to Denver to speak on the topic. Many in the audience were surprised and that's an understatement. Different behavior coupled with new technology could make this Internet 2.0. > LISTEN 8/14/06
Keywords: Web 2.0, Internet 2.0, Om Malik, DTP, Telecom, Change, gigaom
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164_ 'Picture This' Takes on a Whole New Meaning
Explosive growth in the last 2-3 years has lead to exciting expansion plans for LifePics says Ken McDonald, VP of Marketing and Operations. Results show a growth from 100 stores to 2300 and could double that by the end of the year. If you are still using your black and white Brownie camera, you won't believe this story. If you are a multiple digital camera user, you'll be surprised at all the new possibilities and this is all in your own backyard. Ken shares some great advice.> LISTEN 8/14/06
Keywords: Photos, Pictures, LifePics
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163_ Can CTEK Change the Rate of Startup Failures?
It's more than just funding. But it is not a surprise what doesn't happen without money. That's one of the few essential dilemmas that CTEK wants to help solve for the entrepreneur. Gary Held, president and Nicole Glaros share a few of the resources investing in the CTEK Venture Fund such as high-net worth individuals and banking institutions. New relationships with tech transfer organizations are helping establish the Center for Applied Entrepreneurship. Part 2 of 2. > LISTEN 8/14/06
Keywords: CTEK, Entrepreneurs, Capital, Investment, Angel Investors, Startup
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161_ You Can't Keep a Serial Entrepreneur Down - Part 1 of 2. > LISTEN
Over 30 years ago Paul Ray decided to get out of corporate America and go on his own. Paul, the epitome of a serial entrepreneur is currently president and CEO of Surginetics. Larry Nelson set up an appointment to get an entrepreneurial update with Paul. As entrepreneurial luck would have it, it turned-out to be a day that Paul was going to start another round of chemotherapy at the Fitzsimons Anschutz Infusion Cancer Center. You can't keep this good man down. Paul said, "Let's do it on schedule." Wow, what an inspiring story.> LISTEN 8/07/06

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Entrepreneurs Channel || Lance Armstrong Foundation || Bioscience Channel || "IF" by Rudyard Kipling
Five Rocky Stages of a Venture Capital Startup - Part 2 of 2. > LISTEN
Paul Ray, president and CEO of Surginetics as well as super-serial entrepreneur points out that a good executive summary is the hook. There is a tremendous amount of give and take as the company and the investors start the building process. Paul shares his Five Stages of a VC Startup:(1) Excitement and Euphoria (2) Disenchantment (3) Search for the Guilty (4) Punish the innocent (5) Reward the undeserving. His advice to avoid this swamp is to get advice from attorneys, accountants and seasoned experts. Part 2 of 2. > LISTEN 8/14/06
Keywords: Paul Ray, Surginetics, Entrepreneur, Fitzsimons, Venture Capital, Startup
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160_ Closer Look at the Renewed CTEK
Many people in Colorado have wondered what does the acronym CTEK stand for? Gary Held, president and Nicole Glaros, VP Programs & Services spell it all out. C = Capital - T = Technology - E = Entrepreneurship - K = Knowledge. Building off a strong heritage, CTEK has listened to experts around the state, researched entrepreneurial needs and has identified gaps where they can work with and support various organizations around the state. CTEK is forming a venture fund that will help fill the 500K to $3 million gap in the funding stream. There's more. > >
LISTEN 8/07/06

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159_ IT Colorado Magazine to be Launched September 2006
About four years ago Front Range Tech Biz closed its doors, which was the only hardcopy publication (before or since) that was designed to promote innovation and technology in Colorado. With over 3000 IT companies in addition to Aerospace, Bioscience as well as other industries CSIA is going to launch IT Colorado during Colorado Tech Week, starting September 18 - 22, 2006. Both Su Hawk, president of CSIA and Jonita LeRoy, person in charge at OEDIT for Tech Week suggest it is not too late to get involved with the magazine being distributed to about 20,000 key people.> LISTEN 8/07/06

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Software Channel

158_CUTTO 2005-06 Report Shows Strength for Colorado
David Allen, Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer (CUTTO), University of Colorado System suggests we should all ask ourselves the question, "How is our business changing?" David Allen shared the successes and challenges with his third-year check-up with Larry Nelson about CUTTO. David points out that there always are challenges and opportunities. HB 1360, now a signed act by Governor Bill Owens has been more than a breadth of fresh air for the Colorado community. The CUTTO team efforts have led to 34 new company start-ups in the past four years. >
LISTEN 8/07/06 Part 2 of 2
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CUTTO Home Page || Annual Report || Bioscience Channel ||
About Tech Transfer

157_ Global Text Project Tries the Impossible
The cost of everything is rising, but the rising cost of textbooks is unbelievable. Ask the parents of any college student. But imagine a family in Uganda that is earning $1000 a year and their student needs to pay the bargain price of $60. That's half the price US students pay. Don McCubbrey, of Daniels College of Business at DU, is one of four international professors trying to make a big change with that challenge. They have a plan to make these texts free of charge and would have the text be in their native language as well as in English. Don points out that one of the promises of the Internet is developing community and that no one is as smart as everyone.> LISTEN 7/31/06

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156_CUTTO Metrics of Success and Challenges
In the past five years, we have seen some amazing results flow through from the University of Colorado Tech Transfer Office (CUTTO). David Allen shared the successes and challenges with his third-year check-up with Larry Nelson at w3w3.com. David pointed out that the high success rate included many factors including great researchers, setting a high bar and working with both the tech community and the business community. In addition close relationships with organizations like FBBi (Fitzsimmons BioBusiness Incubator) as well as a great advisory board with top-notch legal advice makes a big difference. This has led to 34 new company start-ups in the past four years. >
LISTEN 7/31/06

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154_ Ruth McCartney with British Ties Loves the US
Many experiences led Ruth McCartney to devising "iFanz" a sophisticated data management and reporting software which allows users to manage their customer or fan base directly online. Ruth's step-brother Sir Paul and her mother's entrepreneurial activities laid some groundwork for her successful ventures. Formerly, Ruth was a singer, songwriter and recording artist on BMG/Jupiter Records. Her successes are worldwide and she will be a keynote at the DaVinci My Space Boot Camp.> LISTEN 7/24/06
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153_ Entrepreneurs Rocky Road to Gold - LISTEN 7/24/06
Paul Ray and Larry Nelson are working on a project together focused on entrepreneurial lessons. Paul and Larry have both hit the wall numerous times. If you have worked with Paul, you might want to share an insight or story with Larry (larry@w3w3.com). If you don't know Paul well, listen to Larry's interview with him in May 2004. Paul is a well-known serial entrepreneur and he shares this success story that started with BTI (Boulder Tech Incubator…now CTEK) in 1992. This story about Image Guided Technologies is not an overnight success story, but one that was fraught with challenges while going public and then being acquired, no simple feat.
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152_ Expanding the Reach of the BioScience Cluster
The Fitzsimmons BioBusiness Incubator (FBBi) doors open September 1, 2005. David Drake the Director reports since then, they have looked at 50 "deals", have 9 clients, 11 advisors, a governing body steering committee and 15 catalysts that serve as advisors. David has surrounded himself with top-flight experts. The next challenge is looking at ways to expand their bandwidth. FBBi is looking into the possibility of engaging in a new capital campaign.> LISTEN 7/24/06
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151_ Advancing Colorado with Incredible Speed
Hundreds of people from business, education and government celebrated Governor Bill Owens signing numerous bills into law that will have a tremendous impact on the economy; from tourism to biosciences and beyond. Brian Vogt, Director of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade was proud of the OEDIT team that helped make it all happen. Brian also applauded the fact that this was a bipartisan effort along with Colorado community support.> LISTEN 7/17/06
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150_Building a BioBusiness Incubator at Fitzsimons
Helping develop a bullet-proof case in order to commercialize a scientific breakthrough and then secure an appropriate investment is what the Fitzsimons BioBusiness Incubator (FBBi) is all about. David Drake, director points out that in that value-added food chain at one end is the science discovery and at the other end the financial community. Bio discoveries generally require a great deal more capital to bring to market. The FBBi steering committee, advisors and catalyst team make it all happen. > LISTEN 7/17/06
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149_ Winners of Mercury 100 Awards Share Secrets
Starting from scratch in 2004, co-founders of the Spitfire Group, Mark Richtermeyer and Kimberly Lucas share their strategies achieving 900% growth over last year. Kimberly and Mark have complimentary strengths and philosophies. Both feel strongly about supporting a techies-team based environment where smart people can deliver very large technical projects in a short period of time. Their technical equipment along with their whiteboard room, set the stage. They have some great advice for entrepreneurs. > LISTEN 6/19/06

148_ Building a Winning Team and Customer Focus
"Business is not a one-person sport," says David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software. David and CFO, Joshua Pace discuss the value of team work and what it takes to build a winning team. Josh was recruited out of Silicon Valley about the same time Gerhard Eschelbeck was recruited for the CTO position. Formally Mike Irwin was the CFO and he became the COO, an example of tapping into the strengths of the team. Listen for some critical team building aspects along with some truisms such as, "What's important is to recognize what's important." (Part 2 of 3)> LISTEN 6/19/06

147_ Webroot... - Webroot's Story Explains Why Colorado
The success of Webroot's Spy Sweeper starts right here in Colorado, covers the world and returns to Colorado. The The entrepreneurial spirit in Colorado is seeing the fruits of the survival spirit points out David Moll, CEO and President of Webroot Software. David recently hired a world-class CFO, Josh Pace right out of Silicon Valley. So you have to ask, "Why Colorado?" Back in 2002 Webroot was hit very hard and had some tough choices to make and David shares some The entrepreneurial lessons.> LISTEN 6/12/06
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146_ Challenges and Choices for Women in IT
Women make up about 25% of the IT workforce today and about 50% of the overall workforce. With declining of female enrollments for bachelor degrees in computing and IT, coupled with the declining number of high school girls interested in technology as well as the retirement numbers, it's easy to see the work-shortage problem explains Lucy Sanders, Co-Founder and CEO of the "National Center for Women & Information Technology" or 'NCWIT'. Lucy explains some innovative solutions. (Part 2 of 2)> LISTEN 6/12/06

145_ Lucy Sanders - Is There a Significant Place for Women in IT?
The name of this 'innovation group' is the "National Center for Women & Information Technology" or 'NCWIT' points out Co-Founder and CEO Lucy Sanders. Housed at CU Boulder, the NCWIT mission is to ensure that women are fully represented in the influential world of information technology and computing. Brad Feld of Mobius is on the board with a host of other notables that are all passionate about the about diverse thought in innovation and this collaborative creation process. > LISTEN 6/05/06 || Bytes: 5306099
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Keywords: IT, Women, CU, Boulder, Colorado, Brad Feld, Innovation

144_ Deal Inked - Is There More Than Food in Frank Day's Life?
Frank Day shares the rest of the story and points out lesson number one with IPOs. When you tell people you are going to slow down they desert you, points out Frank as he shares his wounds (learning lessons). The stock tanked and then he took it private in 1999. This addicted entrepreneur is proud to point out that by the end of 2006 there will be a total of 135+ restaurants including franchises. This Colorado native claims the key to building any successful business is people. Part 2 of 2.> LISTEN 6/05/06 || Bytes: 5975670
Keywords: RVC, Rock Bottom Brewery, Old Chicago Pizza, Entrepreneur, Concept Restaurants
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143_ Mistakes - Larry Fenster, Are they Learning Tools for Winners?
From experience Larry Fenster knows that there is a moment in business when things are not going well, and how useful it is to have someone guide you through the tough spots. Larry feels that this is part of the mentoring that 'angel investors' need to provide. Larry talks about his 2-2-2 rule. The first '2' is that business plans tend to project twice as much revenue as actually occurs. The second '2' is the combo of actually needing twice as much capital and it takes twice as long. Listen for the third '2' and more. Part 2 of 2.> LISTEN 6/05/06
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Keywords: RVC, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, Sales, Engineer, Venture Capital || Bytes: 3959016

142_ From Part-time Pitchman and Harvard Grad to Old Chicago Pizza >LISTEN 5/29/06
Yes there was an IPO, but you have to hear Frank Day share the rest of the story. Frank's parents, his experience as a 'pitch man' and his Harvard degrees all had a tremendous influence on the founder of Old Chicago Pizza, Rock Bottom Brewery, ChopHouse as well as owner of the Boulderado Hotel in Boulder. You might be surprised what else Frank has his hands in. This Colorado native claims the key to building any successful business is people.
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Venture Capital Channel

141_ Going from an Engineer to Sales Engineer to Angel Investor >LISTEN 5/29/06
While going to college, Larry Fenster was infected by the 'entrepreneurial bug'. Larry wanted to get an engineering degree but after his business experience he decided that sales and engineering was the best combination. He worked for Johnson Controls for seven years learning and helping them roll out the use of mini computers for systems controls and monitoring. With the OPEC oil crisis on its way, Larry along with partners 'recruited' a strategic partner with connections and $300K.
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140_ Networking at Rockies Venture Club Nets Cash and Contacts > LISTEN 5/22/06
New president of the Rockies Venture Club and CEO of Decisioneering, Jim Franklin has found memories of his experiences at RVC events. In the late 90s, Jim met a contact that led to raising $5 million and co-founding a Sequel backed company called, Web Family. The RVC 2000 Colorado Capital Conference opened the door for Jim and Vericept and they raised $20 million from Sequel Venture Partners, Signal Partners and William Blair and created 65 high-paying jobs in Colorado.
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Positive Ware Website || Venture Capital Channel

139_ Economic Summit Could be Adding Development to Its Name > LISTEN 5/22/06
The 4th Annual Economic Summit held in Denver was opened by Bill Hubble of Microsoft. The high-profile panel included Joe Blake, Jeff Potter, Kevin Grieve, John Suthers, Robert Coombe, and Kenneth Tuchman and was moderated by Bob McDowell. Bill Hubbell reviewed the key points of the 4th Summit which was the biggest and the best, suggested that next year it will be further expanded. Global competition, technology and security were among the hot topics discussed.
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138_ The Rocky Road of Building a Successful Medical Device Company >LISTEN 5/22/06
In 1979 Baxa became part of the Cook Company out of the state organization. In 1987 Brian Baldwin and some cohorts engineered a buy-back from Bill Cook. From there on it was a roller coaster ride. Winning a patent litigation suite cost Baxa $1 million in legal fees. Not that long ago, Baxa experienced a major recall and at that time had a 20% market share. Today they have better than a 85% share. Brian predicts wellness preventative care is the new growth area. There's more.
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137_ Delivering Solutions While Avoiding Info Overload a Key to Success - LISTEN 5/22/06
Meaningful solutions is an Intrado mantra. Years ago Intrado introduced the concept of using the incident command system in public safety. Stephen Meer points out that the challenge is inner operability. Whether it is the tragedies at Columbine, Katrina or the World Trade Center Stephen says it is much more than just the communication. It's about getting the right information, to the right people in the right time. Using the tools on a daily basis and distilling down to meaningful solutions are the keys.> LISTEN 5/22/06
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136_ Building a Community for All in Changing Times
Driving down the cost of software over its entire lifecycle yields a higher ROI and the satisfaction of the software goes up, explains Craig McMurtry, Technical Evangelist for Microsoft. A pre-launch early-bird view of WinFX showed an excited group in Denver that this is a comprehensive set of tools and instruments that will build sophisticated management models that help in understanding the health of your application while correcting what might go wrong. >LISTEN 5/15/06
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135_ Intelligent Emergency Network, Next Generation 9-1-1
Developed 30 years ago, we have outgrown the current 911 technology. Intrado, a global provider of emergency communications infrastructure and services is now building the next generation of 9-1-1. Cofounder and CTO of Longmont based Intrado, Stephen Meer's history includes being a first responder. In addition to his career, Stephen has a great deal of interest in our youth as it relates to science and math interests. Here's a Colorado success story.> LISTEN 5/15/06

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134_ Baxa, Past Mistakes and Facing Challenges Lead to Winning > LISTEN 5/15/06
Learning from past mistakes and overcoming the biggest of challenges helped make Brian Baldwin, Vice Chairman and Founder of Baxa a success. His college roommate and fraternity brother Bill Cook started with a dumb business model, hypodermic needles. This was followed by other challenges including making it through Chapter 11. Today, Baxa is a successful award winning company built on the foundation of getting the right people in the right place and time. Brian enjoys having a good time, ask Dame Edna.
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133_ Designers and Developers Working in an Unlikely Partnership
A new set of tools that will empower developers and designers was introduced on w3w3.com radio, the first in the country. Microsoft Expression is a powerful new set of tools that help create and support a new generation of compelling user experiences explained, Ani Babaian (Denver, CO) along with Arturo Toledo and Jon Byrum (Redmond, WA). Microsoft's expansion with Expression will allow professional designers and developers to realize their creative dreams. > LISTEN 5/15/06.
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132_ Getting a Headstart on the Next Generation with MS - LISTEN
How to Be an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner
It started out as a lunch program in Milwaukee 20 years ago, and has evolved. Today a premier gala, awarding and honoring entrepreneurs globally says, Mark Siegel, partner of Ernst & Young, Denver office. Melodie Reagan, one of the illustrious judges for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Colorado discusses with Mark what it take to be chosen to be one the winners. The finals are awarded June 22, 2006.
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|| 2005 Photos || 2005 Mark Siegel Interview  

131_ Benefits and Pitfalls of Working Virtually are Changing - LISTEN
Colorado's employment rate is healthier than the national average points out Melodie Reagan, founder of Auromira Executive Advantage. Terminal Service Projects are impacting working virtually especially with the well educated and high-tech workforce in Colorado points out Rina Delmonico, founder of REN Consulting. They also shared the practices to use in order to avoid the pitfalls for hiring as well as those pitfalls when applying for a job.
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130_ IPO, Going from $5.00 per Share to $0.13 per Share - LISTEN
Here is a little IPO history. In May 2003, we interviewed Paul Ray, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, venture capitalist and all-around bioscience enthusiast, about an IPO experience he had that was filled with extreme peaks and valleys. In addition to intellectual property concerns the other key that got in the way was management. Remember, those that don't learn from the past are doomed to relive it. With all the twists and turns, Paul is still chugging on.
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129_ Getting a Headstart on the Next Generation with MS - LISTEN
If you want to have a better user interface experience on your website, here's your chance. If you are responsible for writing the code that makes that possible, here's your chance. Get a running head start on your competition. Ani Babaian, Microsoft Developer Evangelist announces Expression, the Next Generation - WinFX as well as a Free full-day seminar detailing WinFX, Office 2007 and Vista. MORE

128_ Father of Spam Speaks Out, Tells All on Anniversary - LISTEN
The LA Times said it was akin to 'Opening Pandora's In-Box'. In 1978, Gary Thuerk, now dubbed the Father of Spam, set out to about 600 ARPAnet members (predecessor to today's Internet) an unsolicited eMail selling a product. BTW, every name on this single mailing was listed above the offer as it wasn't a blind copy. Today, there are about 60 Billion emails sent out daily, with more than half SPAM.. MORE

127_ The Inside vs. Outside Approach to Time Management - LISTEN
There are time management systems galore. Whether you use a hard copy calendar, electronic version or mostly in the head with a few 'to-do' notes, odds are you are still swamped and some things just simply go undone. Lisa Niederman and Deb Miller of Performance Velocity share a real golden nugget that can make a world of difference in productivity without pressure.MORE

126_ More Peaks than Valleys in the Economic Outlook - LISTEN
There are unknowns and challenges, but the Rocky Mountain Economic Summit sponsored by Microsoft and promoted by w3w3.com was quite upbeat. Each of the panelists brought up some challenges. Bob McDowell, Microsoft’s VP of Information Worker Business Value moderated and highlighted key points - Competition, Technology, Education, Globalization, Fuel, Customer Engagement and Internet Security. . MORE

125_Blake, Potter, Suthers, Coombe, Grieve, Tuchman - LISTEN
We got the inside scoop and FREE attendance offer from Bill Hubbell, Microsoft Business Productivity Advisor. A star-studded panel will engage in a dynamic dialog by sharing their perspectives on business issues affecting our region. They include Joe Blake, Jeff Potter, Kevin Grieve, John Suthers, Robert Coombe, and Kenneth Tuchman. Related Links: Summit Home Page || In the News Channel || Microsoft News

124_ "Buyers, Meet the Sellers on Your Terms," Says Kari
Buyers, whether they 'need it now' or are 'comparison shopping', are often forced to spend and inordinate amount of time checking out leads. In May 2006, MarketBuzz.biz is being launched. This powerful and continually updated Resource Guide has categories from Bioscience to Cyber Security, from IT Consultants to Software Specialists, from Telecom to Venture Capital. Ask Kari.
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121_Wireless - Could be the Remote Control of Your Life (Part 1 of 2)
Wow, there are some industries that are really the talk of the town. That would be wireless and all the new things coming down the pipe. Vipanj Patel, Managing Partner of iSherpa Capital just returned from CTIA, a huge wireless trade show and had lots to talk about. There was a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm as Vipanj shared some trends that are already upon us.
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Entrepreneur Channel

122_Portfolio Companies in Colorado, a Look to the Future (Part 2 of 2)
Vipanj Patel, Managing Partner of  iSherpa Capital sees that the size of new deals is increasing and it's not just in continuing investments in current portfolio companies. Vipanj is very excited about a couple iSherpa portfolio companies in Colorado. He sees the venture capital market as very healthy and growing. Other 'biggies' are making moves in the wireless arena.

Title: 120_ Talk - Melodie Reagan Turns the Tables Part 1 of 2
Father of 5, lived and owned businesses in 5 countries and is going into his 9th year as an Internet radio show host on w3w3.com.. There have been many bumps along the road, and that started with a case of polio. Larry Nelson and his wife Pat are definitely serial entrepreneurs. They went from nothing to a multi-million dollar business and back to nothing. Actually back to a new start.
123_ Talk - Melodie Reagan Turns the Tables #2
After building and losing a multi-million dollar business in Europe and moving back to the states, Larry Nelson and his wife Pat moved to Australia. Things were really up, down-under and the Nelson magic was back. The emphasis in Australia was delivering training to executives and business owners on the subjects of Mastering Change, Building Teams and Marketing your company. Part 2 of 2
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116 LISTEN _ High-Tech Workforce is Shrinking: Solution on the Way?> 4/10/06
Some call it 'sport for the mind'. It is a fantastic tool for exciting the minds of our youth and releasing their technical genius. It teaches teamwork, it inspires, it brings out the best and is summed up as encouraging 'co-opetition' at the highest level. What is it? It's almost impossible to describe, but it started with a Dean Kamen dream called USFIRST.org and is now entrenched in our backyard, ColoradoFIRST.org. Pat and Larry were proud watching the youth take their dreams to new heights .Charlie Clements describes the event, its makings and how business, government, education and the community are making a difference, changing lives while celebrating our youth. > MORE 4/10/06

115 LISTEN _ Challenges for High-Tech: Is Our Youth Even Interested?
Numerous business leaders have shared their concern with w3w3.com about the lack of interest in high-tech by youth in the ages of 9-14. Their concern grows as they look at the figures concerning minorities and females. Jenny Golder, Colorado FIRST Lego League Partner shared that there 70,000 Lego Teams internationally with 80 here in Colorado. For the competition each team receives a Lego Mind Storm micro computer, 2 light sensors, 2 touch and a rotation sensor along with gooey based software. Pat and Larry's eyes swelled up when they witnessed what these young people built and accomplished. Business will benefit from this fine organization and hopefully learn something too. >   MORE 4/10/06

114 LISTEN _ Executive Candidates -
The Market Change and Hiring Challenges
> 4/3/06
By the year 2010 there will be a labor shortage points out Melodie Reagan, Founder, Auromira Executive Advantage. She reveals the most important three hiring mistakes made by organizations as well as the three most common mistakes made by candidates when applying for a job, regardless of field. Statistically, people have ten different jobs in their lifetime Melodie points out. > MORE 4/03/06

113 LISTEN _ PodCasting - The Title Wave Hitting Traditional Media
Business, industry, government and education will all feel the impact of PodCasting says Scott Converse, Founder of ClickCaster. Hundreds of thousands of shows are making their way to the Web, all made easy to download on your portable mp3 player. Every topic imaginable can be heard on a PodCast and ClickCaster is making it easier and more convenient for all of us. >   MORE 4/03/06

112 LISTEN _ Mental Agility: the Secret Sauce Behind Successful Companies
Many things in life and in business come naturally. Many things we apply and actions we take are second nature and when we want to excel we work at it harder and put in more hours. Deb Miller, COO of Performance Velocity just qualified for the Boston Marathon. Mental agility, learning a second business language are keys to success - It's a winner. >  MORE 3/20/06

111 LISTEN _ Chaos is Fun: Life of a Serial Entrepreneur
Paul Ray, is known as an experienced (that means the good, the bad and the depressing) venture capitalist. But Paul, in any event is a serial entrepreneur. He says that delegation leads to organized chaos and that some think abdication equals delegation…4 to 5 things must be in parallel. Paul has lead a number of companies into successful venture funding.  MORE 3/20/06

110 LISTEN _ Innovation, Communication and the Increasing Pace of Change
Phil Weiser, Silicon Flatirons drills Jim Crowe, Level3 CEO after his luncheon keynote address. The audience also asked some tough questions. Jim had a great deal to say about regulation in the Internet space. He feels that the entrepreneurs are the backbone of innovation. As in the past, regulation tends to entrench the current - not encourage alternatives and is not a friend of innovation.  MORE 3/20/06

109 LISTEN _ Funding Innovative Technology Ideas for Commercialization - Jere Glover, Small Business Technology Council and Mark Henry, PBC, Inc., keynote speakers at the Colorado SBIR Conference, discuss the successes of the $85 million in SBIR funding brought to Colorado, some of the exciting new commercialization programs as well as the challenges with the research and development funds SBIR will be facing in the next two years.   MORE 3/20/06

108 LISTEN _ Building Colorado's 21st Century Technology Workforce Today -
Dick Pankoski
, Founder of Colorado FIRST is happy to have such companies as Lockheed, Ball, CH2M Hill, Hewlett Packard and others supporting another Colorado FIRST Regional Robotics Competition. Imagine getting a box with about $16,000 worth of hardware and software, without any directions other than letting you know you and your team are to assemble the parts and compete in a tournament.MORE 3/20/2006 Looking for a "Family" event? Fun - Exciting - Competitive - Plan for next years ColoradoFIRST!

107 LISTEN _ Innovation, Communication and the Increasing Pace of Change     
Jim Crowe,
CEO of Level 3 Communications, keynote luncheon speaker at a Silicon Flatirons conference, touts the benefits of "market based competition." While he acknowledges it can be messy and unpredictable, it must be recognized by policy makers. He further explains challenges that come from competition and the fast pace of change require more entrepreneurs. MORE 3/20/2006

106 LISTEN _ Humbling Experience Leads to Success and Challenges 3/13/06
As keynote speaker at the Colorado SBIR Conference, Brian Vogt, Director of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade shared his experiences that lead him to his position. However Brian focused on the future, from the serious threat of complacency to the competition of outside forces to the exciting potential of the Colorado center for emerging technologies. MORE

105 LISTEN _ Components of IT are Process, Storage, Moving and Crowe 3/13/06
Never short on ideas and information, Jim Crowe, CEO of Level3 Communications was the keynote luncheon speaker at the Silicon Flatirons conference. Jim shared many interesting facts and pointed out the the US (the country that invented the Internet) ranks 20th in the world in providing high-speed Internet access to its citizens. He talks about a process that is messy, risky but fast..MORE

104 LISTEN _ NIH, Funding Research and Development to Promote Human Health 3/13/06
Flattening of the budget could get in the way of proposed research for health initiatives. Kathleen Shino, acting NIH SBIR/STTR Program Coordinator for National Institutes of Health talked about some of the exciting programs and research that has funded some extremely important advances in our nation's health care. NIH is a civilian agency, not an enforcement agency, with money to invest.MORE

103 LISTEN _ Secure Cargo Initiative, Cyber Security, Biological Threats are Hot 3/13/06
SBIR grants funding steps up to the plate for first responders. Maurice Swinton, Program Manager, for the Advanced Technology Office for the US Department of Homeland Securityspoke at the SBIR Colorado Conference in a continued effort to reach out to small businesses to help address the challenges of our nation. Russ Farmer, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado helps spread the word. MORE

102 LISTEN _ Ford, 100 Years Old Heading for a Sustainable 200 3/06/06
"Companies still standing 10, 20, 30 years from now will be those companies that get the sustainability agenda right," says Niel Golightly, Ford Motor's Director of Sustainable Business Strategies. Bud McGrath, Executive Director of CORE and Treasure, Graham Russell question Niel about Ford's direction and seeing if it is sustainable. Short-term and legacy issues still persist. MORE

101 LISTEN _ Sun, Expecting 12 to 15 Year Desktop Life Cycles 3/06/06
"It's really time for the IT industry to grow up," says Bill Vass, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Sun Microsystems. Bill was the luncheon keynote speaker at CORE's first annual Sustainable Opportunities Summit. He focused on the challenges of disposable IT products and pointed out that Google uses about 100 million kilowatt hours of power. Energy is not in the CIO budget MORE

100 LISTEN _ Powell, Information Overload and 25,000 iTunes 3/06/06
"Our chilren are not motivated by pay, but by fear of failure", said Michael Powell, past Chairman of the FCC. He had a very interesting Q and A with Phil Weiser, Executive Director of the Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program. Powell shares very interesting statistics, everything form rural area challenges, the exploding abundance of TV to how broken Washington is. MORE

099 LISTEN _ Challenges and Recommendations for FCC 2/27/06
“To prevent something that might happen is a very hazardous philosophy,” said Michael Powell, past Chairman of the FCC. He went onto point out in an open discussion with Phil Weiser, Executive Director
of the Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program that government has to have a high-bar to justify intervention in the marketplace. Powell shares his very strong opinions. MORE

098 LISTEN _ Challenges and Choices for Denver Telecom 2/27/06
After an eight-year rollercoaster ride the Telecom industry is redefining itself. Kelly Zunker, President of Denver Telecom Professionals is happy to report that the telecom industry is solid and is changing and adapting at record pace. With new technologies like VoIP, WIFI, IP TV and others, a common question is, “How will the old traditional companies fit in?” Kelly answers this and more.

097 LISTEN _ Challenges and Opportunities for Green Investing 2/27/06
It will take a public sector and private sector partnership to achieve the next level of success in the clean energy field. John Casesa of Merrill Lynch points out that the, “Horse has already left the barn. And
consumers want this technology. There’s no turning back now.” John was a keynote speaker at the Sustainability Opportunities Summit. Political tempers could rise in 2007. MORE

096 LISTEN _ You Would be Surprised About VC Dollars for CO 2/27/06
Economic development, growth and stability don’t happen by accident. There are many important components including venture capital investments and Boulder County receives the lion’s share points out John Cody, President and CEO of Longmont Area Economic Council. Economic development in Longmont has a heavy focus on BioTech, Software, Semi Conductors, and Storage entrepreneurs. MORE

095 LISTEN _ Challenges and Profitability for Entrepreneurs
The track-record at CTEK in Longmont has been quite extraordinary. Over 16 companies have been helped, 8 of those have raised $18 million and 4 ended this past year in the black. Alex Summoury, Executive Director of CTEK Longmont and John Cody, CEO of Longmont Area Economic Council (LAEC)
point out the value of working together for the benefit of new entrepreneurs and the community as a whole. MORE

094 LISTEN _ You Would be Excited About Business Continuity
When most people think of Homeland Security, they think of terrorist. Homeland Defense includes natural disasters like Katrina and other emergencies points out Murray Hamilton, Director of the Rocky Mountain Center for Homeland Defense Research Institute at DU. Business Continuity and homeland defense are now on the d rawing board in conjunction with Daniels School of Business. MORE

093 LISTEN _ You Would be Smart to Use This Planning Calendar
Finally there is a mechanism to help plan, track a view coming events and conferences. Pat and Larry Nelson announce a new “Save the Dates” Planning Calendar. This will work in concert with the Web Community Calendar and support the quick-to-look-at-dates on both the w3w3.com home page as well as the Weekly Newsletter. Now you can avoid double booking and missing events. MORE

092 LISTEN _ You Would be Grateful to Receive Mentoring Like This
Partner at Arrow Investments, Mark Endry believes in the mentoring process. His high-profile tenure at various “large” companies helped him understand the value of mentoring. Mark shares both sides, mentor and mentee. There are specific guidelines and rules for being a super mentor and Mark shares those tips as well being the best mentee. He heads up the TiE Rockies mentor program. MORE

091 LISTEN _ There is $2.2 Billion Available for Startups
Small innovative companies, large companies, SBIR Colorado and the offices of economic development makeup the “quadruple win” claims Russ Farmer, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado and nationally known speaker on access to capital for entrepreneurs. Russ shares secrets that are extremely exciting and helpful to innovative researchers and entrepreneurs. MORE

090 LISTEN _ JD Edwards to Hyperspace to Arrow Investments
In his tenure as CIO at JD Edwards Mark Endry worked with three CEOs all with different leadership styles. Then it was his turn to be President of Hyperspace. Mark helped it go public and went through unbelievable challenges. It was successful and Mark shares the process. Then it became his turn to wear an entrepreneurial hat and start a new life using his old skills at Arrow Investments. MORE

089 LISTEN _ The State of the US Economy and Our Universities
New degrees, new concerns, new ways of dealing successfully with new challenges are top of mind at University of Denver. Rahmat Shoureshi, Dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Sciences at DU points out that India and China are graduating 500,000 engineers in the same timeframe that all of the universities in the US are graduating 60,000. Rahmat has an interesting solution. MORE

088 LISTEN _ From the Bench to Testing to the Marketplace
Off-the-bench technology isn’t market ready. “It’s early, embryonic and not complete. Human therapeutics go through clinical trials that can cost 100s of millions of dollars before you have a product that can be introduced to the market place points out David Allen, Assoc VP for Technology Transfer at CU See Annual Report. About $630 million and SBIR federal grants help out in the process. Part 2 of 2. MORE

087 LISTEN _ Venture Capital - New Demographics Paradigm
Valuations for early-stage companies are very low, points out serial entrepreneur and President of Nervonix, Paul Ray. When building a company and raising capital a lot of things can happen and things can go wrong. Paul’s expertise is in biosciences and medical devices but his sage advice is excellent for any entrepreneur. He weaves in some humor as he takes us through the process. MORE

086 LISTEN _ Inner/Outer Voice – New Communication Paradigm
A significant percentage of our business communications is subconscious. Allison Taylor, Founder of Paravox, a marketing and communications consulting firm goes onto point out that people and our potential customers make judgments about you based on voice, body language and more. A. MORE

085 LISTEN _ Technology Transfer – New University Paradigm
The CU Technology Transfer Office 4th Annual Awards program was a success. There are multiple other ways to measure success at the CU TTO. David Allen, Assoc VP for Technology Transfer has been part of a success story starting in 2002. Many will be surprised how CU stacks up with other universities as well as the percentage of professors on the bench who are involved.. MORE

084 LISTEN _ Statewide Association – New Micro Enterprise Paradigm
Funding for micro-sized enterprises of typically five or fewer employees can be quite a challenge. Merrily Hill Smith the Executive Director of the Colorado Alliance for Micro Enterprise Initiative points out other challenges. Those challenges include insurance, consulting and more. Kelly Manning at OEDIT and others support CAMI and the important work they do for economic development. MORE

083 LISTEN _ Capitalizing on the Thought Economy Today 1.16.2006
Collapsing the time it takes to complete a project in this fast-moving era is no longer a concept, it’s a reality. Lisa Niederman, CEO and founder of Performance Velocity and COO, Deb Miller share the challenges and competencies needed to make this applicable, immediately. Their analogy of using wired vs. wireless strategies really makes sense. Learn it before your competition does. MORE

082 LISTEN _ Pivotal Year and More to Come at Colorado OEDIT 1.16.2006
In 2005, the Office of Economic Development and International Trade along with 30 plus groups around Colorado converted a single day Tech Summit into a week long Colorado Tech Week held throughout the state. Jonita LeRoy of OEDIT was the point person for the one-of-a-kind special series of events. She is not sitting on her laurels; listen to what is on the horizon for 2006. MORE

081 LISTEN _ Collaborative Expansion is on the Horizon for CBSA 1.23.2006
After merging medical devices and biosciences in Colorado about two years ago, CBSA has become a strong voice for Colorado industries. Executive Director, Denise Brown says the 35 programs held by CBSA along with BioWest 2005 are signs of the future. Collaboration is their mantra and will partner with CSIA, SBIR Colorado, Longmont Economic Development Council among others. MORE

080 LISTEN _ Access to Capital – Be Prepared the Right Way 1.16.2006
Things are picking up. For some, the exciting news is that access to venture capital and angel investors is very positive right now. The challenging news for some is they're not ready to talk or to make a presentation for money. Jim Arkebauer, co-founder of the Rockies Venture Club, prolific author of business books and founder of Venture Associates reveals what it takes. MORE

079 LISTEN _ Meeting the Challenge – New and Old Entrepreneurs 1.16.2006
We seldom publish question and answer periods from a conference. This time it makes sense as both the questions and the answers are valuable and insightful. Phil Weiser, Esq. Founder and Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Telecom Program, University of Colorado and his team organized an event for budding entrepreneurs and pros. David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software was the keynote.. Part 3 of 3 MORE

078 LISTEN _ Millions More Coming to Colorado via SBIR 1/09/06
Over $85 million dollars came to Colorado from the SRIB/STTR federal program in 2005. Russ Farmer, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado points out that SBIR grants and contracts are for very leading-edge and high-risk innovative research projects. Russ shares some of examples how very small companies can tap into relationships with BIG companies, face-to-face. More...

077 LISTEN _ Looking for Frustrated Mature Business Talent 1/09/06
Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are probably working for some of Colorado’s largest companies claims David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software. David goes on to point out that those people are often frustrated and are an answer to our void of mature business talent. He also has some interesting thoughts for associations. There is a BIG need for more cooperation and support for entrepreneurs. Part 2 of 3. More...

076 LISTEN _ CTEK Angels Getting a New Perk of Their Own 1/09/06
Whether you are a startup looking for money or an angel investor, here’s some great news. Gary Held, President of CTEK announces that CTEK is putting together a “private equity fund” that will be professionally managed. That’s great news for angel investors as it opens up some top-flight investment opportunities while lowering their risk and at the same time making it better for entrepreneurs. More...

075 LISTEN _ Sustainable Means Big Bucks Today and Tomorrow 1/09/06
Big or small, CORE is not about what your company does, but how your company does business points out President of CORE, Carolyn McIntosh. Sustainability practices are not just for BIG companies it is good sense for companies of all sizes and for their bottom line claims Bud McGrath, Executive Director of CORE. Creating quite a buzz they are attracting heavy hitters. More...

074 LISTEN _ VoIP Challenges: e911, FCC, Net Neutrality
It was a break-out year for Vonage. Brooke Schulz, VP of Corporate Communications reported a customer gain this past year from 400,000 to 1.2 million. Vonage has a partnership with Level 3 to better deal with the e911 challenge. The biggest challenge revolves around the issue of Net Neutrality. In simple terms, it means the Internet keeps working like it works today. Not all want that.1.02.06 More...

073 LISTEN Start-Up Challenge: Down to the Last Dollar
The entrepreneur’s nightmare is the “Down to the Last Dollar” Syndrome. If you are thinking of getting a HUGE new client to buy your product or service be aware of how this “angelic customer” can turn into a King Kong. At one time AOL represented a third of all of Webroot's income. That came to a complete and an abrupt halt. David Moll, CEO of Webroot Global, shares all with entrepreneurs at CU in Boulder. 1.02.06. More....

072 LISTEN Future Challenges: Hyper-Individuality, Wires
The Top Ten Trends for 2006 might surprise you. Thomas Frey, futurist and Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute puts on his visionary hat and talks about the Death of Wires. Among some of his other predictions he hits on such topics as; Simple and Smart Products; Confluence of Influence; The Empire of One (entrepreneurs will love this one); The Age of Hyper-Individuality and more. 1.02.06. More....

071 LISTEN CTEK Challenges: Tripod, Collaboration, 90 Days
Listening in any instance can be tough. Gary Held, spent his first 30 days as President of CTEK meeting with and listening to business, educational, government and association leaders. As CTEK was about to chart new waters, Gary felt he had to get the pulse of the community throughout Colorado and employ “Collaboration” as he says that is what the “C” is in CTEK. 1.02.06. More....

070 LISTEN Flat Growth Rate for IT Predicted, but There are Solutions
Some people look at negative signs and literally go right into resignation. Su
Hawk, President of CSIA referred to a recent Forrester Research report that predicts flat IT spending in 2006-08. Her belief is that one of the purposes of CSIA is to help change those predictions for its members. Sounds like a lofty ideal, but Su shares how CSIA will help make that happen. In addition to the successful APEX event and DemoGala, they will be holding a number of supportive programs for its members. 12.19.05. More....

069 LISTEN 5% Growth Rate Forecast as CO Exports Continue to Rise-
Colorado beef and semiconductor exports plagued international trade this past 12 months, but did not stop export figures from increasing. Technology exports represent a major share of the numbers and Canada remains our number one trading partner. Australia, Latin America, India and Mexico are growth leaders for Colorado Exports points out Laurel Alpert, Division Director, International Trade for Colorado. Laurel shares other insights for those exploring International business. 12.19.05 LISTEN
- More...

068 LISTEN Entrepreneurial Advice in Changing Times for Veterans
Some entrepreneurs are wildly successful and unstoppable while others are failing and resentful observes Brian Vogt, Director of the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade. He was the keynote luncheon speaker at the first annual Small Business Conference for Veterans in Denver. Brian’s advice was right on and would be helpful to anyone building a business. Kelly Manning and Rich Werner of Colorado’s SBDC Network put together a first-class conference. 12.19.05
LISTEN - More...

067 LISTEN Here’s Part 2 and Links to New FREE Software 12.19.05
Microsoft invested over $10 million in all-around community support in 2005. In 2006 we will all have chance to see and explore the new products and services being developed this year. Larry and Pat Nelson along with 2400+ people attended an exciting product launch at the Colorado Convention Center. After, they interviewed Rick LaPlante, Microsoft GM of Visual Studio Team System; Tom Sheraden, VP, e-Business Apps for ProLogis and Scott Johnson, MS Regional Technology Officer. (Part 2 of 2) LISTEN - More...

066 LISTEN Exciting Free Downloads Unveiled at Microsoft Launch - 12/5/05 - LISTEN
During 2005, Microsoft focused on security issues, needs of their business partners (there are 5000 in Colorado) and developing new products. Larry and Pat Nelson along with 2400+ people attended attended an exciting product launch at the Colorado Convention Center. After, they interviewed Rick LaPlante, Microsoft GM of Visual Studio Team System; Tom Sheraden, VP, e-Business Apps for ProLogis and Scott Johnson, MS Regional Technology Officer. More....

065 LISTEN Reviewing Access to Capital- Past, Present and Future - 12/12/05 - LISTEN
Here's some candid straight talk about access to VC capital in Colorado. Brad Feld, Managing Partner of Mobius Venture Capital didn't have much good news to talk about when w3w3.com interviewed him two and three years ago. Brad gives some specific examples and offers some interesting advice for the coming year. For some, it is going to be a very good year and for others will struggle. Brad points out that mid-stage and later-stage activity is very healthy. More...

064 LISTEN Winners Tap into Peak Moments, On Demand for Productivity - 12/12/05 - LISTEN
In today's Thought Economy your success is defined by your ability to think and execute faster than your competition. Whether it's the corporate bottom-line or an individual's actions of an outstanding leader, results are the ultimate measure. Lisa Niederman, CEO and Deb Miller, COO of Performance Velocity discuss with Larry how to take the chance out of accomplishment. If you have ever accomplished something extraordinary, even very special, you will appreciate their message. More....

063 LISTEN Driving the Idea of Personal Responsibility & Contribution (Part 2 of 2) - 12/12/05 - LISTEN
Building the future with our eyes wide open is essential in this fast-paced economy. Brian Vogt, Director of the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade defines "freedom" as "choice", that's many choices. Brian hopes that when the legislators get back in January that their focus is long-term sustainability and what is good for the Colorado economy. It will be an interesting year in Colorado politics as we will see if the focus is on power or for the good of the people. More...

062 LISTEN Vets Get a Helping Hand Building Their Business - 12/5/05 - LISTEN
In the best of times, it can be quite challenging building a business. Ask 8 out of 10 who try. Kelly Manning, SBDC State Director is happy to announce that SBDC is providing counseling, top-notch materials and workshops for vets in business. Programs - - Services
December 13, 2005 a powerful all-day Small Business Conference is being held in Denver. Cost for Vets is $15 and $25 for others. Pat & Larry will be there.

061 LISTEN Blogging is a Mystery and Profitable Business Tools - 12/5/05 - LISTEN
Business Blogging is upon us. Dave Taylor, founder of Intuitive.com shares his views with Larry about the history of Blogging and points out that business blogging is barely two years old. Dave, a leading expert goes on to share his view on business blogging in the future (including the traps). You will be surprised; surprised is better than blindsided.
December 10, 2005 Dave Taylor will be leading a hands-on Business Blogging workshop. Get $40 off by using discount code "w3w3". Pat & Larry will be there. Details

060 LISTEN Revealing the Past Reveals the Future at Colorado's OEDIT - 12/5/05 - LISTEN
Moving at the speed of light some say. Brian Vogt, Director of OEDIT says that strategic intention is a source of power behind the "Advancing Colorado" phenomena. Brian has a great staff, recruited knowledgeable volunteers and supports them without getting in their way - and their goals are accomplished. Here are some links to track that history.
Launch - Tech Week Photos - Event Photos - Colorado Office of Tourism - Advance Colorado - Branding

059 LISTEN Colorado's Competitiveness: The Challenge of the Future - 12/5/05 - LISTEN
Key issues greatly impacting the future of our children were discussed with Jessica Wright, Executive Director of AeA. She touched on the past, such as quietly innovating and quickly went on to discuss economic reforms, technology adoption, federal funding, education challenges and immigration. Jessica shared thoughts on what we could do to lose and how we can win.
AeA co-hosted Celebrate Technology, a super event in Colorado Springs. Take a look at the photos Larry & Pat took of the winners, heavy-hitters and the excited attendees including the youth. PHOTOS

058 LISTEN Raising Cash and Ten Immutable Laws - 11/14/05 - LISTEN
Cash flow funding is not a typical option for most startups trying to raise money and grow. David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software and keynote speaker at CTEK's State of Capital Conference shares what he calls "David Moll's 10 Immutable Laws for Raising Cash." Listent to part 2 of 2

057 LISTEN Successful Entrepreneurship Has New Rules - 11/14/05 - LISTEN
"Ask not what you can do for your students, ask what your students can do for you," says Paul Jerde, Executive Director, Deming Center for Entrepreneurships to his Board of Advisors. He was the welcome keynote at a Silicon Flatirons conference being held at CU Boulder campus. Paul was very proud to touch on some of their successes, but his entrepreneurial advice was super. Related Stories .

056 LISTEN Belfast Chamber of Commerce Visits Denver
For more than two decades the entire economy of Northern Ireland was subjected to sustained and vicious terrorism. Chief Executive for the Chamber of Commerce, Frank Hewitt shared the dramatic turnaround. Now there is a fast growing economy and Billions of pounds being invested in infrastructure as he shares with Peggy McMahon, Dir. of the N. Ireland Tech & Development Center in Denver.

055 LISTEN Going From Black-Hat to White-Hat Hacker
We have all heard that Webroot raised $108 million in venture capital this year. Now it is time to hear the rest of the story. David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software and keynote speaker at CTEKs State of Capital Conference shares some little known info about founders Steve Thomas and Kristen Tally. Steve was the state chess champion, black-hat then white-hat hacker and so much more.

054 LISTEN Capturing the Attention of the Right Audience
Can a simple letter change the course of your business? It can, if it captures the attention of the right audience. Cindy Rayfield of Rayfield Creative explains the role of a good copywriter and how he or she can influence positive outcomes for any type organization, high-tech, low-tech, and non-profit. Allison Taylor checks out the community building points with Cindy.

053 LISTEN Nanotechnology, NIST and Northern Ireland
Seagate is one of many companies that partner with organizations from Northern Ireland. Peggy McMahon, Dir. of the N. Ireland Tech & Development Center in Denver and Larry Nelson talk with Dr. Robert Bowman, keynote speaker at a world-class nanotech conference at NIST recently. Dr. Bowman sheds a new light on advanced applications in storage and other Nano developments

052 LISTEN RFID Tags, Real Time and Prison Management
During Colorado Tech Week, the Colorado RFID Alliance hosted a special breakfast program that showcased four successful business cases related to the applications and the ROI. Nolin Refrow, recently
retired Director of Prisons pointed out that the RFID bracelets not only keep a count on inmates in real-time with no blind spots, they also know exactly where every prisoner is.

051 LISTEN Ethics, Leadership and Character Building
Is there anything management can do to ensure that good people will do the right thing? That was Larry’s first question when he interviewed Kathryn Alexander, founder of Ethical Impact. She detailed a 5-point approach for creating ethically dynamic organizations. It’s not an overnight process. Kathryn is conducting a program about this topic at the w3w3.com Center on 11/16/05.

050 LISTEN Vets Biz Building with SBDC’s Kelly Manning
Getting on the GSA schedule, marketing your business, securing government contracts, setting your pricing formula and more, is in the program designed for Vets. The cost to Vets (including family members and employees), for this high-powered $180 course is only $35.00 explains Kelly Manning, SBDC State
Director. Listen, learn and link for other free services for Colorado Vets. FREE Newsletter
Contact Kelly

049 LISTEN The Making of a Leader, Webroot’s David Moll
The Making of a Leader, Webroot’s David Moll
Once destined to be a plant manager, then shifting gears to be more than knee deep in technology required hard work. In part 2 of 2 in this Profile of a Leader interview Larry and Pat Nelson continue to quiz David Moll, president and CEO of Webroot Software about his experiences going back to his childhood. The bumpy road through the tech bubble paid off.

048 LISTEN Ambassador of Liechtenstein Checks Out Colorado
Surrounded by mountains, nurturing a positive entrepreneurial spirit as well as having shared values and principles. That is how Ambassador of the Principality of Liechtenstein to the US Claudia Fritsche, described both her country and Colorado. She was in Colorado conducting a preliminary assessment of potential business cooperation between Liechtenstein and Colorado. Read the report in Rocky Mountain News, by Roger Fillion.

047 LISTEN Understanding Blogging with Guru Dave Taylor
Many know Dave Taylor, President of Intuitive Systems as a Blogging Guru. He lead an important segment during the recent Blogging Party. Dave is also an author of 20 books, and most recently, The Complete Idiots Guide to Growing Your Business with Google, which offers every entrepreneur hundreds of great ideas on how to increase your presence online.

046 LISTEN Profile of a Leader with David Moll, president and CEO, Webroot Software
Going from a handful of employees to over 300 is no small feat. Raising $108 million in venture capital this year was a magical move. David Moll, president and CEO of Webroot Software, has been through a great deal in his educational and business career. In this Profile of a Leader program, Larry and Pat Nelson quiz him about his experiences going back to his childhood.

045 LISTEN Vets Biz Building with Kelly Manning, Colorado Director, SBDC
Colorado veterans have access to a number of benefits for starting and building their business. Most services are provided free such as counseling, newsletter and many other business building tactics and strategies. Kelly Manning, SBDC State Director has just announced a high-powered $180 course for Vets, including family members and employees, for only $35.00. FREE Newsletter.

044 LISTEN Digital Currency with David Vaters, president of Creditz
You can use it just like cash without the privacy and security concerns. It is not a credit or debit card, it is a free card that rewards you with digital currency you can spend, explains David Vaters, President of Creditz. The Creditz system is built on an open and ubiquitous platform. It is an inclusive model that works with business and for the consumers and is expanding to Colorado.

043 LISTEN Understanding Blogging with Guru Dave Taylor
Fortune 1000 companies, national publications and businesses of all sizes are getting into Blogging. It is relatively new, and as a result, there is an element of anxiety points out Dave Taylor, President of Intuitive Systems. Dave has authored 20 books, is a workshop leader and consultant to business. He explains some important facets and will be at the Blogging Party.

042 LISTEN Colorado Film Commission and the Economy
Millions of dollars are spent filming new movies. Martin Cuff, director of the Colorado Film Commission talks about a revenue stream that we should not overlook. Recently part of a film, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was filmed in Colorado. During those 5 days, 500,000 dollars were spent. The other 50 days of the movie was shot in Vancouver . Martin has ideas.

041 LISTEN Georgia Republic Media Stars Visit w3w3.com
Ia Meurmishvili, of the State Department escorted three TV celebrities from the Georgia Republic to the w3w3 Media Network Studios. Irakli Imnaishvili, Producer and Ancor; Nana Lezhava, Correspondent and Ancor; David Gersamia, Chief Director at Public Broadcasting of Georgia were checking out the new media at w3w3.com. These pros might see w3w3.com in the Republic of Georgia.

040 LISTEN It's Blogging Party Time for Beginners and Pros
There are about 20 million blogs, with over 1.5 billion links. All blogs are websites, however few websites are blogs. With this information overload, Larry and Pat Nelson share a few tips that can be invaluable to all Web surfers. Visit Here and here: w3w3.blogs

039 LISTEN Tourism Celebrates but Is Facing Some Challenges
The economy is impacted by Tourism (and that’s an understatement). Governor Bill Owens was happy to point out that Colorado proved to be a popular destination in 2004; welcoming 25.8 million domestic overnight visitors…they spent $7.3 billion.
Then the Governor talked quite passionately about a related issue and hot topic,
Referenda C and D. What do you think? w3w3.blogs

038 LISTEN Thumbs Up and Down for the Donald
Yes he brought his hair and yes Donald Trump delivered a talk about his “Ten points
of Success”. Allison Taylor, producer of the Training Trends Channel on w3w3.com
attended the BIXPO 2005 event held in Loveland. Larry Nelson and Allison review
those points, then discuss them and then the fun began. Each point was rated by
up or down thumbs and he gets fired.

037 LISTEN Electronic Commerce History and Slovenia part 2 of 2
Have you ever wondered why countries like Slovenia, Singapore and others are so
far ahead in their use of B2B Commerce? The history goes back to a time when
Paul Rarey of EDI convened a conference in the 1970s about Electronic Data
Interchange that was held in Slovenia. Donald McCubbrey shares this history prior
to the World Wide Web and the Internet, as we know it.

036 LISTEN 23-Year Old BIG Entrepreneurial Business
An important event is happening in Colorado Springs on 9/30/05. Larry Nelson took the opportunity to interview the keynote speaker for Celebrate Technology, founder and CEO of Cypress Semiconductor, TJ Rodgers. The Cypress story is a great model to for building an entrepreneurial company. TJ also points out that Colorado shouldn’t try to copy Silicon Valley.

035 LISTEN New Media Totally Reshapes the Political Arena
They certainly let their hair down at this Silicon Flatirons event. What happened with the new media during the last presidential election will surprise you. Phil Weiser, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program moderated this second high-powered panel: Melissa Boasberg, Friends of Kerry ; Jim Carpenter, Dir. Sen. Salazar Colo. Office; John Gastil, University of Washington; David Skaggs former Member of Congress and Dir. Center for Democracy & Citizenship .

034 LISTEN Three Critical Steps for Capitalizing on the Future
The steps for building a successful company may vary from one industry to another. However there are not exceptions to the fundamental pieces. It’s not always easy, but Larry Nelson shares the three big keys. Strategies coupled with quarterly tactics are critical. Larry announces the launch of both PodCasting and Blogs on w3w3.com. Put a placeholder on Oct. 17-21, 2005.

033 LISTEN The Start of Electronic Commerce Still Impacting
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) started during the Berlin Airlift. Before the Internet, companies started to exchange business information and B2B transactions. Donald McCubbrey, Clinical Professor at the Daniels College of Business at DU points out as companies like General Motors started demanding that all orders came to them electronically. Gates Rubber and others followed.

032 LISTEN Profile of a Leader – Donald J. McCubbrey
As one of five recipients of the prestigious Bob Newman Award for outstanding contribution to the technology community given by the Colorado Software and Internet Association (CSA), Don McCubbrey, University of Denver, has continued his trek. While he is a true pioneer in the electronic commerce world, this Profile of a Leader interview is about the lessons and experiences that we can all learn from.

031 LISTEN The End of Politics – As We Knew IT?
This fascinating and informative program examined the Internet and its impact on Political Participation. Phil Weiser, SFTP moderated this high-powered panel: Dan Gillmor, Grassroots Media; Rolland Johnson, Three Eagles Communication; James Morgese, Rocky Mountain PBS; Joe Waz, Comcast. Listen and Learn.

030 LISTEN 45 Million Uninsured Problems – Dr. Stanley Feld
Is it possible that the patient, physician, insurance industry, government, hospitals and employers could all benefit from a Healthcare overhaul? Dr. Stanley Feld feels strongly it could be with the “power of the patients”. A medical savings account would create a new paradigm of behavior and savings that could benefit all of the stakeholders. This is Part 3 of 3 of Customer Driven Healthcare.

029_LISTEN Are the BIG Companies Doing Their Fair Share?
Katrina Tragedy - No one can hide - Impact felt by all!
Larry Nelson talks to stakeholders and stockholders
LISTEN - this is three minutes that could make a difference.

028_LISTEN Colorado Heroes: In the Face of Katrina
When things are tough, the best step forward. Stories about the Katrina tragedy range from hundreds of bodies to missing people, from chaos and fear in community to an eerie sense of isolation, and transporting 50,000 refugees from New Orleans to Houston. As our own nurse Kirsten Nelson walks into the thick of it, up steps Kevin Price, President of AccuCode and Nigel Thompson, President of Soft360, both Colorado heroes.

027_LISTEN FCC Regulations: Standards, Neutrality, VoIP
Regulations are going to be imposed on the Internet explains, Phil Weiser, Exec. Director, of the Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program. Some of the current challenges for VoIP providers are providing E911 service that works. Network neutrality is a key concern as it will allow and promote innovative ideas of those that want to develop applications for the Internet.

026_LISTEN 3Ms of Biz: Money, Marketing, Management
While money is up front in the pecking order, Gary Held, President of CTEK points out that correct order is Management, Marketing and Money. Good management can attract money as well as create markets and provide creative leadership. He admits, obtaining money can be challenging. That’s precisely why CTEK is hosting “State of Capital” at Colorado’s Tech Week.

025_LISTEN Healthcare: Can We Fix What is Broken?
Giving patients and other stakeholders incentives for using medication and other medical services judiciously, is a major step to fixing the broken healthcare system in the US. Dr. Stanley Feld suggests that the system that works is the system that makes everyone responsible for how the system works. In this Part 2 of 3, Dr Feld has some ideas for the 45 million uninsured citizens.

024_LISTEN Photonics Innovator of the Year + "Merc" 8/29/05
CDM Optics, a 10-year old company with a technology invented in CU is recognized at a Colorado Photonics Industry Association meeting in Boulder. Specifically, CEO and one of three founders, R. M.“Merc” Mercure was given this special award. The company now has 24 employees and started out on the 3rd floor of what was the Boulder Technology Incubator.

023_LISTEN Getting Buy-in for VoIP + User Education 8/29/05 DTP Lunch & Learn
TDM and PBX systems have come to terms with flipping over to IP. Chris Johnson, Consulting Systems Engineer for Cisco confirms that initially the migration was due to cost savings and points out that now increased productivity is becoming an important part of the decision mix. User mobility, plug-in call centers and unified messaging are some of the requirements asked for today.

022_LISTEN The Political System is Changing + Internet 8/29/05
Unless one has lived in a vacuum this past year, you cannot help but notice how the Internet has impacted politics. It is a major transforming force explains Phil Weiser, Exec. Director, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program. Everyone is concerned about the delivery of information with many issues on the horizon including Telco regulations, 3rd broadband pipe, wireless, etc.

021_LISTEN Consumer Driven Health Care + Technology 8/29/05
The statistics are staggering and getting worse. Our nation’s health care system, plagued by failing HMOs, out-of-control costs (with all the stakeholders into survival tactics) and everyone is being squeezed. Dr. Stanley Feld points out there are many stakeholders including the untrained patient, providers, doctors and the government. Contact Dr. Feld - He believes the patients can drive “them” into utilization of technology.

020: LISTEN Colorado’s Cluster of Innovative Companies
Do you know about the power of RFID…do you even know what it is? This is one of many high-tech areas being demonstrated at the CSIA 2005 DEMOgala. Su Hawk, President of CSIA explains that the DEMOgala is not a trade show; it includes hands-on demonstrations of some of the state’s finest. Jonita LeRoy of OEDIT shares in that excitement promising more to come

019: LISTEN Sustainability and Surviving are Partners
Have you ever asked someone what he or she meant by sustainability? Allison McGrath (age 12) asked her father Bud McGrath (more than 12) that question while she was interviewing him at the w3w3.com Studios. Bud is the Exec. Director of CEBA/P3, a trade association promoting “business profitability and social responsibility, which are equal and inseparably connected”.

018: LISTEN Managing Expectations at CU Tech Transfer
CU had a very good 2004 and is expecting a better 2005. David Allen, Assoc. VP
for Technology Transfer (TTO) at CU, cites that patents filed by CU have doubled
per year since 2001. David discusses managing expectations, relationships,
building the pipeline and the broad impact on all. David is proud of his team as
well as the extraordinary researchers on the benches of CU. Part 2

017: LISTEN VoIP is Here to Stay, but Some Won’t Make It
There are always challenges for early adopters and VoIP pioneers are no
exception. DTP Lunch & Learn Series The doomsayers are backing off some, but
the winners and losers are yet to be chosen. In this part 2 of 2, Tim Bradley of
New Global Telecom, details the last eight of the “10 Critical Questions to Ask
Before Launching into VoIP.” Tim hits it straightforward, with good business
lessons for all.

016: LISTEN Critical Questions and Choices + VoIP
The VoIP early adopters in the early 1990s were dreamers interested in saving money, but didn't really understand what was going to unfold in the next 10 years. The fact is, and as exciting as VoIP is today, most don't understand what is yet to come. But the real challenges are the "10 Critical Questions to Ask Before Launching into VoIP," says Tim Bradley of New Global Telecom.

015: LISTEN Your Core Conversation + Profitability
"Start" building your credibility and "Stop" annoying people with your elevator pitch. How do you do that? People typically start talking about everything they do, but what they should do is to develop their "core conversation" to bring clarity around their business and focus on what they really can do. Cindy Rayfield and Allison Taylor, producer of w3w3.com Training Trends discuss how.

014: LISTEN Colorado Economy + CU Tech Transfer
With over $600,000,000 in federal research funding, CU had a very good year. David Allen, Assoc. VP for Technology Transfer (TTO) at CU, points out it's more than the money. Colorado has one of the most intelligent and entrepreneurial clusters in the country. The Proof of Concept program at CU has helped a great deal with this growth. Patents filed per year have doubled since 2001.

LISTEN: 013 Communication, Entertainment + Telecom
Gary Gaessler of Trillion, founder of Denver Telecom Pros and Sue Wyman, of Jivaro Group, president of the Denver TeleCom Pros are excited about the future of Telecom but are concerned with the negative connotation of the word "telecom" as a result of the challenging years gone by. Don't be fooled, Telecom is not only here to stay but will soon be one of the fastest growing sectors.

Listen: 012 Teens for Teens Could Be the Answer
“Teens have a great deal to say, but nobody listens,” says Matt Goad a recent graduate of the University of Denver. Paul Bauer, clinical professor, department of IT and Electronic Commerce introduced Matt to Larry and Pat Nelson when he heard w3w3.com wants to launch a “Teens for Teens” Channel, built for Teens and built by Teens. Teens will learn the entire process.

Listen: 011 TeleCom Opportunities and Wireless Denver
"New generation service providers are beyond cable and satellite. New technologies include 802.11, WIMAX, VoIP, IP Video, IP TV and a growing list of technologies," points out Gary Gaessler, of Trillion and founder of Denver Telecom Pros. Sue Wyman, of Jivaro Group and Prez of the Denver TeleCom Pros adds Healthcare, Security Government and Professional Services to the opportunity list.

Listen: 010 OutSourcing is Dicey & Misunderstood
''Take Nike as an example. shoes are made around the globe, but everyone is looking for the best price,'' points out Vic Ahmed, President of Parsec. Vic sited an example that Larry had not heard before. About 75% of the money spent on shoes stays right here in the US. That includes design & promotion as well as sales and marketing dollars. Vic knows this is a sensitive issue. In the News

Listen: 009 Colorado Science Forum and Creativity
Colorado scientists and technologists produce some of the highest level of research in the nation. The federal government funding rates Colorado #3 in per capita expenditures in the nation. Richard Stucky, PhD. And VP of Research and Collections for the newly founded Colorado Science Forum discusses creative thinking and the future with Denise Brown and Chris Shapard. CH: In the News

Listen: 008 Women Inventors Growing in Numbers
“In 1910, less than 1% of all patents were issued to women,” says Tom Frey, Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute. That’s an improvement over 50 years prior when only 10 patents per year were issued to women. Today, the Patent Office reports that 10.9% are issued to women today. There are many explanations from legal, economic, social and education. Tom & Larry discuss. CH: Entrepreneurs

Listen: 007-BioWest 2005 Grows with an International Draw -
"The BioScience industry is about commercializing and making available for application, new discoveries that come out of our science community," says Denise Brown, Executive Director of the Colorado BioScience Assoc. "Fitzsimons is the envy of the rest of the world," points out Chris Shapard, Director, BioScience and Emerging Technologies, OEDIT. Get the scoop on BioWest 2005. CH: Colo. Gov.

Listen: 006-Analyzing Pros and Cons, Roll-Ups and M and As Many large VC funds on the east coast focus on conglomerating companies and rolling them up in a similar space. Vic Ahmed, networker extraordinaire and CEO of Parsec goes onto point out there are tons of benefits as the companies grow and that this can also be a major money saver. Vic recommends that we all talk to others about the benefits of locating their headquarters in Colorado. 2839KB CH: VC

Listen: 005-Taking a Close Look at RFID Facts and Stats, Focus Now Solutions
There are three "value pillars" when evaluating the benefits of RFID mobility technology. Fritz Hesse, president of the Colorado RFID Alliance and CEO of Focus Now Solutions goes on to share facts and stats that deal with the RFID urban myths, the seamless way for "things" to talk to each other and the boundless opportunities for innovative developers and users. 5491KB CH: Mobility

Listen: 004-Taking a Close Look at Colorado Aerospace
Taylor Locker, Applied Technology Assoc. was one of many companies that were checking out the top-flight aerospace industry in Colorado. The Space Symposium held in Colorado Springs is an annual event with the best and the brightest and serves as a great forum for building business and partnerships. Taylor said he wishes his state would have its own -Space Channel-. 1664KB CH: Colo Space

Listen: 003-Innovation and Access to Capital in Colorado
Large companies experience stumbling blocks to innovation that require developing relationships with smaller companies as well as VCs, and universities ( Colorado has some of the best). To do this, the large companies must discuss the problems they have and invite the entrepreneurs to help solve them. Vic Ahmed, Parsec CEO says this creates an ecosystem of success. 3567KB CH: Investing

Listen: 002-Colorado Tech Week - International Observers
Block out the dates: October 17-21, 2005. The "Best of the Best" in technology and science will be showcased statewide in Colorado. Top Colorado associations are involved. This series of events, from Grand Junction to Colorado Springs, from Ft. Collins to Pueblo is attracting international attention. You can have a front-row seat. Jonita Leroy from OEDIT gives us the scoop. 3056KB CH: CO-OEDIT

Listen: 001-Bringing Technology Business to Colorado
Serial entrepreneur, Paul Ray shares some insight about the differences between a product that leads to building a company or a product to be sold to a larger company. Paul has been a VC, angel investor as well serving as Colorado bioscience chief. Listen to him describe how he engineered a move of an out-of-state company to Colorado and tapped into virtual techniques. 2002KB CH: Entrepreneur

ACG Denver 2008
Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference
Driving Corporate Growth 
PHOTO Album 3/12/08

The ACG Corporate Growth Conference, exhibited a culture of innovation from the start... I loved the registration process; in a private room, spacey, organized, friendly and efficient! From there we ran the gauntlet of booths and industry leaders to a fine sit-down breakfast and the first morning keynote at the Fourth Annual "Women in Corporate Growth Breakfast” - inaugurated by Sherry Law.

Colleen Abdoulah, CEO - WOWColleen Abdoulah - WOW - blew our socks off! Energetic - enthusiastic - fun and funny, she approached her presentation with zeal and enthusiasm. Her spellbound audience members must have hidden the requisite chauvinist, because we didn't see him. Colleen asked, “What is leadership? It is bringing out the best in ourselves and others. Don’t tolerate bad behaviors from anyone, male or female.”
WOW Home Page   LISTEN In her own words...

The day continued with excellent panels, sparking creative, innovative, enthusiasm and a desire to get back into the action – glad the conference was interactive. David Mead, Mead Consulting, Mike Britti – Trans Union Rental and Dan McCallin, Timberline Steel, shared experiences in “Getting Out On TopTidbit: How to determine the value of your business to others:
1) Consistent Improvement of Cash Flows  2) Your Growth Story 3) Capable Management Team and  4) Solid performance history.

Charile Fote & Brian Meegan, Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe discussed “Keys to a Successful Transaction” – “Manage yourself hard on time, dates and spending money. Hold yourself and others feet to the fire!" Certainly seems to work for Charlie!

Mac Slingerlend, CEO, CIBER, Inc.We've listened to the voices of experience. We heard their warnings and their encouragement. Next, we got to celebrate with the winners, the people who are doing it and doing it right. ACG Denver honored CIBER, Inc. with Outstanding Corporate Growth Award. Mac Slingerlend President & CEO, led CIBER's rise as one of the leading Information technology and e-business solutions companies in the United States.

Kevin Reddy, Noodles and CompanyEmerging Company awarded to Noodles & Company, Kevin Reddy, CEO, demonstrated steady growth for three consecutive years. Additional qualities considered for this award are company leadership and the strategy behind its growth and reputation in the general business community.

Todd Woloson (Izze co-founder) Greenmont Capital said, “Inflection point planning maximizes returns and focuses your business.” Rick Dutkiewicz, CFO, Einstein Noah, said, “In the next 9 months, have your company staged for the growth opportunity. It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

From here we went global. John Lathrop, DU; Douglas Allen, DU and Dave Garrison, Sr. Counsel the Americas, CH2M Hill told us, “… the world is flat… and there is a trend toward a universal standard of conduct. But international projects are not for the faint of heart.”

The full day was wrapped in a great reception. People excited by the ideas and thoughts still had the winning Nuggets game ahead, plus one more thrilling day.

Howard PutnamAnd thrilling it was. Our breakfast keynote speaker Howard Putnam took our hearts and minds soaring thru the Southwestern skies. This man professes to surround himself with people smarter and better than himself. He said they plant ideas in his head and he, being the pragmatist, turns those ideas in his head until they become real. “Turbulence is inevitable, but misery is optional.” LISTEN - VISIT: Howard Putnam.com

The following panels we're extraordinary. The interactive and charged atmosphere was compelling. Responsibility & Accountability of InnovationPaul Bauer moderated, Frank Kvietok, Jon Nordmark, Doug Taylor and Vic Ahmed generated a torrent of thoughts and experience. Tidbit: Innovations often have unanticipated consequences. Be prepared to listen to bad news. If it’s something you should use or change – do it. But don’t stop innovation.

The Human Capital Dimension of Growth: Ralph Christie, Jr., Pres & CEO of Merrick and Company believes …”Engineering is sexy again! And he’d love to be 27 again. With the energy challenge it is a great time to be an engineer. Ralph is extremely bullish on the future… “Growth is implicit in our plan.” This is an amazing time and Ralph says, “.. he refuses to participate in a recession!” Here we found another CEO that has HR report directly to him and allocates 20 to 30% of his time for human capital management. It’s that important.

Joe CallowayThen came lunch with Joe Calloway. Let me just say, we bought all of his books, interviewed him and left inspired and in possession of a new friend. Joe's down home but very polished presence caught everyone's imagination. There could not have been a better selection for finishing a stellar event. Joe found a thread (“more like a cable”) running thru this conference and it was ‘culture’! “Benchmark your culture, it is what we think we’re all about.” Courage is the mastery of fear – not the absence of fear. Take a risk and do it. Without action there is no creativity. LISTEN - VISIT: Joe Calloway.com

All in all it was a heady experience and the last challenge of the day came from Joe Calloway, to decide what you're going to do in the first hour back at work to make a difference?

We left with the dates for the 2009 conference, March 11th & 12th along with printed literature describing and introducing us to next year's featured speakers, Terry Jones (travelocity) and Jack Uldrich, author, "The Next Big Thing is Really Small".

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Investors, Lawyers and Entrepreneurs Looking at the Green
Nea Brown and Melody Jones 456_enclosure-voice Cleantech, greentech and sustainability are more than buzz words today. Yet many business people are not clear on many of the business issues and opportunities on the horizon. Linnea (Nea) Brown, Partner at Holme Roberts & Owen (HRO), Denver and Melody Jones, Senior Vice President of Investment Banking at Pacific Growth Equities, San Francisco clearly answer a number of questions on this 'hot' topic. Here are few issues Nea and Melody addressed. How do you define the Cleantech/Greentech space? What are the current trends and drivers? While there are many different sectors like: solar; wind; transmission; bio fuels; biomass; geothermal...while some have matured more, they are all on the same path. The two of them also discussed,"Where are the investment dollars going?" Another was, "How are exits looking for investments in this space?" Nea checked with Melody to get some of the statistics that she was going to share the following day at HRO the day following the interview. The statistics were very revealing and Larry was very surprised with some of them. Mergers and acquisitions are going to play a very important role in exit strategies. Supply and demand along with competitive products will continue to play an important influence in the coming future.   LISTEN

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John Krzykowski455_ Increase productivity while reducing your carbon footprint
enclosure-voice Roughly 98% of all US businesses have less than 100 employees. While individually most of these smaller firms provide services that have negligible environmental impacts, cumulatively they represent significant impacts on emissions and waste. And the biggest impact these small companies have on the environment is Energy Use. John Krzykowski, General Manager, Denver of 19 Marketplace had a discussion with Linda Cramer of CPDI about some unique approaches to 'greening' your business with a major bottom-line impact. Both Linda and John feel that 'Going Green' isn’t just the responsibility of the government and large enterprises. Being good stewards of the environment is everyone’s responsibility. It starts with individuals making everyday decisions to save energy and reduce waste. School children today are taught that everything they do impacts the environment. From recycling pieces of paper to not letting the water run when they brush their teeth. This mindset shouldn’t end with graduation, but continue on into the workplace. What can smaller companies do to improve the environment? They give some real-life examples. Start with the basics: Your offices and how you get to and from them each day. If you're a small or mid-sized organization, energy use and transportation probably represents a good chunk of your impact. Listen, they walk their talk. LISTEN 3/10/08

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Keywords: John Krzykowski, Linda Cramer, 19 Marketplace, On-Demand Software, Going Green, Sustainable Bytes: 18999257 >

 Drs Lia Gore and Deb DeRyckere454_ Two Young Girls Meet as Adults to Improve Cancer Treatments
enclosure-voice Earlier this year, Dr. Lia Gore, Assistant Prof of Pediatrics & Medical Oncology and Dr. Deborah DeRyckere, Center for Cancer and Blood, were given the New Inventors of the Year award for UC Denver (Anschutz Medical Campus) by the University of Colorado Tech Transfer Office (CU TTO). The award was based on work that Dr. Gore and Dr DeRyckere started almost four years ago, thinking about new ways to develop treatments for cancer. Not only new ways, but thinking about treatments that have been around for awhile but not necessarily been used together. They were approached by the Tech Transfer Office, who said, this is really a pretty interesting idea and asked them if they thought about a patent? Have you thought about the fact that this is a very different way of thinking about these things?
     Dr. Gore said, " Being in science and medicine, of course we hadn’t, because we don’t think that way." It was very enlightening to get input from people who think about technology and technology advancement, because that is not what their skills and strengths are. So it has evolved over time. Larry asked both Deb and Lia what was it, in their earlier life that got them involved in the medical arena. You parents might want to share this interview with your children. They went onto say, "It’s a huge motivating factor when we think we can improve the quality of someone’s life. Not only by treating the cancer effectively but by making the therapy more tolerable, less toxic and help somebody live through that therapy better than they have in the past. It’s a pretty remarkable privilege to think about doing that." There's more...

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Colleen Abdoulah, CEO and Chairman of the Board, WOW 452_ Women and Leadership: How the Soft Stuff Can Lead to Hard Results
enclosure-voice Born in Canada, Colleen Abdoulah, CEO & Chairman, WOW went to college thinking she wanted to work in the media, but realized journalism was not for her. But she got into the ad business as an account executive. That led to opportunities here in the US with an ad agency in Cincinnati. One of her clients was Warner Amex Cable which is now Time Warner, and she ended up going over to the cable side, and was in cable from 1984 to 99. She took a bit of a sabbatical at that point and adopted her “beautiful daughter” from foster care. Colleen spent about 3 years being a mom and doing some leadership coaching when she got a call from a venture capital friend asking if she wanted to come and help turn around the organization at WOW. That was August 5th, 2002. Today she is CEO and recently named Chairman of the Board. Colleen wanted an opportunity to put to work some principles that she believed and learned from her father. She went on to describe how they have accomplished some extraordinary milestones. "At WOW we set our goals. Everybody is clear what they are. So the what is clearly defined and planned for, yet we spend 99% of our time on the how. I believe if you spend time on how you get there, the results will be there. And the good news is we’ve proven that out at WOW. For five years now, we have over achieved, our financial goals, our operational metrics, every goal that we have set we have over achieved it. Every year we have paid bonuses, every year we’ve had salary increases, every year we have increased the amount of capital spent in order to give people the resources they need to develop and grow and for the business to grow. So we’ve proven that paying attention to what some call soft skills gets you very hard results. The WOW way is to lead with courage, serve with heart and celebrate with grace!" Colleen goes onto explain the 'how' details.   LISTEN part 1 of 2

453_ Key Points for Differentiating Your Company from the Competition Colleen Abdoulah, CEO and Chairman WOW, Part 2 of 2
Colleen Abdoulahenclosure-voice “A lot of things are going well, how can we take advantage of that, continue the momentum and not just rest on our past successes?” That's a challenging question that Colleen Abdoulah, CEO & Chairman, WOW asks her team. "I don’t want us to get complacent, take things for granted. So we are focusing on what we have done well, and how can we do it even better and make sure we do it consistently. Secondly how can we continue to differentiate ourselves in the eyes of our consumers, our employees because it is a very competitive world out there? Colleen is the opening keynote speaker at the 6th Annual Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference. Her parents were immigrants during the depression. Facing a great deal of obstacles and prejudice, her father became a very successful entrepreneur. "I observed with three key take-a-ways for me that I thought I would always apply in my life," Colleen went onto explain. 1) You are no better than anyone else, and don’t ever treat anybody like you are, no matter how much material wealth you have. And don’t let them treat you like they are. 2) Know what you don’t know. You don’t have to be the sharpest pencil in the box to make a contribution. But make sure that you surround yourself with really good people who know things that you don’t know and are maybe even smarter than you are. 3) The third principle was, Share the wealth. Always share the wealth and take care of people. There's more, and Larry and Pat will be there to cover this great event. LISTEN 3/10/08

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451_ Getting Thanked for Doing the Right Thing...Awards Too
Dan King, Ambassador of Cool, Boulder Outlook Hotel enclosure-voice Five years ago Dan King and partners bought the Outlook Hotel in Boulder. It had been a Holiday Inn. Dan went onto point out, "We made it an independent hotel and from the beginning we wanted to make it feel like Boulder, act like Boulder, look like Boulder. We really wanted to develop that attitude, and it was a process. We didn’t start out being very ‘green’ – I mean we had some green initiatives, but it’s really grown with our business plan." Today the Boulder Outlook Hotel is Boulder's first Zero Waste hotel" and Dan wants to see more! "This is how we’re reflecting our community, and it is part of what we are about." Larry asked Dan to recommend the beginning steps an organization should take if going 'green'. "Recognize that it is a journey. It’s important for a business to figure out what they can take on first. What can they do and do well and accomplish it. Commit to the journey. I think each business has to look at what is within their reach first. I mean we’re a small business, we don’t have a lot of money to throw around. So I have to look at things that don’t require a lot of capital dollars." Dan went on, "The challenges are, it’s not going to happen until you get corporate buy-in, you’ve got to get everyone to buy-in and make the commitment. You do need commitment from the top. Then you need a champion within the organization who is not from top management. I was lucky enough to have a woman chef, Diane, who is our 'green goddess' at the hotel. And she became our champion. She got staff buy-in. But change is hard." Dan was a speaker at the CORE Sustainable Opportunities Summit. LISTEN 3/3/08

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Doug Hietkamp, Teknion449_ In the Beginning There Was Resistance, But Slowly Caven Hill, District Manager, TeknionOne Plant at a Time...
enclosure-voice At the SOS conference Doug Hietkamp, Director Sustainable Programs, Teknion Corporation – Toronto, Ontario, Canada was addressing the greening of the manufacturing process. The main thing he brought to the discussion was the implementation of ISO 42001 environmental manufacturing system and changing the culture of the company. Teknion is a manufacturer of office furniture products, architectural products and Caven Hill is the District Manager, of Teknion in Denver. They discussed with Larry the challenges, the changes and the future of going 'green'. They pointed out that the biggest challenge was just changing people, changing their minds, getting them to think a little bit differently. Make sure there not afraid of a new approach, that goals coincide with the change in the culture. It’s getting people to start with something, doesn’t matter how small it is, just as long as they start with it and continue to move toward bigger and bigger things. "One of the things we did at the start was to show quick results, that people can see. So instead of starting with wasted kilowatts, you know, nobody can touch or feel a kilowatt. We have our waste programs, people can see waste, they understand reducing it, diverting it, whatever it might be and they can actually be a part of that. That was a good first step where people could grab a hold of it. Caven and Doug talked about the future and how carbon credits will be important and how we interact with those carbon offsets or taxes. There's more... LISTEN 3/3/08

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450_ Going Green - Definitely a Hot Topic Here's Why & How
Jeff Scott, Founder & President, SolSourceenclosure-voice It was the seed of an idea that he had when living in Japan. Jeff Scott, Sol Source, Founder & President said," I was thinking about the concept of people, planet and profit and working to see if there was some way to mainstream the green. I thought Colorado was the perfect place to do that; great solar resource, wind resource and we have the NREL, we have a great “building systems program” at CU Boulder, CU Denver has a great sustainability program, I just thought Colorado was the right place to come back to." Larry brought up how being 'green' seems to be the 'in thing'. Dan replied, "It’s definitely a hot topic. There is a definite trend toward the green; we see it on all the major media, local media of all kinds. It’s a very exciting space, but what we’re finding is there are not a lot of people that are technically qualified to be in this space. Getting the technical expertise into the workforce, there is probably a huge opportunity for someone to really tap into." First steps: Really get buy in from all of the people internally – get your workforce behind you, everybody that’s involved in your company, to understand what your position is. We’re actually working with several companies that have developed internal green teams, green task forces within the company, determining how they can reduce their impact. Energy audits are a great way to reduce our consumption. And because of the solar rebates in Colorado, as well as the federal tax credits that are available, there are great incentives for commercial companies to put solar hot water, solar electric or solar hot air into the building. Jeff was a speaker at the CORE Sustainable Opportunities Summit...here's more... 3/3/08  LISTEN

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447_ Taking the Mystery Out Of Search Engine Optimization
Jeff Finkelstein, Customer Paradigmenclosure-voice Whether you are a new entrepreneur or successfully growing your company one of the things, top-of-mind for businesses and organizations of all sizes is acquiring new customers. One of the main ways of doing that on the web is acquiring them through search engine optimization. Jeff Finkelstein, founder of Customer Paradigm is an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Pat asked Jeff, “Every business doesn’t sell something on line, why is it important for them to show up in the SEO rankings?" Jeff's reply really got Larry's attention beacuse w3w3.com does not sell online. "Every business doesn’t sell something on line, but if you do come up through word-of-mouth and your company still doesn’t come up top with the search engine rankings, you’re perceived by customers as less relevant, less important because your site isn’t coming up in the search engines. It is unfortunately a zero sum game," pointed out Jeff. He goes on to point out that Google is the overall market leader, they have, depending on who you talk to, between 55-85% of the search business, more so in the business-to-business community, a little bit less in the business-to-consumer realm; Yahoo is the second and MSN is the distant third. Jeff gives specific steps and metrics on how any company can make search engines work for them. LISTEN 2/25/08

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446_ Looking for that next role? Networking and Beyond
Jim Franklin, President, Rockies Venture Clubenclosure-voice
Whether you are in a job search or career enhancing process, there are some should do, shouldn't do and then there are the steps you can take that are magical. Larry talked with Jim Franklin, president of the Rockies Venture Club and VP and General Manager of Crystal Ball Global Business Unit of Oracle. As a 15 year member of the Colorado tech community, Jim Franklin has been on both ends of the Job Search process. Jim has been a CEO, VP Sales, Founder and CFO at various local technology companies. After having been fired a second time, Jim decided he should be more systematic in his approach. His approach includes the Who List, the Opportunity List and the Five Criteria for assessing the Opportunities (1- Team fit; 2- Market Traction; 3- Role to contribute; 4- Location; 5- Compensation, both equity and cash). Listen to Jim describe his methodology for bringing order – and results – to the Job Search process. It's beyond networking and the process behind the chaos. As an important side, Jim says that the Annual Colorado Capital Conference is one of the 'must be there' events comig up, 5/22/08. LISTEN 2/25/08

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444_ Imagination, Innovation, Invention: Your Ultimate Expression

enclosure-voice Imagine tackling the problem of maDr. Douglas Gin, University of Colorado at Boulderking cavities or pores that are one nanometer or smaller so that we could do things to molecules on the same size and scale on which they exist. Dr. Douglas Gin, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado and the Gin Research Group actually made membranes with uniform pore sizes that are less than 1 nanometer, to do things like clean salt out of water, to clean small molecules, contaminants out of water – and even to remove really small molecules, toxic chemical warfare agents out of the air, but to still allow water, vapor or sweat to go through in a very, very selective fashion. Doug said, "What I think is really great is working with people like Dave Allen and the people at CU TTO. They’ve really wanted us to pursue this work and they’ve been very supportive in getting these ideas patented and getting them to the right people to begin evaluating them for real commercial applications. It took coming to Colorado to work with the Chemistry Department and the Chemical Engineering Department as well as working with some local startup companies and technology development companies in the Colorado area that allowed me to do, what I considered the ultimate expression of what we tried to do with our nano force material over a decade ago. 2/18/08  LISTEN

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441_ Teaming Up, Pooling Resources Leads to a Creative Solution
Dr. Stephanie J. Bryant, New Inventor of the Year, 
                  CU Boulderenclosure-voice We were looking at how we could build this device and this bio reactor. Our original idea was to purchase a device from a company and then modify it to fit our needs. In the process of doing that we realized it would cost us over $100,000. It had way more capabilities than we needed. So that led us to think about building our own bio reactor and how could we do this. I actually had a team working on this and we came up with a design that enabled us to apply these mechanical forces in the least expensive way. So we got together, came up with the idea, built it and are actually growing cartilage. This was done by Dr. Stephanie Bryant's team at CU in Boulder. She was given the New Inventor of the Year Boulder designation, at the recent CU TTO Awards banquet. Stephanie went onto point out her greatest lesson learned. Working with a group from different backgrounds. I think that not one of us could have come up with the invention on our own, but by teaming up and pooling our resources we were able to come up with a creative solution that allows us to patent it. Without the team I don’t think we would have been able to come up with that. Listen now... LISTEN 2/18/08

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  439_ Welcome to the Sustainabilty Era - Defined and Debated
Bud McGrath, COREGraham Russell enclosure-voice Addressing Climate Change for Sustainable and Profitable Business is no simple matter. Differing definitions and understandings along with misunderstood concepts make it challenging for some. Bud McGrath, Executive Director of CORE and Graham Russell, Director of the CORE Foundation discuss what is going on in the Clean Tech and Sustainability space and clear up many of the misunderstandings. Regardless on your position on the topic, the rules of business are changing. Climate change is at the height of media attention and has become an important part of current business trends. Companies are recognizing significant opportunities by creating new sought-after products, realigning the way they operate, and reducing their energy costs. Companies are finding that managing the risk of climate change and lowering their impact on the environment allows them to gain investor confidence, reduce their exposure to non-compliance, and increase their profits. The most significant conference (SOS) with world-renowned leaders will be in Denver February 27 - 29...w3w3.com will be there. LISTEN 2/11/08

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Dr. Michael Larson, UCCS, Mind Studios438_ Economic Development a Key to Making Important Decisions

enclosure-voice He came from New Orleans with the Katrina refugees, after spending some time in Boston as a visiting professor at MIT, he landed here in Colorado just after co-founding a couple companies. Dr. Michael Larson, Professor of mechanical & aeronautic engineering and El Pomar Chair of Engineering and Innovation had many choices before deciding to come to CITTI. Before taking the position, with his desire to develop ideas that he would come up with, but also to help others do the same, it was very important to him that if he was at a university, the Tech Transfer office would take a very progressive view toward stimulating that kind of activity among the faculty. Michael talked with David Allen and many of his staff and found that really is the case. He appreciated the help they are giving him now and also just their general attitude toward economic development role that the university can play. Dr. Larson was awarded the New Inventor of the year, Colorado Springs Award by CU TTO. There are many facinating ideas for economic development in this interview and Mind Studios is one of them. 2/11/08  LISTEN

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Dr. Jeremy Haefner, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs 433_ Innovation, Economic Development and the University
enclosure-voice Higher education plays an important role in economic development and retaining global competitiveness of the United States. "My focus is on innovation and how to guide a campus of our size towards a culture of innovation explains," Dr. Jeremy Haefner, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Dean, Graduate School Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Science, Director CITTI, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. UCCS is an important part of the CU Tech Transfer Organization effort and plays heavily on its Innovation focus. Dr. Haefner is very encouraged about the UCCS 'Mind Studio' (making prototypes, their 'emerging venture micro funds' their focus on 'security' as well as the partnerships and other areas they are developing. There is a great deal more...listen now... LISTEN 2/4/08

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425_ Knowledge Makes the Difference When Building a Business
Christopher Pelley, ACG Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Denver was named ACG 2007 Chapter of the Year out of 53 chapters worldwide. In addition to serving the needs of corporations in Colorado, ACG-Denver is proud to offer a scholarship and mentoring programs for MBA and Executive MBA students at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver and the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado. Larry talked to Christopher Pelley, board member of ACG-Denver and CEO, Managing Director and Founder of Capital Investment Management Company (CIMCO) an independent financial advisory firm. Chris feels strongly that Knowledge makes the difference when building a business. ACG-Denver delivers that knowledge and is a membership organization comprised of corporate executives, intermediaries, private equity firms and service providers that is rich in networking, relationship building and deal making. Chris feels that supporting an organization that does so much for the business community makes dollars and sense. We'll be hearing more about 6th Annual Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference coming up in March 12 - 13, 2008, and as you can imagine Chris is very involved. The focus of ACG-Denver is to foster growth in private and publicly held companies through 'organic' and 'M&A' strategies.
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Keywords ACG, Denver, Association for Corporate Growth, Christopher Pelley, CIMCO, Capital Investment Management Company
Bytes: 19768950 >
LISTEN >> 12/17/07

418_ Supporting Veterans Building Their Business in Changing Times
Kelly Manning, State Director, SBDC Network

Join SBA Business Counselors, Elected Officials and Veterans from across Colorado!
      The SBDC will be featuring programming for Veterans at a one day workshop. Free one-on-one confidential counseling will be available all day from legal experts and business consultants. Program details of this conference as well as small business challenges today were shared by Kelly A. Manning. She is the State Director for the Colorado Small Business Development Center Network. Kelly oversees the operational management, strategic planning, and financial planning of a $2.4 Million dollar federal and State Small Business Conference for Veterans. In addition to keynote addresses, the conference has three powerful tracks.
Track 1:  Back to Basics: Price for Profit, Chris Luchs-SBDC Westminster
Track 2:  Building a Foundation: Small Business Finance Options-Panel: SBA, Local Bank, SBIR Track 3:  Working with the Government: Contracting 101, Ric Denton-SCORE

Those eligible to participate in these courses are: Veterans, spouses of Veterans, Retired and Active/InActive Duty military, Reservist, employees of Veteran-owned businesses, and all dependents. The general public is also invited to attend. Cost is $30.00 for Veterans (includes Breakfast and Lunch) and $40.00 Non-Veterans.
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Larry NelsonOdds Are Larry Caught You on His Everywhere Camera

398_ Over the years w3w3® has taken thousands of photos and posted them on the photo 'Events' page. If you attend some of the better high-tech and business events, your picture is probably posted on the w3w3.com website. We have so many photos, that we are now publishing them and indexing by yearly quarters. Check them out...

Caught by the w3w3 Camera

2007 Quarter No. 1
2007 Quarter No. 2
2007 Quarter No. 3
2007 Quarter No. 4

You'll notice on each page there is a large 'photo banner for each weekly issue of our newsletter. To the left, you'll see a small cover photo for each event. Click on the one of your choice and see the entire album. You can also watch it as a slide show if you like.

Oh yes, there are many photos to check out from prior years. You can also order high quality prints and get them the same day. w3w3® does not earn a profit from this, as we do it as a community service and LifePics delivers them at a low cost. Don't forget the 50% w3w3 Discount.

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Anousheh Ansari, First Femal Commercial Astronautenclosure-voice A $750M High-Tech Deal Leads to Space Exploration
394_ Anousheh Ansari earned a place in history in 2006 as the fourth private explorer, the first woman private explorer, and the first astronaut of Iranian descent to visit space. Back on Earth, Anousheh returned to her job as co-founder and chairman of Prodea Systems, a company that hopes to dramatically alter and simplify consumers' digital living experience. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy discuss the path and the passion of Anousheh in her high-tech entrepreneurial journey. She loves to 'give birth' to new things and to help people. Anousheh immigrated to the United States as a teenager who did not speak English. She immersed herself in education. Prior to founding Prodea Systems, Anousheh served as co-founder, chief executive officer and chairman of the board for Telecom Technologies, inc. The company successfully merged with Sonus Networks, Inc., a provider of IP-based voice infrastructure products in a deal worth approximately $750M.
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361Interactive Media - Bridging Saskatchewan and Colorado Deborah Black
enclosure-voiceDuring the week of October 9, 2007 Deborah Black, President of Saskatchwan Interactive Mediathe Saskatchewan Interactive Media Association will be joining a number of other Canadian organizations in a trade mission to Colorado. Deborah's organization is looking for partners on this two-way bridge between Canada and Colorado. They are looking for Colorado partner companies in addition to individuals who could be speakers at their events and developers in joint programs. Interactive communication, enabled by the application of new technologies and techniques is a rapidly evolving field. Saskatchewan Interactive started in 1995 and is in the leading edge of computer gaming in the traditional sense, moving into online games, advergaming, serious games, and games for health...education is also an important issue for them. LISTEN
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w3w3 Photo Chronicles

See It - Link to It - Enjoy It
w3w3.com PHOTO Chronicles

336_The upgraded w3w3.com PHOTO Chronicles can help you find just about anyone who has attended a high-tech business event in the Front Range. On the Events page, In the left column, you'll see dozens of 'cover pages' for photo albums that are dated and titled and linked, according to the top events. You can then see the full range of photos and you can see them as a slideshow set up by our partners LifePics. BTW, you can also see albums from years gone by. In addition you can also find the heavy-hitters who have been interviewed on w3w3.com. You might be there too.

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enclosure-voice328_ The Trend is Changing
for Start-up Entrepreneurs

Lucy SandersStatistics show that better than 50% of new entrepreneurs are female. Many business people are surprised to hear that there is a growing number (contrary to popular belief) of women getting into and making a very productive and rewarding career in Information Technology (IT). As a result, many women of varying ages and interests are taking the entrepreneurial plunge. In walks Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), headquartered at CU Boulder. Lucy is a Bell Fellow and points out (proves) there are many female entrepreneur success stories or as she and her team states it, they are “NCWIT Heroes”. If you have any interest is this burgeoning growth phase of Women in IT, check out the first in this series of amazing true-life stories.

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enclosure-voice299_ Yikes it’s Skype…a Disruptive Technology for Doing Business
Doyle Albee, New Media Director and Sr. VP, Metzger AssociatesAt the beginning of the 1990s John Naisbitt author of “MegaTrends” predicted at the Denver Colorado Convention Center that in the future we would not have long-distance telephone charges. The audience appreciated the message; however few if any believed it. Today we enjoy many choices; VoIP, Cell phone madness and a growing number of communication possibilities. Now there is Skype. Doyle Albee, Metzger Associates discusses with w3w3.com the ‘how-to’ and ‘step-by-step’ process individuals and companies can go through to tap into free long distance. That’s right, it’s free and this discussion is digitally recorded for your listening and learning pleasure on Skype.
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